FTP: WCQF Game 2 @ Jets 04/12/2019 (GDT)

Next Blues playoffs win! 8-)
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We have a checking line now. Let's see if this works.

At least someone is crashing the net

I forgot to bet.

Knowing Mo, that checking line probably ends up getting the most or 2nd most 5v5 TOI...

Kulikov is garbage and man on man is dumbest mickey mouse D zone system that exists. Why? Why to both

Sort of off-topic, anyone had the perogies from Ludas? If not, you should do so as soon as possible.

Being hemmed in by their 4th line. Not a great start for Laine's line.

Jets just not the same team without Lee Stempniak!

I didn't
On regulation tie

We need to bring back Tim Stapleton!

Mom's are good, and the buckwheat soup.

Not the start I expected from the Jets

Jets better score soon. Just over 16min of physical spirited hockey left in the tank.


Perron is a Jet killer

Lets go!

Bambi draws one.

Better start

Gotta capitalize here!

Which brand of frozen perogy is best?

We get a PP?????

With, or without meat?

Blues 4th line give Myers and and Kulikov all they can handle!

Yikes, we finally get the benefit of an iffy call. Cash it in.

Make this PP count

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Quick passes please

Don't forget about Stapleton

Wow, a PP this early? Are the refs Ukrainian?


Laine missed the empty net. Lucky save honestly.

The refs heard the sweet siren song of the Uke choir

What happened to Kulikov?? When he first became a Jet, for a long while I thought he was just the kind of simple playing D-man that the Jets need. He's been horrible lately. Or maybe he was always horrible and he was just always injured so I didn't notice. Or maybe he played smarter slightly injured, I don't remember him being as physical before...

None, unless they're baba's.

That Blues PK looks to be playing a lot tighter in the slot with Buff at the point.

Wheeler needs glasses

Oh good grief


Scheif giveth and Scheif taketh away

Is Scheifele broken

My god. Scheifele is a disaster. Could he be any worse in 2019. Trash

Buff has Wheeler standing alone at the blue line and dumps it in.

Dumb dumb penalty to take
Try and make it less obvious next time


Accidentally on purpose, not a smart play.

There are only two certainties in life.
Death, and Jets' PP strategy.

A whatever the PP wasn't doing anything anyways

This ****ing team

They have a coach that recognizes stufff, us NO!

Bench Scheifele

When did Schiefele turn into a dolt? Just mindless penalty.

There ya go. Jets pp nullified by stupid pick by 55.

At least it means Scheifele is off the ice for 2 minutes.

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Two on one given up... And a goal

****ing weak sauce goal

Son of a ****ing *****

Lol. Wow

Nice defence nice save

I did that last game and hedged with Blues +1.5 but then made the mistake of betting Jets in Reg when I meant Jets in OT even though Blues paid better in OT. So I won +1.5 but lost my shirt over-all.

Thanks Mark. Ride the pine for awhile.

Vegas 2.0.

Weak goal too. We are ****ed if we cant get it together.

Ehlers takes a non scoring shot with no hope of ver scoring on, puck back the other way, BLUES goal!

Tough break for Morrissey

This team needs to strip all the 3 wearing letters. Joke of a leadership group

Cmon helly

That's was on Morrissey

Pavelec would of had that one

That's on Hellebuyck

Get it back Jets!!!!

Not a smart play but its a bit rough in his second game. Bad break. Helle was frozen

So this is going well....

what the actual **** is helle doing. why does he just stand there like a dumb ass and let the puck go through him. try the butterfly you goof

Josh looked like a fool on that goal

I really thought they'd come out and dominate this. Hmmm...

So far no yummy perogies...

Hayes and Wheeler made it look like the Blues had the man advantage when it was still 4 on 4.

Yes because it wasn't from Center ice

Sure, but we did have a pp until Mark.

He's old schooling it.

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Get the feeling like in the Vegas series last year that any deficit might be insurmountable. Just feel flat.

Helle was like the Jets PP .......................stationary

Leafs fan here. Really rooting for you guys.

Maybe it's something else!

Did not like Helleboy"˜s position on the play. Tons of gaps To shoot at.

Maybe Hellebuyck made the mistake of reading the forum and everyone complaining he's always down too early :p

I think the Hockeynews magazine jinxed us for the year.

Blues forecheck is DESTROYING the Jets wow

Oh theres that pass Maurice said they had a plan to stop

Just as they say bad puck luck...
If it was food it would be pot luck

Brossoit would have made that save, too bad he is not allowed to play do to the laws of regression

Guess letting bad habits fester throughout an entire season wasn't the best strategy.

Jets looking weak on the puck, all over the place

Can we cover players and not empty space? Why is the slot always so open?

Welcome to Scotia Bank
Phoneytown commercials

I think wheeler and scheif needs to start booking tee times after this game

Morrissey to blame on the goal but Wheeler straight up sucks. It's pathetic.

Our wonderful Coach Mo the dummy wouldn't recognize that if it hit him in the face!

I've said it before, THN didn't take into account PoMo still being around.

True enough
Goal was clearly on jomo

Like needs to take a crap? forgot to make his car payment? He forgot about the modelling shoot today?

Wheeler and Scheif are useless

Getting swept.
Fire mo

Alarm went off 15 mins ago tine to get up lol

In all seriousness, it's 1-0 in the 1st period, plenty of time left but this is not a good start. The problem is, if the fans in attendance are like the HFJets, that arena probably sucks for the Jets now.

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I'm on radio so didn't see the goal but listening it just seemed kind of WTF ... blues have the puck then it's in the net. Didn't sound dangerous. Is the complete lack of commentary by Beyak and Munz because they don't want to be negative/criticize Hellebuyck? Because it sounded like a weak goal.

Bambi O face

Scheif needs a wake up call.

**** off Scheifele that's a penalty every time.

Bambi hot garbage.

Bench him.

Morrissey scores today, not Scheifele.

55 is really stupid.

55 needs a brain transplate

Bench him.

Really though what the hell is wrong with FEFE!

Holy, when did 55 become a liability?

What an idiot 55

Nickels needs a slap

It was.

Smarten up Bambi

Maybe a hot take, but I'm feeling like our season is hanging on this PK.

Can't put into words how dumb that was... just can't be done.

