FTP: Blues @ Kings 03/05/2021

Next win, next FTP!

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Kupari makes his NHL debut tonight!

When he scores
Sing this song but substitute "Kupari" for Volare
Ku- par-ayyy! O-o-o-O!

happy for kupari, he's earned it
not sure about luff drawing in but this lineup looks pretty balanced for what we've got on hand

anyone hear if Tarasanko is officially out? Sounds like he is close to returning.

Can someone tell Dakota Joshua he has his name on backwards?

Back to not knowing what to expect, and I missed last game, so totally clean slate for drinking tonight!

Raanta looked so good last game. When he is healthy I think Raanta is a top 10 goalie in the league. He just cannot stay healthy. Edmonton should trade for him and waive Koskinen (no one would pick him up).

2am game start for me. My partner is going to do mad when I wake her up celebrating Kupari's debut goal

According to the Blues GDT he's out.

where are you located?

UK. 35 miles west of London.

I like that Kupari is going to play in his 1st NHL tonight! Good Luck to him! I like the idea of Kupari on the wing with Kopitar and either Kempe, or Athanasiou! The Star and Fly line!!!

Anyone aaaaaanyone but Amadios!!! Hoping for a great debut!!! He already looks better then Amadio and the game haven't even started yet. LOL.

great brilliant start guys

That was quick.

1 shot 1 goal? If only Petersen was in net

Back to some traditional Kings hockey by surrendering an early goal and building no momentum with a dreadful PP.

They're back to making the mistakes they were making earlier in the season

WTF I thought the game started at 7. Well good thing I didn't miss much. Brutal 1 zip already. Sheesh.

Damn Brown

After a rough start the Kings have rebounded nicely. Some great chances the past little bit.

Brown can't score on the backup point blank

TM needs to make some adjustments. St. Louis has positioned itself nearly perfectly against the Kings.

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You should consider getting over your fetish with Brown. Dude jumped the play, caused a turnover, and almost scored 6 hole.

The Blues broadcast has done some really nice segments for Walter Gretzky so far this game

Why is Doughty QBing the PP again? I thought we learned.

oh dear powerplay looks dreadful tonight

This is some boring hockey.

The Kings are facing a goalie with these numbers:
3.82 GAA
.879 SV%
He's going to earn his first career shutout in 40 minutes.

Someone please get Carter away from Vilardi. The guy can't even accept a pass anymore.

I knew it started at 6 but I just realized they're at Staples. Watched that whole period thinking they were in St. Louis.

That would be a first for the Kings this season...

Carter doesn't even look to where he's passing. His go to move is to just blindly throw the puck in an area and hope a teammate is there to receive the pass.

St. Louis looks ready to counter anything the Kings do, Kings not so much.
Not an awfulperiod, but an awful starrt.

I liked the even strength play of the Kings in the first, but special teams have been a whole different story

If other teams can neutralize the power play they have a good chance of beating the Kings.
Need a win tonight boys. Shake those dingleberries.

I just don't see the Kings being shutout based on way they played the first and so far this season, but hey maybe you are right

Kopitar 8 minutes and Carter 7:30.
Come on TMac.

They haven't been world beaters but the offense has been way more creative this year. I think the years of setting franchise records for times shut out in a season are in the past.

Kupari doesn't look like the greatest skater.

Nice move by Moore but man you expect a better shot from a pro there. He Stoll'ed it bad.

Yeah, you don't get much better of a look than that.

THAT is interference?


What the f*** did Toby do?

wow and he skates away like "i know.. i got it wrong ok sorry"
well f***in fix your mistake then..................

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I can't believe we are living in a world where Maatta is on PK1

33... 13.. I don't know, just got to the box.

Ugh so close again

I was thinking about 90377 Sedna and its rather extreme aphelion, got me wondering about the possibility of a brown dwarf star beyond the Oort cloud influencing the orbits of trans-neptunian planetoids. Would be intriguing as that would effectively make us a binary star system

"i thought it was a penalty against bjornfot"
foxy funny man.

I don't hate Faust like some do, but sometimes he says the stupidest things.
No, Sam Bennett sucking like he has most of his career is not why Calgary is struggling.

One thing I like about our young defense is that they make passes down low when pressured at the point. I keep expecting them to just dump it and instead they make a clean pass to explot the players applying pressure up high.

