FTP: Avalanche @ Blues 10/21/2019

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Our 2nd line center is better than their 2nd line center ... so it's an easy win.
Having said that i better ...

Blues have a solid lineup. Talent is spread out and good depth.
Avs don't play until Friday (in Vegas) so I assume they will be heading home tonight after this game, so in a way this is the last game of this road trip. Anymore points now are gravy but this is a winnable game.

GDT before PGT?! If we lose this, it's on you Risto.

Keep up.

I'm blind?

Yeah, I don't even think you saw what I said just now.

I might just be Puljujärvi/Söderberg hybrid. Blind idiot.

That's a pretty safe bet.
You don't want 3 days in Vegas before a B2B with travel.

**** them up, Gru.

Let's get down to business.

LOL was thinking the exact same thing.

The only joke here is they have ROR as they second line center.

We'll win. The only question is which line decides to make the Blues their *****.

The Avs have been terrible against the Blues in their barn. Time to change that ****.

Please dont blend Blendnar oh and must win!

Kick "˜em in the nads, I say!

Interesting, I thought the Avs had been more or less getting caved in when it came to possession. Not that I was overtly worried about it since it's so early but I was a little concerned.

Please win. thx.

They should just stay in St. Louis and taunt the Blues the rest of their games this week.

just plug it in to my veins

Slightly nervous for this game.
With how the squad played in Tampa, it's easy to go in over-confident. And it would be just like ROR to be all over the ice against us.

Wearing Rams jerseys that just say "œKroenke Sports & Entertainment"

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Kadri should just get a really good hit on ROR.

Oh no, they killed Colin!

But you couldn't know that yet, since the PGD thread isn't up.

Pokecheque is clearly the time traveler who sources the Simpsons writers.

I think this is finally the bad game.

I recognize Dutch, Highlander, Comeau, Nate, Martinsen, Iggy, and Malkin...but who's the head lying sideways on the counter?

Grigorenko I think lol

Hopefully we can stop O'Money tonight!! Our 4 golden boys are all broken up now!

Yeah, that's who it is.
I love that it's Duchene in the blender with Comeau and McLeod.

Out of context this is a horrifying image.

It'd be nice if our first line weren't all passengers carried by our second and third lines

Can't think of better motivation than being carried by Jost in your last game

It's the big smile on Bedsy's face. Jarring.

No (but I'm going to leech those « + » for sure!)

Ridiculous expectation. Gotta feel for the kid. Lots of pressure on him now.

Ian is going easy on him, I expect a double hat trick tonight

More or less ridiculous than handing/forcing him into him a top 6 role the last 2 years?

Still less.

If Jost scores more and Makar picks it up a bit, all we'll have is Graves to complain about for a few games. We've never been this complaint-free.

I dislike the timing. Blues just lost 4 in a row and red-hot Avs coming in their home.

Yep, they are going to have a major chip on their shoulder... this is not going to be easy tonight.

Don't you worry, this group will find something

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Get with the times. The new gripe is Makar should be in the AHL.

Need a wheel of offense like the the wheel of justice. I'm going with Nieto hat trick tonight, because why not?

Hey all! Swinging by to say that I have enjoyed watching your team thus far! I expect you guys to be in the mix all season.
The Blues haven't had the best start to the season as we are pacing for about 92 points at this time and have not been as hard on the forecheck as we need to be successful. Word is the Blues held a players-only meeting Sunday in an effort to right the ship. Topics included being physical, hard on the puck and teamwork so I expect a good game this evening!
LOL the fools who in the not so distant past thought MacKinnon was a bust the guy is absolutely dynamite though Landy remains my favorite Avs' player. Best of luck this season!

Games in October rarely mean much, but given the Blues' current slide and the fact they're THE team we want/need home ice advantage against in the playoffs most, this one's as big as a game in OCT gets.
Let's crush their ****ing spirit.

Mackinnon is a bust. He's had like 1 or 2 lucky seasons and has been crap besides that. Forget his pace this year, he may get some points, but it will be like 80% secondary assists.
I just wish we had Jack Eichel. I've heard that guy is awesome.

Best GM in the league.

Avs always seem to play these guys' style and lose it seems. Same with Nashville and SJ too. Not expecting a close match at all. 4-1 BLose. ROR 3 points (goal, 2 apples), Taraskino 2 goals, and a goal from Schenn. Avs goal from Makar mid 3rd down 4-0.

Blues fan giving the Avs too much praise and respect...I don't like it. We're doom!

Generational Jost with another hatty guaranteed if someone else commits to sporting his avatar.

Kick these dicks in their dicks.

Jost is starting to grow a playoff beard.

That is straight outta sunnyvale trailer park...

Makar likes "The Office". Smart kid.

The golf cart wasn't because it was a course, that's just the regular mode of transportation.

14% body fat for Hejduk and he freaked out haha

If Jost scores 2 goals or more I'll rock your avi with you.

If Jost gets a hat trick im going to buy someone on these boards his jersey.

If he likes post-Carrell Office, then he isn't.

I don't know about that, The Office fans are kinda the worst

I'll take it! Lol

Besides ROR who still rocks no visor helmets?

