FTP: Blues @ Coyotes 02/12/2021

Next win again vs. the desert dogs after a couple of games against other teams (wait, what?)…

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Demers is scratched!

Interested to see how the Yotes play with OEL back in the line up. I hope they don't take their foot off of the pedal for any reason whatsoever.
Team should have OEL adjust to how they are playing and not the other way around.
Excited for some more hockey!

Will be screaming my head off in 109. Searching for where I can get a 25th anniversary jersey. Can't wait.

I'll look for ya...DETACHED HEAD, STILL SCREAMING...got it.

Like my avi.

Holy shit, a scratch based on merit instead of "being a cool vet bro". When's the last time that happened?

How come this isn't a live thread yet???

Demers being scratched is how you know Tocchet has less influence nowadays.

This is 43, Saturday is 44.

Everyone is healthy and ready to play. Don't want to jinx it but this seems like a prime time for the Coyotes to let us down.

Didnt have to read any of the GTD to know it was a dandy because of the gif. What a film that was.
Make it 4

Ehhh I was right about Demers. Reading into Tocchets stare down of him after he took a penalty last game actually steered me in the right direction.

One step forward, two back. Trade for a 3C and send him down to Tucson please

Crouse over Hayton? Barf. Send him down.
(prepare for a Crouse goal or two)

I'm all for sending him down if he's not going to be getting minutes.

I like Crouse getting an extended look in the top six. Hayton as a 4th line checking winger is just stupid.

Especially when you're still playing Schmaltz at center...

Schmaltz is a natural center due to his range, reach, neutral zone defensive play, and zone entry ability. You don't want him along the boards.

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Bad timing by Fisch but I like the thought

If Hayton isn't in the top 9 he should be in the AHL.

Should try him with Dvorak and Pitlick first though... That Crouse Dvorak Pitlick line is dumb. Two power forwards who have spent their careers in the bottom 6. One is good as a complimentary guy, together they bring Dvorak down.

Disagree with that call, puck was on its way to Fischer anyhow.

Our creative wingers have all been moved the same line, soooo...

Hockey the hard way

I've got Blues in regulation because we are always good for a let down at home after being on the road.

Pretty clear lane, not sure how Kuemper didn't see that.

Armstrong busy firing Sully so Toc sneaks Hayton to 4th line wing

Our Mighty Mite All-Stars spent more time that shift on their ass than skating.

Then swap Pitlick and Kessel. Or Brassard instead of Crouse. Or Hayton as 2LW and Brassard as 3C.
I compliment Tocchet in the roster thread then he does this. Hayton on the 4th line is Strome all over again.

Keller makes a nice cut to the middle. More of that please.

Damn shame Keller didn't get a better shot off after that sweet move.

Goligoski doesn't want to be the next scratch.

Maybe he's still pissed about getting flattened last game

Goligoski looking engaged. Maybe seeing Demers scratched has made him realize his job isn't safe.

Not playing all that horribly, not the greatest start though.

Goligoski almost hit Schmaltz with that shot to the long side.

If our D keeps hitting the net, maybe the forwards will go to the front more to knock some of those rebounds in.

Bush for Norris

Looking good with possession in the offensive zone again.

Dvo got the puck and immediately started heading for the net. Someone updated his firmware this season.

Dvo looks dialed in again.

30 seconds feels like a decent chunk of time in a game until it's the Coyotes trying to gain the zone on the PP

Did one of the broadcasters just hock a loogie?

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We actually look pretty good compared to most years once we get in and establish possession. But we waste half or more of the PP's fighting it in the neutral zone.

Hammer-Goose gave them too much room and the Blues pooped on them.
edit: Garland kind of saved it

Under the net haha

Pang blaming half of his goals on the "under the net" trick and only one ref.

Crouse! Wow!

Oof Goligoski with a brutal turnover but got bailed out

Good road period?

Took us 5 minutes to wake up, but it wasn't a bad period overall.

Did NOT like that call against Fischer... Sucks a goal came from that.
Need to come out a bit harder next period. Looked a bit sluggish/sloppy in the first.

It's funny to me everytime...

It was textbook interference. Blues player baited him into it by not touching the puck. Just poorly timed by Fisch.

It was the right call. Pang noticed that the puck wasn't there yet.

