FTP: Binnington signing 03/11/2021

First, I really like this deal.
Second, funny discussion on HFBoards.

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Hope with Pags being first on the Barzal deal, and now this one (along with other minor deals in the offseason) the narrative that he has no sources goes away lol

We'll see if he is up there with Price and Bob.

binnie the bish

If he gets a dollar over 6 million I think that'd be a bad contract for St.Louis. Even at that price the contract could be questionable

Good, we need him. Hopefully good deal but not even going to worry about that with Army. We all know it will be on point.


Seems like to much term
Would have been better to get 4 years 6.5M imo

Yeah he's no Braden Holtby am I right? What's his numbers look like this year?

Eh what are you going to do if you are the Blues. He's literally all you got in goal, and has been a solution for a problem area for them.

Does Doug Armstrong look scared?

Seems fair

What's the point of posts like this? Dude commented on the Binnington extension in a thread about the Binnington extension. There's no reason to bring up something completely unrelated, regardless of how much someone's opinion hurts your feelings.

Why so much hate for Billington?
6 million AAV for above average starter who proves he get perform in the playoffs is in the ball park range.
The thing about goalies is that they are voodoo and most don't have longevity like a Linquist
Six years deal are too long for my liking

If Gibson has a better contract then him I am going to laugh my ass off.
Edit: Damn it was close.

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The guy thinks 6 million is too much when his team has braden for 8.6 for two years . Do I need to draw a picture to explain its relevancy or are you good? Go look at stats and tell me the difference isn't worth that extra.

Unless you think he personally made the decision to sign Holtby, you're going to have to draw the picture for me boss.

Ok lol agree to disagree. Thought the forums were to discuss things. Take it easy


And I suppose your comment about a comment brings value? Get over yourself.
Good contract.

Forums are for discussing things! I'm calling you out for trying to shut down discussion with stupid non sequiturs.
Like, Vancouver made a bad signing. I get how you might question Benning over it, but the idea that anyone who likes the Canucks now has invalid or unworthy opinions on goalie contracts is childish and absurd.

6x6 is not a short contract but if blues want cup#2 it had to be done. Husso has promise but has shown he's no where close to ready and we got nothing soon after that. Anything in FA will be just as much or worse and binny works for us. It's either this or window slams shut. Good deal for all as far as I'm concerned.

Horrible contract. He got hot for one run and solved after.

Fair enough, let me put it this way. I think his opinion is wrong.

6x6 is a perfect deal for both sides. He's a cup winning goalie and a reliable starter that can handle a good workload. Binnington probably thought he could get 7 as a UFA, Blues probably wanted something around 5ish.

Simply replying "yikes" is asking for a reaction from others. He wasn't trying to discuss anything he just wanted to flame.

Got solved after? Only two goalies had more wins last season. His numbers were almost identical to Vas. Did he get solved too?

Yep this guy gets it

They're paying him for 2019, but I don't think he's that guy anymore. The league seems to have figured him out and he looks like an average starter who had a great 60 games when there was no book on him.

Here's to hoping Binnington isn't Matt Murray 2.0

Good contract. Signed to only 33, that's generally when goalies start to fall off.

Agree. This carries through his theoretical prime. He won't be an old man in this Contract

I'm not an advocate for signing goalies to long term contracts. This is not one I'd like if I were a Blues fan. He's still solid for now but I don't know how many goalies actually have remained so through the duration of long deals like this. I know it's not many.


Hellebuyck makes more than him. Good and fair contract considering the Blues are trying to stay under the cap and has proven himself to be a starter. Think he could've gotten more, but Bowman taught us one thing is to not spend a lot on one player if they're contending.

It's not good and it's not bad. It's simply what most goalies of his caliber make in this league and it's not like St. Louis has someone they could replace him with anyways.

Funny thing is Holtby was signed to a 5x6 contract when he was much better than Binnington and was trash for the last 2 seasons of it. Doubt Binnington's holds up any better given that he already fell apart once last playoffs and the league seems to have the book on him now

Well I mean if you're not going to give a good, relatively young goalie his term, someone else gladly will

This is where I land too. Binnington is someone that you can reliably pencil in for 50 effective starts, but I'm just not a fan of 6-year commitments to goalies.

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Bunch of sour patch kids in here from 2019 ovi
It's a fair deal.

