FTP: Blues @ Ducks 03/01/2021

Next win, next FTP!

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Rico started his redemption last game by moving up from the 4th line to the 2nd line as well as being the first center on the ice in OT. Can Rico continue his redemption song? Can the Ducks redeem themselves? Do people know we have a game tonight?
The outlook for us appears to be pain. "Thank you, sir. May I have another?!"
Let's go, Ducks! Try to get 2 points!

Fingers crossed Z gets on the board today

I like that as our hope for the season decreases, the GDTs get made closer and closer to puck drop.

Did Terry kick Eakins dog or something

Milano in again is a joke.

Starting to become my hunch on the former as well, it's already been out there on the latter.

I like that the organization preaches accountability and yet Shattenkirk just gets to collect a check night after night whilst adding nothing despite getting all the quality PP and OZone time. Embarrassing.


Well...I like the third line.

Oh great, the no name goalie gonna beat the Ducks again

Lineup is sort of pointless. If you're trying to develop young players, then play Terry and play Steel with skill players. If Steel is being punished and/or they think they're trying to win, scratch him or send him down. Waste of time playing him with Grant and Deslauriers.
Meanwhile, Milano who has done f*** all since he's come back gets to play with Getz. And Heinen, one of a few guys who has scored more than 1 or 2 goals, is permanently out it seems.
Unless Heinen and Terry are on the verge of being traded and Milano is being showcased, the lineup choices seem pretty dumb to me. That is in addition to keeping more or less the same group of players for a team that has lost 6 in a row.

3 forwards go offside off the opening face off. Sign of things to come?

Pretty sweet dodge by Gibson there

Cheap hit on Lundestrom

Holy ****

Lundestrom GOAT

What a f***ing shot


Good lord what a shot, more of that Lundestrom


Good for Lundy!

Great shot

Nice Lundy!! Great rush there.

I wasn't aware Lundy had that in him. Perfect placement

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I have a sneaky feeling Lunde makes his true potential.

Fowler looks like a completely different player

Fowler really moving well again tonight

Fowler playing like he always should be. He and Hakanpaa have been magic for each other.

Yowza. Raked right across Jones' face.

Getzy how did you miss?

The new Cogliano.
Except it was called

What the f*** is that backhand drop pass shit.

Best GDT
We're actually winning a game

Hahaha Zegras

Would've been a wild first goal for Zegras

That didnt look horrible, but so deflating none the less

Oh man, thought he had it

Man real good PP, did everything but score.

Well at least Zegras doesn't look timid anymore

Man, that was a crazy shift by Zegras on that PP.

We can't complain about a lack of net front presence tonight.

PP looked very good at least. Z came so close!


Sorry guys from some reason the GDT wasn't showing for me

Ahlers made a stupid comment about it at the very start about "easing into it"
no John, you want to score in the first 2 minutes so you can still have another PP

Comtois is just on point tonight. Getting better each game


I like Mahura
if you're going to have him up keep playing him
no more healthy scratch trash

Almost had a goal there. He is definitely feeling it.

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he's grown on me. I was beginning to lose hope in him but I think he has taken sone small steps this year

The 3 stars leaderboard should just read "thank you gibby"

Man I like Deslauriers but him and Grant have been shitting the bed consistently lately how are Terry and Heinen sitting and how are they always on the ice

Great effort, Henrique.

Our announcers never shut the f*** up and they literally just were talking about no odd man rushes or grade A chances and mid sentence it happens.

What a pass...reminded me of Getz tbh

That was a real tepid effort on that goal from Gibson.

hahaha another odd man rush where we can't even complete a pass

Bad end to a good period. Oh well. Lol

I just realized Terry is scratched again...are you f***ing kidding me, what are we doing here?

Well, crap

Is there a logical reason to not rush the ice with ~13 seconds left in the neutral zone?
Also, might as well throw Terry on the 4th line with Steel and Grant/Heinen. Get more skill in the game and shuffle when things aren't clicking to see what should stick.

Steel in again is a joke.

Maybe I'm off here but why did Eakins stick with the 4th line after the Blues iced the puck?

Maybe I just don't notice him at the same time you guys do, but every time I saw him get the puck in the d zone he coughed it up

Checking in to say that Lundestrom's goal was sick and every game he looks better

That was horrendous from Milano. Team has a numerical advantage with Fowler as the trailer and you skate to the area of the ice where Rakell has to squeeze a pass through a backchecker and you're receiving it on your backhand instead of driving to the goal? Not impressed.

If were about getting the kids ice time, then ya, Terry needs to be out there. Des an Grant are just taking up spots atm.
Spose they were signed and expected to be the 4th line though....

I don't get playing him with Grant and Deslauriers. You're better off scratching him and putting Backes there instead

I swear I saw Z's stick flex mid air on that lacrosse move. What's he using? A 50 flex?

Lack of stick work was kind of surprising. Kyrou was very deep with nowhere to go, could have at least offered a poke check.