It was a horrible play that lead into a 2-on-1 and Hellebuyck decided to play Mexican standoff. The shooter had other ideas.

Dumb as a stump


Scheifele. You dunce.

January 1st, 2019

I defended scheif in the regular season... thought he would step up in the playoffs...... nope

Lol another stupid penalty

Scheifele is not thinking at all in either of these games....so fire Maurice

Falling down and taking dumb penalties.....

That was close to the dumbest penalty I've ever seen.

Who's team is 55 on, anyways! Moron part 2!

Add another prospect to what we traded for Hayes and we could have had O'Reilly in the summer.
That hurts.

Page number: 27

55 needs to put as much effort into his play as he does to his complaining about penalties

The one time he's actually on his feet and he does that

Can that first line be benched just continues to bring nothing to the team but liabilities

Interference. I don't think the refs know what that word means

Scheifele needs to sit on the bench for a little while, that's arrogant and stupid hockey all in one

Schief needs to get into rehab ASAP!

Jets must have a rule that you can't pass the puck unless you first spend three seconds looking around.

Sit him in the corner for the rest of the period and make him think it over. That is just brainless

This first line is legitimately our worst line. I hate Lowry and Tanev but they are better than these bums. Not relative to expectations either. Just better.

Need someone to calm the veteran players down in the same way Seabrook did a few seasons ago with Toews.

Great idea let's bench our best players

I like mean Chiarot

Lol that line is garbage and has been for months. Hurting more then helping

Not a great start

This entire season, our 1st line has been sub-optimal. I have no idea how Scheifele, of all players, could regress like this for the whole year.


They haven't been our best players since the new year...


This team is done. 0 leadership

I thought that's what Gramps was for.

Have you watched the Jets in the last few months?
I suggest an eye checkup if you think our first line has been our best players

You have got to be ****ing kidding me already

lol omg. this team.

Pathetic calls

what the hell. are they doing

Page number: 28

This is ridiculous. Meltdown

That's a pretty bad dive.


Looks like the Jets have decided they would rather be golfing somewhere warm

This team....

Jets, you ignorant sl*ts.

Copp you idiot

Promising start.

O'Reilly is smart. Two dives for calls already

Dive by O' Reilly...
Comical call...

Copp you're my guy but DUMB

Really can't blame the referees for any of these calls at all. The Jets are just plain like fools.

He went down pretty easy though.

WTF???!!! The real bunch of jerks revealing themselves?

O'Reilly for the Oscars.

That was.....
Although he seemed to go down easy. Not saying he did it on purpose. Just caught him wrong.

You can't have it both ways

Embarrassing that the fans are chanting ref you suck when those are obvious penalties.

Stupid penalty part 3
Copp will be lucky if he doesn't get a call from the NHL for that one. Those hits need to stop

Should have locked those 2 in their apartment.

We are seriously f*****g undisciplined since 2011
Every penalty is deserved

Copp penalty for being too much man? Sounded just like a solid hit to me. Not allowed to hit O'Reilly?

It's real

How did O'Reilly suddenly get so weak on his skates?

I guess the 1st lines play is finally seeping to the other lines...

Page number: 29

Blues player fell down pretty easily on Copps crosscheck.

I'd like to blame Maurice and clearly he has lost some semblance of control but is he telling our players to drill everyone from behind?

I was going to say could easily be 3-0 now. Make it 4-0.

Can we keep Scheif in the box and get Copp out instead?


This is embarrassing. Stop hitting everyone in the numbers. Geez

How can we **** this up even more. Let's just be on the pk for the whole first period...

I thought our whole team would step up in the playoffs. I thought they were coasting because we pretty much locked it up early, but it's starting to look like this is the real team this year.

I feel like this series has had a disproportionately large number of posts..

Maybe that's the problem......who knows what they are doing....

I've started learning he's everyones scapegoat so they don't have to deal with the real issues on this team. Everyone prefers living in happy time dream land.

Really? Who in their right mind dives head first into the boards?

He's not broke, he's broken.

'Jeta will be a different team in the playoffs'
That crowd must feel pretty stupid right about now

O'Reilly would

For every 2:20 of Scheifele playing hockey, you get 4 minutes of Scheifele benching himself.

Yea!! Wheeler

Finally they do something!!!!!!



Just like i said.... garbage

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Hopefully that was Scheifele waking up.

First line redemption.

Page number: 30



make it a line. its probably our only hope

Phew, thanks boss.


Catching a break with the bounce off the block.

Wow, Wheeler actually did something.

Lucky it's a tie game now.

Redemption ..................Cheffy nice play you dont have to sit on the bench any more


what a beautiful play


Nice dish by Scheifele, finally.

Love the rubbing ice celly!!!!!

**** this first line LOLOL I will continue to trash them if them make goals my god

Huge! Let's hope this is a start.
Let's F*****G Go! Re-define the year!

Elite passer Blake Wheeler with the pass to a wide open Trouba's feet...

Yeah okay

They need to get their head into this game, seems a bit like a classic case of a putting a "bit too much" into it

For Ukraine!!

Great subtle pass by Copp

Assists from the penalty box boys

55's best shift for quite a while....and a HUGE goal

Usually he just runs away from trouble.

What's that celly? HF face wash I bet

Good. Now do it again.

There we go! Just keep WORKING boys!

And our anger is soothed...for the time being

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"Copp with a heavy forecheck on Laine" - Randorf

Ok if the boys aren't pumped after that, leave the building!

Copp Schief Wheeler forever!

Yeah wuhuuu!
Lets GO

I want a gif of that rubbing ice celly

Yeah, we'll take it.

Looking a lot better 5v5. STAY OUTA DA BOX FFS!

You're right they're never going to score again

That was SO satisfying Wheels


Please sirs.....I want some more.

Let me know which Blues player to taunt

Fairly certain he also said Scheifele was the Shark's top scorer. But I am not complaining... we could have had the guy they relegate to City TV!

Haha that angle shows the "f*** yeah"

Lol agreed. Hey maybe he woke himself up in the box. Because he had fire in his eyes battling behind that net. Did the refs awake the hibernating Mark

I heard "turnover forced on a heavy forecheck by Laine".


All of them

The Adjustment to make is to tell the players to go down like a heap of bricks if hit by the boards.
So much for playoff hockey.