No, Vasi had better numbers. Vasi is a far superior goalie.
Binnington us a product of a good system + had amazing dmen last year. Nearly all the goals scored on him in the playoffs last year were in the same spot, other teams figured him out.

This is pretty much it right here. 100% the situation.

Yeah figured him out all the way up to the cup podium right?

The guy thinks 8.6 for two years is too much when his team has jordan for 36 million for 6 years . Do I need to draw a picture to explain its relevancy or are you good?

Huh... How do St. Louis fans feel about this? To me this isn't any sort of discount whatsoever, and based on there being a flat cap over the next number of years, it almost seems like not the best contract unless he returns to elite form. I would have thought that teams may have a bit more leverage to offer contracts with less cap hit and term, something in the range of 4 years at 5mil would have been a bit more reasonable.
This sets a bit of a bar for goalie signings next offseason. We need to re-sign Demko, and despite being able to buy a few RFA years at a reduced rate, it seems he may be in the 5mil range if he keeps playing like he is.

Yeah I forgot the blues performance last playoffs was Binningtons fault. Clearly u saw those games too

This is true but I advocate for walking from goalies who want term. I prefer the short term options that allow you to walk away much easier if they don't work out for you than these ones that can be difficult to get rid of if it becomes a problem. There are a lot of goalies out there and a lot of them seem to work on teams that have a solid system in front of them. The position is simply too volatile to warrant such an investment.

That was 2 years ago not last year

If you think the difference in binnys current numbers to holtbys current numbers isn't worth 1.7 then I guess your beyond a pictures help

Would've preferred 5 years, but the AAV isn't too high, and he's been one of the better starters since coming into the league.
The Blues hung him completely out to dry during the bubble, but that's seemingly all people can remember about him.
He's been one of the only reasons the Blues are where they are this year with all the injuries, and I won't be surprised if he proves his doubters wrong AGAIN come playoff time this year.

And I still don't understand how u think he's been "figured out."

That's what they said about Holtby lol.
At least Blackhawks were smart enough to get their cup with Niemi and move on after he was figured out, same as Pens with Murray

I wasn't expecting a discount. This is simply what it costs to keep a good goalie. I don't necessarily expect him to be an elite caliber goalie all 6 years, but he's proven he is good enough to be THE guy. That's the going rate these days. If the Blues didn't give him this someone else would have.

Watch some Blues games

Did you even look at the stats before you made that comment? Of course he's better and had better numbers but not by that much. Guy has one bad series after months off in a highly abnormal set of circumstances and he's figured out? Whatever you say pal!

There are a lot of similarities here to Martin Jones when he signed his long term contract. I honestly don't know if anyone can say Binnington is any better than Jones was in 2017 when he signed his current deal.

I mean holtby is older and is currently worse. The caps were right to move on from him. I don't get it

I will agree with some similarity here but the massive difference is binny is cup proven. Martin Jones is well, Martin Jones. But I get ur point overall

he's going to be a one hit wonder over and over for years to come, i'll take it

Not a bad deal for one of the league's top goalies, no? He seems to win a lot more than he loses.

Yup. This contract will age extremely poorly imo.

Luckily, its moveable after three years.

Lmao thats your rib? Nobody likes holtby here
All about Demko

Sorry ya got me. I haven't missed a blues game since I was about 15 but ur right I will tune in more

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Lol now see this is a reply I like. Some ppl too serious around here.

Bad contract

I don't even know what happened

History tells us Goaltender performance can fall apart at all ages.

No signing bonuses.

Blues dont sign them. Ask Alex

The signing is fine as the Blues have no one really ready aside from Husso(and he hasn't shown much yet) and he'd be better than overpaying a FA.

Good signing. What do you wannabe armchairs think you could have done ? Talk him into a 4 year deal with 4 million or something ? Lol this is not a game, it's like action talk with a skilled negotiating agent.
contract goes until he's 33 , big deal probably still a good goalie at that point who knows.

I can't help but think we've already seen the best of him, and this won't look good pretty quickly. But the money isn't insane.

learn something new everyday.
Interesting seeing as agents are so GUNG-Ho about Time Value of money.

You know the difference between Jones and Binner?
Binner has a cup and a better team in front of him

Exactly this. Alternate option is let him go, he easily signs this same deal with like 1 out of 20 other teams who give it to him and we sign a worse goalie to save pennies on the dollar. Makes no sense to not lock him up for this standard rate, not to mention the ntc falls off when r window shuts

Yeah army just doesn't do them. Organization view point

I don't like goalies on contracts over 6 years. 6 million isn't bad, especially as the cap increases.

