FTP: Canucks @ Blues 04/06/2019

Last regular season win! Now it’s time for the playoffs!

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Big game for the Blues. Bigger game for us!

Just need an OTL to nail my 81 point projection.

The Blues are winning the Western Conference.

The Blues have been on tear since the start of 2019

Not going to beat the blues

I got the horses in the back...

Blues definitely need the points..Canucks definitely don't need the points....All the signs are there that the Canucks will win handily.. Very Canuck ..How could it go any other way?

7-5 Blues. Goals by Pettersson x3, Beagle, and Gaudette. Binnington with 7 goals for the Blues to win the Calder!

Let it end.

Blues - 3
Canucks - 0
M2B is found Sunday morning "swinging" from the ceiling fan.

Its the last game... and majority on the boards want them to lose.
I'm in that boat tonight. Get some kid points, for the love of God don't get the two or one points as it does nothing positive this last game, and go out feeling ok but in a better draft position.
If Tanner Pearson scores, cool. If Markus Granlund scores... just... sell him high if you can?

Nah, we'll resign him , cause garbage time goals show real character, bleh.
5-1 Blues.

Thank **** the season is almost over.

Well unabashed plug here for the tank. We have to lose in regulation to get a better draft spot. Sure hope that happens but I wouldn't bet on it.

Pettersson vs Binnington

Big game today if anyone cares about the draft.

or the Calder.

8-2 Blues
Pearson and Hughes with the goals

Had the same thought. It has a feeling as if this game will decide the faith of the ROY.

damn, have to miss this one, didn't know it was a 1 p.m. game and i'm in a chess tourney all day. Crap. Go EP and no one else please.

Markstrom or Demko in goal?

Canucks player win the draft and that player goes on to win the Calder. Elmer job is saved for another season regardless of what happens in the regular season.


Predicting Petey gonna score. Needs to shut up the Bennington Calder garbage

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20-2 Blues, goals from Granlund and Rafferty.

Blues fan coming in peace. The Blues need to win this game, but they tend to play down to their opponents. It would not surprise me if the Blues barely scrape by or even lose this game. The Blues might treat this as a game to "rest" and not risk injury right before the playoffs. So I realize that you want to lose to get a better shot at Hughes but don't count on it yet.

Hopefully Rafferty gets 30 minutes.

Congrats on the great turn around this season. I thought the Blues were out of the race half way through the season but they came back. Berube must be one hell of a coach. He was one tough hombre when he played , the best coaches are the 3rd or 4th line guys for some reason. Green's pretty good too even though he sure makes me wonder sometimes. This will be a close game , the Canucks are clearly playing for the coach and GM's jobs. They know they're on the right path and next year they'll have a much better team. What do you think of the job Benning has done? Most posters are biased against him because of a couple mistakes all GM's make. They don't have a crystal ball. Look at some of the building blocks in place. Pettersson, Hughes , Pearson, Leivo, Demko , Virtanen , Stecher , Gaudette and with Juolevi, Woo and MacEwen coming up next year. These moves trump the usual gripes about missing out on Tkchuk and some guy named Nylander or Ehlers or something and the Ericksson signing. On the right path, the Canucks will be cup contenders within 3 years.

Just for the love of god lose in regulation tonight.

I expect them to lose in OT or something in the most annoying way possible where they score a fluky goal in the 3rd to tie it up.
Only question is which garbage time player pisses us off today.

I think Benning has done a fine job, especially at drafting. It was no secret that after the Sendins retired that it would be an overhaul. Drafting Pettersson at 5 was magic. You already have one of the most difficult positions to fill (#1 Center), wait till he fills out a bit. You have your #1 defenseman too. I think the Canucks could be a formidable team in about three years (I mean let's face it, there's still some rebuilding to do or else you wouldn't be missing the playoffs). Good luck next year, but not this game.