Yeah, but like, what are the chances of that?

Is McLeod still playing? I can't think of anyone else, but I'm sure there's still a few.

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Joe Thornton

Bouwmeester was one of the last holdouts. I looked him up to see if he wears one and he does...kinda. Does that dumb thing where he flips it up all the time. I thought that wasn't allowed anymore.

And don't you forget it!

Let's go. Hate the Blues.

Getzlaf is the first one that I remember.

Jamie Benn?

Mack just won a F/O vs. ROR?!?!?

Oh hell yeah

Parayko is just a mammoth. Hard to believe Landeskog fought him.

You're a good man, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The camera man is already a 6 pack deep...

This Jost line is being too good right now

2 for interference!!!

So... they just gonna let everything go tonight, I guess.

Lol Rants hacked and dumped there. No call.

so penalties don't exist tonight for the blues.

Don't worry, once we score a couple goals we'll get a couple penalties.

Are Moser and Mcnabb really discussing goaltender interference on a play that didn't have a goal?

Let's make them pay here!

There we go. Let's see if our PP is abysmal tonight.

That was a pretty weak call, but I guess it makes up for the other stuff they didn't call...

Yeah, that's one you can call embellishment.

Apparently on Stl.
They'll call some BS on the Avs soon...
Oh wait... nevermind

Man, Kadri seems to have a horrible reputation with linesman. He doesn't really do anything different than the other centre does, but he gets kicked out SO much.

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Moving it around nicely.

Strong PP, good PK.

Well I guess Binnington is getting a shutout tonight.

Really good movement.

Not a bad showing from the first unit tbh

Binnington is good.

That keep by G was beautiful.

Great PP, just couldn't score. Really good start for the Avs.

Hoohh boy Girard looks good on that pp

Good PP though. I like the movement and setups.

So Girard on PP1 now?
I don't mind it.

PP seems to have waked up

Not much more PP1 could do on that PP other than score. Kadri needs to finish some of those in the slot but Binnington was squared to that shot.

Better that the last few games, but still too much passing and not enough shooting. Still trying to make a perfect play.

Binnington was already down in the butterfly and Naz shot it right into him. So it's not like Binnington is unbeatable. Too bad he didn't have time to aim.

What in the **** was that pass from JTC there? haha

Compher gets a couple assists and all a sudden he thinks hes Foppa. Cross that blue line and look shot JTC.

Top line got owned there.

Both teams look dangerous.... gonna be a close game.

That was interesting

That was stupid.

That penalty was very weird.

Cole's dumb!

Our players can be so stupid sometimes

That's not too many men

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Cole, what in the hell were you thinking?


That was interestingly stupid.

That was a dumb penalty.

Haven't seen that happen before


Thanks Ian Cole

That's on Graves just as much as it is on Cole. Graves needs to jump on the second Cole left the ice.

Stay out of the box.

McNab jinx...

Such an easy goal. Our PK was wayyyy too passive there.

couple monster jinxes in a row and bam score. Holy ****

Remind me again why people like Cole so much? He's brain dead out there. Z is so much better.

****ing dumbass Ian Cole

Francouz would've stopped that


I have a really bad feeling about this game

Schenn had waaaaaay to much time with the puck just then. You cant let him skate in and pick his spot like that.

And yes I agree. Cole came off. What in the hell was EJ waiting for. Yes it was a dumb decision by Cole to play the puck but the only reason he did anything other than sit down was because EJ was yelling at him

Probably, that's his glove side

Meh we're dominating 5 on 5, keep playing like this and it'll be win #8 soon enough.

Sorry, EJ.
Also Kadri shouldn't have passed it back there. Just a series of errors from 3 guys.

Why is he just open in the slot right there? Close the distance, Graves...

Im no penalty killer but is Ryan graves stick supposed to be on the outside like that when Schenn a left handed shoot first guy is on his off wing in the middle of the slot?

Dumb play and paid the price.

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I groaned out loud when Moser mentioned short handed goals....

I knew when they put up that 16 of last 16 PKs that they were gonna score

Ryan Graves playing statue again on the PK

Go home EJ ffs

EJ you stupid ****. Offsides by a mile there.

Johnson always sucks in STL lol

Time for a flurry of stupid plays. Now Lando with that icing...

These two are even more annoying than usual.


Avs on PP if it even means anything.

Tie it up

Let's get it back please.

Need to score here

Yeah idk what Graves was trying to accomplish there on the PK lol didn't do anything to deter Schenn.

Score here. I bet we take a penalty to negate this. Thinking Mikko goes off after a turn over.

He was quite good on the PK when he was first called up. Can't help but think Pratt or someone convinced him to play more passive and it is absolutely the WRONG CALL.

Ugly looking PP so far.

That was a pathetic pass from MacK on that first entry. This PP looks like crap.

Well that was a well wasted minute...

What the hell

**** off Landy

Guys don't give the puck to Landy please

5 on 3! We NEED one here.

We need to score 5 on 3

Holy cow, what are they even doing? There's no hustle.

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What an absolute dumpster fire.

Our pp zone entry is hilarious... better score here or is game over

5 on 3 which means we have a 50/50 shot of gaining the offensive zone.