People hate me?

Goalie contracts are wack. It's so risky signing them longterm because they drop off like a rock, but at the same time they are one of the most important and hardest to find pieces to a team.
This contract is risky, obviously, but honestly the fact that Binnington has proved in the past that he can be a legit top tier goalie makes it worth it imo.

Low upside, high downside signing.

I think this is a fair take. In a vacuum it's not a great deal. But, Blues are in a window!

The real question. What's team Canada's depth chart gonna look like? Have fleury binny and price. Army may show a little bias.

Binnington hasn't been struggling this season lol, we just have a joke of a d core with Petro gone and Parayko out and when he played, he was playing through that back injury. We really aren't a defense first team this season.

What a story. Good for him.

This year is mainly due to the fact the Blues are transitioning to a more offensive backend than a defensive one with Krug coming in, Pietro leaving, and Parayko being injured.

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He'll be fine after the Blues rebuild their D core.

I have Hart and Price with Fluery, binnington, Kuemper competing for the third.

This is how I feel and I'm a blues fan. We went short term to see how he would look after catching lightning in a bottle in year one and I don't think he did enough to earn 6x6. I would have let him test the waters at that price, but I'm a fan that would rather go bargain bin shopping for a goalie so take my opinion for what it's worth. There's very few goalies I'd feel comfortable giving 5 or more years to.

I love that the fans of losing teams hate Binnington so much. I think he'll end up being just above average but 6x6 is worth it just to hear you all cry.

That's definitely possible. I think Armstrong will value experience more though

Love this

What a dumb comment. One was signed to be exposed at 4 million for 2 years and one was given 6×6.
Plus our GM rightfully refused to sign Marky to the same binny got.
But way to try and deflect since this is a gross deal who got paid off a one year run.
Blues fans must be NERVOUS.

Canucks fan here, we won the series last year because Binnington is weak blocker side and is a hot head.
Once you get into Binnington's head, it's over.
$6 x 6 on flat cap over next 3 years? Not looking great there,
But honestly, Binnington's agent did a great job here.

So 4.3 over 2 years is equal to 36 over 6? Gotcha, our math is a little different here in Canada I guess.
You also leave out the fact Holtby was signed mostly as a safety net and to meet expansion needs.

That term is risky but it'll probably be a decent contract.

Like half our team was recovering from COVID.

Sorry didn't mean to strike a nerve.

For the purposes of the money spent per year and the production levels, yeah its worse. I am not pretending like this isn't a bigger contract. I was just arguing that if we want above average production to win a cup we do this. If we want a guy to stand in the net and try to squeak into the playoffs, we do what you did. That's all I'm saying.

I fully admit as a Nucks fan I hate the prick, maybe that affects my POV but you comparing the Holtby deal after Benning had the stones to walk away from the exact same deal binnington signed as Marky was a bit of a reach.
I just think with goalies unless they are undeniably elite and still young, a long term deal may end up sucking.
It's the reason I was not big on keeping Marky.

Too long, too much. Good, not great goalkeeper.

I would like to point out that we are icing some players who started the season in the ECHL right now from all the injuries we've had

Well, Binnington can only do so much when the Blues are playing with so many guys out of the lineup and are playing people who should be playing in the ECHL currently.

That difference is literally two wins in one year and the reality is that at the time of their signings, Jones was a much better playoff goalie and the Sharks were as good or better than the Blues are now. But go ahead and pretend like the difference you're pointing out actually makes a real difference to the point of whether you should commit to a goalie like this.

Binnington is a lot like Toews. He's not flashy, but he provides solid all-around ability, intangibles, and clutch performances in the playoffs. How many other goaltenders in the league give you that?

I don't think your right about the sharks being as good but that just also increases your argument for your comparison. Which I also think is fairly accurate. But I like binnys overall game more than Jones. Only time will tell.

Once he was clutch. Maybe I'm wrong but I see an overpayment here

That's the thing about clutch. You can't be it all the time.

And being clutch once describes a lot of players NOT making huge dough my friend.

He was clutch throughout the 2019 playoffs. It wasn't one game.