According to my highly scientific statistical model, Scheifele will take a penalty within the next 50 seconds of being on ice. So probably he'll end his next shift with a penalty, or take one to start the shift after that.

Yeah!!!!! Hit! Hit! Keep hitting! Then shoot , shoot shoot.. screw the cutesy passes

Now that's what I call a shift ... every fricken Blues that touch the puck got hit

Turnover caused by the heavy forecheck by Laine.

Hit the net with that beast Buffy!

Laine flipped a switch, that's for sure.

Wheeler needs to shoot more

And go to the front of the net.

Page number: 32

Buff doesn't look right

You can't count on the ref's calling the game 50/50 just don't worry about it

Fly feeling it

Or left
Has tunnel vision

Roslovic and Ehlers think they can score from the blue line!

Think the Jets found some classic Coca Cola with trace amounts of cocaine.

Get in that crease! Make it hard for binnington!

Jets need another one here before the period is over.
They have some momentum and lots of pressure going on

He did miss half the season.


Looking better now.
Wonder how long it will last

It's the first line

Still looks injured

We are such a faster/quicker team. Need to keep going at this pace. When everyones moving their feet the Blues have no answer, just like game 1 first half

I am enjoying the pressure the Jets are bringing here.
And major props to Wheeler for being a captain, stepping up, and leading by example with a goal to tie it up.

The goal has given this team life. Keep it up. A couple of good shifts from line one.

Total mayhem in isles pens game.

Jets missed Tanev a lot.

Blue balls

Laine and Little have been hemmed in their own zone for two god damn years.

Was that penalty kill ever huge. This game could have gotten away from us really quickly.


The drink of champions, or Sabres D men!

Tanev the warrior!!

Grind these ****ers down.

Page number: 33

Way to a quiet in Jets arena.

But are the Islanders winning?

I lost my **** in the car when Wheeler scored.
Most I've celebrated a goal since Laine in Game 1 against Minny last year.

until the 3rd period collapse


I find the SN games always sounds quiet.

They Won

They harsh our buzz


Buff and Scheif at the blue line ready to fly the zone while the puck's being contested in the corner.

Have to adjust to reassure Leafs fans that all arenas are quiet.

is chiarot always this physical? he's scary, man

Maybe thats why. Isles game was nbc feed

Buy one....get....

There is a god

I see Sportsnet gets paid to compliment Chiarot too

Chia likes to get stabby

Kulikov is the worst player on the ice

If you're pessimistic, you can't be disappointed

To those commenting on how quiet the arena sounds on SN, it sounds plenty loud (properly crazy actually) on TSN 1290.

I'm almost getting too inebriated to post

Key to the game: Don't take stupid penalties

I mean it very well could be quiet too. They did mention that on 1290 after game one.

Yeah, not too smart

Page number: 34

Sportsnet quiets the crowd down. Always have.

I mean, I kinda hate he's in the lineup, but players like him will always get big praise.
How much love got thrown Mark Stuart's way, for years and years. It was super weird when people started criticizing him. He didn't become worse, he just started to be criticised.
Those guys will be beloved by the "good hockey men" until the end of time. Pointless to be upset about it

We got this

Tanevs pinkie all taped up, I'm telling you he broke a nail!

Is that even possible? I dont think so!

I can verify this. It's pretty damn loud in here!

For the trifecta Ey'...
Reply to yourself once more...

Drunk selfie or GTFO

Team still broken, team still sucks.

Try and carry some of that into Period 2.
Actually, make that period 3 instead

Do... do you come here sober?

You just have to keep eyeseeing the puck for awhile to regain your stamina

Ehlers and Roslovic had 4 shifts. Laine had 5.

Hopefully somebody punches Scheifele in the head in between periods.
Is he for real with all those stupid penalties.

I was thinking seriously how much worse defensively can Niku be, upside Niku better skater, puck mover and offensively

So the goalie can run inference and KC has to skate around him because you can touch a blues player

Tape it, freeze it. Get back in the game !

Do they kill penalties?

#1 had a tough day
#2 had a good day
#3 not attending meetings...yet

Will be a hoot if the Leafs meet the Isles in the playoffs.

It sounds really loud on TSN 1290.

The first few penalties killed our momentum (lousy refs). But we finished strong near the end of the first.
Time for Laine to win someone a million dollars in the second.

I did once

Scheif took two penalties and still got 7 minutes ice time. Only a few seconds behind the top forward.

Page number: 35

It's all good...
No need to attend meetings...
Jets haven't lost this series...

That's what happens when you take that many Penalties.

Totally agree against the Blues Niki would be a great puck mover

Just once

I'm convinced that Sheif has been playing hurt for some time. He's always been a hard worker and a real class act, so I just can't accept that he's all of a sudden turned lazy and selfing in 2019. I think he's playing hurt and as a result has lost several steps, is in pain, and is cutting corners or getting more easily frustrated as a result.

I'm just answering the post - why did the players you mention get limited time? Parade to the Box had something to do with it - no?

Would have loved to have O'Reilly on our team..

Good man!

Ehlers played 2:26

Scheifele is hurting the team more then he is helping them at this point.
He has not played this poor in a long time.

More second part of the first less first part

I thought the 2nd penalty on Scheif was BS. Granted, I didn't get a good look.

I'm not that drunk I don't love you all

**** kpryos you ****ing hack

Well, for my money, that was a good period of hockey. Jets did take a couple bad penalties and paid for it, but they regrouped and put some good pressure on. Despite the penalties I've liked their effort and desire so far this game. Bring on period two.
P.S. Beyak is loving the plethora of opportunities to take note of two "55's" this game.

Just saw that Kucherov hit.
What a bunch of garbage.

I didn't ask anything. I was making a statement. This trend won't end well. It was just 3 penalties. Not 5 or 6. It wasn't even 6 minutes of penalty killing. They all overlapped in some way.

I don't know what he said, but this is usually the correct response to Kypros

Sounds religious

Keep going

Needs a suspension for that one.

Like blocking a shot and then setting up the tying goal!?

Yeah, the refs totally don't have an agenda in this game

It kinda doesn't matter where he's sitting on the bench when it comes down to ice time.

Page number: 36

Scheifele is trying to single-hsndedly lose this series. Is he playing drunk?

Kadri got 2 games last year for the same hit.

Was a total dive.