You're better off scratching the whole line lol

What's annoying for me is Terry has some good underlying numbers but this team just can't score, yeah some is on him but I really thought he was starting to create more on a regular basis, i feel like if the ducks had proven veteran talent that were scoring, these young guys lower on the totem poll would have more results to show.
The only one really getting any results is Comtois but is shooting percentage is over 20% so you'd hope things even out when that regression comes

Fowler is playing the way he should all the time right now. Skating aggressively

Second period team.
Let's do this.

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silf=unforced icing
silf=takes penalty
silf=wont be held "accountable"

We've reached the part of the game where we make Gibson do everything

You are dead right. We dont have the proper talent/guys/environment to bring our kids up.
And it truly seems like a flip a coin system too.

I know it's Ozone be DZone, but the difference between Mahura's poise at the blue line vs Shattenkirk's poise at his own was striking. Who's the rookie again?
Also, that's a good look from Comtois, but I'd prefer he shoot that there

Comtois should have shot that but I love the fact that he tries to make skilled plays

This Kyrou kid is going to be a superstar
I was waiting for him to have his breakout and it's here

Silf f***ing sucks now too, another anchor of a contract, thanks Bob

What an awful giveaway by Silf.

Silfverberg is in decline

Gibson deserves better than this.

Gibson needs to do much much better with that

silf=turnover leading to a goal

Everyone with a contract on offense sucks lol

I question whether Milano is an NHL player

too bad we have no big bodies with offensive talent for Steel to play with, Grant and Delauriers just f***ed up a short pass.
we have no idea how to develop young talent it's the number 1 problem sinking the team

Terry should be playing. Just stupid

Does shattenkirk have any strengths? If he's an offensive defensemen then I'm a brain surgeon.

No scoring touch.. No snipers...

Same, he's Sprong with no shot.

Silf is bumming me out.

Steel and Terry gotta do something to *deserve* better linemates. I've never been a fan of just handing out NHL playing time as a scholarship. The good ones knock the door down and force you to play them.

Is a year going to be burned off of Zegras contract whether he plays in the NHL or AHL?

I am a fan of Lundy and think he has plenty of talent but the broadcast is really talking him up when he has 3 points in 15 games..another guy that could benefit from playing 18-20 minutes per game in SD but maybe it doesn't matter for his development i don't know

What a garbage call that is. Lundestrum has the right to that ice moron.

He's playing 15 min a night in the NHL and improving, why change that?

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Larsson has been ass for awhile, I'm willing to see the revolving door for his job commence.

Perron is a good hockeyer

Yeah get our second best center who has shown clear improvement all over the ice out of here

the blues have a bad PP just like we do...and yet you can see a massive gap in talent and quality. And Bob will keep his job.

Why is every Blues game the exact same

I didn't know it was possible to leave two guys wide open in front of net on a PP.

Not sure that should count, but they'll make it 4-1 soon regardless.

He is improving but do you want to turn him into a grinder, or try to turn him into something more than that?

How is Shattenkirk constantly behind the play all the time lmao bench his ass.

How long until Gibson pulls a Patrick Roy on this organization?

Lol.. We suck so bad

This is supposed to be a struggling PP? They look like the Red Army team compared to us. Look at the skill on display. The more I see, the more I think it's just a lack of basic skills. It's not even that it's creativity or systems or anything like that. Ducks players lack fundamental skills like handling pucks or making aerial passes.

I refuse to believe that Dakota Joshua is a real name.

he has 3 points, is this good for developing his talent long term? or is it better for him to go dominate the AHL and experience success?

What? That would hold water if he wasn't showing any progress offensively, but he's showing huge progress there.

this shit is just painful to watch

Can we send zegras to San Diego and out of this circus.

Blues are gonna be a powerhouse team once they get all their key players off injured reserve

I've never seen a team lose control of pucks while under no pressure than this one. Do these guys ever work on their skills?

...and Bob thought we were one defenseman away from competing for a playoff spot. Just a disgusting assessment of the team's needs.

Remember when we were leading?
Pepperidge Farms Remembers.

he has 3 points this year

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This sucks ass man.

Maybe he meant a defenseman like Hedman.....

He never said that. He just liked Shattenkirk.

Developing players isn't some voodoo magic where you have to put them in just the right alchemical mix or it all fizzles out. The good ones will put in the work and thrive in any environment.

How long until they leave him in for 9 goals against?

It's games like this that tell me Eakins is part of the problem. Really wish he'd just staple Shattenkirk's ass to the bench

I find it a little amusing that we're bottoming out WHILE keeping the veterans, who are some of our worst players
Fowler and Rakell are the only vets that have looked respectable tonight

When do we accept that Gibson is not longer elite? His stats this year are absolute trash. Especially recently, he hasn't been able to keep a SV% above a .900 for any stretch. I know the entire team is trash but at some point you can't use it as an excuse.

Proroated over a full season that's about 18 points, again I like him, he shows some good traits but he is not experiencing alot of success right now

Bm needs to be gone

No one outside of Comtois is lol

He said/thought it with his inaction.

Zegras needs to be up with Getzlaf. Milano is infuriating

How can we conclude anything on our young players when a group of veterans we have are playing even worse?
This is a team wide problem.

Fowler somehow has 10 points in 21 games. Can't complain too much about a 40 point pace. But we will.