Leave Jost out there for this

Can somebody explain why the Avs changed their Pp zone entry even though it was the best in the NHL last year?

You know what coach Q used to say about a 5-on-3? If you don't score, I'll kick you in the testicles!

Nate! 1-1.

Vintage MacK snipe.

We look so unorganized tonight
edit: Chaotic good maybe?

Mack, what a goal, no one saw it...

What a nice wrister!





Jesus Christ Mack

MACK! What a snipe! Huge because we still get that extra PP.



Holy snipes batman.

Nice shot! Mack!

Lol Makar keeps picking up those cheap assists.


Schenn, I'll see your wrister

If Cole doesn't play that puck its a free shot on goal. Cole did that right thing and he did not have time to get both feet off the ice.

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Just doing MacKinnon things.

Nate Daddy

Makar QB'ing PP1

Mack shows Makar why you shoot the puck

We're still on the PP.

Yeah, he's like a pilot fish.

Why are you playing around so much? Set up!

This 2nd unit is just confused out there.

Ok that's eerie. I literally just bought a MacKinnon alternate jersey from from NHL and he scored 15 seconds after my order confirmed.

lol that Colin Wilson pass to Jost lol omg

What a weird time to shoot Sammy..

G almost ****ed up bad there. Real bad.

We got REALLY lucky that those Blues players wanted to head off. That was a breakaway waiting to happen.

What a play by Burkie

Our top line in the D zone is scary bad. I hold my breath every time.

Blues pickin' errbody

Man we give up that exact same play every single game

Good save Gru. Should have been a goal

That was bad

PP still atrocious, good thing Mack score on that shot.

Johnson just laying an egg out there tonight. So bad

Buy 6 more.

Let's go Boys!

He got too many compliments here.

Philly beating Vegas 5-0 in 2nd

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Lol I hate Graves

Lol Moser "How about that Ian Cole?"...
McNabb ".........."

You know you are playing a heavy team when Z looks average sized out there.

JayBo can still skate. Damn

Bouwmeester can still fly.

That was a hell of a drive from him.

I don't think that Graves shot was deflected.

Late hit. Even it up.

That's a penalty on the Avs?

Late hit on Bura there. Wtf was that even for?

that hit was LATE. He better get called for that ****.

Yeah, that was ridiculous.

What did Bura do? I don't get the initial penalty....

if thats not matching fire every ref

Burakovsky was hooked just as much as he held the blues player there.

What on Earth is that first call?

How's that not a misconduct?


Graves can't shot the puck properly to save his life. Can we bring Timmy back or call up Rosen pls.

Random Kadri penalty lol

W T F!!!! better not be two avs and no Blues!!!

and you get hammer-slammed into the end boards

Blues get a PP. How dumb!

Blues are trying to bully us. Z needs to put a stop to this with a clean hit to someone

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2 minutes for hooking himself?

This is ****ing foolish

embarrassing terrible calls

Bura gets called for holding? What?! I thought it was that little slash.

Shut up Mcnabb

That's a bs penalty on Kadri. This should have been evened up.

I can't believe they are going to let go what they have, but call that on Bura... that's weak...

The Blues get the PP out of that? Stupid

We have to stay out of the box.

Kadri, play with emotion on your sleeve, not in your fists

I dont mind him doing that. His teammates will love him for that

I kind of liked it tbh. I'm sick of being pushed around.

Avs constantly look to have this crazy slow first step... Donskoi looked like he should've stolen that drop pass...

Good kill.

I honestly just can't believe that the Blues went on the PP out of this.

I'll take it. Pretty good road period. Better in the D zone tonight

Thanks for the kill.

I love ROR but hes not going to the Hall. Wait is Jere Lehtinen in the Hall yet?

2 great shots on PP and tied up 1-1. Pretty according to script.

I dont like our top line in their zone. Way too careless with the puck. Leaving blues players open etc.

No problem with what Kadri did. Didn't like Bura's reaction at all during the scuff though. Your teammates are fighting for you, quit looking at the ref and go get someone.

If they are going to make the original call I think it ended up pretty fair.

He noticed it afterwards and turned around. Bura aint square dancing with any blues not even Vince Dunn

I was just fine with the period overall, but yeah top line can be better.

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Solid period, we're starting to look mor polished.

Game could go either way, which is promising since St Louis is a good, big team

Decent period.
The first PP of the game was great, even though they couldn't score on it. The second one looked a lot more like recent games with too much individual play.
I'd like to see the second unit try to utilize Burakovsky's shot more. Girard tried to wrist it through a player like two feet in front of him when Burakovsky was open on the right side. He probably has a top three shot on the team.
Love Kadri.

We look like a playoff team. Player like Tyler Hall would make us instant contenders this season. We can take on any of the teams.

Anyone have a clip of the hit? Stuck at work and missed it o. The stream I was watching

I'd be surprised if ror doesn't make it in. Guy bleeds hockey, I doubt he has any other goal now with a cup on his resume.

Flyers are spanking Vegas.

I just wish Graves play a more physical like Z/Kadri. I mean for a guy his size he's pretty soft and he main job on this team is the PK but he isn't even decent at it.

