FTP: Blues @ Ducks 01/30/2021

Nice start to the this FTP because of the three early goals :lol:

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4 - 2 - 1 for 9 points with a Road Record of 2 - 1 - 0
Production Leaders
Goals: Schenn with 4
Assists: Kyrou, Schwartz, O'Reilly and Thomas with 4
Points: Kyrou with 7

3 - 3 - 2 for 8 points with a Home Record of 2 - 1 - 1
Production Leaders
Goals: Comtois with 3
Assists: Rowney with 4
Points: Rowney and Comtois with 4

So, what are the odds Shattenkirk takes a penalty tonight?

I watched that bouncing music note gif longer than I'd like to admit.

I hope this one doesn't get out of hand but I feel like it will.

Definitely feels like we're due to get blown out

Win or get blown out please

Gibson starting tonight, Miller in net tomorrow.

So the blow out will happen tomorrow night. Got it

I'd like to see the Ducks play a more physical game. Deslauriers vs. Clifford would be a good start.

Backes, Lundestrom, and Mahura all added to the website roster. I think we might see a shakeup tonight, which we need.

Backes in per Frenchie.

Grant upper body injury

Comtois-Steel-Backes.... yes so much better. Yikes. They need to split up the kids and put them all on different lines, not saddle them with an anchor.

Let's hope Lundestrom keeps his momentum from yesterday and isn't gassed from playing a back to back

Maybe backes can help on the forecheck and in the crease.

Will we even get a SOG

I'm glad we call up Lundy fresh off 2 goals and immediately put him into a grinder spot....

Well he was invisible on Getzlaf's wing to start the season, but I know what you mean.

Lundestrum is slotted between our points leader and second leading goal scorer.

Eakins: "œshift length...shift length...shift length"

If Backes is an anchor what is useless Terry?

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I don't know if I could be less excited for a game

Atleast we can listen to the Blues announcers.

welp this is as good as over. us scoring 2 goals is pretty unlikely



So bad

Is it the second period yet?

The exact moment that Gibby gets frustrated and exits God mode.

Yeah this Kyrou kid is gonna be a star

Are the Ducks for real

Lmaoo wtf was shats doing there?

shattenkirk is trash lol

The next person who defends Shattenkirk is getting slapped with a fish.

Theres that classic Shattenkirk effort

What's happening to Shatternkirk is exactly what everyone said would happen if he got overexposed

Only time you'll see "defends" and "Shattenkirk" in the same sentence..

What the actual f***.
Shattenkirk needs to sit next game. Absolute garbage.

lol, game is over less then a minute in......ducks hockey

Absolutely brutal. Team needs a bag skate. Badly.

Shattenkirk is a bum

f***ing unbelievable.

I'm demoralized already

Eakins and Murray will be gone seasons end. Ownership can't be happy

Just turned it on, everything seems normal here.

Holy crap! I just popped onto the feed right now and we're down by 2?! Whaa???

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I actually imagine Murray will get an extension

doubt owners, the fact that Bob is still around shows how little the owners give a f*** about managing the team.

Shattenkirk again. What a joke of an organization

This team is rotten holy shit


Used to think that but not anymore. This feels like D-day for him

Effort level is absolutely pathetic. Worse than under Carlyle


Should I just go back to watching Oilers Leafs?

I wish Murray managed like a guy that was afraid of losing his job , I can't even blame Eakins cause he was given shit to work with

is this the fastest a team has ever lost a game?

did gibson just pull himself?....dont blame him at all

Being awful and counting god-mode goalie to always be there is not a real strategy. This team is about to get exposed for who they are.

big facts

Sorry y'all

Annnd trades are a coming

Times like these make me wish Eakins wasn't charmin f***ing soft behind the bench. At least Carlyle would've been barking like a dog.

yes he said f*** it im out

The most dangerous lead in hockey?
Or is that 6 with us. I forget. Pretty sure we are gonna see that this game. Or period.

Bob trades Grant to "send a message"

Gibson bout to demand a trade imo

The saddest thing about watching this awful defense is that the offense is even worse.

Please hire a GM with a proven track record of developing talent

stupid f***ing fight Getz.