Milano in for Terry.... Why? He does nothing better except maybe have a little more speed.

He hasn't had a competent defensive team in front of him for atleast 3 seasons, what goalie is going to put up good numbers behind this shit?

Watching Perron play is depressing. Guy is such a quality player

Terry needs to be playing. Milano is not providing a lot of positives.

why haven't terry and heinen been playing?

Why does Bob and/or Eakins think Shattenkirk is a PP QB? He's never been that even when he was going good.

If you measure "success" by points. The quality of his play is night and day compared to last season.

Hats off to Brian Hayward though. I'm enjoying his commentating way more than the past couple seasons

Yeah of all the f*** ups on BM's resume that might be one of the biggest. Inexcusable to let Perron walk only to give Eaves a similar deal a year later.

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What a power play!

A top 5 goalie should be able to put good numbers dont you think? I still think he's good, but until we see him do much better behind this team i dont think I can consider him an elite goalie anymore.

Eakins needs to get canned tomorrow

Because management and the coaching staff are brain dead.

Absolute garbage, what's the rationalization for keeping Zegras around this mess still? Of course Silf who has been the worst player on the ice faces no "accountability" that they've been preaching

Of they're gonna get traded for Virtanen and Bennett

We have a very ugly situation going on right now where a few players who should be regulars are sitting and lesser players are playing. I don't know if it's because Terry and Heinen are on the trade block or if it's just Eakins being Eakins but something has to give with it

this is booty.

We wanted to give Eakins a chance, we did and it didn't work out.

Terry for Bennett has been a fear of mine for a while now. I think Terry would take off on a line with Tkachuk and Lindholm.

Do we really have Henrique on pp with zegras?
Man they really don't want any of our young players to succeed
get bm out of here Jesus

Love also that they've kept more or less the same lineup for a team that has lost 7 games in a row. Rico coming back in is basically the only change that's been made outside of Lindholm going in and out due to injury.

accountability bro

mEsSaGe BeInG sEnT
Bad team is just bad. No matter what you try to get them motivated towards.

Good if he's gonna be black balled by Murray or Eakins (I would guess Murray is the one controlling everything) then trade him and watch him produce on a team that can actually play hockey.

Why? Scottie Bowman wouldn't provide wins with this roster.

You left out the two worst players on that unit
Silf and Shattenkirk

Henrique and Silverberg, worst hockey pair in the league.

Forgetting that PP because the double minor looked good at the beginning of the game. The bigger concern is that I can count the number of scoring chances at 5v5 on one hand. Maybe even one finger

Well, this is the year they get the top 5 pick. Oh and with all these underperforming veterans, next year isn't going to be better probably. They will have a chance at Shane Wright, don't worry

Any player we trade is gonna do well

Yeah Bob's solution of Virtanen or Bennett will be here any day now you can feel it

We needed a competent PP coach for how many seasons now? Our PK improved, but why are we so allergic to an efficient PP unit?

That's true but there's no excuse to have a player like Terry in the press box and Milano out there. Who knows what's going on behind the scenes though. I think Eakins and Bob will both be let go of at the end of the season
The Samuelis can't be happy with this direction and if they are okay with it, we are in huge trouble

Eakins is definitely a puppet for BM. You can tell in the press conference when he hired him he was gonna control the team and him going behind the bench. He thinks he knows everything.

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Because Eakins is a shit coach. Roster isn't great, but he and the other coaches are making it a lot worse. With Eakins we will never know if our team is good.

Eakins is to blame but you know Bob has influence over the way guys are being played, or not played.

I just don't see this ship turning around for a few seasons .... bm continues to make questionable decisions or not make decisions that need to be made.
zegras drysdale and whoever we get in this years draft can only do so much

yeah, no coach would have success with this roster. but not playing terry is f*cking ridiculous. i'm sure sitting in the press box is doing wonders for his confidence
i've defended eakins because he's been given garbage to work with, but sitting terry and even heinen is a joke

I would say it's something supernatural a la "Good Luck Chuck" but it's really because we have an archaic system that makes it near impossible for anyone to thrive in.

It's not Eakins

Shattenkirk, Silfverberg and Henrique on our "top unit." ACCOUNTABILITY!!

That I agree with. There just isn't much reason to can Eakins tonight. The team is getting a legit lottery pick and the franchise is cash strapped. This roster isn't competing for anything else this year, why waste money, and have to fire the new coach when the new GM comes in?

At this point, Eakins has gotta go and maybe even Murray.
It's a complete failure at this point.
Or maybe keep them, get the top pick and then start fresh.

I mean I'd sit the whole roster outside of Fowler lindholm comtois Rakell and Lundy if I could .... no I'm really deserves to be playing in the NHL right now

The plug should've been pulled atleast a year ago and we should've been in pure asset collecting mode, instead we're behind the 8 ball and have veterans with sinking value

Milano seems to get to the puck more often than Terry. That hustle might be the difference. Isn't that why Jones is in the lineup as well? If you're not scoring, the you gotta show some hustle on the ice to increase the chances of puck possession and such. That's the only difference between Terry and Milano. We might get more ohhhs and ahhhs from Terry that amount to nothing. I want Terry to explode onto the scene because he does ooze talent, but it's not coming out. So why not let Milano have an extended look.

