FTP: Coyotes @ Blues 02/02/2021

Next win, next FTP.

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Lyubushkin really didnt play much for his KHL team. Like 5 games out of 50. Whether that was due to paperwork, coronavirus, politics or just being a backup I dont know. All a bit strange.

Yotes need to start this road trip off in the right way...need a win!

Hate to say it but the Yotes have already dug themselves a deep hole. They are seventh in their division, and it's going to be real hard to climb out if they shit the bed on this trip. This is a tough trip. We come back home for a eight game homestand but we have been anything but dominate. End of Feb. is almost the halfway point of the season and probably a good indication if we are a playoff team or not.

Only 3 pts out of playoff spot. We need to grab 6 pts on the road trip to stay close. Play .500 against the good teams and kick the shit out of the Cali teams should be good enough for the playoffs.

With a .438 winning percentage. No where good enough.

Oh, I agree. If we play .500 against the good teams and say .750 against the "bad" teams we should get in. I'm not saying we necessarily CAN do it, just pointing out a pathway. This road trip will be very telling. If we lose all 6 the season is effectively over.

Too early to tell maybe even after this trip. Once we get OEL back and Bush in the line up, we should be a bit better. The wildcard is Chych/keller/Schmaltz/DVO/Hayton. They all have upside to improve and generate the goal scoring we are desperately lacking. If they improve and our D/goal tending holds, we could be a playoff team. They might/should/could get better as the season moves along.

When have we ever played.750 consistently?

When has anyone? Its extremely rare.

He did say against the bad teams. We're .625 against the "bad teams" this far

There are only 56 games this year. At the end of Feb. is the halfway point of the schedule. Every fan base is saying the same thing thinking they have plenty of time. I guess you are a little more confident in me, but in my opinion, Feb. is going to be key for us making the playoffs this year. We don't have the talent to dig out of a deep hole.

And we are .250 against a good team.

Can't imagine this one goes well

Yes. .250 against a team that could very well be the best team in the league. Far too early to draw conclusions about our .438 winning percentage imo.

I'm thinking the only Blues that the Coyotes can handle are the ones they'll be singing after tonight's loss.

Like I mentioned, this month, I think, will go a long ways in deciding if we make the playoffs or not.

A lot of "ifs".

Half of our games have been against Vegas. It's way too early to say we're almost out of things.
Going like 750 against the California teams, win the season series or tie vs Minnesota and go like 300-400 against COL, VGS, and STL and we should be good.

Biggest benefit of this game is for Bill to scout his formal team and work out a trade.

You and Cobra must be brothers. Let's see where things are at the end of February.

We're not a great team. We knew that coming out of the off-season where we sold off guys for futures, replaced them with bandaids, tried to trade our captain, and let a bunch of guys walk.

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One of those guys is a puck hound... I wonder who he is talking to...

Schmaltz as the heavy on the line? Hoo boy.

Probably need to get more from our backend if we're going to beat St. Louis.

Hayden and Hunt in for injured Crouse and Fischer. Excited to see what Hunt can do!

This isn't like other seasons where u can say it's half over, were in 7th so it's done. The matchups are loaded up with these series so we really do need to play the whole season to see where we're at.
8 of our last 10 games are against LA and SJ. Two games before that are against MINN. We legitimately could rack up 20 points in the last 12 and pass MIN for 4th.

I like what I have seen from some film I watched on Hunt. Excited to see what he brings... could be a late bloomer of sorts.

Look at it this way - this is the first time we know for sure that someone on a Keller/Schmaltz line will shoot the dang puck.

What's with all the negativity? The season is still early. I'm just happy to be watching a Yotes game again, going through withdrawal.

We know our team, and we also know how cruel Fate has been to it over the years.

Excited to see the Yotes go up against a good team that's not Vegas. Would like to see if there is a difference, since some teams just the Yotes a problem for whatever reason.

We're the Yotes, we're the Detroit Lions of the NHL

Now I feel worse. Thanks...Stugots!

Hope he gets some powerplay time. Glad to see him and Hayden both get in. We should be rotating people in and out even if we were healthy. Keep Fish and Cags hungry with occasional scratch. Add bigger names to the scratch list to wake people up as needed.

