Not So Newbie Returning

Hello - long time forum browser here, Used to be on a similar Blues site until it went off the rails and turned into an undesirable dumpster fire. I've kept up on the game day and ongoing state of NHL posts and will occasionally post if I have something to comment on. I'll do my best to adhere to the guidelines and contribute here. I was lucky in my younger years to attend games at the Arena starting from the first year. Was at the Stanley Cup game when Serge Savard ran Glenn Hall and scored and Montreal went on to win a one goal game. IIRC, all the games in the first Blues Stanley Cup final vs Montreal were won by Montreal by one goal margiins.
Fun Fact: I had a program from the very first Blues Game (The Birth Of The Blues) for a couple decades. It dissappeared and I think one of my siblings pilfered it....