Murray better go w/ eakins or before

I'm with you on that. Murray has to go first and they aren't going to do that during a season IMO. Best case scenario they are both let go in May

We have no idea why they're being sat. We know Heinan was on the trade block, that'll be a BM move, not an Eakins move. Eakins didn't waive Henrique. Murray likes to meddle in personnel decisions.

It sucks the one year we're absolutely horrible there are no high probability franchise centers at the top of this draft because that's the one thing that I think would get everyone to start feeling better

murray should've been gone years ago
the samuelis keeping him around are just as much to blame as he is. do something about your f*cking franchise while you still have a handful of fans still supporting the team. this team isn't going to get out of the basement for a long time at this rate and it's concerning given how little fan support we have

Woof. What a period.

We keep losing, something will happen.
But I'm expecting a typical Murray move where he acquires an underperforming player like Virtanen for an equally underperforming player from Anaheim.

I hope the Samuelli's are smart enough to hire a GM that has a presentation where drafting and the development of those players is made clear as the most important priority, the ducks have always been rumored to be one of the teams that puts the least resources into these things. I rather spend less on "B" and "C" veterans and use that money for long term health of the team

At least none of us had to pay to witness this... I mean with non-emotional currency.
On the other hand, it keeps Mr. Brown Bag out of the arena.

You're in for a surprise if you think things are gonna be dramatically better next year. There are now a lot of players on this roster who just look flat out old and lousy - and are under contract for next year. Mix that in with youthful inexperience and it will be bad again

Can eakins. Bring in sutter or babcock..

St. Louis seems like a particularly brutal matchup for us.

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Not that it matters at all to the outcome of the game, but it is absolutely painful as a season ticket holder to see the towels in the lower bowl. I know what the Samuelis and the marketing department were thinking, but it has not has the desired effect knowing how far away we are from even being back to an atmosphere like that.

Does anyone remember the commercials the NHL used to do where a former NHL goalie would talk about his burning hatred for Mats Sundin while doing menial jobs in his goalie gear?
I feel like they've been chasing those commercials ever since then.

Nice start to the period.

Nice lundy, get your bags packed for San Diego!

Put that man in the AHL

There's life!



Slowly becomming my Fav player.

False hope?

Lundestrom is so strong on his skates for a young player.

Zegras' first few games remind me of Bobby's first NHL stint. Not quite ready even if the talent was easy to see.

The new Pettersson

OK Lundy make me eat my words i'm all for it

I've liked Lundestrom since his first call up last season. Glad he's doing well

Hank is having a really tough game with the puck.

Lundestrom has the skills to be a 2C

My dad loved these commercials.

Line blender in motion.

I know we'll be bad again, but if we had a franchise center in the pipeline i think everyone would feel better about the future of the team

I miss BB.

he was compared to kesler at the draft, so honestly i'd be all about a return of that defensive shutdown line ran by lundy and a scoring line centered by zegras

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Welp, better send down Lundy cause he only has 4 goals but still taking massive steps in his development

Lundestrom's acceleration might not be fantastic, but he has some powerful strides and looks effortlessly fast once he gets going.

Wow, Lundestrom really hitting his stride tonight.

Jones has regressed to that guy who just skates around a lot this game.

Lundestrom shooting percentage catching up to NHL norms when he's not playing Marc-Andre Fleury.

If Lundestrom can keep developing into a threat offensively, that's huge for this organisation

Hank is having a terrible game good lord.

Hank's rough night continues.

That's weak.

Damn, hes everywhere right now. Almost between the arm and body.

Nice shot by Lundy. Made it a bit tough for Husso

Its ok Hank. Youre 7 bad games behind half the team still.

Hit the net Son(ny), good christ.

I am thankful Justin Faulk didn't waive his NTC to come here

Mahura is gonna be a solid player. Please don't let Seattle gobble him up

He will be similar to Djoos and you see how dumbass BM valued him.

This is the part of the interview with milano when we tell him thanks, we will call you.

Hutton having a sneaky terrible game as well.

Milano and Jones literally just skate around full speed like chickens with their heads cut off.

Didn't even realize Hoffman was playing tonight until Larsson socially distanced enough to give him a shooting lane.

LMFAO Shattenkirk, I actually fell off the couch laughing at that shift.

I'm probably overreacting, but can we get Z back to the A before Eakins goes full Yakupov on him? He shows flashes but he seems lost out there, almost timid or afraid to make a mistake.

Are there any veterans who they would never pick that Bob will ask to waive their NMC for this time around?

I saw the first and missed the second and first half of third. How did Zegras look in the middle frame?

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Wtf Shatty! My god.

Those two on the ice means someone will be open in the crease.

Great pass comtois

Getzlaf misses another chance.

I like Jones' grit.

They should have brought vatanen back.. Shats is a disaster!!!

He's not afraid to make a mistake he's just not strong or fast enough to play his game at even strength. Every defender knows not to give him time and he can't deal with it. But yes he should be in the AHL regardless.