Nice pass AA

Absolutely beautiful!!!! No shutout tonight!

matt roy is so f***ing good
stifled that perron counterattack, broke the secondary play up, sent it back up to carter and voila
what a great shift and that won't show up on the scorecard.. beautiful


blowout incoming

Beautiful goal that was!! That pass from AA to Carter was threaded perfectly

Nice job toofless


Re-sign AA

Roy won't get a point or likely a even a plus on that goal, but he was outstanding on that shift.

that was seriously a prime doughty shift
his man coverage is so tight

Brown had Kopitar to the left and went blinders as usual

He shot it at the 'tender,Brown will probably go on a 20 game goal scoring slump

He has been fairly tentative since coming back from the concussion, just calmly keeping the play in front of him. But he was proactive in that sequence, broke up three straight chances and set up the breakout cleanly.

Half of everything you say in the GDT is complaining about Brown, even right after we score. It's obnoxious, but you do you I guess.

Roy is a F****n gem!!! Can't believe how good he is. Our D group is shaping up to be really good. We just need a number one (Owen Power) then we will be set for years.

I don't know how AA slips through the Red Wing organization. He seems to be a great player. Has great hands, speed, maybe his vision isn't that great but maybe that's due to inconsistency and not being in the lineup. I like what I see from him. Perhaps LA should protect him?

Unless we get some lottery luck I don't see the Kings being anywhere near Power, team is way too good right now.

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I dont know if its been talked about but they changed the goal horn and its awful.

Why you gotta crush my hopes like this. But this years draft will have a few good D prospects I think we'll get a good one. Also, I don't think we're as good as we seem this team can go on a long losing streak at any time.

wonder if they call that a kick
don't feel like they can
and yeah jesus christ this goal horn is horrific

Brown. Guy is money.

And there's the lead. 2-1 ...Brown



That's the most Dustin Brown like goal Brown could have scored.

Ha! Brown says suck it Andys.

(This goal horn sucks)

hands kyrou his stick back
what a gentleman

Brown magooed another effing one.
That is at least his 5th goal of the year that wasn't even a shot on net.
I wouldn't ever be the first to credit Brown for his smarts, but he cleverly sniffed out St. Louis' attempt for a short pass clearance to regain possession.

probably the ugliest goal Brown will ever get, but I'll take it!!

Dustin "literally Ovechkin" Brown

You love to see it!

I like the goal horn. It's nice and loud.

f*** Bortuzzo. How the hell do the refs miss that flagrant trip?

game management of peace and prosperity

What are you talking about Jim? Kempe barely touched him

Absolutely absurd that they didn't call the trip and then and they turn around call a penalty on Kempe. Just ridiculous

I dunno what you guys are hearing with the goal horn. It's the same horn, just whoever is pushing the button isn't holding it down.

Even the Blues broadcast was going off on how it should have been a penalty

No the horn sound is fine but the stutter hon hon hoooonk is awful. Just blast it the whole time likes its been done since forever

Can't even hide how much contact was made with Kempe's skates, but apparently the two officials can't see it.

Yea that's what i mean stop changing shit our horn was perfectly fine before

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but that wouldn't be fair!

We're doing everything we can to deflect it into our own net.

Kempe scoring out of the box would've been sweet justice.

I don't disagree, just pointing out it's the same horn.

Would have been nice if Kempe could have found some redemption there and scored that breakaway.

Another slash on our goalie and no one even blinks

clifford jumped into bjornfot really late there
don't care for that very much

I'm liking Athanasiou with Vilardi. Might be worth retaining if he keeps playing this well.

I like AA-Vilardi-Carter
Wanted to see this early in the year instead of Lizotte.

He shoulda fake shot then deked far side. Easy to say.

really unlucky we're not seeing them with frk too, all them ooze confidence

AA and Vilardi developing some chemistry should scare the shit out of everyone

Does anyone else see this everytime the st Louis goalie makes a save?

Brown top 10 in the entire league in goals.

No, because the prequels blow.

With AA being out due to COVID, I think this dude has plenty more to prove here. He's been effective in his little time-on-ice thus far. I'd resign him.

Kyrou has been noticeable in every game we've had against St. Louis. Hear his name 10 times a game.

LAs gotta hold them off. Play in THEIR zone.

f***in fire hydrant

A healthy Blues team is going to be a handful.