Injuries suck - that's all I'm saying.

This line makes too much sense -- not just because of playstyle (which also makes sense) but also because these guys are young and could / should be playing together for YEARS.

This group would complain about the taxes if we won the lottery

We haven't taken care of business so far. I know what you are saying, but we can not dig our self a deep hole and expect to make the playoffs. We are hopefully a bubble team up to the end.

Garland is tiny, and he'll get no support from the other two. This will be a short-lived experiment.

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That's my fear, need a big body out there with them.

Okay Mr Glum, we got it!

Keller looked his best when Brassard and Pitlick were doing the dirty work and letting him dipsydoodle. Need three lines like that and to separate our lazy, soft wingers.

If somebody told me we traded Christian Fischer 3 years ago, I'd believe them.

Look at the projected St. Louis lineup and tell me which line you think they match up well against.

You are in peak form already this season haha

The penalty kill line.

Over half of last season's holdovers have no shame as we saw in the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see if the Blues send O'Reilly against that line. Face off wise there would be a serious risk that our three offensively talented players are starting many shifts chasing the puck.

The Blues are a machine and in good form. There's 4 excellent teams in the division and 4 mediocre ones. The next 8 games are against excellent teams.
Good luck, Tocchet.

I don't like going small vs STL. Against other teams then sure. Ideally I'd put Crouse in Keller's spot this game but he's out.
Bad game to have Crouse and Fischer out. I'll be easier on Tocchet for the lines because of that.

What's the 4th excellent team? The Wild? They've scored 29 given up 28. Not sure that counts as excellent esp when you consider they split a 2 game series with COL and the only other teams they've played so far are this year are the Kings (x4), Sharks (x2, split series), Ducks (x2, split series).
But yes, good luck Tocchet we will need it to get into that fourth playoff spot regardless

Also wearing #28 for the Coyotes in the past 15 years were John Scott, Lauri Korpikoski, Jeff Hoggan (who?), and Steven Reinprecht.

I couldn't even remember we signed this character.

Yep, those lines make sense too. Not sure we'd score many (any?) goals, but we wouldn't be checked off the ice. Not sure if Keller would be able to do anything with Brassard / Pitlick but maybe Brassard is better offensively than I remember him being

Are we on national television or something? NHL.tv says i'm blacked out(Dallas, TX). Maybe it'll go away closer to the game. For some odd reason I thought the game started at 6pm my time. Darn time zones.

That's probably my favorite fight of all time. Kessel whacking away with the stick is priceless.

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Watch a Wild game. They look spectacular compared to what AZ is doing out there

I watched both recent games against the Avs. The Wild looked terrible in the blowout loss, but made adjustment to win the second one in OT. They didn't look "spectacular" in that one, either. Reminded me of the way the Coyotes are able to occasionally beat good teams.

That top line sounds fun.. if they're in possession in the Ozone. If not, close your eyes and hope for the best.

No shit. The genius put Hayton back at center.

Already 80 posts, we're starving I guess

lmao a pick on Keller

Fix your mic ref

Dear Coyotes,
Please win on my first anniversary.
Summer Rose

I hate that call, Keller is entitled to his lane and ice, and needs to stop safely. Which he did.

That may have been a top five worst interference call I've ever seen.

You should have seen Matt Duchene auditioning for the Olympic diving team whilst battling Erik Cernak in front of the net last night. It worked twice.

Anaheim won a cup interfering basically the entire game much worse than that. Refs need to chill this year.

Top line had a nice shift. The chemistry is clearly there and will only get better. Just hope they can do enough away from the puck to warrant keeping them together.

Darren Pang said, "I don't know if Keller is big enough to cause a pick."

Pretty good start, lots of energy and generated a few chances.

Gross isn't shrinking from the moment so that's nice to see, what a difference it must make to know there's a coach behind the bench that supports you.

Let's hope we score whilst the Blues Defense is all over the shop.
This Chychrun+ Gross pairing has started the game with some surprising dynamism.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching Garland dipsy doodle around multiple defenders, usually making them fall

Aside from the silly penalty this is a pretty good start. Couple really good opportunities in front so far.