You're not overreacting, he's doing some good things but he's not ready and I don't see the need to rush him unless we want to also make him a grinder

Zegras def isn't ready but I'm glad he got the cup of coffee.
Time to send him back down and dominate the A again.

Sir Issac Hattrick

There it is! Awesome!

Lundestrom!!! Hell yeah dude

I am counting this game as a win now


Good for Lundestrom.


Wow. Hat trick for Lundestrom, awesome.

Good for Lundy. The real bright spot

Can you start calling for Steel to get sent down next


My favorite Player!!

we just need Lundestrom to score the tying goal and then the winning goal in OT

Hopefully the Anaheim Lundestroms can tie it

Zegras will not be sent down because everyone knows a lot would stop watching if that happened. Sucks for Trevor.

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Max.. so close.

Oh comtois, that has to go in

man, we couldn't throw an oversized hat on the ice for lundy?

Haha this post I love.
It's the little things.

They weren't expecting anyone on Anaheim to get a hat trick haha.

Seems a bit early...

Channel the Coyotes!
The come back from being 3 goals down Coyotes, not the everyone on the team throws themselves to the ice at the same time Coyotes.

Eakins just needs to load up when we need a goal late or are on the PP. enough of this 1A/1b shit trying to spread the talent, we don't have enough to do so.

A PP, oh no.
That's a rotten call

What a turnaround period

Kids are all out.
Despite everything, I'm happy to see it. In such a horrible season, have to appreciate the little things for sure.

This team is weird

Send down Terry AND Steel

Mentally fragile.

Can we just decline the power play? At to avoid the free icing..

about time DE shortens the bench....glad to see fight in the young guys

There were three slashes, take your pick

Typical start to an Anaheim PP.

Haha, garbage pp is garbage.

Shattenkrirj dumps it in on a 6 vs 4 lmao

well shit. at least we got a hat trick from lundy

Smart by Blues to take a penalty there, knowing we suck on the power play.

Henrique and Shattenkirk out trying to tie the game. What a load of shit.

Hey, getz gets a goal! Moral victories galore tonight


Oh well

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Getzy! Finally he's rewarded!

Emotional roller coaster.

Lol what a crazy game

lol...such a ducks way to end/lose a game

damn... this game is very, very weird. We're down by one again with about a minute left after giving up an EN?!

Holy interference

Get lundestrum out there, we want to be entertained.

Now get the right personnel out there ffs. Rakell Getzlaf Comtois Lundestrom Fowler and Zegras.

6-5 already better optics for Anaheim instead of 6-4 haha.

Getzlaf is an honorary Swede tonight

At least that was an entertaining L

We scored 4 goals.

God I'm just going to say it.
Shatternkirk is the worst FA signing of all time for Anaheim. And I know Morrison was bad, but I remember Morrison giving effort at least. That play at the end Shatty literally glided to the puck.

There were some nice moments tonight, I guess I will cling to that.
Maybe next game ice a more optimal lineup, that would help.

Eakins put Shattenkirk out there over Getzlaf for the 6 on 4 and let a rookie take the draw against ROR, that's just flat out bad coaching

Dump it in on a 6 on 4 pp may be the most Ducks thing I have ever seen.

So take away that 2nd period and they win lol.

Well that one was mostly fun so I'm happy with it. Pumped for Lundestrom. Big fan of his.

I like having the kids out there in those spots but don't know if Lundy taking draws was the right call. He wasn't bad there tonight but there's multiple faceoff aces on the team and it's crucial on a 6 on 4.

At least we scored quite few goals and we saw a hattrick!

Wait, are you saying Bob cares about FOX Sports Ducks broadcast TV ratings?

Keep saying it.. He. Needs to go..

You guys who hate Eakins are winning me over, that was flatout shitty deployment on the 6 on 4 down 4-3, i'm fine playing the kids but have Getzlaf on the f***ing ice man

Just let Eakins and Murray ride out the season.
Then can them both there's no rush honestly.

Those last 3 minutes were so bipolar

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I don't think he is the worst (fedorov for me), but certainly one of the more disappointing. He makes it easy to despise watching him play and the circumstances around sitting young players for performance issues just deepens resentment toward him.

He didn't even pinch to keep the puck in at the end. What was he doing out there?

Scored 3+ in 3 of the last 4 and haven't won any of them.

The good with this game, Lundestrom Hat Trick, Rakell and Fowler with 2 points again tonight, Comtois with another point, and Zegras looked good. That brutal 2nd period was the difference. But at least they kept it interesting till the end and not a blow out.
At this point now just looking at individual efforts and production, and not the standings anymore.

Maybe a nice spot for steel.

Twice. Lundestrom lost the draw clean twice.

At least we aren't the Oilers. Shut out twice in a row by the Leafs, once by Michael Hutchinson LOL.

Maybe because Feds turned into Beauch I am more OK with that one in hindsight haha.

I've become used to losing at this point so as long as I'm entertained I'm happy.

Gibson has been very disappointing since the first week.

Henrique -4???
Silf blows.
Shatty blows.
Those are tonights 3 blows of the night.