Maybe I am wrong here, but I think that our assistant coaches have preached the use of the boards to help with creating breakouts and moving the puck through the neutral zone.
I feel like so much of what Tocchet and the other assistants had done over the past 2-3 years was to simply go north-south as much as possible, but the ways to move the puck in the past few weeks is much different than what was seen in recent years.

I can't say enough about how good Darren Pang's analysis is. He obviously has done his homework. He knows the tendencies of many of the Coyotes players, and is as likely to speak highly of them as the Blues. It only makes Nash's homerism all the more unlistenable.

The Blues are my home team according to the Blackout gods. I enjoy listening to Panger.

Hayton has looked very good. Could actually drum up some offense on the 4th line. Still, what a waste.

Garland. Man oh man

Wonder how many penalties the tykes have drawn since being put together.

I can think of at least three.

Garland's hustle is contagious. Good work by the entire line.

You must be ahead of my feed. haha They have drawn several when they establish possession in the zone.

looool Kuemper not trusting Goose's slow ass with anything

I thought we brought Smitty back for a second

I would not mind a bit more physical play from the Coyotes at this stage of the game. Blues are quite comfortable there.

Good for Johan

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Love multiple guys in front!

Tocchets the smartest man in hockey. Hayton on the 4th line sparks a goal.

Good good! That traffic in front was definitely helping on that series of plays.

Team is playing hard.

Where's the goal horn?

That there's a big boy shift from Hayton. Love that, controlled the play and created the space. Need more of that from him!

In Covid protocol.

Ugh, another gem from Goligoski.

Woof Clifford's skates swinging in the air on that missed hit gave me Zednik flash backs.

What a nice play by Schmaltz to push his man past the blueline


What are these icing calls, two terrible ones in a row

Strange phase of the game: weird icings, weird bounces.

Yeah, what the hell?

Blues Play by play guy can't tell the difference between Hunt and Hayton. Numbers and names are close, plus they move in a similar way.

Hayton with a A+ game so far.

Imagine if Hunt was Hayden.

Yeah, he's no Dan Kelly.

Panger said Hayton took a dive. Need to see replay.

Doesn't want to be stuck on the 4th.

How the hell

Wow Garland and Bush

Holy shit pay the little guy!

More pucks on Binnington. A little leaky.

What a great play by Bush to regain control of the puck.
And Garland doing Garland things

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How about the f***ing plays by Bush leading up to that goal

Bush with the keep-in against two Blues!

I thought that might have been offside

Wow Garland

Oh that's way offside lmao

Offside by a mile sadly.

No goal.

This shift was all hard work by Fischer, Bush and some WinterGarland

Well that's typical Coyote luck.

Man that's unfortunate!

Fair but get rid of that rule already.

That ref looks like talking is painful.

Garland: So good they have to take goals away from him

Refs just making sure they're watching the right replay this time

Poor Fischer, he's playing well but took a penalty that caused a goal and negated a goal with an offside.

Me trying to order a burrito at 3am

No, don't get rid of that rule! I see this all the time on the main board. Gaining the zone is a play. Doesn't matter if it was in there for a minute. it's offside.

It should stay. It fixes f*** ups by the linesmen.

The offside was Bush's fault.

Yet they keep missing icing calls. One of those misses might result in a goal.

Icing is more of a judgment call. Gaining the zone involves the blueline, so it's pretty easy to determine if it was correct or not. For player safety reasons, refs are pretty tight with icings, as we are seeing tonight.

I'd make the blue lines thinner and see if that helps the linesmen detect offsides.

I dunno.
I always wonder how similar that is to a puck that gets dumped in against the end boards, and a defenseman pulls up to play the body of the incoming forward. In both instances, each player is advancing to where the puck is headed and the puck is roughly within a stick length of the player. Seems like the intent is the same in both plays, bit one never/rarely gets called. I could understand a little more if the Blues were the team with the outlet pass, but it seems like the intent of Dunn was to play the body of where the puck was going, the same as Fischer did.
Was the puck further away than what it appeared? Or am I misinterpreting the application of the rule in this instance?

RIP Hammer.

Hammer out with upper body

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Is OEL extra slow coming back from injury this game, or is he always this slow?