I hope Bura scores. You know the Avs social media would respond.

But where will that show up in the stats sheet!?!?

in the W column

Chub lol

Before Jimmothy Timmothy, there was Jimmy

If you wanted to know how lazy Tyler Arnason was there it is lol. Mans was too lazy to cut his stick so whatever Easton sent him he just tapped it up and went on his way.

I agree that we are a playoff team.
I kind of like the idea of adding that big dude from Columbus if he becomes available.

Lets go boys!

Lol lots of guys bleed hockey and dont make it in. If ROR gets a few more Selkes then theres a conversation to be had.

McNabb is having another "senior moment" game.

Rantanen's hurt?

Uh-oh, Rants.

The time spent cutting down sticks is time that he could spend at the strip club.

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Hope Rant isn't hurt...

What happened to Mikko?


Gone to the dressing room. Not sure what happened.

Please be ok


He twisted his ankle there.


Oh God I hope that's not an ACL.

Non contact injuries scare the **** out of me

from the look of it, I would guess he just cramped up... didn't see anything...

Non contact injury is never good

Oh no

His poor ankle/knee... that did not look good.

Oh that is not good, that leg buckled in a way it most certainly is not meant to buckle.

That's a knee sprain hopefully nothing serious

****. No idea what that is. Knee? Hammy? Quad?

Rant going to locker room uh-oh

Oh, yeah, his ankle twisted...

Bambi looked so bambi there. I dont think I ever seen a guy skate and get hurt like that lol.

Crossing my fingers his acl
didn't snap

Lol Z does that, he gets kicked out of the game and Blues fans are throwing around suspension talk.

Ankle turned the wrong way

Josty will step up!

Mikko twisted something there

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just holding my breath here....please be okay

Freak injury. Hopefully, it's not as bad as it looked it could be.

Hope that's not an MCL

I tore my knee once has surgery on it and boy that didn't look good at all.

Damn it. Just got back and saw Rants go to the dressing room. What happened?

Kamenev putting in some extra sprints tonight.

On the bright side with Rantanen, he didn't have all his weight on that leg. So hopefully it's not too bad.

I hope it isn't, but was my first thought.

He fell all by himself and looks to have twisted his ankle

Just caught a skate blade wrong, and twisted his knee/ankle

Ugh.... Hopefully he's alright.

Yah like what happened to Taylor Hall when he got into that fight.

You have to hope that with Rants it is only a sprain and not something more serious.

Yeah It looked like a knee to me when he was hobbling around

Yah we cant have him go down for any extended amount of time.

they are pushing here.

Another dumb penalty. Nope. Blues score. ****

Taylor Hall come on down

This is not going according to plan

Wow. We got schooled on that delayed call. I hate how passive we get in the defensive end like that.

****. What was the penalty for?



Why wasn't that blown dead with Bura about to touch it... like St. Louis had happen earlier.

Mack fell asleep

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Remember when we all loved Bura. Good times.

MacKinnon just left him open in the slot.

Jared might choke Bura tonight.

Blues weren't going to touch it to delay the 5 on 3 so the refs blew it dead. There was no reason for them to blow it dead for the Avs there. Burakovsky didn't even have a stick.

I don't care about this game. I just want to see Rantanen back on the ice.

Apparently kicking it doesn't count

How did that even happen?

Oh my goodness Captain Average. Le sigh.

Dammit Colin

Kadri throwing his weight around.

Point black, and wide by 2 feet

That would have been nice Wilson.

Had to be Wilson lol wish it was anyone else.

Even Calvert?

Wilson pounded Barbashev earlier so I'm ok with it


It's time for a Z smash !


Looks like we decided not to play in the second.

Avs not playing well at all now

Blues are just everywhere right now. Like 2 steps ahead of every play we make.

We need some push.

Ok time to switch to the St Louis broadcast. Really can't stand Moser.

The Blues still aren't getting many chances, but we're getting nothing.

Page number: 16


Completely agree.

Captain WTF!

Wow Landy. That is so pathetic.

Yes. Autocorrected and I didn't notice

Avs completely fallen asleep since the Mikko injury.

You can tell that has had a major effect on the team. They're just not in the game at all anymore.

Graves please stop shooting the puck.

This is an ugly period. One shot is just not gonna cut it.

What a bizarre injury for Mikko, hope he is alright.

Yep. Looks like they are playing down a man.

It's just a shock to the system. We'll get over it

Where is Mackinnon? We need speed up the ice, Blues are too big to forecheck against

When has a game against the Blues not felt like this? Only time I can think of is the winner take all game to get into the playoffs, but they've always smothered the Avs.

92/29/72 isn't gonna work. Move 37 or 95 up there


Bura been horrid tonight but we might not have a choice

Glad to see Bura out there with the MacK line.

Way too much solo raiding there from MacK. Use your teammates and put some shots on net.

Maybe I'm biased, but it feels like there is an uncalled trip almost every shift...

Big Z too much to handle lol

Called this time!

Let's tie it up on the PP.

**** ya big man!

Z draws one? Holy moly.

Thank you Zads.

Great play there from Big Z drawing that call. Please tie it up boys!

