FTP: Blues @ Red Wings 10/27/2019

Next Blues win and a new FTP!

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I hate how Hirose is being treated as a vet while Svech is being treated as a rookie despite them being basically the same age...

No Tarasenko FYI
Should be interesting to see how Blashill loses us this one. I really believe that the Jeff Blashill led Red Wings can break the franchise and NHL record for most consecutive losses in a row.

Exactly. I don't get it.
Especially from a coach who talks about being heavy on the puck.
I think it might be coach's NCAA bias.

St Louis won't be happy after losing to the Bruins. Unless they have a cup hangover, I expect them to come out charging tomorrow.

Seems like that's been happening more than average lately. The 2 Canadian teams before Buffalo really came at Detroit hard.

I didn't think Edmonton showed that much.
Vancouver and Calgary did.
Our defense could be in for a beating.

Mantha on the 2nd powerplay unit, the guy who leads the team in points and goals.
Yah coaching doesnt matter eh Blashill fans

our powerplay has been garbage this season. Byslma is mixing the units up. Good.

Our power play has been terrible for years. It spans head coaches, assistant coaches, and arenas. What is the common factor?

I think they win this one, good for a change. It will be nice to bit the champion. 3:2.

Yah Filppula feeding Mantha is really going to generate the scoring we need.

It's time to win, guys! Horrible performance after good start (3-1), 7 losts in a row is enough!! 4:2!!!

Don't agree with the decision of Mantha being on the second unit, but hopefully it somehow pays off.
Would also love to see Svech being on line 2 and helmer on line 3. I know Helmer is producing this year at a decent rate, but if the goal of this season is to develop our younger players, then we shouldn't have older guys slotted higher than them.

Attending game today, travelling from London, ON, do we take the tunnel,or the bridge? Any construction or traffic issues to the arena?
Also what time is on ice warmups, how much time before the game start, would think warmups start about 40 mins before game time? Thank you.

St L played last night so with a earlier game plus them on a b2b this is likely for us to break the losing streak. I am unaware of this is a 3rd in 4 situation for the Lou but if it is that makes a W even more likely.

lack of both pp qb and any talent what so ever on the blue line , but according to cry babies its coaching . give blash burns n karlson on blue line and the cry babys deem blash a genius

Blashill doesn't run the power play.

Lions at 1, Wings at 5.... Why do I do this to myself? Better make sure the beer fridge is stocked I guess.

The fact that for decades the only defensemen we've had capable of completing a pass were 2 broken old vets?

Just like any good NHL play, it only works if you can adapt when the other team sees it coming.

Like with Dallas etc. I think they have a better chance vs. WC teams.
I haven't seen much of the PG interviews but it gets painful losing so many. I'd like to see a win just to boost the morale.
As I've said, the Wings are in games. It's been super fast, skilled hockey. Maybe need a lucky bounce to swing the tide and generate some goals.

Take the tunnel brings right downtown and it is cheaper than the bridge as well

He may not "run" the power play but as head coach he is still ultimately responsible for all coaching decisions.

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in net for STL: Jake Allen,1-1-0, a 4.17 GAA and .849 SV% in two starts this year

this means he will shut us out

Who is in net for the wings?

Looks like Bernier. Whoopty Doo!

What if we have Mantha out there for both units? It's not like he is gonna skate anywhere in 2 minutes.

well that didn't take long. Wings shorthanded.
PK currently at 71%. I can understand the PP and Even Strength not being great. But the Wings are filled with 3rd and 4th liners who should be better than that on the penalty kill.

Perron is the kind of guy who would sell a hook like that.

Womp womp

Another "strong" start.

Hey Daley, maybe glance over your shoulder when you're in front of the net for someone sneaking in back door.
Also what formation is that on the PK? Seems custom built to have your players outnumbered down low.

Yah it was a weak call for sure.

Well, there was Svech's shift for the period.

I hate Daley.

Daley and Bowey need to go...and soon.

Brutal start

The insurmountable 2 goal lead.

Lots of standing around

Detroit looks like they played yesterday.

This team may finish lower than Ottawa

I see we're trying to go back to giving up 5 goals again

Alexa play Despacito

The defense is completely incapable of taking away pucks. It's just a test of how long the opponents can not give it away.

Where is the urgency??

This is ugly.
Ericsson-Seider is a better pairing than Daley-Bowey. But I do want to keep Seider and Ericsson down still.

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Team seems to be playing for Blashill to get the boot. I know it's taboo to say and it may not even be his fault, but we're all human and players have breaking points.

I just got home from hunting and we're down by 2? Really?
This team is so full of suck....