Psalm 2:26 no Dutchman shall spend too much timeth on thy frozen waters!

We deserved every call we got.

I'll tell you one thing this motorcycle accident is giving my liver a break from alcohol and cilantro now LOL

You're being positive...
Could be detrimental..
To your reverse psych' schtick...

I honestly don't see the problems with Ehlers that Maurice does, it's probably his most bizarre deployment issue that I have with him.

He has been in the box for 4 minutes and the team had to bail him out.
He should be blocking shots with his forehead to contribute after that.

And thou shalt not split thine Scheifele and Wheels

Simiilar, but Kadri came harder, faster, from farther away and jumped at point of impact.
He should get 2, but probably only one.

Has there been any explanation of Wheeler's celly?

Sorry, team sucks, Mo is a dummy and wish we had the Coyotes!

Copp hardly pushed him


You don't have to ask - the point was I was answering the statement you made in your post -
Penalties played a major factor in ice time in the first.
Three penalties in one period is enough to throw TOI off a ton -
Let's hope things calm down so the rest of the team can get a shift

Only thing I can gather is he doesn't play the way Maurice wants his guys to play. That's why Connor gets more leash and ice time.

As it is written, so it shall be, forever and ever,

If you're pessimistic, you ARE a disappointment

His defense has been a little overrated and he's looking for offense all the time. Maurice needs to manage the matchups better, not force all of O'Reilly's shifts onto the top line. Looks like he's trying to give some of those shifts to Lowry.

Weird how Scheif comes into the playoffs with the personal objective to beat Frenchie for the most stupid penalties award

You know how strong O'Reilly is? Two dives clearly

Page number: 37

Chiseled in stone

Doesn't matter you know you are going to get called.
Might have been weak but not unexpected

The Copp call was weak IMO

Keep telling yourself that

He can't type with those little itty-bitty paws

I don't disagree

They were giving Scheifele props for his effort on the shift leading to the goal, when he's asked his take on it, changes it to O'Reilly saying his penalty against fefe was weak and non call and a slight diss about how O'Reilly doesn't complain. F*** that guy

In open ice, good chance it doesn't get called but close to the boards it'll get called the majority of the time.

Not when they overlap like they did. First St.Louis PP was maybe a minute. The next two overlapped as well. We're likely looking at under 5 minutes, maybe closer to 4. It wasn't as much as the ice time would suggest. My gripe is it's too slanted and will bite us come the third period.

Blues are not a hitting teams ... so no hitting is allowed?
They seem to go down easy when hit from behind unless of course it's around their net

Aside from the first line we seem to be winning the Corsi handily if I am understanding your chart. So that should make some posters happy??

Don't say sorry...
Mo is a dummy...
And I just said Mo is a dummy, super genius...

He doesn't want to risk Britt dumping him if the Jets were to knock out the Flames. Best to avoid any possibility of that happening.

Strongly disagree. One sided officiating at its finest.

Sux2bu ruined it for me
Way too serious

That's fair
We agree to disagree

I don't think Lindholm knows how to raise the puck on his bank hand

Patented Buff scenic route wrap around. Feels like ages since I last saw that.


Ehlers just took a headshot from Bortuzzo. Should be more than 2.

That was dirty. Hands straight into his face.

Hope 27 is ok


Ehlers looks like he's about ready to lose his lunch

That should be a suspension.

Page number: 38

I don't think Ehlers knows what planet he is on


Please be okay, Ehlers.



**** yeah!!!!!

Yes, but it was dumb and I didn't get it.
Maybe that means I'm the dumb one.


**** right!!,



That was beautiful.

Ken Dryden looked good there!




Laine is Binnington's kryptonite!

Adam can't score Lowry

Laine making them pay for hurting his buddy Ehlers


Yeah boy

Laine likes playoffs

Not like Maurice was playing him anyway :shrug:

Laser Laine


For whatever reason, Laine goals make me so much happier than regular goals.

It was.

Lindholm was an underrated pick up. I kind of like his game. Limited as it may be, he passes my litmus test.
Also, that Patty kid can shoot.

Page number: 39

So Wheeler just has to break a guys stick every PP in order to get his Laine pass through.

How do they not call the hold on Copp there when he turns with the puck behind the Blues net?
Most obvious penalty yet.

You careful types with sorted lives won't know what I mean,
when I speed through life (and shoot the puck!) like Biblical locusts on a laser beam.
There's your ****ing rhyme, Shakespeare boy <3

Great pass from Wheeler

Don't mess with Laine's buddy Ehlers!

Easy, Jets are now up a goal.

Laine's ability to fully connect with the puck on a one-timer is impressive

Buff had murder in his eyes focused on Perron

Wheeler is feeling it.

Man we can work these guys when we are going. They really are not that good

1+ goals per game for the rest of the playoffs please Laine.

Net crash sighting

Saw that too. Hoped but wasn't surprised.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue
Some Poems Rhyme.
This one doesn't.

Morrisey activation sighting...

Man that wrap around was wide open! Tanev would have scored there.


I pictured the Grumpy Cat meme in my head when I read this

Laine is in playoff mode. Loving this period.

Of course. Typical jets

dammit Chef!!!!

Wait what?

Schiefele missed an empty net and then the Jets fall asleep.

Lol that was on Hellebuyck big time


Page number: 40

Are you ****ing kidding me
Hellebuyck with a bone head play

I hate this game sometimes

Hot damn playoff hockey well worth being awake at 6 AM

Copp tripped, no call

Damn, Scheif blew another shot.
And.... There goes the momentum.

Goaltending ladies and gents

Just when we had all the momentum. F**k sakes.

Oh **** off

All that pressure and the Blues get the goal that's deflating


Top line got caught puck watching

What on earth happened. Seriously, my stream stalled and when it came back, 2-2...

That sucks

Should've blown that down

Anybody else go, "no, no, no" when Helle played/bobbled that puck

Oh, FFS. Get it back.
Bad break for Helle there.

I will see myself out.....

We got this

Make that save please

Keep it going boys. Don't let up!

Ehlers may be done

Guy left all alone 4 feet in front of Helly

Not going to win anything with goal-tending. Down to scoring, it is.

I don't know, two Blues all alone out front. That can't happen. It's nice for Buff and Chiarot to come in 2 seconds late and give them facewashes, nicer if they do their job and we don't give up a goal.