Don't think Fowler had two.
Best parts for me were Lundestroms hat trick and Getzy scoring. About time Getzlaf was rewarded with some production.

bleah. we need a better PP coach.
Lundy growing by leaps and bounds! We all just needed to be patient with young prospect. He showed scoring skills across the pond, but wasn't translating over on NA ice as an 18 and 19 year old. In his third season, it's all clicking now. Guess Lundy can shut up a lot of doubters.

Gibson's play has been very disapointing for sure. I think he is just sort of over it. It sucks as a fan to watch, but it is what it is.

Really? 65 points in 80 games. It wasn't an amazing signing, but at least he filled a bit of the void left by Kariya.

At least they showed some fight tonight. That game could have gone either way.

the turning point in this game IMO, was giving the kids/ using 3 lines....not sure ice times in 3rd but zegras, lundy, rakell, comtios seemed like they had a lot of time....and surprise surprise they took the game over...STOP "protecting" these kids, its not the 90's anymore and they are ready/need more ice time to make an impact and build confidence

they took the other assist away and gave it to Jones.

The worst free agent signing is Souray, and it's not particularly close. 3 year deal for 44 games of on ice play. Insane robbery for him

It's almost a no win situation for the kid ROR is not only a veteran but one of the best face off guys out there, and speaking for myself I want Getzlaf on the ice for a 6 on 4 down by a goal he's our most experienced player in those scenarios. But for whatever reason the coach is in love with Shattenkirk

Gods we should make a thread about this.
Goes off to make one!

We are still 0 wins when opponent has scored more than one goal.

which lends credence to the fact maybe you change the composition of the 4th line

Context though. Fedorov was coming off a great year in detroit and he was a statement signing after losing in the finals and then our best player. Feds completely mailed it in, partied all the time, and was nowhere near the player he was just a year before and who we thought we were getting.
He's probably the third most talented player we have ever signed and he had no interest in buying in with the team, he just wanted a payday.

Mind boggling

Page number: 15

At least Souray was decent to good in those 44 games. Has Shattenkirk had any good games?

I wasn't impressed with Zegras. I'd rather put Zegras back down in San Diego to get stronger so he can be a force most of the time instead of small spurts. In the AHL, Zegras was great in small spurts, but his talent can dominate in the AHL. Not so much in the NHL. I want WJC Zegras level in the NHL, but he isn't there. Re-insert Terry for Zegras. What I do like about Zegras is that you can see him talk on the ice, which is what good leaders do. Still, he might be a year or two away until he reaches the fringe of his potential that we all witnessed at the WJC's.

That's rough since I thought there were some positives there.
The latter two...accurate. I love Silf for all he's done, but his contract is becoming a major problem. At least he's showing effort though unlike Shattenkirk who needs to be sent to Mars ASAP.

I think that is a fair take, but he still led the team in scoring by 11 points.

The pieces are in place to have a chance to be good in a couple of years. But that would require a complete change in management.

Straight from the source in his postgame: Lundy's parents watch every game? Talk about dedication to the cause considering they're on early morning in Sweden.

I'd say some of the pieces are in place for sure. They still need a new GM/Coach as well as probably 2 top line forwards.

Just pure love for their son

Spot on right there.

Shattenkirk leading the team in ice time once again is mind blowing. Especially considering Fowler has been playing some really solid hockey.

Good to see their precious bundle of joy get rewarded. If Robin Lehner is in goal instead of Flower for the Vegas games, we're probably looking at 9 goals right now instead of 5.

Damn I got cranky after that second period. First and third was fine, and Lundeström with a superb game (coach mistake to make him take face-offs against O'Reilly in the end).

Kid is really turning it on of late. The only question about his game was his offensive upside and so far he's doing his best to alleviate those concerns.

Of course he's not WJC level yet, but he is not overwhelmed, is learning and isn't afraid. He has much more confidence and compete level than Terry. I'm in the minority (and fine with him going back to SD)but not worried at all about him regressing if he stays with the Ducks.

I'd watch every game twice if my son was in the NHL.

We improve our PK, but maintain a piss poor PP. It's the same coaching staff between the two seasons. It's gotta be coaching. Kinda like how Getz won a faceoff against ROR, but the next faceoff it's Lundy back in at the faceoff dot when he already lost to ROR two faceoffs ago. Why wasn't Getz in the dot again if he did something that neither Rico nor Lundy could do, which is to beat ROR in the faceoff dot.

It's not regressing that I'm worried about at all. It's putting an unfinished product on NHL ice. Why? Kinda like keeping Shatty with top pairing minutes? Why?

Don't think the finishing will happen in the AHL. He needs to learn to play at this level. It's just a question of how soon that process should begin. Since he's been fine so far, why not let his "higher education" begin?

Are you describing Zegras or Troy Terry?

Again, I will reiterate that I am not talking about hurting Zegras' development. How many freaking times does someone need to state this. I want a more polished product at the NHL level. The AHL is the developing league. And it should stay that way.
But that quote above could easily be about Terry. He isn't sheltering his style. He is involved in a ton of scoring chances. Terry is further along than Zegras is. with that said, I haven't missed Terry on the ice. Zegras and Terry are interchangeable, but Zegras has a lot more developing to his all around game. I'd rather see Terry try to refine his game at the NHL level than Zegras trying to develop at the NHL level.
Therein lies our differences.