There's a sense of urgency, just of a different kind. Think this team has given up on the coaching staff and not just Blashill. I understand we suck talent wise but no excuse for not working hard/smart... If your gonna suck, at least work hard. Fans can accept a rebuild with good effort.

Nobody even cares on this team, they are out for a Sunday stroll. This is as close to unwatchable as it gets... There is no energy, no passion, no effort, no compete.
It is still October and they've given up.

That shift that just led to the Steen goal was brutal... Just standing around... so passive, no forecheck, no urgency, and all that talk Larkin had after the game about desperation and needing a strong start...

This team is all kinds of bad. There needs to be some kind of spark to light a fire under their ass.

This team can't buy a break either

Woohoo shot on goal!

Honestly the one spot they miss Ericsson is on the PK. He's a big body with long reach. And on the PK doesn't need to make a pretty play, just throw the puck down the ice.
Last season the top PK was Jensen (traded), followed by Daley (who took the penalty), then Dekeyser (injured).
I'm not saying the Wings need him back. It's just sad that the guys we have are who should replace him aren't clearly better.

I know I'm not the first one to suggest this but I really would not be surprised to see Athanasiou wearing another jersey next year. Seems to be mentally checked out and is probably sulking due to his usage that is costing hm millions in future earnings.

good backcheck by AA in front of the net

Smith's slowness seems to be major hyperbole. He's not fast but he doesn't look noticeably slower than most others.

Power play hooray

Robert Thomas's play to keep the possession on that line change was top level.

Honestly I wish we still had Witkowski. He's a plug but played like he gave a **** and provided energy.
Having a face puncher who isn't Mantha isn't a bad thing either.

And honestly Witkowski last year was just as servicable as Daley or Bowey are this year.

POwer kill

Witkowski was at least entertaining to watch even if he was a mental train wreck.

Another long distance shot with no screen...

You know what really is no threat? When a Hronek skates the puck up on the powerplay looking over his shoulder and all 4 other players are behind him. Gee, I wonder how this zone entry will play out...

71 and 72 deciding to turn it over on their own.

There is no scheme at this point. Just guys trying to make something happen and hope it works out.

Mike Green hates contact with a passion, not a good recipe for an offensive defenseman who doesn't produce either. Guy went from one of my favorites 2 years ago to being painful to watch... Seems alot of our players tend to turn soft.

Blues have all 4 players waiting at the blueline and the Wings are still trying the drop pass entry.
Maybe try chipping and charging with speed to at least mix it up?

Is that a power play for St Louis?

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They are all trying to do way too much individually.

Green's probably trying to stay healthy for his next contract.

Whenever they do that they get instantly nudged off the puck and it's an easy out for the defense. Maybe some short quick passes in the neutral zone is worth a shot.

As in Brendan?
Hard pass.

Yeah they did it at the end of last season, not sure what the **** this is....
They seem intend on setting up long distance shots for some reason. This PP scheme sucks. There may be a lack of overall talent on this team, but there's certainly enough talent to have one decent PP line that can score. This is on the coaches.

But even just to mix it up I'd rather see AA chip it to the corner and go like hell to get it rather than try to beat 4 players on a zone entry. The Blues were stacking all 4 players on the blueline.

Svech a scratch?

Ehn has looked good

Line blender in effect.

Honestly I wouldn't mind someone taking a bad penalty out of frustration. Prove that this bothers you.

Nope. He's technically in the lineup and has touched the ice for a few seconds.

As in Givani

Maybe they should convert him to D and Bowey to winger...

Good shift for Svech there

Svech really should get a shot in the top 6. He's creating crazy chances and his talentless linemates aren't able to do anything.

Right! I forgot he was in the lineup.

Green's going to be lucky if anyone wants him at this rate... Not producing, not playing defense, not engaged.... He seems perfectly suited to go play overseas and enjoy the big ice and less physical game.

Yeah, I was gonna say the same. His next contract is Euro if he gets one at all....

Helm actually had a decent shift on the first line.

He'll get a contract from someone.

His life as an NHLer looks to be over. He just doesn't have it anymore.

Deserved or not, if this team keeps playing this way they're going to get their coach fired.

This team is playing like it features Darren Helm on the top line. They have 2 full lines and at least 1 full defense pairings of players that shouldn't be NHL regulars.

They could fire everyone at this point. Maybe start with Bernier and Hirose...

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He actually had a decent shift at the end of the period.

That'd be great if he was playing on the third or fourth line. He's still severely out of place on the top line.