Talk about buzzkill, lol

Page number: 41

Helle gotta make the save

That can't happen in the playoffs

Brutal control on that long shot from the blue line gave them that one

Hellebuyck not covering it when he was supposed to

Wtf is Helle doing....

Man I sure hate it when it works like that in this game.

Look. **** happens. We gotta score. Cant waste this momentum.

Jets need a greasy goal like that

I went hon...
Grab me a wine smartly

Pat Maroon, oof

****ing Patrick Maroon is dominating our D.

**** Hellebuyck was horrible there. That's a real momentum killer.

Helleboy that's on him!
He still lets in those softies.
where is sip? lol

My favorite Ayn Rand Valentine's Day poem:

Helle needs to get his **** together. How could you let that happen?


Hand goes up. Thoughts of Vegas

Binnington in god mode. Hellebuyck not so much but I am loving how the Jets are owning the Blues. It's only matter of time if Jets keep this up.

Weak goal there

Awful coverage you are right. It would be huge though if the goalie could bail you out there. Considering he has barely had to
Make a hard save all night. And at the other end The guy is making saves that should be sure goals

Bouwmeester does two things real well ..........hold and cross check



Why are two guys that open there? It's such an obvious read defensively. I don't want to void blame on Helly, but they were absolutely puck watching.

Horseshoe up Patrick Moron's ass ...

Page number: 42

With the way Binnington is playing, good luck.

Moar Laine!!!

It should really be 2-0 Jets

Helle, look alert. You're tending net in the NHL playoffs, not going out for drinks with Bill Cosby.

That is the best post tonight

Jets have carried >50% of the play. Jets are tied. Jets are still the favorites to win at home. All these ups and downs are the vagaries of unresolved fortune.
In the grand scheme of things, we're a razor hair less likely to win than we were at the start of the game.
Goddamnit, ride the variance.

That's awesome

Vegas up 3-0 in first

Yeah, you can't leave the slot that wide open and allow a guy to get multiple chances to whack at it. You watch a game like the PIT/NYI game tonight, not a chance the Isles don't have 2-3 guys right there in front of the net.

I see you are now in the eloquent phase of the libations timeline

I think Hellebuyck should have had that save too but sheesh Wheeler was absolutely useless in covering the front of his net there

Don't let HannuJ see that or he'll be breaking down my door at 2am

2 weak goals tonight

Blues are starting to play their game

Maroon would take Laine apart. Don't go there 29

He seems to develop that habit. At some point you gotta credit the guy for being "œlucky".

32 years
You think she would learn

Keep on Binnington, he's average tonight

So is Ehlers concussed now?

Our bottom 6 gonna get a greasy goal ever?

man is Morrisey such a fluid skater..

I would say that Morrissey has shaken the rust off tonight

Well he's average, Helly sucks

Morrissey is so agile.

Page number: 43

Which line can our top line handle without the puck?

Lindholm's stick - where plays go to die.


Pull Helle

Smooth like exlax

Nice Save

I surely hope not, but it didn't look good the way he took his time after the hit

That feels like a backbreaker.

Can we get a real goalie in the net

What the **** was that? Wrost D coverage I've seen.

No comment

Vegas all over again.

What in the deep blue ****

No idea what's with Scheif tonight.

just lol



son of a *****

Another guy wide open

We love giving up 2 on 1's.

Horrible goal part 3
Thanks Smellebuyck

Why did we play Comrie in the playoffs

Thanks Helle.

Pavelec would of had that one

Wow lol
That was weak sauce

Page number: 44

Thats the series boys

Blues are starting to own the neutral zone again. We have to be aware of this and adjust. Maurice must adjust and make the team aware and refocused

Buff? What are you doing? Might as well give him a white towel.

Pull Hellebuyck.
He is useless tonight.

Make a save. Christ sakes

Brossoit time? Helle has been a complete sieve.

Hellebyuck has checked out.

One pass beats three forwards


Hellebuyck costing the jets right now. They had all the momentum in the world just a few minutes ago.
Edit: Thought I was on the main boards, my bad. Good luck jets fans!

Good job on that cover guys...

Some weak goals here

Anaheim all over again.

Pull Hellebuyck.

Nice sieve
Buff back to the play doing squat!

Gotta stop that smh

Imagine if Helly was as good as he thinks he is.

People are so negative. There is still half the game left!


Bad tending, bad coverage

Wtf was that. That was so horrible I surely would've hoped Helle to bail them out but maybe that's a tall ask. Brossoit time?


Ehlers is back

3 weak goals to be exact.

Team still broken, team still sucks.

Page number: 45

That guy we gave up the future for - Hayes - why isn't he in the lineup tonight?

Well. sure hope Chevy fixes some things with this team for next season.

Brossoit please.

Helle is letting in some absolute garbage goals.


Gotta make that save

All that momentum gone to waste due to two straight sloppy goals against.

Other team ultimately controls the game no matter how hard the Jets try. Where have I seen that before?

Hellebuyck must be using the same playoff activator that LeBron claimed to have tried.

We heard you the 10th time
Team was good but our goalie forgot to show up.

Way too easy to get into our zone and way too easy to get right into the slot with no protest by the Jets. Couldn't be more of a contrast between these two teams. Jets have an empty net to shoot at but still have to get it past 2-3 Blues in the middle of the ice, the Blues can just walk right to our goal.

Stastny was a great pickup. Hayes? Yeh that's one Chevy's gonna want to leave a "œno comment" on...

"umm, yes, NASA, I have spotted a 2nd black hole somewhere over Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada tonight"
Stand tall the rest of the game Helle and we got this.

We need perfect shots to score. And we have a shooter tutor in net. Back breaking is right

No, no - Hellebuyck is just FINE. I'm sure there's a chart or a stat or something that will show NO goalie could make those saves...

Hellebuyck wrapping this up with a bow for STL

Helle is really struggling. However, the Blues are owning the neutral zone which allows them to easily own us down low. Coaching staff must refocus the team to adjust.

Three more goals and Croissant is in!

I lol'd.

It's a one goal game, adjust Jets.

What a frustratingly fragile team.

They warned us after the trade and they were right, oh well he wont re sign here anyways

if the jets dont win this game they have to start brossoit in st louis. enough already

Come on boys!!!

If you have such a hate why are you still watching?