I didn't say he was just clutch once. He has already been way more clutch than once lol. But he can't be in this persistent clutch mode. No one can. That's not what it means lol

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This Blues team would only be slightly better than that Sharks team the season after they went to the Finals. I think it's close enough to dismiss the idea that the Blues are better. This Blues team is better offensively. That Sharks team was better defensively. It honestly makes no difference to me. Goalies are volatile no matter what's in front of them that investing term tends to go bad more than good and I don't see anything special from Binnington that makes him different. Niemi won a Cup too behind a great Hawks team but wasn't anything special. The Cup is a bad argument for a goalie's abilities.

Would be great if Hart is the starter Id love to see them lose

Binnington was a huge part of the cup run. He wasn't riding a good team in front of him.

Neither was Jones when he signed the contract.

A 6x6 for this f***er? Seems very high and very long.

Ya.... I don't know about that one. Seems like 1mil a year too much and a year too long.

Winning a cup gets you this contract. I don't think any Blues fan will be upset at all.

Wait for Joel Hoffer to develope

this...this is what I was hoping for.. and I'm a blues fan
and sorry, but the team wasn't all that stunk in the playoffs last year.. Binny was NOT good.. that being said, that was a wierd situation all around, which makes signing him to a 'fair' contract harder to do. basically lost half a season and playoffs to see him play due to covid
this year.. not too high, not too low.. he seems to be a pretty steady goalie, which isn't the worst thing in the world.. not sure it's worth 6 yrs, but... is what it is

so you what.. play husso for the next 2 years while you wait for Hofer?
and if Binny walks, Husso HAS to be exposed to the ED.. so if he gets picked...?
I'm ready to see Hofer too.. think he's gonna be a good one, but doubt he's ready by next year.. maybe the year after he gets called up for some spot starts? dunno

Joel Hoffer in 1 to 2 years.

No I was just replying we have more options. 1 to 2 years away and that would be fast tracked. I was merely stating we have options. Whether they are better right now wasn't the question.

Yeah and that was 6 years ago. So by hockey salary inflation the deal is good right....

The team played like poo in front of him half the team was recovering from covid. Jay bow was hurt.... lol not even the same team. Also vas had the best team and defense in front of him .... lol

What about Crawford ypu guys paid and stuck with him forever really bad golaie

gotcha. like I said, Im as anxious as anyone to see Hofer (and Ellis too!) but there's a gap there that a team that's built to win now can't ignore

Your team is absolute trash right now so I wouldn't necessarily say that series was a indicator of anything at all. Winning that series was actually completely meaningless.

Going rate for starters. I wouldn't want him at that price, but you have to pay for stability and he provides that.

I'll commit to any goalie that gets inside the heads of Sharks fans like he clearly has yours.

I also just realized that Ellis is killing it in qmjhl 16 wins in 16 games .922 and 1.89

Seeing as you have dubnyk and Jones whom are very bad goalies. But hey pay Karlsson that crazy contract lol 12mil.

For other teams in the central yeah.

Crawford was arguably a top 5 goalie for much of that contract.

You're being silly if you think any player is in my head. That's just something someone says when they don't actually have an intelligent response to make. Binnington has been a solid goalie. I'm perfectly capable of giving credit where it's due. My critique applies to all goalies and not just him. Stop acting like a homer.

Seems like a decent deal for both parties.

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not sour since I don't really have a horse in this race since I'm not a Blues fan or a fan of any of their rivals, but I don't think this contract is gonna age well. I think 6y is way too long for a goaltender. I think he'll be fine for the first half of the contract. That 6m won't look as bad once the cap starts rising and takes a smaller percentage of the team's available cap, but I just don't like those long term goalie contracts.

I wouldn't say he's proven. Cam Ward had one amazing run on the way to the cup and then sucked after.
Binnington hasnt been great since then

term on this deal kind of freaks me out

No for all teams lol. Don't be jelly

Arguably. He was souronded by great offense and really good defense. Once that faded so did his numbers.

You don't get it since you blindly simp for every single Blues move and player but you signed the equivalent of post cup victory Antti Niemi with a worse blocker side to 6x6. No one is jelly lol.

Yeah I say 2 years at the least unless Hoffer just kills it in ahl.

If he is just slightly better than average, then you shouldn't have given him a 6mil x 6 year deal. I hope he's better than that, for Blues fans sake. He didn't seem great in the playoffs, and doesn't seem great this year so far. He was amazing before that though, so who knows.

