Guess Savard can't find another job right now doing the News. This is definitely a step down for him. More than a step. The radio gig has to be a fill in until he finds something else. I would think.

Kicked off the air elsewhere by virus-fueled money woes, Miklasz and Savard seem headed to KFNS

We have a chance to bring in two of the top talents in the market,” Hadley said on the air Thursday, without mentioning names. But Miklasz and Savard are believed to be the frontrunners.

“You get one shot at this, we need to get it right,” Hadley told the Post-Dispatch. “We need to get better. This is not a market with a lot of hard workers. Getting a guy to show up at a remote (broadcast) he’s being paid to do sometimes is hard. We need more of a team attitude.

That very well could be Miklasz, the former longtime Post-Dispatch sports columnist who also worked in sports radio before leaving the paper five years ago to move fulltime to WXOS (101.1 FM). But he was dropped by that all-sports station in May, part of a companywide series of layoffs attributed to coronavirus-fueled revenue declines. It is believed that a clause in his contract with WXOS owner Hubbard Broadcasting prevents him working for a local competitor for six months, a period that ends soon.

It also would not be surprising to see Savard end up on early afternoons at KFNS. Savard, who was the sports director at KMOV TV for many years and was the Rams’ radio play-by-play radio voice for their last 16 seasons in town, migrated from Channel 4’s sports department in 2013 to become a lead news anchor. He was laid off last month in a move also attributed to virus-caused financial reasons that impacted others employed by Channel 4 owner Meredith Corp.

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Savard got the old, "Thanks for your service, but we are going to replace you with someone younger, making half what we are paying you," scenerio. Maybe they shoukd have dumped one of the deadbeat executives instead. Lost a lot of respect for kmov over this.