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Getzlaf got manhandled. That'll fire 'em up

Alright Getzlaf let's hope theres a spark

At this pace we're going to lose by 50

Getzlaf is the only player on this team with any f***ing heart. The rest of the players are a bunch of lazy bitches.

Now we have Getzlaf fighting a meat head. Fantastic

Getzlaf figures out he can't be pulled like Gibson and takes matters into his own hands.

This team is f***ing pathetic.

bad take

Bob's going to end up doing something like Terry for Bennett to "shake things up".

That is manhandled? Clifford got the better of the tilt but he barely landed anything.

Getzlaf gives you about 3 minutes per game of actual effort, if he feels like it. He's got heart, but he's also lazy af.

I'm afraid what BM is going to do. Every time he reacts out of anger we end up losing the trade.

How does Murray sleep at night honestly

why? how does him getting manhandled by a 4th line grinder do anything to actually help the team win? him taking himself out actively makes us even worse. this team doesn't need a fight to pump the team up, they need their best players to actually f***ing play. not sit in the box.

He needed to nuke the team a year ago and didn't get it done
The value has already plummeted on our assets

Remember how a long time ago we smoked the Canucks so hard that we stopped celebrating goals?

It doesn't matter. They suck. He tried to fire them up. It's dumb he has to be the one to do it. Lifeless team with no talent

Gibson will have his Patrick Roy moment sometime this year if Murray doesn't get him any support.

We're incapable of high skill plays

i only remember that game because the Canucks scored a goal that was the most blatant goalie interference and stole a shutout from Freddy.

They've actually looked like a competent hockey team the last 90 seconds.

and the guy with the most talent takes himself off the ice in exchange for Kyle f***ing Clifford lol

Wow, what happened??

that's only because that's the longest we've gone without getting scored on. don't confuse that with actual competence.

good managers sell a year early instead of a year late, Rakell and Manson are prime examples of this

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Careful there, Hazy, it's Faulk, and not what I was screaming a few minutes ago.

To be fair I'm pretty sure deslauries is our main source of offense this year....

Getzlaf figured drop the gloves and miss a couple shifts.

Thank god we still have Troy terry

That's my concern. I don't see how blowing up the team now when everyone's value is at it's lowest is the right thing to do. I would rather change the coach and GM first.

Ducks hockey happened

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

No, they were cycling, completing passes, and had a good shot. Credit where credit is due.

No lead is dangerous against the Ducks...

Now Eakins wants to mix the lines up smh.... split all the kids up I bet we play better.

The tricky part about the maxim of buy low, sell high is knowing when it's really at its low or high.
Just because our players are worth less than they were before doesn't mean they're not going to go lower from here.
The only player we could really sell high on right now is maybe Gibson. I don't know how popular that idea would be.

I like Backes centering the 4th line and Lundy up high. Lundy's looked good out there and poised. Quite a few times he's won possession and either helped break it out fast or held it behind the net. Guess last night's pre-season game gave him a burst of confidence. Keep it going, Lundy! We need something positive.

Perron having mercy on his old teammates

Another odd man rush.

We have no idea if they're even worth less, they haven't been traded. I know people think it rises and falls with literally every game but thats never been the case.

seems like a good idea right now, lets take a penalty

yeah players aren't like stocks lol

If that's your take, we'd have to trade them twice, back then and now, to compare.
But I feel pretty confident saying that, for example, Rakell has lost significant trade value in the last three years.

Knowing that it's just the DJ instead of the audience mock cheering makes it a little worse, I think.

Jones did just make a good deflection there, pretty sure that prevented Kyrou from getting a hatty. so that's something

Good thing this is the first of a back-to-back, The Blues will probably be content to just skate the puck around for the next 2 periods.

Hakanpaa- this passing is stupid. I will shoot where you idiots should be sending the puck.

I guess on the plus side... the team can't really get worse expectation wise... go for broke.... get a ton of assets and hopefully add some talent for zegras. And if barkov makes fa market give him all the money

Getzlaf spends more time at the blue line between both of his defenseman than any forward I've ever seen.

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At least Getzlaf came to play

only 3 goals down and 15 minutes late, but they actually decided to start playing. little too late though.

Power kill.