Can't win with a goalie letting in 3 soft goals, truth hurt?

We got this!

You guys could really use a guy like mark stone right now

Ehlers is still on the team, right?

Blues imposing that theyre better.
Jets need to step up.
I find ice time for Laine.....

Is Hayes playing? Dressed?in the building?

Has Buff done anything since he's been back?
Honest question

Page number: 46

We look gassed already...

4 guys near the slot and ONE guy gets an open look

Call torts at intermission

Hellebuyck was a statue on the first goal.
The 2nd and 3rd goals on him were pathetic.

Jets and good playoff goaltending never go hand in hand.

Missed some time after taking that face shot

Come on Patty, we need some laser!!!

Chevy got rusty Hayes, squandered a 1st and a promising young player!

How the **** is that not GI?

Um, goalie interference?

From my "œvantage point" listening on radio team has not sucked at all this period. They've been playing hard and have been carrying the play. But Binnington stops every quality scoring chance and Hellebuyck is channeling Pavelec in the 2014/15 playoffs.

Rinse and repeat.

If we go to game 7, we'll make way more money.

GI YOU ****S!!!

Bad line change followed by total disorganization

Well the jets got away with a trip right before that. I say it's even

Schenn should've gotten a penalty there

Jets players look out of shape!
No defensive systems
Defensive breakdowns every friggin shift!

That's playoff hockey. Wtf aren't we in Binnis face

Wow refs forgot why they are on the ice. Call the interference jesus

There there, now let's look at your post history and search for "Lemieux"... Promising young player, yes, I bet...

Honestly, how many shots from the slot is any goalie going to save? This is getting excessive. Guys open every other shift.

Binnington has barely had to make a stop, Jets fanning on great chances, Blues clogging up front of net. Binnington has been nothing special tonight.

Anyone else get the Amber Alert just now?
Be sure to keep a look out for "Winnipeg Jets".

Page number: 47

Jets need to engage the Blues d, drive the net and take out the goalie if the Blues can do it should be fairplay.

Yeh take it and run.

We had a lot of jump to start the period but soft goals behind you after sustained pressure really takes the wind out of the sails.

The street party looks lame.

How can anyone in their right mind call this a well coached team?

Tell us how you REALLY feel....

we were on the opening shift, got a penalty for it.

That's the spirit!

Blues allowed to tee it up from between the circles, over and over again

I always thought you might be Chipper undercover

I think I'm ready for a new coach

That isn't reality though.


No, I liked Lemieux, just the kind of player teams need in games like this!
Roslo, Ehlers doing anything?

We got Hayes because apparently Little sucks.,,but honestly how much TOI is Hayes getting.

I'm ready for a new goalie

As a neutral fan it's frustrating watching a team not play as good as they can, but I gotta hand it to the blues. They seem dialed in.
Jets need to wake up soon

Maurice with his usual 'I don't even try to coach a half dozen players on this team' look on his face.

I'm thinking Laine needs more ice

With Coach Q gone, do we go after Cooper after Tampa's collapse

Cause Jets don't like garbage goals?

For better or worse Lemieux would have had some kind of impact in these games. Hayes is on the milk carton aside from a nice skate on the PK in game 1.

Page number: 48

Ok there is a big save

Gassed or St.Louis is adjusting?

More grade A chances against...

Helleboy Absolutely saved our bacon on that one
No shots for the Jets in what seems like an eternity.

Helle big save!!

Hayes is right on track for Little's points. Little would have got them for free

Hayes looked pretty pathetic there.

Wow 44 got schooled there

Nearly half the period without a shot after giving up two.
And seriously, how many guys are going to let cut to the net?

AlphaLackey!?!? More like AlphaCrybaby... am I right guys? Guys???

Slow whistles

Count the puck watchers...1-2-3.

Okay Helle made up for a few softies right there. Massive save, terrible D.

Maurice made a critical error not bringing back Morrissey when he was ready.

Stastny > Hayes

That was close to game over, knock somebody down

Blues just walking in there. Helly has not been good.....but this has to stop

44 not having a great game

where are the Helle haters now???

Hellebuyck ****ed us over on that big contract.
That was such a bad signing.

Little of both. Its much easier to skate hard when you're riding high after a goal. Harder when two quick goals against have put lead in their skates.

Little> Hayes

All the interference and holding you could want! Great for the slow Blues team


Page number: 49

Just wait for year 2 or 3 of Wheelers deal.

Oh so we want a coach whose team collapses???
We may have that now

Eh not as much as the Kulikov or Wheeler ones

Maurice is saving him in case he needs him in net.

Well the eye test is definitely working for you there man.

He did get rocked....

Jets had multiple glorious chances to put the game away in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd period. Then one chance for the Blues, they score, and the Jets fold.

Easy now fellas, lots of time left etc

Um, tripping?

At least Maurice takes 4 months to collapse, not 4 days..

Best chance this last half of the period lol

I thought when you take a guy down with your free hand it's a penalty?

That's the way Roslovic. Nice work.

So the refs called a bunch of penalties on WPG in the first, and now have swallowed their whistles?
Every NHL ref is a goddamn coward.

We'll see if he's still on top of that leaderboard at 35.

We are getting 4 calls in the third

Shoot Wheeler

Watch Hendricks dress in game 3.

Come on. Don't dance 3 on 1 when you've got support

For or against?

Let's wait until the third to decide for sure

This will legit happen if we lose this game.

How many consecutive shots for the Blues?

Little line went from best line last game to pretty awful tonight

Yes, thats shady

Page number: 50

Chairot cleared the front of the net with attitude lol

I want Buff to rock someone.

For dammit
We need 4

Buff just not 100%

You mean 4 penalties? This team is so undisciplined

Jets have to battle to get to Blues net. Blues seem to have a clear lane to the Jets net.
Big problem.

Could put him in for Hayes and would be an upgrade.

Sorry, 4 or for?

Notice the Blues traffic all over the Blue paint In front of Helle
What Jets are will8ng to get dirty in front of Binni. So far none.

Pp time
Getter done boys!

That's on coaching

Finally a call on St Loo...

Got to shoot more with traffic. They were going to, still haven't seen it.

Finally. The Blues garbage clutch and grab stuff is brutal

Nicely done.