Page number: 17

Big Z with his best impression of Mikko

Atta boy Z

Haha, Zadorov, 1st PP created for Avs ever.

Yep, SEE!!!

Big Z finally does not get penalized for being big.

That must of been terrifying for Billington

Put Z in Rantanen's spot.

Lol that was actually Z just falling haha. We'll take it though.

Z looking like Foppa there haha

Injuries suck but dealing with it is part of the game. Hopefully it's not serious or a long term thing. But now that skilled depth needs to step up. It's a shock to the system for sure but I think the Blues dominance in the second is more reflective of that and just being a young team. We'll recover.

Mack's turned it up a notch

These zone entries are just not working.

What is the deal, guys.... Get it in.

We will just have to wait and see then.

Brutal PP.

Pathetic PP so far. Awful.

Blues line up 4 guys at the blueline on the entry. Figure it out already.

This period reminds of the Sacco era

Power kill

Game over!


Man that was a disgusting PP. Did we even get a shot?

God damn it, Gru................

That's a telling stat. Just four even shots in the game for the Avs. Just a brutal offensive effort.

Page number: 18

That's game.

game overrrr

How ****ing stupid can you be?


Ugliest goal Gru has given up in a while. We're not winning this.



Yup this that dud game

Everyone does, and they still run the same entry...
Gru... ugh. Game over.

Yep that's game

Thats a horrendous goal to give up

That can't go in

In a shocking turn of events, simply changing the point man didn't fix the PP.

Pretty clear who the better team is here tonight.

The game isn't over yet. All it takes is a good 3rd period.

Gonna play like this every game Rants is out?

our pp sucks. That entry zone isn't working anymore teams are just standing on the blue line and collapse on them now.
And **** this might just be gAme. We don't seem to have any energy anywAy...

7-1-1 is still a far better start than I could've asked for.

Oh boy. I'm bad luck guys. Sorry.

So... Uh...
Weird, image not working. Reposting I guess

That went in off Makar. Another goal off an Avs player and in on Grubauer

This is such a classic game in St. Louis for the Avs.

Oh well, cant win em all

Never watch again!

The boys look gassed

Lots of guys having their worst performance of the year. Gas tank is running on empty

Page number: 19

Every. Single. Game. Vs. These. Guys.
Just play their game, and play like ass.

Why is out PP costing us games again? I thought we fixed that problem. Incredibly frustrating.

Agreed, we've looked a step slower like the whole night.

Styles make fights. The Blues style has always given the Avs problems.

Terrible goal to give. I hope they will start giving more games to Francouz. So far he hasn't let those fugly ass goals that shouldn't happen when they scored on him they were pure snipes where he couldn't stand a chance. Grubs will let two softies then summon into brick wall after that though.

LBI for Rants

Yep, Rants not returning. We're in for a rough ride if he misses an extended amount of time.

Oh, Mikko has a lower body injury. Mystery solved

Yup they do kinda look gassed. They have played alot of hockey the last little while.

Man, it'd be a double-whammy to outright lose for the first time this season and lose Mikko for any amount of time.

Hopefully it's an ankle tweak and not something more serious with the knee. The way his leg twisted didn't look good.

We just have it tonight so far. Especially in the passing and energy department.

Best case scenario there is ankle sprain. Not a knee injury. Not a high ankle sprain. A regular old ankle sprain

WTF, are you kidding me with that icing? ****

Blues showed it, his blade kinda just stopped and I would think it's an ankle sprain

How was that icing haha

"Justin Faulk is the only thing that has changed for the St. Louis Blues."
Am I a joke to you?

We have 1 shot on goal this period. 1.

I sprained my ankle on Friday and thought it was pretty bad but I'm already walking

Z needs to hit someone, get a spark going.

Whatta Maroon...

Nothing new here, the Avs always suck against the Blues.

We need the next goal.

****, I'd take a high ankle sprain at this point.

Page number: 20

Yes let's keep taking these 30 ft wrist shots while defenders sticks are in front. That will surely work.

They lost their MoJo when Mikko got hurt. Game completely flipped there. Avs went into a shell, Blues turned it on.

I'd settle for the next shot.

Ya, this is ugly. On to the next.


Rants ruled out for the night

If Mikko is out long term, we likely have to make a move

We look like an inexperienced but skilled team against an experienced SC contender.

Can we just pretend like we aint scared of the Blues?

I'd wait 7-10 games to see how we do without him.

MacK got dummied on those last two rushes.

Mack trying to be a hero

He might as well try. Not like we have **** going on

Parayko just knows how to play Nathan

Landeskog have been looking like a 3rd liner lately. Maybe they're right after all

He's gone into pissed off, ***** about every no call, do it all by himself mode

What the **** are they doing? The Blues are big and slow yet the Avs just keep skating into traffic. Playing right into exactly how the Blues want.
Skate in open ice. Intentially creating board battles and traffic allows the Blues to play to their strengths.

We're lulling Binnington into a false sense of security, then we'll get 2 shots in the 3rd.

Jared just needs to tell them to get over Mikko being hurt and play with some pride.

That was some terrible effort all around. Bad coaching, bad passing, incredibly stupid shooting. Need to wake up and start playing smart and find some God damn open lanes. Use your speed!