I'm kinda bemused that everyone knows we are a lottery team but are somehow shocked and horrified that the team plays badly and gets dominated by legit top teams.

He's been good this year. Just needs better wings.

I mean, I suppose it is pretty much impossible to prove, but there's just nothing to really indicate what you're saying is the case. People believe it and then are stunned when those guys are traded for more or less than they thought. Theres some exceptions, typically when value is tied to draft positions and potential.
With Rakell I don't doubt the return for him now would be less than it was two years ago, but I wager a great deal of that is tied to his contact. And I think he'd still bring a pretty good return.

Nice to see we can help with St. Louis' horrible PK.

ducks are going to get shortied

How long does murray pretend he isn't watching this garbage.

Blues doing an icing drill.

Rakell is our Tyler Toffoli. He's going to go somewhere else and light up the league. Just can't do it on a bad offensive team. Oh well, still gotta trade him

Lundestrum has some confidence

I'm not disappointed with the results, per se.
I'm disappointed that our young players suck so hard. Not a single one of the last few classes of rookies has screamed to me "that guy is *definitely* part of the next good Ducks team." We haven't even started rebuilding yet, we're just treading water in the awful.
It won't last forever, the NHL is too much of an up-and-down league. But it's not gonna turn around soon.


Good for Jones!

Jones! Getzy came to play.

At least it ain't a shutout.

That's exactly the kinda goal u wanna see Jones score

There we go. Good job sitting in the crease jones and rakell.
Henrique is playing like a moron.


Good things happen when you crash the crease and are allowed to hack away for 5 seconds. Looked like we traded D there.

Im less interested in our goal than I am why Kyrou was that open!!!

Getz doesn't like being embarrassed. Such a tier above the rest still.

WTF happened? Thought Gibson was starting?

Season ticket holder deadline to get refunds or roll over to next season is in a couple weeks. So...

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They just couldn't quite find Lindholm there in the slot.
much better play last 5 minutes

Glad they woke up, don't care that much if they lose(relatively speaking) but nice to see that.
Lundy also playing like he wants to stick around. That'd be an interesting development.

He was the only Duck that started the game.

God damnit Silfverberg sucks ass
Lundestrom and Getzlaf are our best 2 players

All right, if we can pull one more off before this is over, I'll have some confidence.

That was great effort and takeaway.

3 goals in under 4 min. He said f*** this I'm out

Turns out it was the Zamboni driver in a Gibson suit.

Getzlaf needs a goal. It's been forever since we had a Gordon Howe.

I really hope Getzlaf gets to play for another good team before he's done. I don't blame him for saving the legs with this team, but when he feels like it, he's still great.

that dude only let in 2 goals though...

Maybe Tim ryan will have a word, I guess.

Shattenkirk played nothing on that 2v1.

Yeah, but...Toronto

So close

An inch from salvaging that period.

And somehow, that's an improvement.

Better ending to that one

I would also. Damn.

Steel and Lundy are making a push
Also nice to see Jones get a goal

the ducks decided to not play until 6:30

Just a weird foot note:
On my Swedish Viaplay stream they don't show ads but instead has some sort of "off camera" sounds from our commentators. And I heard one of them loudly blow his nose in a power break earlier.

Getz I wish you would accept a trade to a contender

If we pretend the game started at the 3 minute mark, we are winning.

I like the look of Lundy on that line. Likes to carry the puck and can pass. Good fit for Henrique

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I want Lundestrom henrique terry

how long before we actually hear a word from him, let alone be asked any tough questions or have to answer for this team.....its the worst part of being a ducks fan IMO

Always fun when they talk shit about the players. haha

hahahhahahahhahahah oh how so true that statement is!
The game looks good now for the Ducks. I gotta give Rakell a lot of credit as he's the forward who pushed the puck into the offensive corner on a 1-on-2. Getz did all the razzle-dazzle and Jones got the goal, but Rakell was also in front of the net. Sneaky good of Rakell. I've called out Rakell for bad play and would like to denote good plays for him. If we keep playing this way, then I like it despite the loss because at least we're fighting back.
I dunno who said it earlier, but stated that everyone knows we're a lottery team, but gets angry when we do get dominated. We just lost our Elite 1C in Grant due to injury. We now have had five players injured so far this year in Guhle, Jones (now back), Manson, Milano, and now Grant. If we were a lottery team before all those injuries, then we're deprived that much more without those players, especially now we know just how bad Shattenkirk is, I want Manson back with Lindholm asap! Do we even want Shattenkirk over Hutton or Larsson right now?