Pang "they're cycling me into a coma"




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Dvo is turning into another Hanzal for us in terms of impact.

Dvo_bot.exe had to make sure he didn't short circuit himself when he hit the net.

Can't score? Just carry it into the goal.

10-1 shots.
Also happy birthday Dvo apparently

Blues chasing shadows so far. They tried to get physical but boom 1-0
Dvo like an arrow.

Whoa! Nice drive!

Dvo! Nice tuck in! Keep the pedal to the metal Yotes!

Cags-pitlick-stone cold Steve Dvo looked great right there

That was a very nice breakout all the way around, out of our zone, through the neutral zone and net front drive...PERFECTION!

Dvo needs to be on the #1 scoring line. I keep wanting, Keller Dvo Schmaltz. Crouse Hayton Garland. Stop f***ing around.

Dvo scores and everyone follows the leader by not really celebrating the goal.

Almost like they practiced this year. The patience to not go offside is also *chefs kiss*

Dvorak wasn't going to be denied on his birthday.

Does that goal make Dunn cheaper?

Can't wait for Raanta to get into a came so he can go back on the IL.

Good battle by Hayton considering the other two farts on the ice were out of gas

Loved all that extra effort by Hayton to shit down Kyrou on the boards.

Larsson just had the biggest back check

That was actual interference on Garland

Garland gets thrown down like that you have to put a good, clean hit on one of their stars. Please!

How does Brassard miss that layup he got from Kessel?

wtf Goligoski

f***ing Goligoski

Goligoski trips over the blue line. Goal

Too much hot dog juice on the puck

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Oh Goligoski

Goalagainstki at it again. Vintage play.

Good way to ruin that start.
Ban Goligoski.

Guys are blowing tires on that end of the ice. Three Blues have blown tires on that end before Goose did.

Goli with no skis

Wouldn't be a Coyotes game this year if they didn't find a way to stomp their own dick for an easy goal against

SOG were 11-1 at one point, now it's almost even

I hope Goligoski falls out of love with hockey again and just f***ing walks away.

At this point that kind of screw up by Goose is just comical.

We were playing really well until we scored then STL had some good pushback. Can't take it easy with the lead.
Goal wasn't cause of that though, solely on Goligoofski.

A very good period, we should have scored more. Unfortunate comical embarrassing Goligoski but also very bad luck that this happened in front of Hoffman.
Schmaltz needs to shoot more. I have liked Hayton, but that line is the only one that has been regularly pinned down in the D zone.
Dvorak has got his covered, we will be fine.

Top 6 looks good, Hayton is playing good 200 ft hockey and looked great in the D-zone. 8-9-83 are carrying the play in the o-zone, Pitlick is a surprisingly good passer who knew.
We're outplaying the Blues after 1. Go team!

This little team is holding their own against one of the top teams in the league. They are playing a very sound game. Goligoski's flat tire was unfortunate but even there the other guy(I forgot who) properly moved over.

Too much Blues zone time. Couple painful looking shot blocks.

Was worried the light line was too light, but so far it looks good. Garland does play like he's 6' 190lbs though

Housed on that

That was gross. Not Gross. Just gross.

Overcomittal by Gross there, his first big mistake of the game.

Yep they're way better than we are.
Hunt finally gets a shot and probably broke his hand.


Hayton got walked and Gross had to release from his guy in front.

Faulk got a little lucky that probably doesn't normally work, even with a couple defensive miscues
Our team defense against the cycle still sucks.

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Hayton line taken to the cleaners.

Now would be a good time for the PP to not suck.

Guarantee we f*** up this 5 on 3.

Beautiful play Schmaltz
Dvo.exe is bored


Wow that was a great pass from Schmaltz. Dvo_bot.exe(2)

Great pass and Dvo again. Dare I say it one more time? Dvo needs to be on a scoring line.

PP looks a lot better 5-on-3... Especially when the killers get stuck out there the whole time...

Pretty play. Never miiiind.

Still managed to not score on it.

