Cheap REAL jerseys

Thought I would throw this out in case anyone is interested...

Benhsports on ebay is selling All-star jerseys 50% off. If you find something you like, email him at and he will take an additional 10% since he won't have to pay selling fees to ebay.

I just bought Oilers and Flames AS jerseys from him for $150 shipped. It took 3 days from the order that for them to be at my doorstep. Seems like a good dude too.

These are not fakes. I did procure a ROR fake retro jersey about a month ago (from another source)....this guy sells the real deal at good prices.

Re: Cheap REAL jerseys

this looks legit. user mentioned has over 500 jerseys on ebay. looked through the first couple pages, they are pretty standard prices. if search his listings for all star, you'll find 33 jerseys, 31 of which are 2020 all star jerseys. those are the ones that are on sale. i don't know anyone that wants one of those, they are hideous imo, but they are currently less than $70, so knock yourself out if so.