I agree but Barstool won't any responsibility for the team. He will just say the players aren't playing hard it's all their fault because he'sset them up to succeed.

Silf Getzlaf Rakell
Lundestrom Henrique Terry
Comtois Steel Heinen
4th line

Its a good thing we're a team who is strong in the second.
Oh wait...

Wish he had gone after a skill guy who will fight, such as Schenn, oh well.

Can we stop putting Terry in the lineup? Jones just scored a goal and has been consistent with this hustle. Why not leave Jones in the lineup over Terry?

I like Jones I hope he can put it all together

The fake crowd noise sounds really bad.

Honestly I think that does and did send more of a message. I'm sure most of the team took note that the captain felt he had to fight their worst player.

Ping pong balls definitely in play here ahlers.

What is henrique doing??

And now comtois. Jesus that was a horrible shift.

Some puck luck and st. Louis would have another three this period.

it should be 6-1

Now they are hanging out Miller to dry.

How is Hakanpaa better at pinching than Shattenkirk.

Miller is doing an amazing job considering he thought he'd be sitting.

Blues have done a marvelous job developing Blais/Kyrou/Thomas and even Sundqvist.

Only a matter of time until the Blues score

Backes can still do everything he always could... except skate. Guy is so slow.

Remember that 10 day span where the Ducks were a second period team? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Lindholm gets in on the garbage.

Hampus that's a brutal turnover.

There's that one guy we didn't want because he shoots right handed. Still trying to make sense of that one.

All right, think that's it for the night.

Man I miss Perron.

They have forwards up and down their lineup of all ages that can make plays

That was one hell of a shot
Unfortunate by Getzlaf, not a great shift by Lindholm.

Forgot there was a game and apparently so did the ducks.

Lundy has shown some explosiveness the last 2 nights

Shattenkirk has (rightly)gotten the attention the last couple games but I think Hampus has been pretty bad himself.

Oh have to finish that move.

Perron? The issue was fear of offer sheets to Lindholm and Rakell with limited cap space. Still wish we had signed him or traded for him later though.

I think that has something to do with shattenkirk. This is what happens when hampus starts thinking he has to play for two.


I'm sure it was, but Bob gave one of his BS reasons to the public, which was we had too many right handed shots.

I can't believe this is the year we are this bad, when the draft is completely uncertain

The young guys look pretty good in general. It's everyone else is who is hot garbage.
Steel definitely looks a lot faster than last year.

12 shots on goal lol. This team can barely get 20 SOG per night

Yup and then traded a first round pick for a similar Right shot player in Eaves the next season....

Probably best we don't have noise from a real crowd.

Steel just wasn't quite able to tee that up for Silf

Just tuning in - I'm sure it's a nightmare but is it Nightmare on Elm Street or Dream Warriors?

this is a "NHL" team/players in name alone...there is no players/ucks/passes/shots in the high danger zone ever.

Just can't win any battles. Simple as that

It's basically the same type of game we've seen all season except the lucky misses and Gibson's amazing play didn't work tonight. Still incapable of any offensive zone time

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I think its because he can't be the steady one on a pairing, too inconsistent.

Is there a system they're playing? Seems like 75% of their possessions end up with a prayer pass thrown 100 feet up the ice.

The price of no offensive talent

What is that noise?

One big problem is the Ducks have terrible spacing. They are always bunched together. There is no separation, so it is pretty easy to defend. And too often 3 Ducks go to the boards to dig out a puck.

There doesn't seem to be. It's understandable that Eakins needs better players, but it's his job to structure the team in a way to at least be competitive. The players seem lost and there are decisions that just don't make sense. The fact that the have not found any solution to the PP, after all this time off, and for it to be the exact same as it was last season, is confounding.

we've seen for a long time actually

I hate their play in the offensive zone. There's minimal puck movement and they are completely being held to the perimeter

Everyone on here has a reason why we suck. And you are all right.
1. Some Injuries.
2. Defense.
3. Offensive Talent sucks.
4. Heart and Effort
5. Coaching.
6. GM.
7. Kids/Drafting hasnt been good.
And the list goes on and on....