Ok tgis just shows ignorance.
Nhl.com had him ranked 3rd last year in wins with 30.
30 13 and 7.
2.56 .912
But yeah one year wonder
So far this year
That had him in

good goalie but he seems like kind of a jerk lol. congrats to stl. hope he doesn't become martin jones 2.0

Your right I don't understand it at all. I only know my team inside and out. I realize he is the most stable goalie the blues have had since cujo. He was phenomenal during the cup and when the blues tighten up their defence you will see his numbers improve. He is well above average and is performing better then a lot of goalies paid more. There is no need to be salty here.

See everyone always says 6 mil is to much he was making 5 its not like he is making 10.5. Besides in 3 years six for a well above average goalie will look amazing.

There's supposed to be a flat cap for the next 3 years or so, so really, the contract is going to begin to look worse rather than better. That's my point, you'd THINK that would result in a lower cap hit.

,912 puts him at 27th for goalies who played at least 24 games last season.
He had a .851 in the playoffs...
Hes currently 20th with a .908sv%
That's supposed to be good?

Once again the team was either sick or recovering from covid in playoffs. The blues have stopped playing in at least 5 to 6 games this year blowing leads. Yes Binner is a great goalie. I'm sorry you don't like this but 6 mil for 6 years is a good contract.

As soon as people are allowed back in things will change. Lol

And yet equal shot opportunity to equal shot opportunity, Binnington still posted below average numbers.
Its rediculous that people in this thread are comparing him to Vasi. One is a below average starter, the other is Vezina quality.

No. We're looking at years of a flat cap due to the overpayment to the players this season.

Also last note then I am done with the stupidity going on here.
The blues have the following players Injured which is causing the team to be worse then they are. The ones with stars were vital in blues stanley cup run and great regular season. That's a lot of players missing.
Jaden schwartz *
Robert thomas *
Ivan barbashev *
Tyler bozak *
Carl gunnerson
Colton parayko *
Oskar sundqvist *
Jacob delarose

Without reading the thread, and I know what I'm in for with that...
I dunno, seems like a lot to pay for a kid with 1 really good season.

Yikes? What do you mean? If we're to go by your judgment of every tape to tape pass from a Canucks player is the greatest thing you've ever seen and every Dave makes Demko the god of goalies wouldn't Bennington be okay? Maybe because he doesn't have that Canucks jersey on you don't hype them up the same way. Is that it? Is it the jersey that makes each individual play the greatest you've ever seen?
Like for example, if hoglander was a blue would he be a yikes? Or is it because he's a Canucks he deserves a post everytime he steps on the ice about how he's such a great player?
I'm just trying to get a sense on how you evaluate players here?

My team is still going through growing pains, my estimation is that next year we will see growth and the year after is when people will have to take the Canucks seriously.

Paying him for past performances instead of future ones. Should have let him walk if he wanted that much and tried to sign Freddy Andersen in the off season. Would be cheaper, as good or better in the net and would demand a lower term.

Dont think money is bad, more the term Id be concerned about. If you believe in him then your fine with it, and Armstrong does so thats that.
My opinion may be too heavily weighted on his playoff struggles in the bubble, but I dont know if Im a believer.

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I never called them good deals.
This is about Binnington, not the Sharks.

if he's 20th right now, with the team he has in front of him, he's doing very well. injuries have not been kind to the blues this year, as noted just above in this thread.
also, he was making ~4.5 on the current contract, not 5. I feel like the contract is a year too long, and proly half a mil too high, or somewhere in that neighborhood.
and I agree, there is valid concern of a ward/murray/jones scenario.. or it could turn out just fine. we shall see

Seems high, but if there is truly not much in the pipeline sometimes you have to overpay for a reliable starter.
For the record, this seems at least a bit better than the Matt Murray deal.

To each his own, I think the fact that Binnington was a key member of a cup winning team 2 seasons ago is a fairly large difference between the two. Time will tell, as it stands I'm perfectly content with the contract. He's been fine this year on a team that is decimated with injuries and lost its #1 d-man over the summer. I don't use the play in the bubble as a judgement at all. I'm still fairly salty the Blues never really got a chance to truly defend the cup. Especially considering they were playing great when covid started.

What ? The Canucks beat them with injuries to our line up. They had a chance to defend their title.