Great post ,Bro. I'd like it if i could (got some warning's). I'll be rooting for the Blues come playoff time. I think the run they've been on makes them very dangerous to whomever they meet in the first round. Classy team and you're a classy poster. Good luck.

This really is the perfect way to summarize a season as a Canuck's fan.

why is hughes already considered our 1D

I meant a future #1. You guys have your future #1 C and D already cemented. That's a good place to continue a rebuild

Cement shoes. D cemented? . Only reason it didn't look like a complete tire fire was the play of Marky.

It's nice to hear an unbiased fans perspective. Most of the posters here have been poisoned by the vitriol of a comic series called Benning On Empty and basically a gang of Benning haters that attack and sworm any one that even says he's done a mediocre job without an understanding of how long it takes to build a team from scratch. They complain about every move from free agent signings to not having a 100% drafting record even though he got us Gaudette in the 5th round And Boesr at 23, a player that will be great in a couple of years.

Where did you expect the Canucks to finish this year? Playoffs?

Just lose, baby.

That's the Canucks luck too. Most are hoping for a loss, the Blues should dominate the Canucks, are clearly the better team....and we will somehow win. If we were playing the Senators in this situation we'd get annihilated. Best of luck today though, I'm just hoping for an entertaining game.

Only able to draft him in the first place because of an extra pick that Gillis acquired by dealing Diaz.

Sure, I'll go with that.

Hope EP, Boeser & Hughes get points and it's an entertaining game.
Losing this one will not bother me at all.

Guess he thought it was still April 1?

Biddington with the shutout and some stone cold saves on ep40 and Boeser. Clinching the Calder nod for the what have you done for me lately voters.

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Based. He sang it the original way.

C'mon Petey! End this Calder discussion once and for all. Light Binnington up.

Amazing turnaround for the Blues..looked like a garaunteed lottery team halfway through the year..

This guy is awful lol

Love the retro 70's Blues uniforms.

they've consistently had the best unis in the league

A rare poor quality post from Josepho
Suprised and disappointed

Very good ever since they ditched those bizarro ugly 90's ones with the red.
Blackhawks are still my favourite.

They look great..

Couldnt be a more unlikable line:
Granlund Beagle Schaller
Yuck. Just pure yuck

Blues carrying the play..but look vulnerable to odd man rushes going the other way.

Classic pretender team

Haha Blues still in m2b's head big time

Pettersson looks so slow

Demko always loses his stick. Hes gotta control it WAY better

They were never in my head, I just think there a fake team that fools everyone every year to believe THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT

might be just me but seems as if rafferty has a willie mitchell thing going on with his stick

Quinn makes so many really nice, subtle moves in the d-zone

He does, needs a summer of conditioning so he doesnt run out of gas next year


Wow Petterson with the trick play

I noticed that too. Behind the net, tons of pressure and a calm little saucer pass and we got out of the zone. Love that

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look at how much nicer this arena looks with appropriately coloured seats

That was nuts

Hughes looks just awesome. I really wish that one didn't go offside. I'm excited whenever he touches the puck.

lmao Schenn

Man I love Hughes

Which one ?

I just feel like Gaudette is destined to play for the Blues one day

The fact that Loui still gets chances in the top 6 is a joke

Brogan terrible pass infront of the net

Channeling Derrick Pouliot there

Is that Schenns brother for the Blues?


Schenns bro lol

The wrong Schenn scores

Or was it the right Schenn?

Another weak goal by Demko. He has a lot of work to do to clean up all his weaknesses

Binnington gonna have a 10-save shutout?

Clearly troll attempt which I wish ppl will vote it :
Binnington is the ROTY

The guy has 900+ games in the NHL. Cant just take him out of the top 6, how would that make him feel? Such a veteran, leadership guy with a proven ability to exist in the NHL.

Edler got away with one.