Thought your were saying it was bad for him. If you are saying the team is worse off with zegras in the lineup then I completely disagree. I like Terry and think he will eventually figure it out but I personally feel zegras is already way ahead of him.

My concern is that Terry has 97 NHL games and still looks unsure and tentative. Zegras has never given me that impression. Saying that Zegras needs to be a "finished product" before he plays in the NHL makes no sense to me. Are Jones, Steel, Terry, and Mahura finished products?

The "finished product" comment makes zero sense. Are guys only allowed to play once they hit their primes? This isn't a veteran league. This is a league where you play your best.

Page number: 16

I'm really not concerned with what guys do in the AHL. If that was the criteria, Carrick and DeLeo would be regulars for the Ducks. Zegras has skills that are rare, the attitude and compete level are excellent, and the Ducks have been far more dangerous offensively since he joined the team.

good to see lundestrom scoring. he's made me eat my words for sure

You honestly do not make much sense and use very poor logic in your reasoning. I was pointing out the fallacy in you "the NHL is not a development league" comment. Yeaj, I don't really want to even explain it so I'll just move on.

Yeah, me too. That line has been fun to watch.

Are those skills dominating the NHL today? Today, junior!
Wait. So you're saying the only reason we're scoring is because of Zegras? Zegras has no points and is a -1, but he's the sole reason we're scoring in bunches. Is he also the reason why we're piss poor in holding 3-0 leads? How about losing in all the games Zegras has been in? Yeah. okay.
I'm far more excited with Comtois and Lundy. Yet, some people will say that Lundy has nothing to do with the uptick in scoring with Comtois and Rakell. Double standards everywhere, y'all! LoL

Are those skills dominating the NHL today? Today, junior!
Wait. So you're saying the only reason we're scoring is because of Zegras? Zegras has no points and is a -1, but he's the sole reason we're scoring in bunches. Is he also the reason why we're piss poor in holding 3-0 leads? How about losing in all the games Zegras has been in? Yeah. okay. It's a good thing that Zegras got put on Lundy's line during the game to improve Zegras' plus/minus rating.
I'm far more excited with Comtois and Lundy. Yet, some people will say that Lundy has nothing to do with the uptick in scoring with Comtois and Rakell. Double standards everywhere, y'all! LoL

honestly, I'd rather we keep shattenkirk until the expansion draft, expose him to protect lindholm, fowler, ect and then buy him out.

Missed this game, but Gibson is frustrating to watch at times. He's a great and talented goalie for sure, but sometimes it's apparent that he really doesn't give a flying ****. This can of course be a good thing when things get tough. It feels like that he tends to flick the switch to "don't-care-no-more" and he just accepts the goals that he maybe knows he should've stopped. Not sure if I'm reading too much into his expressions.
I really don't know what's going through his head, only how I see it on the outside. It may as well be that he just keeps it all inside.
I bet if Ducks would be a better team overall we would see a better Gibson in net as well.

I don't think he does consider them the 1 unit though, Eakins for whatever reason tries to balance the units and give them equal TOI which is why we inexplicably see Shattenkirk and Henrique out there with Zegras.
That line of thinking I don't agree with at all, on a PP you should be loading up the first unit and giving them 70% of the TOI, especially on this team which doesn't have enough talent to spread over a second unit.

That powerplay to end the 2nd period might have been one of the worst I have ever seen.

I'm sure Zegras will get better but he's had close to zero impact in these games, even though we've been scoring. Not really justifying the "top prospect in hockey" label at the moment.

Good teams find ways to win, Bad teams find ways to lose. This wasn't really total domination and could have had this game if not for the f ups in the 2nd period.
Hopefully one of the Top 3 or 5 picks will be close to NHL ready, clean up some of the garbage, and be ready for October.
I pushed myself to stay up after that 4th goal they gave up, glad I did to see Lundestrom's hat trick and for them to at least not go out without a fight. So there is something there, not much but something. It's time to pick out the weeds and move on now.

Same, was glad to see that and to see Getz get on the board again finally. They're a good-ish, entertaining team about 1/3 of the time.

He's look good, not savior tho. The skill is obviously there.

Idk that we're doing him a ton of justice putting him with steel henrique silf.... but comtois Rakell and Lundy has been our best line so I understand not braking it up. But Rakell and comtois are really only players on our roster that compliment his style.
I do think virtanen could potentially be a solid line mate for him if we do go for him

That fourth goal was sort of on him, failed to get the puck in deep

Plenty of blame to go around there and some bad luck but yeah it was a pretty dumb dump attempt to start it off.

I didn't say he was the "sole reason" Ducks were scoring more. You invented that. Ducks before Zegras-28 goals in 14 games (2.0 goals per game). With Zegras-12 goals in 4 games (3.0 goals per game). You can choose to think that's a coincidence, I guess. He isn't the reason Ducks blew those leads, since he was benched for much of the game while they were blowing them. I'm also excited about Comtois and Lundestrom, but what does that have to do with Zegras?

Except I don't trust that this GM would expose him.