Tough game for Kupari to jump into, extremely tight checking and technical, no breathing room really.
That being said I like that he didn't even think twice about going in on Bortuzzo to protect the puck in the D zone. Coaches love that.

He's shown some real flashes for sure. He also hasn't been -500 like everyone told us he'd be.

I've seen peeps that actually defend those 3 films. Like, they enjoy them.
Blew my mind.

Yeah nice D on that play.

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AA's knees gonna be feelin gooooooood tomorrow morning
gutsy move by kupari there too

That whole sequence was better then all of Amadios games he's played so far. Liking this kid.

Kupari must have heard me about his skating. Nice move there, good hustle.

So, one of the Blues is injured and Panger was talking about it. Apparently now that they are all wearing trackers, their is some system that shows lights based on where a specific player is. He mentioned it to say that the light was red meaning the player was in the lockerroom, but I found that really interesting. I hadn't heard about that system yet.

Love that under the stick move from the outside by Kupari. Such a trendy move lately.

Rasmus did The Kupari there. Tried that same damn thing at least three times a game in Ontario last year. Figured we'd see it at some point.

Damn, that was it right there for Kupari. You can tell his nerves have settled down. Looking good!

that must be what i saw the other day, someone had a little rectangle sewn into the back of their right shoulder on the jersey and it looked like it had something hard in it

He's so #Amadios I don't even remember who he is. #copyrightLTDan

Part of the stats package, they've been doing hardcore player tracking--positioning, speed, etc

I was just thinking about this the other day. If each player was chipped you could track stats automatically like shots, where the shot was taken, offensive zone time, defensive zone time, hits, etc. I think it'd be cool to see something like that.

love the YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHs off the bench for blocked shots
have to assume that's doughty

Man, Kupari got comfortable here in the 3rd, really settling in

Get the fricking puck out Brown

Great save by Petersen

Knew it

it's always perron isn't it
f***in guy

Typical Kings finish there.



f*** Perron

Of course they scored. You guys didn't think they wouldn't this team is too much.

Oh boy, time for another OTL.


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Man, we like giving up that last-minute goal.

again Brown couldn't handle the puck F...!

jesus christ they were way too aggressive there

Not Kopitar's best game. Brown, despite the goal has been awful at getting the puck out.

You'd like Petersen to have that one but can't blame him really.

Kings giving up those late goals.

I hate these stupid timeouts...this is not Football!

Way too long of a shift and way too aggressive.

Lol at 11 & 23 on that one. 19 too.

Perron hattrick time.

Now TM will put Kopitar out there with AI and they will do nothing until Kopitar gets dead tired...

you just knew it was going to happen when they couldn't get contro9l of the puck

ugh, overtime.

Berube sure didn't show the Kings much respect there. He called that timeout thinking the Kings would be fragile enough to give up another quick one.
Can't blame him.

Took the words right out of my mouth

The Kings like giving away extra points.


There's your game.

Oh look ANOTHER overtime loss.

f*** off, f***ing shouldn't have lost this f***ing game

1-5 in OT, the Kings are so close to being good

Walker, brutal all night.

Not a playoff team at this point.
That one is painful.

No words. I'm just laughing because it's absolute comical.

i think that's kind of a weak too many men cause he didn't actually get involved in the play but i understand
kings probably didn't deserve to win after that collapse

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Blew it!

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Kings went full dumbass mode and blew two points.

This young team needs to learn how to hold a lead. They also need to learn how to score in overtime and keep the other team from scoring. I'm learning to hate overtime. Let's do it tomorrow.

god damn son of a f***ing bitch! Just gave away 2 point!

This one really stings, 43 seconds from being 4 back of them in standings, now 7.
The Kings lack of talent really shines through on the 3 on 3, they don't have anyone who thrives in it and it shows.

I can't, I can't... Unreal

TM has been great for the PP but he sucks at understanding 3 on 3.

kinda feel like we got out-veteran'ed at the end there
ROR and perron kinda took over late there

Slowpitar strikes again.

Not really, its TM won't put them out there.

Not that it matters but IaFAILlo with Kopitar in OT has got to be one of the most head scratching thing ever.

Just wow! From empty net goal, to too many men on the ice in OT, to a loss. Text book how to fall apart in less than a minute.