Demko was called up Jan.4 and has played 8 games in 4 months.
He's gonna need way more work to determine if he's a long term solution

I know your probably being sarcastic but this is so wrong. He stinks he is a 4th line plug who can pk and rip home empty netters which usually go in the correct net

Still really annoys me that even when Green had the willingness to healthy scratch him the moment he was back he was promoted from the 4th to Horvat's line.


To be honest I don't think that Boeser and Pettersson should be attached at the hip. They don't have as great chemistry as Green seems to think. Boeser and Bo last year were awesome together, and Brock needs to have the puck more to do his thing, whereas on Petey's line Petey needs to have the puck more.
The chemistry between Goldy-Petey-Eriksson was actually better than any combo with Brock involved so far this year I think

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Good shift by the 4th line

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Loui can **** off with most of this roster

This revolving door of left wingers that Pettersson has to deal with is ridiculous. A player like Spooner should not be in the top 6, on any NHL team. ESPECIALLY not on the line of a player like Pettersson. I feel like this has been said many times, but Matthew Tkachuk would look good beside him.

Pp time
Please do this Coach Green:
Horvat Pettersson Boeser
Hughes Edler

Blues D men are absolutely massive lol. Just punishing on the boards.
Pietrangelo, Parayko, Edmunson, Bouwmeester, Bortuzzo.
All 6'4 or bigger.

Gunnarsson and Dunn are no slouches physically either

Been saying this for a while. Pettersson needs a Panarin type. Way more creative than Boeser

lets have hughes drop pass the puck to Pearson? well that's a bold zone entry strategy.

Not sure why they started PP2 for the PP...

Seeing how Boeser is skating in the last part of this season is indisputable proof that he was playing through some serious injuries earlier. I think we're extremely lucky that worked out for us.

Canucks chasing the play for the most part that period.

ALso IMO kind of BS that you didn't give Marky a chance to go for 30 in this one.

The fact that Hughes still hasn't had a shot on the first PP unit is ridiculous. Who are you trying to keep happy? Edler? ****ing hell.

Worse part was Edler was on for a long shift when the penalty was taken and still started the PP.

Granlund on the second PP. Just put two defensemen there ffs

Edler gonna walk if Hughes so much as spits on the ice when PP1 is out

Agreed Mossey. Hes quite a dynamic player and with a full offseason of training hes one of the most exciting aspects of next season imo

I've been saying this all along. There was simply no way his skating was going to fall off permanently - he's still the same player we saw last year. The mass hysterics around here were amusing, though.

Yet he won't start PP1 many times because those old dogs EP Bo and Boes are so exhausted...

I found it annoying. Im glad that nonsense stopped for the most part

Waited 82 games but you finally got to say that!

Do you expect any different?

Brock needs to work on getting his shot off quicker though. If he can release his shot quicker he's going to be so deadly.

I think the hysterics about poor health and injury management were justified though.

I swear to christ if Boeser comes back even heavier next season though, the memo needs to be to cut 5-10 lbs while continuing to build lean muscle and work on explosiveness for Brock

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Btw....Pang says Elias for ROTY.

I hate when they talk about how good a goalie has been and then they just show muffin saves in the highlight pack. Like that glove stop was going to miss the net...

I'm talking more about the crowd that was convinced he just wasn't what we thought he was. Even highly reputable posters here were saying we should trade high on him while we still could.

From working for a national broadcaster, I can tell you that they would've had this worked out as something to talk about at first intermission so they just made the package as good as they could.

Yeah I got that, and I disagreed at the time. Like he was so clearly injured.
Also I think his controller disconnects at a much lower rate than, say, Laine, although of course he still needs to keep working on that.


Ok in this case sure but it happens after the game all the time. I've watched highlight packs after games I watched live where the goalie makes several crazy saves and none of them are in the highlight pack.

The editors on that game may not know hockey that well or were just not giving a f...

Naming names would be a bit cheap, but there were some GTDs in which this debate became pretty baffling..

Bo's hat is the best

Serious injury, no. Lack of conditioning, absolutely.

