Forum updated

Hey everyone, I updated the forum software today so we were down for a few hours. Please let me know in this thread if you have any issues or notice anything weird. Wanted to get it done before the season started.


Re: Forum updated

T.C. wrote:but you used to be able to?
Yes that's the weird part.

Maybe it's an android update for mobile web pages?

Firmware update?

Chrome update?

It is what it is at this point honestly
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Re: Forum updated

when on a pc I have access to everything and while on mobile its just "different" is all

Like I see a red "1" when someone has quoted me, and while on mobile the red "1" is just floating in the banner haha but its no big deal/no big issue and if I am the only one seeing it... then it's no biggie. not gonna stop me from posting/attending our yearly game/bring the Crown Apple :)
The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

Re: Forum updated

wondering if you have some settings or app to block 3rd party requests/cookies or something on the mobile device? all those icons are pulled from font awesome, they aren't housed on this server. if you set this site to "trusted" or whatever the language is of the app, it should work. just a guess.

and yes, the crown apple was much appreciated my dude!