Kinda hard to pull the trigger when you are being hooked

****ing hell, if they didn't call that....

This PP could be the ball game

I call a Buff BOOMER on this PP


Sportsnet's golden boy Robert Thomas took a penalty.

Make it count please


Which 90's NHL goon should we hire for coach?

Goal please!

Page number: 51

It's not nefarious. The Refs just don't have the balls to call the rules as written.

Berube LOL
It's ****ing bull ****?
He hooked him over his wrists. Text book call dummy

here we ****ing go, power play time!!! Farm Boy to Amish Assassin and game tied!!!

Scheifele could use a PP goal

What is he mad about???

Lol I hope not


Must. Score.

Cheffy ......................redemption.

We needed that

Oh baby!!! Thank you Mark

**** you St. Louis I know some of you are reading this


**** yes!!!!!!! Get another boys!!!!

Blang blangggg

55 both pushing us to the ledge and keeping us away from the ledge lol

Scheifele BOOM



Chef serves...
Now show some resilience ya goofs...




I thought Binnington was God? Now, get your **** together Helle

What channel you in the future?;

Page number: 52

Well, they needed that badly. Bambi with a lil' redemption.

I guess now we know why the the Jets get too many pp ..... gooooooooaaaaaaalllll

Scheifele ****in buries it!

Another big stop for Binnington.

Good. And good thing they didn't have time to set up their PP formation.

Did they show pops Scheifele without mom?

Scheifele and Wheeler are doing what they need to do.

Oh hey, Scheif's dad's at the game. Hopefully he can get another one.

Make these *******s pay!!!!!!

That shot was insane.

That wasn't the hardest wrister, but damn was it perfectly placed.

The beginning of the end for Binnington.

Wheeler bringing it tonight.

Only human

Just stay strong for the rest of period, please.

Me too!

Did the camera man just die?

Wrong triggerman though.

Who is this time of night

Woohooo the Jets are the best hockey team ever!!!!!

Sheif redeeming himself after those early penalties! This is starting to be more of the chef I know and love and who was in beast mode last playoffs.

You tell "˜em!


Binni is average. It's the Blues strong defensive system that makes him look better. Jets need more net front traffic and sog.

Bingington can bleed!! Keep peppering the little punk!

Page number: 53

Jesus guys...let's manage the puck a bit in the last 10 seconds.

Team still broken, team still sucks.

What's this?!

We suck anytime near the end of a period

Get Connor off that line please. He's dead weight. Put ANYONE else there.

Very tough save

And SJ with 2 goals too..

Oh god going into the third with a tie

Hellebuyck redeemed himself a bit in the latter part of the second

I guess Beyak is selling it pretty well then. I've been thoroughly enjoying the game listening through his Jets goggles.
Maybe poor Alpha Lackey should have just listened to the TSN 1290 broadcast and made more judicious use of the ignore function. His flame out in this thread makes me sad I liked that guy.

Lol refs don't mind a slow whistle on Helle except for when it means a chance for St. Louis to score again.

81 and 26 need to knock someone on their ass on that sequence. Soft!

Might explain Scheifele's play


Like the last day at work before vacation.

I think we have found the problem


The Jets need at least a couple more. Hellebyuck cannot be relied on with the way he has been playing. He will let in another bad one.

calling the goal was all that matters!!

What a weird period

Refs are comical for having a faceoff there

Looked like the Jets were running to catch the 4:55 bus, there

U-ummm Is that a guarantee?

Page number: 54


Schiefs plays to win Gord!

Can't let Maroon and yellow-chiclets Sundqvist beat us.

Scheifele's mom playing too much Fortnite??

I'd imagine Berube was mad that it was the back referee that called the penalty rather than the referee closest and looking right at it (and somehow not calling it as obvious as it was).
That was a much better entry and two quick passes caught Binningtom moving, couldn't set and Scheifele placed that perfectly.
Jets aren't dead yet. Lots of mistakes makes it a tie game but some people really need to calm down here.

Well they battled back from a soft goal or 2. If they come out like they did last period again, we have a chance. 1st line is now going, if we can get back Helle from the past couple months we are all set

Laine is playing like a leader these playoffs. This is awesome to see.

Better than going in with the lead ...

We've had a few posters flame out. I don't blame them we can be a pretty vicious fan base towards our own team. A lot of Canadian teams have this issue though. The passion runs deep.

Or worse sick who knows.
Hopefully not

You're broken and you suck. How about that

That's why their jerseys are black and white. Not grey.

Get more shots please kthxbai.

Thank God we don't have a 3 goal lead...

Yup, his confidence is now shattered. He's done.
Isn't it obvious?
We can hope!

K, here's hoping the Jets don't sh*t the bed in the 3rd. We need win. Win is good. Win makes drinking more fun.

Wait was he serious? Oh crap.

I'll take the score but that period was ugly. It just feels like something is missing. The Jets still give up puck possession far too easily and it feels like they have to work extremely hard just to get a reasonable scoring chance. I may be the only one, but it feels fortunate every time the Blues don't score. Again, happy with the score but this isn't a recipe for sustained success.
At least they've figured out Binnington is a smurf and there are lots of holes around him.

Go Jets Go

Blues suck!!!

Show them Jets are better...
Dont give up!

Amish Assassin!

Well Maurice is really only playing the 1st line and Lowry line it appears, so we are going to need another 1st line goal or 2. I did not know the icetime was that messed up until i just looked. May want to get Laine, Hayes, Ehlers, Little a bit more icetime if we need a goal. Not that all of them have been great, but still

Fun tense game to be at. News flash the Blues are a really good team.
I am sure this thread is joyous.

This is must-win though. Can barely plug the dike with last change. Can't see us winning multiple games in STL.

3-3 sounds about right, honestly.

Sage advice my friend, sage advice indeed

Page number: 55

Drinking makes drinking more fun

Blues gonna impose their will and go for the jaggular.

Let see whst are JETS really made off now.

Jets need to shove it to the BLUES and burry them this 3rd period.

$50 popcorn

He honestly looks like the guy who gives the most ****s.

Ron McLean becoming a caricature of Ron McLean!

Connor not right they should use Ehlers. Ehlers isn't getting enough minutes. Too many minutes for Lowry's line while losing. Helly has been awful and great. Schief Wheeler and many ppl have come to play. Not Myers tho. Way more exciting than last year vs wild!!