EP's ego is something. This kid is going to have some serious growing pains in his 20s.

re-watched the goal, that was really slow developing play, and Demko should have been able to get set. He came across slowly and did that thing where he practically stands up before t-pushing over. Even with all that it wasn't a great shot so I would chalk it up to a poor track on the puck.
Thing is we see Demko play well for longer and longer periods now and then he absolutely doesn't get a good track on something. Shows that he is still adjusting to NHL speed and IMO probably not a thing that will be fixable in the off-season.

He has a sense of humour.

I don't agree. The fact that he was put on IR is evidence against your stance as well.
When he came back from the second injury to now is the normal progression you'd expect for conditioning. From the start of the season to his IR stint he could barely move.

Nice series of plays by Schenn there

Why you say that?

Way to go Bo!
All those face-offs taken, and amazingly played all 82 games. I'm sure he played a few of those banged up, too.

Its kind of like hes a rookie goalie or something.
Demko has looked way better than i expected since he got called up, great prospect

His interviews and the way he banters. He's kind of socially awkward but believes he's special. That's great when everything is going your way but that perception is going to cause struggles when it isn't.
Brock should host a late night TV show.

I really like the Blues' jerseys

It's almost as if a 23 year old goalie in his first rookie NHL season still has some stuff to learn at the NHL level.
Who would have thought about such things!!111

Yeah they're colours are really dope. Nice classic look

Gaudette some fantastic stick handling

Fair enough. Joulevi struck me is awfully arrogant after we drafted him as well.

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Hopefully everyone Luc

Nothing wrong with having a certain level of arrogance at least from my POV.

Completely killed any trade value for Goldy the last month

Whats the announcer talking about Boeser doesnt take many penalties

honestly that might be a good thing so we can resign and that way we won't trade him due to low return.

He never had any.

I'm not hating in anyway. Most men in around his age have some of that machismo ego. I can't even imagine what his existence has been like being God's gift to hockey in Sweden and now being here. I'm just saying there's some bugs in the software that will need to get worked out.
I love Boeser, Horvat and Demko's personality. All of those kids are screwed together well.

Man what an awkward save by Demko on such an easy shot. Not sure what hes thinking on a play like that

9 shots half way thru the game

Man what a crazy pass by Hughes there to Leivo. That was like a Doughty like pass. INSANE

Jesus Hughes makes breakouts look so easy.

Hughes looks like the only player trying to create offense. Everyone else just playing the grinding game.

Hughes is already the best defender on this team.

Its Quinn Hughes

I'm gonna go out on limb here and assume someone looked at the standings and decided it would be a good game to see alot of Schaller, Granlund, Beagle and Spooner.

Hughes the one man breakout machine. He can only get better from here

And thru this somehow Eriksson is still unbelievably INVISIBLE

Great game from hughes.
He's taken the puck away multiple times in the defensive zone.
Probably has more controlled exits than all other d-men combined.
his most confident game by far.

Schenns brother is quite the diver

Fast Eddie gave him a reach around there...

Can we have both the Hughes brothers, skill level off the charts

Brogan has looked pretty good...

Yeah, he's looking like the real deal. There's going to be some growing pains without the puck but man is he smooth when he gets some open ice.

He does too many wierd plays imo. Passed infront of Demko, skates all over the place in the o zone like he has no structure or something

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that was an awful one timer

Completely changes the look of the Canucks D..

Maroon golf!

To me it's been a bit of a disappointment but I felt the same about Schneids. He has the typical issues you'd expect.

Thatcher channeling the young Gump Worsley tonight...

Demko saving this teams ass lol

Oh sure, but less so today than last game imho

The cross crease save was a fluke, but he made 3-4 good ones after that.

EP is definitely hurt

I don't think it's indicative of his future, but not only is Pettersson not playing great, he seems to be a liability, especially in his own end.

No we can't. Sorry...