This team sucks on so many levels. Top line blew the game and they start the 3-3 OT.

They're definitely going through some growing pains.

It's the biggest difference in the standings really. Those three collapses--two vs the wild and now this one vs. the blues--and being unable to do dickall in OT.
It's frustrating as hell but it's progress. Completely outplayed them all game. THIS year, that's more important. I'll take it. Beats playing chicken shit collapse defense and praying for bounces. The flow of play was there.

Yup can't be mad. They'll learn.

This only means one thing we gonna see Amadios again. F***!!!

We got 1/2 a line change in Ot, and it was too early and was a penalty. And Kopitar lost ANOTHER faceoff to start the OT. His ass was owned all night!

The veterans cost the Kings tonight.

3 point games are huge for the divisional play we have right now, but when/if things get back to normal, overtimes won't be that important. But yeah, TM has to change the personnel in OT. Use fast guys like Carter, AA, etc.

Welp, back at it in 24 hours.

The problem with that is it was Kopitar, Brown, and Iafallo who collectively got too aggressive on the tying goal, and it was Doughty with a poorly timed change and Walker jumping on the ice too soon. Not exactly the rookies making the mistakes there.

Wasn't kopitars best night.

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He allowed Schenn to be parked in front of Petersen.
Also defensemen should be blocking shots not get out of the way.

Yeah, this is where I'm at. After the initial frustration I am just excited that we are going to the end of games with the lead. That's a hell of a lot of progress from last season.
I also put on the Sharks game and them getting blown out again made me feel better.

Yeah, anther yucky kick in the nuts but lots of overreactions here. If the Kings and Blues continue to play like they did tonight I feel there is really no comparison who the better team is. Bounces went to St Louis at the end there but they were badly outplayed for 90% of this game. If the Kings can learn from these mistakes, bear down a little harder on opportunities, and the refs call a fair game I think they can win some big ones in the second half of the season.
Damn frustrating to watch but the team is still so much better than I thought they'd be this season.

7-3 in OT last year.

At least put Carter (who was flying all night) with Kopitar in OT. Its not like they don't have a history of like totally dominating the entire league.

Pretty pivotal stretch. Losing streak continues. Gotta put that game away.

Doughty had been out there for almost a minute, all walker had to do was wait 2 more seconds, and it not a penalty. Doughty was also so far away from the play, he wouldn;t have factored into anything they tried .

Tonight's score indicative of Sutter being back in the NHL.

Yep, its a 3 - 2 beer league.

OT lines should be:
Carter - AA
Kopitar - Vilardi
Double shift them every 45 seconds until we light the lamp.

They used to just go for it and were lethal in OT. Kopitar , Carter and Doughty , they'd win the faceoff, wind it up and go, then win it within the first minute. Today, they've become really conservative not doing much at all, almost looking for the perfect spot. They have the same guys, but aren't being allow to just open it up.

OReilly had 3 assists and owned the face off dots tonight.

Switch AA and Kopitar and you're good to go.

For sure. Kopitar was like 1-234 against him, including losing the one in OT. They never touched the puck once and lost.

Perhaps. But I'm thinking speed on one line, and methodical analysis on the other line.

Todd was not happy about the aggressiveness trying to get the EN goal.1 or 2 guys up the ice, ok, 3 guys up there was bad and it cost them the win.

What does that say when Brown and Carter scored the only two goals?

They giveth and taketh away.

I mean it's just mind boggling that Todd continuously think that IaFAILlo has anything good to offer in OT. He's pretty much a better version of Amadios and that's not saying much. AT ALL. I need to stop watching these games not good for my health. LOL.

I'm a big Iafallo defender and he has zero business being out there in OT.
No one is taking the game to the boards, it's all open ice creativity and possession. Yeah puck protection too and he can do that but no one good enough to be out in OT is dumb enough to let Iafallo crash their airspace with that much room.

If there is anything I learned from this game, it's that AA is garbage on D. So many times he shied away from contact and the agressive d play to "cover his man". He plays like someone being told how to play, but had no instincts or confidence on his own.

Win 6 lose 6
Ok only lose 4 so far

All the talk about building a team with speed and skill, and ironically they've looked like Terry Murray's Kings recently.
Last 10 games: 2.00 GA/PG (Tied for Best in the NHL)
Last 5 game: 2.00 GF/PG (Worst in the NHL)