Honestly, Hirose needs to go to GR. Call up Chris Terry and reward the guy with some NHL time for his play in GR. I don't care that Terry isn't part of the teams future, he deserves some NHL time as a reward because these other plugs aren't getting it done.
Reward Puempel too and get him up here. Hirose and Ehn to GR.

If he plays like this all year there may not be a next NHL contract for him.

I don't expect a team with Helm on the top line to score a ton of goals. But this lineup can still play much better defensive hockey than it has been.

Ehn is playing well, he's good for 4line. Bring Zadina

I've been a Red Wings/HF Board member since ~mid 2004 (under a similar name), and have never seen our board not create a GDT...are we this bad right now or are we (fans) just mentally over our team (so far). My guess is a bit of both.
Something's gotta give. Maybe SY makes a small trade to shake things up & send a message to the players & coaches?

I saw we didn't have a GDT but the conversation had already gotten well underway. Just let it ride.

What does it say that Helm is on the top line and looks more engaged than his linemates? Play like you're lucky enough to get paid to play in the top league of the best sport on Earth.

Zadina isn't an improvement over Hirose. Give one of the vets a chance for kicks and giggles or call up Raz.

I'm ok with it, just surprised me, that's all. It's all good.

**** Mike Green

I don't think I've ever heard Mickey so dejected. There are extended stretches where he just doesn't say anything. Please don't kill Mickey

Green, you had time to make a play.


Start to get a bit of momentum and then take a penalty

I might take a nap after all...

Green again with the nice pitchfork DOG penalty..

Hronek is the man

Hronek with the ripper.

Nice! Hronek!
Wish I could've seen that goal from a non-****ty angle!

You know, I don't hate it. Breaking the goalless streak, get something positive in the mind

Let's doooo this!

Horrific camera angle

This season may be ugly but one reassuring thing is we seem have found our future 2nd and 3rd/4th defenseman in Hronek and Cholowski

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Ffs Bernier


Welp. Bernier needs to be better, but what the hell defensive decision did Bowey make there?


I really wonder if we should just go with a shooter tutor next game instead of Bernier.

Flip had that man...

Just saw the replay, that went off the blocker, 100% Bernier's fault. If you can't stop a shot that goes off the middle of the blocker, there's really no hope.

Like I said, he needs to be better, but Bowey half committed to his man and then bailed allowing the easy pass

The ice at the LCA continually looks terrible.

AA and Mantha getting 30 seconds of PP time here.
Bad coaching.

How bad has Larkin been? My god

I can't tell if it's bad ice or our inability to throw flat passes

He doesn't look right. He's trying. But he's not skating right.
And neither is AA.

Bowey is 2013 Brendan Smith. Just can't do anything right. I almost feel bad for him

"¦ or hold the point.
The Blues don't seem to be struggling at all...

I'd honestly have no issue with them putting Bowey on waivers

And it doesn't seem to change when we're on the road too

When Seider is ready.

He did have that one scoring chance in the 1st.

Not bad but horrible. Mantha needs to be with Larkin.

Stevie Y must be ready to make some moves. The Wings are brutal!!!!!!!!!. He hasn't lost his patience yet but how much of this can he take?

Top guys are looking good again. Wonder if we can pull out a miracle here somehow

Or we take him off of the first line and replace him with Helm...


wtf is going on in this forum? lol

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Nice work by Helm in the corner

Svechnikov getting benched is absolutely ****ing stupid


Bout time for Larkin. Now AA has to get going.

Wow...if Val can score...everyone can score. OPEN THE FLOODGATES

Holy crap, AA finally scored and Flip actually made a decent play.

nice play

AA flying out there
nice goal

Filppula scores with a pass, classic.


Nevermind, went off a skate

I think the team's cursed. Ever since that guy died who fell from the rafters while building LCA the team hasn't made the playoffs and alot of notable people have died on the organization as well.

That was awesome. Nice back check and then end to end play by AA. Not his goal but it's his goal

It's gotta be based on his knee issue, 'cause he's looked pretty good.

The aggression in the D zone is night and day different. The Blues have absolutely zero time to think.

wtf is going on

REally, where did this team come from? All 4 lines look good all the sudden.

Not realistic.
You don't play a guy with a knee issue.

Not sure if....
Wings playing well this period or if the Blues are just gassed

What a shot


LOL, Helm on first line, everyone scores.

I think he's just on track to play his usual 7 minutes from Blashill.


Who are we to question the Blash

Bertuzzi leading team in points now I think.
Also point per game so far the season.

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Solid save there

Yeah we only got Nemeth for his size not his shot right? Boy

Should be tied with Mantha still.