It was the first time the playoffs were ever handled in that fashion. The season picked up 5 months after it stopped, that's just about how long a normal offseason is for a non-playoff team. The March 2020 Blues just were not the same as the August 2020 Blues. I'm happy the NHL did what they did to finish the season, but it just didn't allow the same flow from regular season into playoffs like every other year did. That's why I feel they never really got a true chance. It is what it is. I'm not gonna get into a pissing match about last years playoffs though, if you disagree that's fine.

Some perspective, Marty Brodeur signed his most lucrative contract at 34, in 2006 (6 x 5 million)
After 12 seasons and 2 Vezina's, 3 Stanley Cups, 1 Calder, 4 Jennings, 4 time All-Star

Just wait until you find out what Gretzky made in the 90s compared to 3rd liners today. Gonna blow your mind away.

Yeah, lets just stop the season for 3 months and suddenly start the playoffs in a bubble after half of the Blues team tested positive for covid the week before.

Like everyone doesn't already know that.
-what most really don't know is that, just only 1 decade or so prior to Gretzky era
most players had jobs and hockey was their secondary source of income

That is some misleading perspective you are pushing here, seeing as how if Brodeur signed that contract now it would be worth 10.8 mil a year. Its almost like the cap has gone up since 2006 and everyone is getting paid more because of it.
I even agree with your other post that signing him for this long after 100 ish games is risky, but trying to compare contracts from 15 years ago to today, without actually accounting for the rise in cap is highly disingenuous.

My point was exact that and that's the crazy part.
the contracts today are stupid because of that.
No matter what, no matter what the reasons are, nothing justifies to give a player (goalie) 36 million contract after just 100 games
-his side is asking crazy money because they can, doesn't make it just, nor right.

You guys are taking "yikes" way to seriously.
I said "Yikes" Because In my opinion, (And you can have your own) I think the guy is incredibly overrated, Looked awful in the playoffs last year, and had 1 good miracle run season.
I can have my own opinions, Just like you can.

In what way are they stupid? The league makes x amount of money, and therefore players get x amount of that divided among them? Each player has a value to a team based upon any number of factors, and goalies tend to get less, but 6 mil in todays cap is really not bad when the best players in the league are getting 10+. What is stupid about that? I am honestly confused.
I disagree nothing justifies giving a 36 mil contract after 100 games, like for example if McDavid signed that contract after just 100 games, every single EDM fan would literally lose their mind with happiness, while everyone else would be LIVID that EDM got such an absolute steal of a contract for him.

Little bit much on the cap hit but not bad, still fair enough. Much better deal than the Matt Murray contract.

Seems very yikes.

Good for Binnington. Always glad to hear someone get their payday.
...But honestly this is such a massive risk by the Blues. I understand that they may have felt they were backed into a corner on this one. Goalies (except for a very select few) are anything but consistent, and Binnington has been trending consistently down after their playoff run (regular season included). The only thing I really like about this deal is the lack of signing bonuses, it mitigates some of the truly nightmarish implications of a contract like this, but if Binnington continues to underperform then this can still become a major anchor for this team nonetheless.

Blues have 2 young and upcoming goalies colton Ellis (who is killing the qmjhl) and Joel hofer (the king of Canada junior gold team). They will both be about 2 3 years away and cost controlled. So If it doesn't work out he is back up if it works out then we bring the young guys up slowly...

Yikes forever.


As a hawks fan I really like this for the blues. Bet they regret it soon. Maybe it works out time will tell but that's my initial reaction. Too much term too much cap. I guess I am on the side here that thinks his best year was a bit of a fluke at this time.

This contract kind of gives me Martin Jones vibes. I don't think it's going to look good a few years from now.

I mean the numbers don't lie that this probably wont end up a great contract. His stats have got progressively worse ever since that one run. That's not what you want to see from a goalie who came out of nowhere at age 26

Exactly. Plenty of teams are letting up a lot of goals, not just the Blues. I wouldn't make too many assumptions about the first 20 games this year. Teams are trying to find their groove.
Aside from a few bad games where the whole team looked bad, I've been satisfied with Binnington's play this year. Can't think of any games that he "lost" for us. And I love the fact that he triggers opposing fans so much.

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Can only speak to Ellis but I definitely wouldn't say hes "killing it". He plays oon a strong contender thats essentially only played against two very bad Cape Breton and Halifax teams all year. He was viewed as a weak point for Rimouski last season

Anything over 4m was terrible, yikes.