He's seemed slow for a while. Age catching up faster than it should

Missed crosscheck on Crouse there

Bush out here deking guys like he's McDavid and Goligoski is seeing ghosts

Intentional high stick from Bortuzo on the bench. What a dick.
League safety needs to review it.

Refs miss an intentional bench minor on Bortuzzo, massive demerits for that entire crew

Bortuzzo just stuck his stick out from the bench to clip Garland. Classy.

Bortuzzo is a loser, ugly as sin too

Panger said "accidental" but it was clearly intentional

Yeah, that was deliberate as hell.

Then John Kelly said you can't call a penalty for something from the bench. That doesn't sound right.

100 percent intentional, it's not even debatable

Blues dirty as hell

I'd love to have added Bortuzzo. He's a dick.

Panger was a massive homer when he was here. This is nothing new.
Horseshit they call Larsson for something after missing that on Bortuzzo.

He's wrong

Staying very aggressive on the PK

Both posts? lol

Schenn tripped Crouse, no call
This crew sucks

Man two great chances by Crouse. He's had zero luck.

Mindless play by Krug

This Coyotes team is fun as hell.

How have we not had a powerplay

Good things happen when you use the center of the ice and don't dump-n-chase

Crouse is having a good game, it's just a shame he can't finish because he gets plenty of chances.

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Yeah, how many games in the past seasons have I given up by the middle of the second period? This is nothing like that, including last season's hot start.

This game normally would have been over when the Blues scored first.

Crouse in there smiling at the crease with Clifford. Love it

Well, poop

Goligoski just lets the guy stand there in front of Kuemper.

Terrible defense

If you leave a massive gap in your coverage then the player trailing the play will usually find it.

Let's rotate Goose and Demers in and out of the lineup...

Started with a bad-angle shot by Goligoski when it Coyotes had 4-on-2 in their zone.

Goose kinda just standing around with his head in the clouds on that goal.

Another game that might be decided by players misreading/expecting a potential icing call.

Hope Raanta is ok to play tomorrow after sitting on the bench the whole game.

After ruining offensive zone time by shooting it off OEL's ass from the goal line...

I think they were just slow

Day to day, LBI, bruised ass cheeks from sitting down.

Time for another late goal

Officiating garbage

I'd like to feel bad, but I just watched Bortuzzo clip Garland in the face from the bench. So that's just karma.

Hunt just got mugged
this is a joke

The officials also have vcash on STL in regulation

Ya this has been pretty horrendous officiating, blues need a win anyway so w/e

Well, there's the Coyotes we know and love.

Keller had the tying goal on his stick, didn't get it high enough

Ah f*** it, you can't win em all. Get revenge tomorrow.

Bummer. Another good game by the Coyotes. Tuff loss.

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Now just flatten someone

Did you forget which team you're watching?

Can't blame the effort, just something missing a little tonight.

They have outplayed the Blues at ES in pretty much every game but some individual efforts from ROR and Faulk in particular are the difference.

Anyone with a gif of the cheap shot from the bench? Deserving of a suspension?

I agree, I don't think the blues are close to what they were the past two years. You can actually see the lack of pietrangelo

Another game I am not pissed off about. Thats five straight of good compete and we didnt look like shit. Hopefully tomorrow is the same just a different outcome.

I thought St. Louis made an effort to nullify Dvo tonight and they did it well, barely heard his name.

Well we played well. We look just as good as the Blues which is great to see.
That GWG was annoying. OEL and Goligoski got too aggressive on the rush. Looked bad as soon as OEL jumped in then looked like he was hooked/interfered with coming back.
Chaos in the D zone with two forwards playing D then trying to get back into structure.

Maybe the most frustrated at officials I've been.

I thought schmaltz played poorly putting himself out of position at times and getting too cute with his passes

I thought bush played very well in person as did oyster
overall we played well
I'd love to have a minute of those referees time

Not a bad game overall. If lybushkin waited just a half second longer before entering the zone so Fischer would be onside this would've probably had a different result.
This would have been a great game to get some offense from guys like Brassard/Kessel but at least the 4th line chipped in I guess

Very strong game by both teams. Highly entertaining hockey game.
Not terribly upset about the result. I thought both teams executed their game plans well which resulted in a game that could've gone either way.
Still love watching that top line. Serious threat to score almost every shift it seems. If they can maintain this play all year I wouldn't be surprised to see the Yotes fighting for the #3 seed.