I really do think they are tired and I hate using that excuse but 3 games in 4 nights and 2 of those being back to backs one where they went to OT.

Mikko being out caused this. They look discombobulated.

Add in last night of a road trip.

Classic Blues defense on display. Exactly what won them the Cup last season.
Avs unable to achieve any degree of puck possession in the Blues zone. Can't carry it in, cannot shoot it in and gain control of it. Blues use a lot of obstruction that takes away the Avs speed and they are excellent at body position and support in their own zone. It doesn't help that the Avs look tired too.
The Blues have not had to scramble even once in their own defensive zone this period. Avs haven't had any threatening quality shots. Binnington is getting off easy tonight.
Avs are at the end of a very successful road trip that included playing against the fastest and most productive goal scoring team in the league. And they won. The timing for playing the Blues - esp. given the Blues heavy style - couldn't be worse.
They will catch them next time when they are rested and the Blues are tired and on the road. No worries...

Page number: 21

Yeah. I'd love for the Avs to win, but given the circumstances this game has zero effect on how optimistic I am about this team moving forward.
I just hope Rantanen isn't out long term.

No need to get desperate. Every team deals with injuries.

Berube has the refs in his pocket. They are going to let St. Louis play their style unless its totally egregious. They nudge, tug and obstruct you on every play whether you have the puck or not in order to slow you down. And they get away with it

If it's a knee, tho.

That ESPN add is a joke. They have shunned the NHL for years.

Lets not forget the goalie that's unreal in the 3rd, the team that scores in bunches, and first place in the god damn league. **** the blues let's win this game for Mikko

Avs have to come out fast here. I'll call a Mackinnon goal within 4-5 minutes.

Win or lose this game, I just hope Mikko's injury isn't serious

I hate Perron

He's a poor man's Alex Burrows.

I call that they play like **** and lose the game.

Wow we got a shot!

10 shots on goal. Thought those days were way behind us. Guess I wrong.

There's our 1 shot!

Yah you have to score here.

Man Makar.... Not good at all.

oh come the **** on Makar. That was terrible

why cant Makar get a shot through?

"We want Makar to shoot more"

Captain WTF again!

such a joy watching the entire game in our end lol this is ****ing sad.

Blues have their sticks everywhere.

Gotta love games when it's clear they don't even want to be there.

Page number: 22

Oh my goodness this is so bad lol. We're down by 2 and the Blues are playing like the team in desperation mode. Avs look awful this game.

Cole was a horrendous that shift.

I was about to say our D has been pretty good tonight. But wow Cole. Dude was a pylon in cement out there

Who stole Landy's brain?

Getting totally schooled now

Makar just needs to figure out that those AJHL passes through sticks aint going work in this league.

7-1-1 still has a nice ring to it.

Kadri gained the zone and single handily cleared it for the Blues on the same play.

Just keep dumping it in right to them.

Super ugly from Z. Wtf man...

Landeskog has been turning pucks over like that all season. Hes been horrible

I can't accept Blues fans lording it over us. "They weren't so tough" they will say.

Zads is like, ah, **** it.


Am I alone in feeling he's had a pretty good night?

Honestly, they would be right with that assessment. They've dummied us the whole night.

He looks pretty good tonight to me. He's still going to have to figure out what actually works in the NHL and what doesn't.

Uhhh too many men there?

Awful again from Landy. Dude is just gone in the head.

Backhand blind clears have yet to work, but let's keep trying!! It'll work sometime!!

Doubled our 2nd period output!

Yah you might be

Blues have looked like they have been playing with an extra man since Mikko got hurt.

Honestly, we probably could use a loss as a reality check for the boys. They need to play better.

Lol we're not gonna score. All our shots are from so far away. We can't even get traffic down low.

Page number: 23

Oh my goodness Bura. So ****ing stupid.

Makar takes a dangerous hit, no one does anything

"We live and breathe the NHL"
Give me a break

Not even trying to get traffic at this point.

Everyone just coasting

Avs are just rolling over.

I guess Moser is unaware that the Blues fans often sing "Take Me Home Country Roads" by John Denver.

Dammit Z! Get that on net!

The Blues have a big mobile defense, which is the Achilles heel for the Avs.

Good job Bura... Good ****ing job.


This game is garbage.

Utter garbage play tonight. Two more games like that and we have a whipping boy.

The Avs Achilles heel is three games in four nights on the road and the inevitability that it's not possible to play 82 good games.

Jost didn't get a hat trick tonight. So I'm sure his haters are licking their chops.

Avs appear mentally and physically tired. No one is skating. Shots are all from way out, and they all seem wide. Lots of hooking and grabbing. They need a couple days off

We would have had to play the way they played before the penalty the whole game. I'm not sweating anything but Mikko's leg. It's a long season.

Landeskog has been nothing but a negative for the team tonight. What a horrible start to the year by him.

Bura is lucky that Mikko got hurt because I think Jared would have benched his ass for Nuke next game.

You win some you lose some

Tonight? Hes been horrible for 5 games now.

MacK has not had a good passing game.