Every time I go to the dog park I watch my dog play

Why? They signed him to a highly back-loaded deal and have three younger defensemen they clearly like a lot more.

Page number: 17

Can't agree. I think we're trying too hard to see positives for some of these guys. They're professional hockey players, occasionally they're going to make a good play. But on the whole, I'm not seeing consistently useful play.

Our lineup optimization is honestly awful.
A 4th line of
Heinen-backes-terry is way better than what our 4th line is right now and would even give us some offence and defence.

From lundestrum? I don't know what you're watching then.

I would describe Gibson the last few years as a streaky goalie (aren't they all) who is capable of insanely dominating stretches but also goes into funks of below-averageness. Last night's game was a pretty poor effort, it wasn't all the team in front of him.

Oops, my bad, thought we were talking about Terry.

It's a coincidence. He's had little to nothing to do with any of the scoring. He doesn't belong in the NHL right now, he's being gifted playing time on potential.

Safe to say Eakins is going to stick with the Zegras - Lundestrom - Rakell and he should . Said In his presser they were the best line, and was impressed with Zegras play 5 on 5. I mean yeah that line got them back in this game.
Tomorrow is going to be an interesting one and if they lose like 4-3 but with that line producing and all of them getting on the scoresheet it's a win for me.

Zegras is probably the most exciting prospect we've had in a long time. There's no denying that he's got serious offensive potential.
But he's not ready to be a full-time NHLer just yet. He gets nudged off the puck too easily, struggles against NHL-sized defenders, and isn't very active in the defensive zone. This is all stuff that can be developed in the A.

The redirection in front of him on the PK (2 Blues players standing unopposed in front of him) was pretty awful coverage. The bounce off of Joshua is just some awful luck and he made the save he should have. Kyrou's goal was very nice and no defense to really stop him. Gibson could of had Perron's shot, but it's iffy.
At least in this last game, I felt he was getting very little help when in near the crease.
Zegras is showing more and more at the NHL level and it's only a matter of time as to when he'll start putting up points, and he sure as hell has shown some great creativity in doing so.

Agreed. Two more games before a decision has to be made on Zegras and his contract. I hope he goes back to the Gulls on Saturday.

I think you nailed it on the head there. Totally agree.
I also don't see the point in burning a year off his ELC when we clearly are a bottom team. If we were a borderline playoff team and he was a clear difference maker then of course.
Edit: I didn't see Mcdonald19s post before I posted mine, said exactly what I was thinking.

Yup that would be a great 4th line if they run 4 scoring lines and it gives the opportunity for Terry and Heinen to earn their ice time back.
I want them to earn it and not be gifted right back to a top line.

Who has earned playing on the top line? Jones and Milano?

I'm a lot less worried about burning his ELC now, he's clearly talented but I highly doubt he's gonna go super saiyan the rest of the year or even next year. That's double the case if the 40-game rule hasn't changed, which I kinda think it might not have.

That would require waivers at this point, and I could see that happening. He might clear since he is on contract next season at $1.7 mil cap.

Jones runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and it works out sometimes when the puck hits him. Although we do need him because we have no power forwards or people willing to take punishment.

terry, heinen, and backes need to be in the lineup
especially terry. it doesn't take a genius to realize that healthy scratching him is doing nothing but killing his confidence, whatever was left of it anyways

I advocated for one healthy scratching of Terry earlier in the season to wake him up. I don't see any purpose in healthy scratching a young player over and over and over again.

That's exactly why we need him.
This is a fast league. It finally dawned on my what the problem with Steel is. He plays slow. Very slow. He *can* get up to average speed at times, but his default mode is about 1/2 speed. That's just not gonna put enough pressure on opponents in the NHL.

I don't mind Jones at all we need players like that, but he is what he is.

Terry gets in the lineup when Terry proves he belongs in the lineup. NHL practices still do more for him right now than AHL games, and playing time being earned is good for everyone.

I have no problem with that logic. But playing time is not being earned look at the play time and how those players are playing starting with Getlzaf (who was obviously better last game but before that pretty useless and slow), Shattenkirk, Grant, Delauriers, Henrique, Silfverberg, etc. etc. If you are going to go off how good someone is playing it should be fair all around.

Page number: 18

I wonder just what type of effort Terry is putting in during practice. I don't think we've heard that he's a poor practice player, but could help add to the explanation of the ongoing scratches.

Well he would require waivers to go to the AHL anyway, so that's not relevant. How will he earn playing time from the press box or dressing room?

Yeah, accountability only is credible if it is applied with consistency.

As an experiment either Anaheim or Buffalo should fire their coach, and let the fans make the line-up. There's no way that they're always right, and all of us are wrong. A blind squirrel could see Shatty's not good, but he gets grandfathered into 20 minutes a night. At least when a young guys making mistakes he's learning from them. When Manson comes back, Shatty(appropriate name) better get wayy less ice time.

Exactly. This organization obviously does not understand that.

We can't bench literally everyone, much as I would like to. No matter how bad they've been collectively, I have no problem with the idea that Terry has consistently been outside our 8 best winges.

How many times does someone need woken up before we realize they're in the wrong bed?

Yes please.