Thats because we have nobody crashing the crease... No net front presence..

I actually enjoyed that period haha. Sue me.
It was enjoyable and fun hockey. I'll take it.

I don't buy that at all because he demonstrated he could do that for multiple years. His problem has evolved into trying to do too much when his partners have just broken down. He can't be the one to try and do everything because he overextends.

guys i think the ducks are going to be really bad for 2 or 3 years Gibson not withstanding....there are no "A" talents offensively we have a team of B and C players....

Was he ever the steady one? His first three, and probably/definitely his best, he definitely wasn't. The last three, definitely his worst, is when he definitely has been. I don't think we're saying mutually exclusive things here, I just give him less credit I suppose.

Which is what's frustrating. Nobody is around the net besides Jones and at times Comtois. It doesn't require elite talent to be around the net and it's the least they could do

How is Hutton looking?

Did he trip over the blueline?

Oh that's too bad that would've been great for Backes.

Wth getzlaf

Getzlaf..... sigh.

Backes looks exactly like Kesler after the hip injury

f***s sake shoot Getzy.

Yeah the mobility is shot. Still has good instincts but just doesn't have any legs.

lol. this is exactly how i figured this game would go

Great vision by Henrique, pass into a cluster of 3 Blues players and 1 Duck player.

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Id say that cant go in, but, it doesnt matter.

He's looked decent. But competent on this team makes you a star.

Of course that D bag Clifford scores.

This game has been a long time coming. The Ducks just can't play this way each game and expect Gibson to bail them out each time. I can handle losing; I just wish it was more entertaining.

will we hear anything from Bob after this game?


I expected to get blown out but it still Sucks watching it actually happen.

this team stinks

That might make it a little difficult to win.

ducks are mentally checked out.

Alright, bring Gibson back.

We'll probably just see some flying barstools.

Yikes. Our D on that were out to lunch. Lindholm wtf

Remember when there was a tweet about our 4th line being used the way they were isn't working? Welp, when we don't have Grantzlaf centering our 4th line, this is what happens. We're not even close in this game.

Bob's gonna declare the problem is a lack of leadership and sign Chris Kelly

I've thought this for a few seasons now. Seems like so many of our guys lack fundamental skills, like controlling a bouncing puck or making an aerial pass... that other teams don't seem to have nearly as much trouble with.
Or maybe it just seems that way because they're so bad in general.

first step to making this team better, prohibit anyone from doing a drop pass ever again. if they do it once, they sit for the next game.

thank you?

The crowd noise sounds like the alien spacecrafts from War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise remake one).

Great. He will probably end up on the Avs too

It is just an ingrained Ducks mentality and bringing Eakins in just continues it.
The Ducks need to go outside of the organization to find a coach with an honest assessment of the players, not an extension of opinions from the Gulls.

Pretty sweet rush by Hakanpaa. He's really one of few bright spots so far this season.

Gibson is probably at home in bed thinking about his future in Anaheim haha

Don't make my evening even worse

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More likely developing a list of teams. Can you imagine Gibson on the Caps with Wilson ready to take out anyone who comes close.

Imo, watching a lot of games around the league, the Ducks lack speed and creativity. They play an overly defensive game and can't put any pressure in the offensive zone. They make it easy on other team's defenses. That's not the only thing, but imo that's the main reason why the Ducks look so bad.

On the positive note, Shattenkirk doesn't have a penalty this game....... yet.
He is a strong -3 though.

and our overly defensive game isn't even good defensively

Or a team like EDM who can actually score.

I agree. Really liked his play. Easy guy to root for

Meh. I'm -3 just sitting on my couch.

Shattenkirk doesn't seem to do anything well.

This looks like a practice drill where the defense just have to get it past the blue line and then the offense rushes back in.

Ducks could trade Shatty for a 4th and I wouldn't be that upset.

Please no!!!

"Maybe if I get out of here soon enough, I won't end up like Schneider...."

... or Luongo.

Unfortunately, it's not because you play an overly defensive style that you're good at it.