Send everyone except Girard down to the AHL

Honestly both MacK and Landy have had pretty miserable nights IMO. Well hell, the whole team had had a miserable night.

Page number: 24

The Blues staff need to find whoever is woohing/shouting in the rink and kick them out. It is being picked up by the mic and making the broadcast very hard to listen to...or the Altitude staff needs to turn that mic off.

No one has. Team is brain dead today. Wish they would've done this **** vs a eastern conference team and not a division rival.

Avs look tired. Long hard push to start the season, the need a few days off.

5th game in 8 days and the last one before they finally head home. This game is disappointing but it happens.

Yeah, I'll take 7-1-1

G tripped no call

With the schedule we've had, I'll take 7-1-1. We played some good teams so far.

The Blues even got that greasy bounce on the boards. It's been that kind of night.

Lol game over. Awful effort tonight.

A slow death

Girard fell over. Send him to the AHL too

Well, it had to end at some time. Better not see this effort for Vegas though.

Groobs played solid

Oh well. We weren't going 81-0-1

I mean they were going to lose at some point in regulation. Wish it wasn't against the Blues but whatever, the Blues were pissed after being embarrassed 4 games in a row.
Gotta regroup and come out hard against Vegas, since Vegas just got pounded by Philadelphia tonight, too.
Hope Mikko isn't out long term.

What a painful game. I'm sure Bednar is happy to have a few days to practice, but it won't matter. The Blues have forever punished the Avs in their own building. This game is no reason to get down on the team.
Excellent road trip overall. Can't say enough about the start the Avs have had. Lots of different players stepping up and looking good.
Hopefully a few days of rest recharges the batteries and Rantanen heals up.

Perron is a ****

What a embarrassing effort this game. They deserve a bag skate.

Can't think of a single good thing to say about that game.

That 3rd goal shouldn't have gone in. That was really weak.

I had this as a scheduled loss, but didn't expect it to be this ugly.

Oh ****, completely forgot about that.

I really believe this was because Rantanen was injured. Play deteriorated immediately and everyone looked off after. Bura was a disaster on the top line.

This Blues team remind me of the Kings team that won 2 cups just so big and hard to play against.

Page number: 25

That was the Bura I've watched so much. What a horrible game from him.
Oh well, not a big deal. Blues are a really good team and it was always gonna be hard at the end of this brutal road trip. We've started the year as good as anyone could've asked for, now we just gotta hope Mikkos injury isn't too bad and keep on truckin.

Team gets to go home a few days to reset and then back on it. These games happen.

I can forgive the loss considering the circumstance however I have to rant about the Avs captain. Landeskog has been absolutely horrible to start the year. He ended last year playing terribly as well against the Sharks.
If I was management I'd think long and hard about the kind of contract I'd offer this guy when he's up for one.

Good thing you have ''Don't Panic'' written under your avatar !

Talking about panic, how can I survive if Rantanen is out for a while...

So is the parade cancelled?

As power forwards go hes starting to reach his expiry date. If we do sign him I rather it be a shorter term

Mark my words, if he's out we will go around .500 during his absence

Exactly what I'm getting at/thinking.

Yeah that's just one you expect to lose. No biggie. Guys have plenty of time to recharge the batteries now and get back to business

The parade is still on, but we've now had to cancel the ice cream vendors.

Or we might end up doing what the Pens did when geno went down.Our depth is going to be tested now.

Landy has been awful so far, he will get it together at some point. That being said, I expect him to be overpaid and not worth his extension sooner than later.

He won't be worth his next contract for sure but I also think he's fine. He's still young and isn't slow. He has a rough start but nothing to worry about imo.

I fell asleep and missed the game, what happened to Mikko?

This is exactly why Avs need to finish the season ahead of the Blues because if they face them in the playoffs, they gonna need the home ice advantage. A series like that will probably go to game 7, and Avs will need to be at home to win it because St.louis is a tough building for the Avs

His skate caught and he tweaked something. It looked to me like a tweak that looks simple when it happens but ended up to be something major.
Either way I agree with JML, though, he would have some back if it was something minor.
I'll take a sprained knee and be happy.

that's unfortunate, hopefully he's not out too long. But this is why we went out and got depth so we aren't as screwed if a key guy goes down.

Yeah, I still think we would be a playoff team.

If Rantanen is out for long time, trade for Hall

Seems like I missed a good one. Sorry, it won't happen again and we'll finish 80-1-1.

Seems like a good one to have missed. Can't win em all.
Road to 80-1-1
I am concerned about Mikko though. Any update?

Term is the scary part.

