FTP: Blues @ Coyotes 02/13/2021

vs. Yotes
Result: Blues win

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So, the game is on, despite Hayden going to covid-protocol? Wasn't he really with the group up until last game? Just asking...

Got my OEL reverse retro jersey ready for tonight

Jinx, Mosby.

Let's go boys.
Johan has player safety hearing for his hit on Sanford. Not saying it wasn't high but it's completely ridiculous that was called a minor and the league office is now involved while Bortuzzo's clothesline from the bench or the mugging on Hunt or a high hit to back of chych's head were ignored.
Cmon zebras, be better tonight.
W! Purple power!

To each his own, but I say FUGLY.

Please bounce back please bounce back please...

Officials definitely have room for improvement.

I'm with you. Just give us a white kachina and point me where I can buy the 25th silvery sweater. (I know I'm alone in that boat )

Two games for Larsson.

So, will we see Fasching then? His debut in the NHL?
(ninja edit: for the Coyotes. I can see he has some games for Buffalo.)

They are much better than the original third. I didn't think I'd like it at all because In already hate the original third.
They just have to dump all that crap at the bottom. The purple actually looks surprisingly sharp.
I still want this colour template on a slate grey jersey.

Powder Puff Suns

This is like the Harlem Globetrotters always playing the American Generals.

Love the colors, and love the primary logo. Don't care for the trim or the secondary logo.

As long as they play well in them I don't particularly care how they look.

Or maybe Hill. Kid needs to play sometime.

It's Raantaplan.

Fact: series started on Groundhog Day

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GL to Goligoski covering when Chych pinches

Raanta.... Adin Hill backing him up.
Darcy's getting a well deserved night off.

On paper: really disappointed [again] that RT split the Chychrun & Bush partnership. I thought the last game was one of the quietest Chychrun has played this year.
And that 4th line seems to be asking for trouble.
Please 4th line, prove me wrong.
Ps. Also, I am getting prepared for under 10 minutes TOI for Fasching and Hayton; maybe a bit more for Fischer.
I would hate this for Hayton.

Goose is wearing the A in place of Hammer.

Fish gets a goal tonight. I've said a couple times they should put him on his off wing, so he's going to score to prove me right.

"If you imagine this as a 7 game series, which it is, then this will be game 6"
Holy f***ing shit Todd, that's a doozy. Let me just quickly change to the St. Louis feed.

I have Crouse pencilled in. Either or both would work!

Those purple jerseys are f***ing siiiiiiiiiick.

I hope next season they just make it Kachina trim instead of desert and call it a day


Garland is amazing...

Vintage shortleash line

I like the new sweaters better on my TV, and no, I didn't adjust the color.

I think those jerseys look really nice on TV

I wanted to put out a smurf lineup but didn't have time...
But so far:
Papa Smurf = Goligoski
Smurfette = Kessel

Is Fasching the first 24 since ghetto datsyuk?

I know these unis are supposed to be a one season only thing but I really hope they become our permanent thirds, with the team using kachinas for home and away.

Jerseys are sharp and so is our play so far

Loving the new uniforms. Purple goes well with the moon.

Uniforms look so good. Pants and socks really put it all together.

Hayton got picked


Hayton on an island there, could feel that one coming

Started with OEL's hospital pass to Bush who couldn't handle it, and ends with Hayton making a dick of himself.

I blame Raantas clashing red equipment.

Would have been better off icing it.

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Within 10 minutes, the OEL + Bush + 4th line combo has delivered.

I don't know why he decided to turn back towards the net, he had some space to skate himself out of trouble. Oh well, learning experience.

I think Hayton's reads are great but his changes in direction/momentum are glacially slow, like he's playing a meaningless junior game. He's very accustom to just skating around with the puck and no one really daring to pressure him.

Corkscrew Keller, no call and immediately to the PK from a soft high stick.
I know we have a history (avs fan) but the blues get away with so much interference and dirty stick work that goes unchecked.
I respect the Yotes, they at least play within the rules.

Particularly if he is facing a fourth line; these guys are not going to miss this sort of slack.

How the hell did Dvo and Garland miss that lol

Lazy Phil penalty, this game has it all

How to make your own life difficult, by the Coyotes.

Oh so we'll call all the high sticks on the ice but not from the bench.


And I was just about to say Kessel has actually been better this year.

"The stick was not high as Bertuzzo was sat on the bench; also Garland is small. No penalty."
NHL Player safety.

Garland was bleeding on that one, so it would probably just have been embellishment, anyways.

No puck luck today.

Dvo and Garland missed an open net, Blues picking corners

Demers must have enjoyed the press box

Hey.... another high stick call.

OEL and Bush on the ice for the last 3 goals conceded. (outside the empty netters)

The blind backhand pass straight to a Blues player, classic JD.

Been practicing the passes into the skates again I see.

Brassard is not as good as I thought.

Pay's the same.

Plus there's the nachos

Seriously. I remembered him as a really good player. He is at best invisible now.

He's pissed, thought he had the weekend off!!

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I really enjoy you guys

Garland has been under ROR's skin for a few games now.

Reason #34 not to leave the midgets together even strength...