Schmaltz looking more than okay on the point. We always have such a hard time figuring out that 2nd spot whether it's a forward or D.

Was about to rage on Chych missing net for the billionth time..

They rarely score on the actual designed PP plays. They just telegraph the shots way too much. But when there's a breakdown, they do alright with improv.

You lose. We all win

Key of the game:
Defend and find Dvo.

Nice goal. Let's get Dvo a hat trick

Would Dvo celebrate a hattrick?

He hasn't had one right? And no, definitely won't celebrate.

As soon as we find the right/perfect partner to Chychrun, he will be a top ten Norris.

Looked like they were focusing too much on getting bodies in front of the net for a rebound and not cycling on a 5 on 3. It's good that they're focusing on that but wasn't the time to do so.
It was a quick pass that got a goal there.

Love Hayden so much...

Holy Hayden

Hayden laying out parayko

A lot of elite D have often had mediocre partners. They elevate everyone around them.
If you've got a team where you can pair an upper end#1 with a true #2 you're probably a top 3 cup contender. Or Nashville when their team was stupid lopsided in roster balance

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Would be a 3vo.

Hayden > Fischer
I know Fischer is trying and playing well, but no one brings to the table what Hayden brings.
you sit one of the useless guys, Fischer or Keller.
Easy choice

That's good. It's a beautiful world. Take a time out for fun.

We might get to see a smile that's it.

He can skate, and he's a thumper. That's it. Not great. Just a thumper. But we desperately have needed one forever.

Fischer sure plays better defense than that, post aged great

He's still young and playing better. Might be a good piece in a trade.

Oh nooooo...we suck again

I feel like the goals against us so far were largely preventable and while we don't look too bad we should probably be winning this game if not for our derping around in the D zone.

Gross looking like a rookie there.

Hayton seems to be a hit magnet.

Also, Kuemper a lil subpar.

Blues chances have been pretty high quality

I agree with you, this is why I said right/perfect, not good. It is about finding the right tandem.

Seems to be the theme for the season. It's weird, I'm so used to good defensive play and a goalie bailing us out.

Maybe it's just the mask, but Tocchet has looked like he hates his job this whole game haha

Kessel taking a slash at someone?! Never.

True. I guess what I meant is that he has not come up with the unexpected save so far in this game.

3-2 and Phil is out here taking selfish penalties. Test for Tocchet for sure.

Now imagine if Hayton did that instead of Kessel. Hayton would be riding the bench for the rest of the game. Kessel will be right back out there like nothing even happened.

Wish our D could hit the net like that.

Hammer just saved a goal
edit: it was Goose!

Tangent, but I was reading the Phil trade thread again yesterday since POJ has been playing well and I noticed a few things:
1. Most of us were pretty annoyed we included POJ in the deal, we ain't no dummies here
2. One of the things we liked about Phil coming over was his big and entertaining personality.
But doesn't #2 seem kinda ............muted? In comparison to how he used to be anyway. We don't even get to have fun

This team is not going to win many games, but I am encouraged by their play in the offensive zone, which is world's apart from the past few seasons.

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I think they'd win a surprising amount of games if the D played as well as last year. Probably squeak into the last playoff spot.
Injuries and regression ensuring that's not the case right now.

He holds the puck to open up ice for his line mates. Watch - is willing to take the hit to make the play.

It's too bad we traded POJ, but he was expendable because we have Bahl.... *checks notes* oh...

We would score more goals if the D hit the damn net once in while. Amazing how much better they are in that area.

That Faulk go is going to haunt me in NHL highlight reels... jockstraps all over the ice.

Bissonnette kinda looks like Rafi.

Unlucky, probably should be a penalty though.


That's the correct call. 4 minutes.

Why did we need a 5min break for that call

News to me that you can review regular ass minors that aren't challenged

"œNeed to stay out of the box, need to stay out of the box, need to stay out of the box"
30 seconds in, dumb penalty

Sawf sort of make up call cause it was from a review I suppose.

One of those goofy penalties, don't think Caggiula should have been realistically expected to do something differently to avoid the high stick.

Well this will be the last game we should see from Gross for awhile

Game over

I miss our D being good.

