New forum - Practice

given the recent uptick in spam bots, i have changed permissions. newly registered users can now read the site but can only post in the "Practice" forum. that way, spam bots won't clutter up the fora we actually read. the downside is that if someone is human and wants to post here, they have to wait until i change their permissions, but that should only be a couple days at most. i travel for work and sometimes won't see the site for a few days and can't subject everyone to spam. sorry newly registered human users, but you will be thankful once you actually start using the site that i have done this as a mercy to our other users.

if you know someone (friend of yours) that you told to come here and register, PM me their username and i'll fix them straight away.

Re: New forum - Practice

Right thing to do, T.C., thanks. Spam bot activity - especially Russian based sources - have seen a huge rise across many social media sites in the last couple of months. Small ops like yours don't have the resources to deal with them 24/7, so you get a large number of predatory posts. Hopefully "Practice" will make for a more Perfect BNF. :bananaride:

Re: New forum - Practice

Awesome. You could also just give mod perms to a trusted ally...but I wouldn't trust anyone on this site either.

Question. Do we need to post in the practice forum during training camp to make sure we are ready come regular season with our A+ game?
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