Page number: 26

Avs looked just a touch slower than the Blues tonight, which is understandable at the end of a lengthy road trip.
Really hope Mikko is only out short term, but that did not look good. Even if it's just a high ankle sprain, that could bother him all year. Avs depth is gonna be tested if he's out, because he is such a huge part of that top lines ability to maintain possession down low, and create chances. I think either Nate or Kadri is gonna have to step it up now with their lines and go on a streak.
Love seeing a pissed off Grubby. Don't let that POS Perron chirp you after a loss. Hope Zadorov puts him through the glass next game.
They need to bet the PP figured out. If Mikko is out, they should go with Girard-Makar at the points, instead of Burakovsky or another forward. Nothing is clicking right now. Might as well see if turn and burn can create some space. Where they're really struggling though is the breakout. They just can't enter the zone clean and set up.
Cale's still fighting it. He needs to settle down, he's trying to do too much, and he's starting to question himself too. Hopefully this time off will help him. He needs to get back to seeing the plays, and then making them. Right now he's telegraphing his passes too much.
On the PP Makar needs to start moving more laterally before releasing his shot. He's too stationary and then he moves forward to attack the net, which makes it easy for the forward to get in the shooting lane. That attack the net move might be one he had success with in the NCAA, but he may need to set it aside in the NHL unless he's got plenty of time and space.
On the bright side EJ had another rock solid game. He has quietly been so good this season defensively. Really good with his stick breaking up plays, and blocking passes. Girard I though finally looked like himself and played a good game too.
Boys get a much needed three days off. Better get ready for a track meet though against the Knights in Vegas. If they come out sluggish in the 1st, they could dig themselves a deep hole early.

A regulation loss was inevitable (and likely for the better to avoid the President's Trophy curse), but it looks bad that it was against St. Louis.
Enterprise Center is starting to look more and more like our damn kryptonite. For what it's worth, I hope the Avs and Blues do not meet in the playoffs this year, I hope our first round opponent is the Jets, and theirs is the Preds, and that we face the Preds in the second round.

Losing games unfortunately happens during a long season but losing Rantanen is not ok, hopefully he is fine and fully recovering quickly.

Losing this game doesn't concern me in the slightest. You could tell from the moment Mikko went down with his injury that the rest of the teams focus shifted away from from the game itself.

What I am extremely concerned about is Mikkos injury. That did not look good at all, plus the fact he didn't return and the fact we dont have an update yet really leads me to believe the next news we do get is going to suck.
It would not surprise me if this is a 6 week injury for Mikko and the type that lingers for a while after that.

Same, though I'd also like to see if the Avs could prove they're not too dependent on Mikko as well. Dependency on one player could hurt them, especially in the playoffs.

This could be an ankle injury. It also could be related to the knee and more serious long-term.

I have no idea what Mikko is trying to do there, skating wise.

It's not like you plan to perform a trick when you trip on the stairs or fall riding a bike.

Honestly with Mikko out let's see how good Mack truly is.

He bambi'd himself to what might be a substantial injury. In other words, he pizza'd when he should have french fried.

I'm sorry but if Cale is fighting it, then what exactly are Cole, Zadorov and Graves doing out there? Because they were a million times worse out there than Makar last night. Makar was easily it 3rd best dman last night.
In fact I liked his overall defensive game tonight. Had a hiccup or two but overall he was making the simple plays to get the puck out of harms way. The only goal against he was on the ice for was that BS goal by Tarasenko that should never have gone in from a miserable angle. That one was on Grubauer.
The other three I mentioned earlier were a trainwreck last night.

Our O-Zone entries last night were abysmal. Especially on the PP. We telegraphed exactly what we would do and they just stacked up at the blue line. Occasionally we changed it up and dumped behind them which gave us some success but it was frustrating watching the guys try the same **** over and over with the same results.
Having said that. There are some games that are ok to lose. This, despite being a division rival, was fine in my books. Crazy long road trip against some of the leagues top teams and we come away 3-1-1? Yea I'm ok with that.
Fingers crossed for rants and that the three days off gives the avs the rest they need to continue pushing forwards. We have to sort the ****ty pp out though. The game last night would have been a lot different had we been able to capitalize on the PP (apart from the 5on3).

The BSN podcast was praising Jost in this game.
I thought he was noticeable in the first, but I swear to god I almost posted a message in the 3rd period asking you guys and gals if he had been benched, as it felt like he hadn't been on the ice in eons.

This times one million. Defending champs, team was on the back end of a pretty packed and tough stretch of games. Loss is not a big deal. Losing Mikko for an extended period would be pretty devastating.

Sad to see a great player injured. But , I was wondering who do you think gets that plum assignment on the top line and power play?

Anybody have an exact quote from Landeskog on Mikko?
Listening to NHL Radio all morning and Stellick keeps mentioning how Landeskog didn't seem concerned that Mikko's injury is anything series but he didn't say what Gabe said exactly.

Better to have this injury happen early where it can more fully heal. While Mikko is out the team is going to suffer which is why it was key we had a nice point cushion to start things out. I would not take the fact we know little about the injury now as a negative since the team is going home for a few days where a more complete work up is easier.

Losing the game ... meh, i don't care.
Losing Mikko on the other hand ... suuuuuucks!

Guessing Compher goes to the top line and Nishukin goes in with Jost and Wilson?

Any new update this Morning about his injury ??

Aj was saying its an off day today so prob wont find out until Wednesday

Still kills me that Mikko got injured from skating. Not an opposing player hitting him, not a slash but he was simply skating and hurt himself. We joke about his terrible balance and bambi legs but who would have thought he would hurt himself. Im actually kinda mad at him haha.

This is just a throw away and move on game. It was bound to happen and the Avs were just not good the whole night. The worst part is I'm expecting Mikko to be out 6 or so weeks...