The game started well. Then everyone on the team decided to play street hockey. They deserve to lose.

Half-assed back check by Schmaltz.

So much for the Gross experiment. We need actual NHL Dmen. Where the hell is the big Russian kid

Gross having a bad game.

Yo...I was joking.


And that's why Gross isn't a regular.
Can't wait for OEL and Bush to be back. And I wanna see Soderstrom again...

If only there was a top RD prospect with more upside than an AHL journeyman five years his senior to step in.

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Chych misses net. Again

Well, not optimistic with 15 min remaining and down by 2
Need a PP to get us going

Decided to listen to the St. Louis feed for the 3rd. Pang so good and their play by play guy is better as well.

That is one thing Chychrun could really work on is hitting the net, he misses it a lot

Totally disagree with Nash on that goal. Schmaltz was hounding Paryako down the wing and Gross decided to leave his guy to engage (and got beat), causing Chych to leave his guy to cover Gross's guy and that is who ends up scoring. Garland covered his dman the whole way.
If Gross plays that smarter then no blown coverages.

We really look completely disjointed in this third period. We need a moment of luck for any hope to turn it around.

His shot is generally all power, really lacking any finesse.

As the game gets heavy, that leash line sure has become completely ineffective...

Kuemper looking very human this season

Another misplayed puck by Gross.

Chych - Soderstrom
OEL - Bush
Hammer - Oesterle
Can't be worse than this.

Corpse of Kessel that can't score goals has returned. Well he was alive for a week anyway. That's more than I thought we'd get when they made the trade.

Nah that was a GREAT save. Thought Kessel has looked ok today

Hayton get benched again? Hunt centering his line

I will just insert my weekly "œTocchet Sucks!" here.

Not happy with the lack of urgency in the third here.

Hayton with less ice than Hayden right now.
Tocchet is seriously out here using his feeble cane on a rookie when he's not a top 5 problem this game.

They figure they'll put it together in the 4th period.

Well, we need Kuemper to be last year's Kuemper. We've not gotten that but 1 game so far this year. If he's going to roll a .910 save pct% then we're not going to win too many games. He's got to be his .925+ self.

Matt just said the Coyotes need a pair. So right.

He's not even top 15 problem out here.

"Photo Finish"


Another 6 on 5 goal??

Schmaltz is a different player this year

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That's a great play from Judy Garland

Schmaltz gets a goal by going to the inside!

That was all Schmaltz's sneakiness. Kessel made a good play and Garland got it to him but most of the time we dont' even have a man in front ready for that.

Whoa a timeout.

I don't remember the last time we had this kind of confidence in the offense haha

A 6 on 5 goal? A timeout? What madness!

Might be injured?

Garland did a great job drawing the man away from Schmaltz before he passed it then set it up beautiful.

Yeah but Housley's got the white board.

His head hit the glass pretty hard earlier but he played after that, maybe a spotter saw something?
Tocc benching him isn't unbelievable or anything though.

Kessel has nearly forgotten how to pick corners

Win or lose, I love that they are going for it here

Like that second effort from Schmaltz keeping that puck in our hands.

Damn Dvo had the shot

Chychrun and bad shot selection, name a more iconic duo

Coyotes and losing?

Raanta and getting hurt (Too easy, I admit)

Good hustle from the team, but you can't make that many D mistakes against a team like the Blues. Just can't give them freebees. Clean up the D, put the Russian Bear in and keep playing the hard nosed style please!

If the Coyotes put in even 70% of that effort over the entire third we'd have probably seen it tied.

Reminder that the Coyotes had all the momentum until Goligoski fell on his ass late in the first period.

St. Louis is clearly the better team. Entertaining game though. Need better D play in both zones.

Hunt played exactly how I expected. He should be a regular. Good decision making and compete. Basically another Pitlick out there.
If not for Goligoski and Gross they probably win

I want everyone on the team chirping him that he doesn't shoot enough. He's too nice. He defers to the vets, or really anyone else to take the shot.

I'm really not all that bent about this loss. I thought we played decently well. Keep moving.