Henrique on the half wall

Henrique has been Space Jam'd, what happened to him

That shot by Rakell, with no screen, off a slow pass...was that really the chance they were hoping for?

All I want this year is to beat the Kings and Sharks.

At least before when the Ducks were terrible , they would at least try to over compensate by playing physical. This team just looks lifeless and as if they don't care about anything because they look soft, slow, and weak.

this is just embarrassing. sad to see how far this franchise has fallen
and nothing to look forward to either

This summer we are gonna make big moves to get back where we belong
big summer move? New Zamboni ads

If Bob buys out Shattenkirk it will be the second buyout. Anyone know the NHL record for buyouts?

I think Shatts has looked a lot better since going with Fowler. Maybe that swap sticks for next game although I have a bad feeling everything reverts back.

Maybe Getzlaf is going to tell his old lady to just hold down the fort while he asks to be traded to a contender at the deadline before he hangs them up at the end of the year.

They're not buying him out.

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All right, well that wasn't great, but at least we've got the regular season to look forward to, we can start icing our better players, and they'll start caring again. It's been a weird year or so, but I'm looking forward to seeing the REAL Ducks out there soon.
...wait a minute.

Our PP is stagnate and on the perimeter. Too simple to implement as well as too simple to defend. We need movement or the illusion of movement by moving the puck around faster.

Poor Miller. Great career capped off playing behind this dumpster fire of a group. Hopefully he asks for a deal where he can sit as a #2 on a Cup contender and enjoy his golden years.

Same two teams tomorrow........ ugh.

By many accounts, we have a pretty solid drafting record, especially given our drafting positions.
We had Eakins in San Diego with hour current NHL "œkids" now he's coaching them In The NHL
if our drafting is pretty highly regarded
and our kids are pretty overall Meh. Then our management/development/coaching must simply suck, right?
I mean, for skaters, who has exceeded their development expectations?
with no animosity to the players, most seem to be plateauing below their ceiling for sure and underperforming for many

Nice to see Jones still has some dickhead in him, was afraid that got taught out of him.

i'm getting sick of them trying to get a pass from below the net to the one Ducks player in front of the net who's surrounded by the other team. it works 1 out of like 10 times.

Good effort boys. Really tried hard and got after it as usual.

That Shawn Bradley looking dude waited for Clifford to jump in and save him.

At least Kyrou didn't get a hat trick, i'll call that a moral victory.

Yep leading the Battle of California gon be our personal Cup

I really am against tanking, but man, something needs to give. Maybe a whole new cast of characters needs to come into play.
trade these guys for some value. I would give Eakins one more show-me season, and then cut him loose.

The sad thing is, is that this is not rock bottom

I've been saying this for the last couple years. There's something wrong with the way we're developing players. There's just no way we can have this many drafted players just not develop into anything meaningful.

This one bothered me less than the last game. But I only watched half of this one. Not sure what the exact conversion rate is. Getzy looked pretty good other than that one astoundingly annoying drop pass.

I am not sure if we know how to develop offensive players, it's strange how so many of our guys do well until they get to Anaheim...

So as of now, as bad as this year has been and hopefully as exciting as it will be to return to some normal (hopefully)
Who, realistically would pay for season seats to watch this team?
I love hockey, been around it most of my 58 years, but I can't justify spending money on a broken product
It's more fun reading the comments I here than what I see in the games

I gotta admit, that loss went by fast. Devastating and fast.
Losing Grant hurts and proves why our 4th line gets 2nd line minutes. We're piling up injuries again. Guess we can put Carrick at 4c and leave Lundestrom in for Terry tomorrow. Onto tomorrow!

First game I missed this year. Seems like a good thing. Was there anything positive in this game?

I'm just glad that this will only be around half as awful of a season that it could be. Forty something more to go.

Fire sale. No one is safe

Hakanpaa! He had a good game. The end. (I only watched half the game).

Page number: 14

So every forward has a point except Terry ?

So I guess Gibson will go again tomorrow? That is, if he decided to leave his house

No. Not really. Nothing.

So I'm assuming Bob will trade
Haakanpaa tonight for a 4th
To right the ship?