"a line that can cut on a dime and give you 5 cents change" - Panger on the short-leash line

It's actually f***ing mindboggling how bad the officiating has been this season. It's a bunch of beer league refs have taken over.

Hayton, who has a nice shot, NEVER shoots.

C'mon Keller they don't get much better than that

Keller should go to the concussion protocol; I mean WHAT WAS THAT PASS???!

Is OEL as useless as I think he is nowadays? Please tell me I am wrong.

Tocc complained about some players getting "too cute" after yesterdays game, and Keller is guilty as hell so far.

Demers does play for the Coyotes, right?

We need to get Dvo some line mates that can do something. I'm also over the hunt experiments. The 3rd lines been trash pretty much every game against the blues.

Remember when Fischer and OEL weren't playing and we were winning?

This period feels like the starter of a fun menu. It can really go anywhere from there.
Hard to know if the Blues are good or if we are any good, but about every period played in this series has been entertaining.
It feels like a treat.

We have them. We piled them on one line that is lost/lazy in their own zone and allergic to board work.
It's just like the four game streak that people got all excited about when Schmaltz got here. We have a pretty good idea who these guys are...

Sloppy period defensively, but should be tied up had Dvo and Garland not missed wide open nets. Still creating plenty of chances, just need to finish. Demers is trash.

Gotta downplay his worth until contract is done.

Get paged to over to the Blues GDT to make it live for them and come back here to see everyone is back to their old crotchety selves....
Y'all had me worried for a while.

OEL said last night that it was hard for him out there. He's rusty. Back to backs don't help.
He had a great game the night he got hurt so I think he just needs time to get back to normal.

Don't think OEL expected to go 22 minutes either.

Nice hit by fish


Surfshop losing his shit rn

Hayton needed that

What a snipe

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Damn what a Premium shot

Might have scraped Garland's sweater

Haytons making sure he stays in the NHL

Kill that Oliver/Bush combo

OEL with the controller disconnect

OEL, again.

Norris candidate OEL on the ice for L I T E R A L L Y every goal scored

That's another failed clear that ends up in the back of our net.

Crouse's read on that goal against is also hilariously bad but OEL should be there

I'm about to go full Dennis Green...

Raantas numbers gets bad, but I don't blame him.

Hunt, Brassard, Pitlick (to an extent).... the new crew is struggling bad so far tonight.

Do you need a crown?

Maybe OEL is back with Demers and finally Chychrun + Bush again

Are we all tired of "Schmaltz gains the zone... curls to the outside... Blues advance the puck the other way" yet, or am I still on an island?

Does your island have palms and umbrella-drinks? Cause I'm tired of this winter here I live.


So, those jerseys are Beautiful!

Boy OEL needs to get up to speed again.
At these games and both transition game and defensive coverage is worse with him on the ice since he has been back.

It's freezing in Glendale right now. 62! Brrrr (that's 18 celcius)

There's no way OEL is close to 100% fit.

This is a recording, been hearing it for about 3 or 4 years now.

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I don't know how Fasching who is built like a truck gets his first NHL game in two years and hasn't even thought to lay the body and get himself noticed.

He and Hunt need to go back in the cab.

I've seen enough to know they are in no danger of being regulars when we're healthy. May as well call up Bunting or Jenik if we need help.

The Garland line is still working and getting their chances but the Blues have really shut down the other 3 lines.

The good thing about how the team/players are playing now is that they are giving BA good incite as to what this team has. Other than Garland, Dvorak, Chycrun, Crouse and maybe Schmaltz, I think every one else is on a tryout. They may not know it, but they are.

All four lines are getting out worked. Apparently having a new boss only gets so much juice out of them.

The Blues have been more physical the last couple games. That's what this team needs to prove they can deal with.

They have been more physical on our defense. Other than Bush/Chyc, we have no other defensemen that can push them off the puck.

OEL got away with that one.

Nice turnover OEL.

Is Kessel really going to help Dvo's work hard line?

Captain material right there

This team is better without OEL

Maybe. He's seemed like he's trying real hard to be the "good vet" setting everyone up. I like his effort so far, but just shoot.

Captain Sobel.

If he shows up like tonight, and still gets minutes, then yes.

Backend struggling. Oel. Demers


A goal. From inside the crease! Who knew?!

After seeing them on the bench, I must admit I just googled up a name from the Katzenjammer Kids. Wanted to know what the kid we call Fredrik here I live is named in the original. It was Rollo Rhubarb. If you don't get it, I'm OK with that.

Schmaltz in front? Was he lost?

Assist for OEL!!!

Pang says "Bend but don't break" thus guaranteeing a Tipp-like loss.

OEL didn't like y'all calling him out

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Ready to see a different team but I'll miss Pang on the broadcast.

It was the 300 IQ deflection by Demers that put it on Schmaltz stick

Lyubushkin, power forward.

Leave the short leash line together and put the rest in the blender.

He got the assist that sent the puck to the net. He's still point per game.

Blues free to interfere. I know this game. Garland mugged, missed bench minor last game. The blues will play dirty.

I wonder if Garland will get any respect by the refs if he scores 30 goals. They've missed multiple calls while he's getting mugged.