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Just couldn't overcome the poor play/mistakes/freebie goals they gave up.
Garland was just feeding dudes in the slot to end the game. Blues had no answers for having a guy down low in that position with the puck.

I think he meant Dvo got it in the perfect spot but couldn't elevate high enough. Dvo has been shooting a lot.

Kuemper should punch Goligoski. Maybe the team will waive him after.

Yeah that was a great chance for the game tying goal and hat trick. Just didn't bury it.

Oh, not to mention, Yotes gotta stop missing the open shot when they have it (looking at you Brassard).

I don't remember when we had a guy that good at drawing guys in and then exposing them. Whether it was in the corner with two defenders or on the Schmaltz goal where he created a lane and then passed through it. He is on another level from anyone else on the team.

With our luck, they'd waive Darcy

Ohh I was wanting him to shoot when he had the puck near the point. He had space to find a lane but passed to Kessel.
He also passed on a breakaway earlier in the year. I think he might be our best overall forward. I'd like him to play like it. Play with some swagger like Garland and Schmaltz.

Agreed. Bench Caggiula for him.

I'm ok with slotting Hunt in for Caggiula. That works for me.

We have to trade him this week or next.
He's our 2nd worst dman. When OEL and Bush are back Gross and Goose should be the odd men out.
If we scratch him, his value tanks. Right now we might be able to trick a team into giving us a 2nd for him.

Pittsburgh is looking for D and Goligoski has played there before.

*May not be a selling point.

Hell Goligoski pretty much played for the Blues today too. Had more passes to them than he did to AZ players.

What awful contract are we taking back, because they have no cap space?

Dvorak is turning into something special before our eyes.
Getting a little tired of Caggiula. Seems to get caught in something stupid every game. That'd be more acceptable if he had the offense to make up for his mistakes. I'd say put him in the taxi for a bit but we don't really have any viable replacements either.

Won't be able to move a contract of that size til the deadline.

Once Crouse is back sit Cags. Surprisingly he has four assists. I like some aspects of his game, but he takes too many bad penalties and with our top defenseman being out it has become too costly. Give him some time off and then see what he does once back in the lineup.

Hell, if not for Hayden, they probably win. A winger shouldn't ever drop that low, when all he's providing is unnecessary double coverage.

Blues coasted in period 1, then they woke up and way outplayed us. They are just way better. Gross gets exposed again, we need OEL and Bush back in the line up.

Retain 50%? And by next week we'll be about 25% way through the year so cap space is beginning to open up a little bit.

Hard to complain about that game. Watching Dvo, Garland and Schmaltz all really start growing this year is very encouraging. Chychrun is really starting to become something as well, just needs to be able to hit the damn net and clean up some of his risky pinches.

Bush shouldn't come in next game, unless he is ready. He hasn't played or skated in a long time

Page number: 13

If that deal is there, sure. Doubt it is at this time though. What team is a for sure buyer that needs a top 4 D and has the cap space to do it?
Other concern is who plays in his absence. OEL is coming back. So is Bush but he's not as good as Goose. What if someone else gets hurt? We saw what Gross is tonight. And I suspect Soda is in Tucson unless he blows the doors off. They won't be shipping him back and forth.

the real difference between the two is marchand's shot

Tonight's penalties were brutal, mistakes were, painfully obvious, but there were plenty of positives.
Also and I really HATE to admit this, but RT going public with calling 83 / 8 / 9, the short leash line was some fine coaching.

I don't agree with the premise (he was a great partner for Chychrun too) but if he is worse than Bush we won't be able to trade him.

That was a fun game. Phil made a lot of bad choices but he looks like he cares. Goligoski can f*** off.

Chychrun does make some questionable pinches and jumping into the play that makes Goligoski look bad sometimes. He has been fine this year so far. This team is much better than their record thus far.

Kessel even willingly blocked a shot!

I see the similarities and it's a decent, hopeful comp. There's just no way garland ever has a shot like marchands.

Played a late game (10pm start) in Gilbert last night, glance up in the bar afterwards at the TV and NHLN is playing that highlight...ugh, thanks a**holes, making me watch that again...