Hard to watch Virtanen. He's just standing still all the time. Lazy or just doesn't understand his responsibility?

He's plumb tuckered out. He'll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in September though...

Nice airplane spin by Horvat there...

he's not lazy, his brain just can't figure out the game that fast to be able to understand what to do right away, takes him a second to realize what he needs to do

I sure hope so 'cause his lack of strength is blinding right now.

Blues doing everything but scoring..

Yeah thats true, hes playing good GENERALLY, maybe just needs more games to stabilize his game and get use to things more. Maybe Coach Green not developing him to his best ability

Glad Granlund didnt score there. What would be the point?

He just sucks. Doesnt know how to use his tools at all.

Jakey better put on his thinking cap for the third period...

lol Virtanen had 2 chances to literally dump it in for a change.

Will he ever get it?

Gonna get shutout in game 82 lol

Greener has run the lad ragged I'm afraid...

probably not fully. hes been better this year, though this game hes awful.
can still be a useful player if he continues to improve. he is still quite young so theres... some hope anyway.

this is why you always choose the smartest/most skilled player in every draft. just pick BPA, not what your needs are

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Virtanen showing his rock bottom IQ.
Two d-men on a 2 minute shift trying to change and he loses the puck at the blue line instead of getting it deep.

Probably for the best

Don't say that word Cookie

Is Jakey still tight with The Bieb?


Severe injury would have prevented him from playing, full stop. If the injury was minor, that's different. And if you'll remember correctly, he was put back on IR because he suffered an awkward hit vs Washington. Your subjective observations hardly qualify as anything remotely close to "evidence" when the actual facts are staring you in the face.

Schaller can't even receive a pass. Insane that he makes more than league minimum.

****..Hughes is unreal


Schaller just blocked Hughes first career goal

Schaller the gift that keeps on giving

Schaller literally stopped Quinn Hughes from scoring. You can't make this **** up my god.

Grammer policing the Cookie Man Mega Man?

Jesus Christ Schaller!

Good job Schaller you ****ing plug

What a ****ing waste playing Hughes with the Granlund, Beagle, and Schaller line. I have to think that Green is trying to stealth tank, otherwise these deployments are dumb as hell.

Beagle?Shaller/Granlund the most dangerous line today....makes this a waste of a Saturday afternoon so far

That's a helluva curse right there

Robbed by Schaller.

Schaller is the 1.8m dollar gift that keeps on giving

edit: 1.9m dollar gift

Hughes would have scored, but Schaller blocked it.

Blues with only a one goal cushion..brace yourselves.

Hes trying to be the most hated Canuck by Canuck fans now that Gudbranson is gone and Poo is as good as gone. Schaller and Eriksson dooking it out

It's all about "earning it."

I actually think Timbo has been much improved lately...

****ing dead

Schaller and Granlund, name two players in the NHL that have a lower combined skillset.

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Thats what i was thinking too. I think i could out coach Green right now and Ive never coached a game in my life

I want Erikson out as much as I wanted Guddy gone. Thats alot

Not possible. But not far behind: Gudbranson, Pouliot, Eriksson, Spooner, Etc

Are you the same guy that said Gaudette should be getting more than 10 minutes per game halfway through the season? Cuz Gaudy looks more gassed than ever.

look at this play on Tim schaller...

Just imagine not having Eriksson and Spooner. thats 9m of cap space right there. Thats a top end forward or a d-man in UFA.
Feels bad man

He probably should have stayed in the AHL and gotten more minutes bub. Putting dumpster fire plugs on his wing doesnt do a thing for his development. This should have been a development year for our young guys, not just any minutes in the NHL

Anchor contract unfortunately. Brother Louie is an immovable object.

Reaves and bellemare

Only in Vancouver is this not the case.

Did Shannon just say Eriksson has been "œreinvented"

lol Eriksson "reinvented."

Reaves finishes his checks. That's more than can be said of our beloved 4th liners

john Shannon?! what?