Binni is is utter crap 3 goals on 17 shots. LOL.
Shoot on this sieve.

Still milking that one eh.

Win means less drinking though

I read that in a Homer Simpson voice

Hellebuyck please make a save tonight.

Jets are in this because they are winning the Laine Tarasenko battle.

His eyebrows are shifting again...

Ray getting some love.

I mean, he's still making creepy Sarah O comments, so 10 years at least.

I'll pick up the tab, if he keeps scoring

Ehlers and Hayes need to play more. If he doesn't trust Roslovic then doubleshift Copp/Laine.

I don't know if it's my poor diet or the Jets giving me high blood pressure.

Ya what the hell is with our line changes?

This 3rd period is going to kill me

Old man Schiefs spending time with Sarah now....
How's that for stirring the pot!

I'm officially at the "I can't drink hard liquor" age of my life.

Like I have been saying:
Team still broken, team still sucks.

And a round for my friends

Page number: 56

Maurice must've been smoking crack to play Little as a 3rd line winger. What the was up with that, like what the frick kind of lineup was that?

I see what you're doing Mr. Positivity.

In honor of Lackeys' meltdown...
I say lets get back into the spirit that Zham' started us on...
Ok Jets... !!!!

This game is one hell of a roller-coaster.
The next 20 will be glorious or mark the end of times.

What happened with Matty P?

I read it as Rourke in Barfly

Or double shift Ehlers on 2nd and 3rd. Tho hasn't done much with limited time. Laine's line deserves more playing time.

this was me after Chef tied it up!!! my 6 year old took the picture hahahaha

The waiter at the Met for game four!
Remember, everyone's invited for the HF meetup!

I can see why Hayes ice time is limited against the Blues, he can't keep up, guy is slower than Jokinen was!

I think he's trying to keep Laine away from ROR line as much as possible.

Hayes 6:42
Little 8:38
Ehlers 5:23
Roslovic 5:49
Laine 8:43 (1:38 on the pp)
This will certainly be an interesting 3rd, but if this goes south, Mo is likely going with it.

This has heartbreaking loss written all over it. Not going to get me.

...............and when we win this series crack a few of these

I'll miss him tbh

Are you in a PCH? Otherwise, there is no time.

Ugh go away!

Maurice needs to make adjustments.
The Blues use the whole ice and spread their players. One or two quick passes and the Blues get a great scoring chance. Play man to man to fix the problem.

Ehlers got rocked pretty good, might be a reason he ain't seeing a lot of ice-time right now.


I'm going to follow his example; he is in Pre-Med after all

Sadly, you're right.

He sucks as a photographer

Wow, you make me sound positive, seriously dude!

Page number: 57


Copp's d makes up for that.

Sadly, I'll be watching the rest of the game from home (kid is dead tired). Heard the power play goal on the radio.

Hell no! Big win coming up... propels us all the way to Rnd 2

That's all the Jets do play. They keep getting beat to their net.

Pretty sure he missed half the 2nd. Anything else is just Mo not rolling that line. He's basically running two lines as your go to guys and two 4th lines. But they're not 4th liners....

Wheeler and Scheifele have had moments this game but hardly deserve to be one of the only two lines playing. The Hayes line and a Little line have both been more dangerous than them in limited minutes.

Go Jets
Their reading hfboard between between period

Lets all be positive all right

will my Northern brothers allow me into your house with my go to beer???

This is why I'm not a parent. I woulda fed the kid a red bull and vodka.

Not to be a dink, but I've never understood the dimensions on this face...

Please Jets win

He's making baby steps from abysmal

and a gypsy

NASA staged the recent black hole picture.
Instead of taking a satellite picture of a cosmic body with a force and density that light cannot escape, they just took a picture with their iPhone of me bending over while watching the Jets game.
Even light cannot overcome the clench.

Worth mentioning that Par Lindholm is currently 4th in forward TOI, behind only the top line.

I honestly haven't heard Hayes name mentioned

Don't agree with the Hayes line necessarily. But Little and Laine need more time. Little is a gamer in the playoffs.

Calling it!
Tanev for the win!

Yeah, I can't do that. Either I go to prison, or my wife does after she murders me

I shouldn't have had the little bastard do a keg stand prior to taking the pic lol...

I do
Mr. Potato Head
Aye or eye?

Page number: 58

I'll never forget my elementary school red bulls with vodka/ Ahh memories

Par Lindholm will fall into the net and take the puck with him for the winner

Win = Family Circus GDT for game 3

They should send the Ukranian choir into the room to motivate them

A seen the Light...

Unless you're looking for him, you probably won't notice him.

Probably reading this board and all the trash talking Little takes - must have assumed he was garbage.
Can't keep everyone happy

Watching Hellebuyck let in 3 weak goals tonight has me on edge.
We bailed his ass out 3 times now.

He did singlehandedly keep it from becoming a 4-2 game, just saying.

You look at what Trotz can do with the Isles roster and wonder how the hell Maurice has such a tough time managing a stacked Jets team.

I'll take it

It would be interesting at some point to throw out a big line of Lowry-Hayes-Wheeler. Put Ehlers-Schiefele-Laine out with a favourable matchup.

I'd rather see Copp double shifted if he's going to restrict the Little and Hayes lines so much.

Make me a believer, Jets. Take this one home please!

Come on Jets

Win this one.
Don't want to be grumpy today!!!!!

Hopefully the camera picks up the puck in his pants, or the ref on the ice calls it a goal.

Shifting to Ackroyd mode for the 3rd...

It is -
He was in the dressing room for awhile

When Ehlers got rocked and returned to the bench, he was seated next to Hayes who had Maurice's full attention.

Go Jets Go !!!!

Coach MUST focus this team on clean, gap controlled breakouts, with speed to win the neutral zone. We will see if this occurred during the break.

Connor still useless tonight.

Connor with another 2 weak plays. Weak stick check without body position to let the Blues break out and then turns and quickly flips the puck out of the Jets zone for icing.

Page number: 59

Ha! Mo? Good one!

Nice defensive play by Laine.

Maurice needs to distribute ice time better. All we need is a gassed team late in the 3rd or 1/2OT.

Just don't order it at BellMTS. You'll have to sell your kidney.


Maurice usually doesn't even go into the dressing room

Y'all are over the limit. We'll win this.