Wow this isn't a chore to watch anymore

What happened to this team? Wow

Huh, who would have thought?

He may not have Mantha's shooting ability, but at least Helm recognizes when the D pinches in.

holy cow how did St. Louis not score there. Two glorious chances.

So, did Murph get fired again?

Ah, so you're right -- forgot Mantha had an assist this game

That's what happens when the coach uses the line blender.


Wings too many men penalty.
Nothing is easy with this team.

Too many men...that's one thing that happens more under blash than it ever did under Scotty

What the **** is Bernier doing?

WTF was Bernie doing?

And immediately concede as Bernier goes swimming...

Being Bernie.

I think ya might've overcommitted a tad on that play Bernie.

Ohhhhh Bernie

Jesus Christ!! What the hell PK was that? What was Helm doing?

when murphs between the benches with mickeys smarts setting him up murphs good . but in studio he thinks too slow / takes too long to make a point = isnt working . mean while ozzys excellent in studio imo

No, he's still on light the lamp, I think he's sick.

Not a snooze fest at least

Oh look a useless point.

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Wow where was this team all year?

Covering an empty net? Bernie completely vacated the net, then dove right into Helm.
That sequence is entirely on Bernie . He should have held the post, not chase the man around the side of the net.

Bernier is the biggest TANK COMMANDER.
Greatest momemtum killer of all time.

What a waste of time

Bernier gives up 5 goals on 20 shots. This guy shouldn't play another game this season.

Jebus Bernie, what a let down.

Bernier is ****ing trash

That was embarrassing.

Mvp to Bernier!!!

Would have preferred zero points, but I was expecting a win given St. Louis played yesterday.

Bernier thanks for heading up the tank.

Start Howard and this game is won. That was an all time poor showing from a goalie.

The Wings finally play a real game but Bernier manages to out-crap Binnington... ah well, good for the tank - a loss with a good impact from some of the young guys

AA can't be that passive in 3 on 3.

I wish I could say at least we got a point but that's not necessarily a good thing these days
would have preferred the 2 points just for the morale boost

Gotta feel so bad for the kids. Work their tails off for a W and Bernie just ****s the bed.

Good effort and a loss. Love it, Byfield here we come

Would of rather just lost in regulation

5 goals again. Lol

Is he going to be the #6 pick in the draft?

All things considered, this was a great game. They were the better team, Larkin had his best game of the season imo and dominated the Blues the last two periods. Hopefully they can carry over the momentum against Edmonton. I'm totally fine with losing these types of games.
This still doesn't excuse Bernier though. Unacceptable.
Also, aside from some passive moments from Green in the first and just some dumb brainfarts from Bowey spread throughout the game, we played very well defensively at even strength. Hronek man... best game I've ever watched him play.

I love Bernier, he is so great. The Red Wings will draft franchise altering players because of him. What's not to love?

They should jut call Pickard up, put Larsson start at Griffins and make that ****ing joke Bernier AHL backup.

Does Blashill hear footsteps?

Ozzie is the only member of this entire organization that upped his game over the summer.

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Good loss

Larkin was invisible for two periods. If showing up for one period is your best showing of the year, you got problems

Glad to see this team didn't quit and mounted some semblance of a comeback.
They don't have a lot of talent which is why they can't afford to launch the puck into the stands when they have time to make a play (Green, Daley) or take stupid penalties like Too Many Men. It'd also be nice if the goalie didn't chase a player all the way to the Zamboni gate.

At this point they might as well call up Larsson, I'm sure he can keep his GAA under 5.

I think this game was important for the skaters. **** Bernier, but for the skaters this was big. They got caved in for the first period and got down early. To have the heart to come back and effectively win this game until Bernier coughed up the lead and the tie in roughly 5 minutes was a major step that we haven't seen lately.
Seeing the puck find the back of the net tonight was important.

I think Hronek is going to be a top 2 D in his prime. The kid gets better and better. He'll hit 40 points this year I think.
Between him, Seider (who I'm expecting to be a #1), Cholo, and a soliid top 4 FA pickup, we should be pretty good on D for the future. Gunning for a guy like Josi would also go a long way.
Our pick in this upcoming draft will really play a big role in determining whether we become competitive quickly or continue to falter. We need one or two more elite forwards to be a really competitive group.

AA last man over the boards on that Too Many Men.

I only caught Helm going down. Then saw the replay.

at least the offense gave us something to be excited about, it wasn't a boring game

Does Bernier's play mean Howard is not a trade target for the umpteenth time at the deadline? Or is Howard's equally ****ty play the reason he won't be traded?

