GDT: Minnesota Wild vs Your St Louis Blues - 7:00 5/1/2021

Sorry it's so late a start. I've been posting on 4/29's GTD, without realising we didn't have a thread tonight. I t was a great 1st Period for The Blues, with their holding The Wild to a shutout, and Kyrou scoring near the middle of the period, and Sammy Blais scoring a late goal, and leading 2-0. They played a good 2nd, trading single goals, with Perron fighting for a rebound and knocking it in relatively late.

Re: GDT: Minnesota Wild vs Your St Louis Blues - 7:00 5/1/2021

It was a VERY disappointing loss. They were up by 2 fairly late in The 3rd, and then a few lax plays in which they gave up the puck when they had lots of chance to keep possession, and then a freak lucky tip-in goal on a shot going WAY wide, and then they lost confidence, and for the rest of the period they couldn't move the puck keeping possession for more than 2 seconds - all they could do was attempt to ice the puck. I still think that concentrating on keeping control of the puck, even in your own zone, is better than panicking, and wildly flailing at the puck always trying to clear the zone, when that almost always ends up with them losing the puck with it staying inside the zone, and when it gets out successfully, it mostly goes for icing (which leaves the tired defenders on the ice while the opposition gets to change lines). And even when the puck is cleared but DOESN'T go for icing, the other team grabs it and skates it quickly back into your zone, and has chances to score. Playing calmly, and keeping possession and skating with it until you can pass safely is always better than giving up possession automatically.