Jesus...did anyone else listen to John Shannon
He just said Pearson-Horvat-Eriksson is a solid 2nd line for next season because Eriksson has reinvented himself since Pearson's acquisition. Lord help me...

Louis Eriksson has "reinvented" himself and forms part of a solid second line.
What team has he been watching?

Hahaha just beat me to it...

John Shannon is an idiot

Schenns brother is an annoying arrogant guy WOW

The reigning heavyweight champion who is also good on the penalty kill is more useless than Granlund or Schaller?

True, you said lower skillsets though tbf

To be fair, he just said he's reinvented himself. He didn't say what he's reinvented himself as. Maybe a curler? Maybe a pilot?

And its not like hes stat watching, Erikssons stats are the worst of his career lol

One more period until no more hockey for five months.

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I mean, are they lower? I just looked up the actual stats and my god, Granlund barely has more goals/points than Reaves lmao

A guy who plays maracas..?

Errikson is no longer even an NHL player! And Pearson is a third liner on a good team. John Shannon obviously never laced up a skate in his life.

John Shannon is really ****img dumb

It's true, but all of these national guys have awful takes on the Canucks. Aside from the Leafs they simply don't have the time to properly follow each team (especially western teams) so their analysis is garbage. Now of course Shannon has terrible opinions regardless but it applies to the other national analysts.

It's gonna be the summer of George!

My biggest fear is that we score late and take this to overtime. We need to lose in regulation. I want to finish 8th last, not 9th last.

Juolevi the missing piece LMAO

So thats how you pronounce Juolevis name i was WAY off

Just peering into the mind of the administration through iMac. For sure signing a bad UFA and banking on Juolevi"”lol.

"uhhh maybe this guy will be good next year" the man has an impressive ability to analyse the game

Agreed, but how the **** is it even hard to do a google search and see how putrid his numbers are.
They'll do anything to protect an old boys club member like Jimbo.
Hockey media is worse than fox.

Isn't the difference like 2%? I'd rather watch Quinn Hughes 3 on 3

Wow the amount of schiling thats happening......is.......well getting embarrassing actually.

I think Shanny mostly follows the Oilers...

It's super flawed anayalsys and also just laziness on their part


Vlad nearly impaled the twine...


Did you honestly expect any different? This is pretty much all I expected from this was "Durrr Future HYPE HYPE HYPE"
This is a business that is losing it's customers' attention for five months. All these entities from Sportsnet, Vancouver Sun, NHL Center Ice, Advertisers, Blah Blah Blah depend on people buying into the hope of next season or all these businesses suffer.
So IMAC, the soul-less shill comes out with all the credibility as an impartial announcer of a regional southern wrestling company from the 1970s to shill the marks on another season which is filled with nothing but hope and potential.
Rinse and repeat.

Slew foot

I want #18 to show us the 'Jake and bake' one more time this season...

Maroon is a goon, thats a slew foot.



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not your greatest work shorty

Wow. Pearson!

Wow, Pearson.

insane goal

Shorty with the Bob Cole tribute on the goal call.

what the ****

What the ****?

whoever said pearson was gonna score wtf man

pearson for gudbranson what a damn trade

Could be picking 9th OA

End 2 End, but why?

lol the 1 time we don't drop pass.

Rocket Pearson...

Lol we're going to drop a draft spot if we force OT.

Nice goal
Awful defense lol

Pearson the new garbage time king lol

No shutout for you, Binnington!


LOL Beagle muffed a shot into the middle of the goalie

hopefully he can continue this next season.

bob cole tribute
love it

Glad we did it, but bad for the tank
Gubdranson was King Tank

ffs pearson ruining the tank!

Holy **** Green keeps putting Hughes Schenn out there with Granlund Schaller Beagle. This is insane.

If Pearson can continue this next year I don't have an issue with him scoring now, but this better not be the usual garbage time bs.

Pearson/Gudbranson might be the most win/win trade I've ever seen.