We're giving them too much respect again. Not closing the gaps aggressively, and they take advantage of the extra time to beat us.

I will have to say that despite the turnovers and brain farts, the Coyotes do not give up. I nice change from the last few years.

Another brain cramp pass from Keller in the O zone. So weird.

f*** that's a stupid pass from Keller. Literally all the time in the world to get that puck deep to Garland, instead he throws a hail mary up high and it turns into an odd man rush for St. Louis.

Hunt and the Fish man

Literally the best play Fischer has made in years.

f*** ya boys!!! What a 4th line dirty effort there

Three guys around the net. Love it!

Christian Fischer has been damn good this game

Keep going. Step on their throats.

So I call him Rollo Rhubarb, and he scores? Nice.

I'm going to bed while we're ahead.

Game management, missed trip.

Sleeping is over-rated.

If we lose, it's on you.

What time is it?

Can't dive for that Bush


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Terrible pinch by Bush.

Bush should never pinch.

Can't play defense in the Power Puff Suns unis.

This might be the least solid game of the series by the Blues, but we have decided to find ways to keep them in the game.

Oh, my

Thankfully it was called no goal on the ice so by the idiotic rules of these crews it should stand as no goal

Great tip by Barbie. Hopefully too high, but who knows with officiating now...

Even the beer league refs can't miss that one.

Rule book bailed out Raanta on that one.

A late goal for us would be nice.

photographic finishing?

Retro night - have to send it to be developed.

Somebody in the crowd wearing a Stepan jersey lol

It is probably Stepan himself.

Jake's Tipchura must have been at the cleaners.

Garland doing the Snydley Whiplash with the stache

Yuck, that's right below the two worse jerseys I've seen... Moss and Tipchura.

Schmaltz was actually sticky there for a shift

Please win this before Raanta has to deal with a shoot out.
Edit: Should have said Coyotes.

You didn't specify the team


Holy shit were we bad in the OT. Horrible.

Keller poop all night

Didn't deserve the two so I'll take the single point.

I dun goofed

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Keller was a f***ing trainwreck out there

I've seen us play poorly in the OT but never that bad. Yikes


I have a Chipchura away jersey!

Kudos to Hoffman, that was a hell of shot.
Nice to grab the point.

He got stuck out there thanks to Chychrun's misplay against Schenn

Can we shop Raanta now please and before he gets hurt again. I'm ready to give Hill some more NHL time.

7 points in six games. Need to win the next one to send them golfing.

After such a good regulation game, the Coyotes had a clown car show in OT. Deserved to lose it there.
But those retro thirds are fire, man. They look fantastic on the TV.

Probably the third of fourth goals that Hoffman has scored like this in the last 8 days.
Need some explanation as to what happened to Keller there. He seemed to want to go to the bench, got impeded a little, one Coyotes went on the ice and did a David Moss out there, came straight back on the bench.
Keller all over the shop and not covering Hoffman.

I think it's a lock he misses time after this one.

My bad.

Worst OT I've seen. No zone time. Finally got the puck then turned it over, Keller couldn't do a thing in the D zone.
Disappointing way to lose a game we should've won.

First statement was right on. Second...

We've always looked so lazy during 3 on 3. Defending becomes optional and our game plan is to let the opposition get a shot off and hope we can pick up the rebound off our own goalie. Suppose it doesn't help that it's all skill guys and we have like.. two of them.

I turned the game on, and no more than 10 seconds later, Hoffman buries the winner for the Blues. I have that effect.
Both teams 3-2-1 in the series .
Time to watch the rerun now...

Zebras were still all over the place but I was less riled up than last night.

Can someone please rewatch the full play on the first goal against and tell me wtf everyone on the ice is doing. It should have been a straight forward breakout when OEL had the puck. Where are the wingers? Why did Hunt change while we are in our end? What were the D doing? I know Hayton got stripped in the corner, but he had no outlet options. Plenty of blame to share on that one.

This loss is on you guys.

I'm sad, but this has been one hell of a series. Putting up a fight against a top three team in the division on a nightly basis. AZ has had some tough stretches against Vegas and St Louis and made all but one entertaining.
Fasching didn't last long, can't imagine he plays next game.
OEL and Bushy were god awful together.
I'm just about done with Brassard too. I'd rather see Jenik or Bunting play in that spot.
Demers looks like he never wants to sit again. He played well.
Raanta let two weak ones in. If Darcy isn't playing I think Hill should get a game here soon.
Hayton was looking better today.

Raanta's weakness is his glove side, some teams know this.

Fun game. Worst 3 on 3 OT effort I've ever seen an NHL team give. Lol. Still, got a point and it was a close game and close series. A win for us on Monday would be truly amazing.

Really liked what I saw from Hayton between when he gave the Blues a goal and when he got the goal back. I think that single minded focus on getting a goal is something we could enjoy seeing more of if he were to go to Tucson and remember how. Then maybe when he comes back, he can look like that all the time.

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Things got crazy at work so I couldn't listen to the last half of the game...
From what I can gather we SMURFED...... then SMURFED a little more before SMURFING on ourselves in OT.
That about right??