When the coach starts playing line blender, especially with a guy that gets double shifted a lot, it tends to cause confusion. The lines need more consistency.
Keep in mind the Blues took one too, and they're a much more stable team that just won a Cup last season.

Why are Ozzy and Mick studying the final goal like it's the Zapruder film?

It wasn't boring 3rd period

5-4 losses are bearable, 2-0 losses are not.
They played their best period in 8 games. It's a start.

Good news: Wings manage some offense.
Bad news: They gave up 5 goals again.

I wasn't so much blaming AA alone, just making note of it. Flip and AA were the last two over the boards so clearly there's some confusion there.

Penalty kill? What penalty kill Hurry up and get healthy Luke. That has been awful all year.

Getting close to giving up an average of 4 goals a game unacceptable.

Also frustrating that two of the penalties were flipping the puck out of play and one of them (the one that tied the game) was too many men.
Very preventable penalties. I get the kill is struggling, but the best way to avoid killing penalties is to not take penalties... especially obvious and self inflicted ones

I can't imagine a playoff team that sees Howard as such a significant upgrade to make a trade for him. Maybe he goes for a measley return as insurance in a backup role but then what's the point. This team needs extra first rounders badly

all four of the regulation goals we gave up were on the PK right? well the second one was just after the PK expired

Howard is a dissent goalie ,but if we have opportunity to get 3rd rounder we should get it

No, ROR's first goal was at even strength.

Well at least this one was entertaining. Larkin looked like he was on a mission, so that was promising. AA will get one soon enough, he is skating well. Svech needs to be here all year.
Side note, Ryan O'Reilly is very good at hockey.

If Green gets 20-30 pts he'd likely get a 1yr $1.5-2M Shattenkirk type contract from some GM, as a #4/5 & 2nd PP specialist.

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Can we bring up Pickard??

Zadina was.

Yeah. But I still liked the way he and the team stepped up.

missed this one, sounds like a frustrating watch.

Well if he falls to 6 he'll be a bust because that's what Zadina is! /s

Did Svechnikov seriously only play 6 minutes? Felt like he played way more due to his shots The kid looked good ffs, play him or send him down.

Doesn't even make sense... Either he's healthy and can play and should play or he's injured / send him down. One of the very, very, very select few who play with any intensity.

Just patiently waiting and hoping for one of Lafreniere or Byfield.

I keep seeing people suggest that he's injured.
If he was hurt, he wouldn't play 6 minutes, he'd sit out. Am I wrong on that?

It seems like he wouldn't play at all. I'm guessing people are looking for some semi-rational explanation for why Blashill would only play him for 6 or 7 minutes a game when he looks good. Other than stupidity by the coach.

This. We are all trying to find a method to Blashills thought process.

Wasn't there talk that he was still experiencing some soreness in his knee? I could see it being sore, but not "injured."

im sorry but i love our boys in red and white as much as anyone but if these guys dont land AF and Byfield this year, the pain will continue.
My gawd we need more scoring and secondary. We might be the easiest team to plan against.
I also will never understand why they arent just loading up Svech and Hirose with AA for 10 days and see what they have with both. I also might be in the minority but i really think AA is a winger and just not a centerman.

I was at the game last night and came away really impressed with Cholos skating, he covers a ton of ice in all directions.

It could be. But then why play him?
The Wings are on a 7 game (now 8 game) losing streak. As good as Svech looks for a few shifts the last thing they need is a player who may not be able to finish the game due to soreness.

So wait... we should or shouldn't be playing him? I'm confused.

Bernier blew this game for the whole team on that tying goal. He abandoned ship faster than the people on the Titanic.

As much crap as I talk about Howard...wow
Bernier is just bad baaaaad

It might be something he has to play through for it to get better. So, they have to walk that line of playing him versus over-extending him. There's also the chance that some of it is mental; he seriously injured that knee and didn't play for a year. It might just take time.

If he's healthy then he should be playing more than 6 minutes a night.
If his knee is sore to the point that it limits him to only 6 minutes a night, he shouldn't be playing.

Still. If his knee was too sore to take a regular shift, you'd sit him out and rest him.
This just seems like "Blashill defense" talk more than anything very reasonable.
He's playing limited minutes ... and unlike his linemates, getting zero special teams play. That's the reason.
My beef here is that he should be playing the powerplay... ahead of Givani Smith.
No offense to Smith. But I don't see how he hops up to the NHL and skips past Svech for a PP role Svech has every ability to fulfill.

****ty goaltending for both teams last night. In the end, Bernier won the ****ty goalie prize