6x6?!?! WTFF is that
as a huge STL Blues fan, this is a bit hard to swallow

Yea not good and the the guy is a D-bag on top of it.

interesting take. I would say he's been trending 'up' the last few years, which is good to see from a young goalie. and while his gaa and save % don't scream elite for Rimouski the last 2 years, they don't suggest a weak point either. and he did go 45-22-5 durng that time. that's an ~67 winning percentage?

Because Rimouski had Lafreniere and a very good hockey team. You're going to have a great winning percentage in junior playing on teams like that. It was very well known that goaltending was viewed as Rimouski weak point last season and that's why they picked up another vet goalie just in case. Not saying hes bad but hes definitely nothing special as of now and not someone I'd be pointing to show your goaltending future is fine

His salary this season was more than that already....
* * * * * * *
I agree with many others, there's definitely some risk here. Both the AAV and term seem a bit high (ie Markstrom type dollars for a non-elite goalie). And let's not forget that some years back they went out and committed decent coin/term to Allen after trading Elliott, who then bombed (before admittedly rediscovering his game)... goalies really are voodoo
That said, he was a huge part of their Cup run, cool as cucumber and a well above average starting goalie. He's not all that old, nor does he have a ton of mileage on him. I'll give this extension the benefit of the doubt, even if I question it a bit

Even with a Cup ring, how can you hand him a contract like that? Yikes.

last season, it appears that a younger kid got 12 games and put up some good numbers. other than that, Ellis was the guy and no one else was anywhere near as good.
that being said, goalies are an odd bunch to predict, so we'll have to see how it shakes out

Also gave him a Full NTC the first 3 years then a modified NTC afterwards. Makes you think that he was talked down on AAV

I'm glad that neither of the numbers start with a 7.
Blues were backed into a corner on this one. Binnington could have asked for more money so I'm glad that he didn't. Fitting his 1.6M raise under the cap shouldn't be an issue. And in typical Doug Armstrong fashion, the deal has some protection for the team on the back half of the contract with a partial NTC.
I think so much of Binnington's drive comes from being doubted, overlooked, etc. Now that he has his long-term extension, will he have the same drive?

maybe pressure to live up to that contract?

No, they traded a 2nd for a veteran in case Ellis didn't play great.

Matt Murray money. Hopefully better than Matt Murray results after the signed contract which isn't hard consider the ghost of Jacques Plante has better results.

Guy is so unlikable.

The Blues are playing with literally a third of their team injured and using that as reason to rip Binnington's numbers and condemning him for 5 games played in a bubble where the team was dealing with covid throughout.
Like....I realize opposing fans don't like the guy but you've got to be willfully ignorant to compare this to Martin Jones and some of the other awful takes I've seen in here.

16w 1l
1.89 gaa .922sv%

I would say that's killing it. But hey spin it however you want.

Why would you say that.

Because he is, the guy has a short fuse and is a loose cannon.

See the thing is, you and over half of the other people in this thread would absolutely love him if he was on your team. Berube and Armstrong have talked about how much they love that side of his game.
Every time he's had these moments, the Blues have came back and won said game.

Still doesn't change the fact that is an asshole and a loose cannon.

I can't tell if you're an Avs or Stars fan(or both somehow), but how do you feel about Benn and/or Kadri?

Not a fan of Kadri and not a fan of Benn. More so their lack of heart than anything else. There is one thing being a forward and being an ass but a goalie is in a far more critical position to act like a child that can hamper their team.

Or Roy, for that matter?

That's cool that you know him personally.

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Why do people think a goalie can't play with the same passion as a player? That makes no sense.

Because goalie is the most important position on the ice. He has to keep their composure as to where if a forward is an asshole they can easily be benched or replace in the lineup. You really want to rock with Husso who has been torched this season? Look i think Binnington is a good goalie but he needs to cut down is aggression some or it is going to hurt the team in the long run.

I agree. In order to win the Cup, you need a calm, collected goalie. Like this guy.

To be fair, he comes across as an absolute entitled goof in interviews. I just think he has a smugness about him. Maybe he's a great dude, though. Just from what I've seen he really comes across as a bit of a prick.

If he were above average last year I might take your point more seriously. Fact is he had one half of year or so of great play and two average ones. Seems like a lot of term for a goalie who has been average. He did get a lot of wins last year but I'm not crediting his mediocre play for that. I don't really care about his douchiness or have much ill will against the blues like I used to. The players I really did not like (backes, reaves, ott) are long gone.