Hakanpaa was solid. Lundestrom had lots of confidence, movement, and shot the puck. Had a good chance off of a faceoff. We weren't pinned all that often in our zone, but we didn't possess it enough in the offensive zone. It was better than the 2nd Yotes game. Heinen hit the pipe. Comtois had a good breakaway deke with an open net, but lost the puck at the moment of truth to finish it off for a goal. Getz was on his horse a lot and got into a bear hugging contest to help the Ducks wake up. huh... I guess I listed more positives than I thought I would have.

won't be for a pick. he's just gonna bring in another grizzled vet.


That it's over.

Getzlaf for about 80% of the time was very good. Hakanpaa was good, Cam was decent, as was Jones. Other than that not really.

the hard question getzlaf had to answer "is this a game you learn from, or you just forget it?".....no joke

I really think people in here just had way too high of expectations. The teams overall talent level is one of the worst in the leagues because we didn't have high draft picks for like a decade and the young kids are still really young. It sucks, I get it, but let's be patient. Next year is the year where we hopefully start to turn it around but unless zegras and Drysdale step up and become high end players, this team doesn't have the talent.

I know he wrote skaters but I think he meant forwards. Seems like I didn't miss much this game, sounds like exactly what would happen once Gibby stopped playing super human. Playing the way we are isn't a recipe for success. We might not have enough offensive skill but it doesn't take skill to go to the net or win battles. Those only take the will to win and it's clear we don't have any.

In a very real way, most of them are still pointless.

I didnt get to watch the game. Guess I miss a lot. Lol

You are correct this ship is only going to get righted by drafting in the top 5 a couple more years, or trading for an A player.

murray about to trade one of steel/terry/jones/comtois for cal clutterbuck any minute now

Now is that a reflection on this team's ability to develop offensive players or is it a reflection of the tendency of some to grade drafting way too early?

Why is Bob sitting on ANY assets at all? If this is the performance we get then we might as well blow it the f*** up. Collect prospects and picks; get rid of Bob; take a deep-dive on our development program and why it develops garbage before we ruin Zegras and Drysdale.

Maybe Brad May will come out of retirement?

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Drafting is highly regarded if prospects become NHL regulars. Development may be an issue, drafting players that shine in juniors and can not transfer can also be an issue. Means, we draft the wrong players. Likely reality it is somewhere in the middle.

This or we draft weaker than we think. Shiny junior diamonds that lack the next step. I don't know.

I don't think any of our current young players are ruined. They are stifled by being on an awful offensive team. Need a true top line player to help develop their scoring at the NHL level. Man PLD would have been nice

This. I think the biggest issue with the kid line is that they're all playing with each other rather than each of them individually if that makes sense. Comtois looked good tonight once he moved beside Henrique and Rakell, Jones did well with Getzlaf, and I thought Steel played well for the most part as well. If they were playing with legitimate 70+ point line drivers I don't think we would be so down on them. It's just an awful situation to be in at the moment and Murray needs to address it.

And this is why the team can't tank here, not that I disagree with you. I'm thrilled that fans aren't allowed into the arena, because I don't have to pay for this rubbish. I'm not sold on Eakins being the issue, and I don't think <fill in the trendy coach> would have made any significant difference. This is just a poorly constructed roster. GMBM is hamstrung by the dead money contracts he gave out, but he's been 100% dead to me since the RC rehire.
Maybe next year won't suck as badly, and it's almost completely paid for.

The tough part is that its so hard to address. Even adjusting down to be more realistic, it's so much easier said than done simply to acquire one of those types and its another thing altogether to do that and make sense of it. Like it's questionable as is whether we could acquire even someone like Voracek or JVT, but would that even make sense given where we're at?
I hope Murray's looking and I'm sure he is but I think patience is gonna be key here.

Excellent post Duckie, chapeau!
I said it before and I still think this team has good pieces in place. Somehow they never play with confidence.
PP is an issue for how long now? Hard to believe this is just coaching. Maybe we should change that setup.

if your prospects can only reach the next step by playing with a top line player, then maybe they aren't good prospects after all.

dude i'm not reading this wall of text.

it's your choice to be willfully ignorant.

i didn't ask you to respond. just make a point, no one wants to read a novel every time you post something.