Demko's first point!!!

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It's always surprising that a guy that skates like a slug can find that kind of lane and room.

Why use the Emergency Broadcast System to start a "Let's Go Blues" chant

i am wondering about that too.

Still can't believe I had people arguing with me for 5 pages in the management thread when I said that Pearson and his contract is significantly better than Gudbranson LOL

Pearson is...good

Demko is playing really controlled.

STL feed just called Gaudette "Autumn Gaudette"

Haha Thomas what a bozo


My gawd this Brogan Rafferty

Damn. No idea how we didn't score then

Blues are going to pay if they leave Boeser open like that.

You know how there was that interview recently where Gillis was talking about studying situations where Kesler was successful and putting him into as many of those as possible? Yeah this is kinda the opposite.

St.Louis looks drunk right now.

Boeser too slow on his release TWICE there

Yeah someone should tell them the playoffs havent started yet

I was choosing to hear, "Let's go Hughes".

i am thinking more likely quinn did a bad thing earlier and was being coacgdd. he was on wth rafferty and boeser just now.

Hughes wants it bad

That's actually a good idea to have at Rogers Arena.

Rafferty playing a solid game.

Our young stars dominate when they are out there together. Hughes is a phenom extraordinaire

Do you guys really care that much if the Canucks pick 8th or 9th? It doesn't matter because JB will work his magic again and get the best player of the draft again. Peterson was by far the best player in his draft class and now Quinn Hughes is looking like he got the best one again. Also , quit ragging on Juolevi , he's played one month in N.A. He's going to make you look bad next season and i'll be there to remind you. Just like with the Leivo and Pearson trades.

Schaller turns what should be a sure odd man rush into getting pushed right into the boards.

He's very strong on picks, and makes really good outlet passes. He definitely looks like a player

Page number: 14

Hopefully your right

Just heard Loui Eriksons name called. He's playing huh?

Nice save Demko

Edler just looking old and slow....

The percentage of winning the draft has nothing at all to do with it. The higher the pick, the better chance to draft a great player (especially one who falls in the draft).

I gotta have more Hughes.

This Vlad is a tank...

he turns into a breakout like a supertanker

Awesome PP song. So original.

hey now.

marcus granlund shorthanded goal time?

So Tarasenko is really good

Awesome Vlad!

Thanks, Vlad!

Ok ok 9 minutes to go


Failure to clear with numerous chances and a penalty, then ....

All we need is a Schaller tying goal and an OT winner by Granlund in garbage time to complete the season strong.

Yikes I was going off the top of my head lol


Should at least be a solid upgrade for the Utica D corps next season, which really needs the help.

Good on Schenn there, and Spooner doing jack all, nice.

Yes Pettersson and Hughes are great.

what a shot

Yeah he's reinvigorated now.

Page number: 15

Binnington decided not to cover the puck for some reason. Not sure why Blues players are taking offense.

Please leave Spooner, you're the worst.

That was pretty cheeky by EP40. Any NHL player would take offence to that

It was obvious as soon as he played a shift, he was Vey 2.0

He was even going "What?" to the guys and that's when they went after him.
He's such a gamer lmao

TBH I liked PBP being cheeky there

Schenn understands being a teammate. I wish Virtanen would learn to fight for his mates like that. Jake just stood and watched

yup gotta protect ur goalie

I saw Jake pushing a Blues player. Not sure we watched the same thing

Yeah wasnt the best time to criticize Virtanen for not defending a teammate

Another Blues goal here would be HUGE and more relaxing

This Patrick is kind of a Maroon...

This is only a test.

Your logic is beyond broken. Benning can't select the best player in the draft if the best player is already taken. Same with second best, third best, etc. The higher we choose in the draft, the better chance we have of snagging an excellent player. So I care a ton about finshishing 8th worst v. 9th worst.

Virtanen isn't even close to the **** disturber he was earlier in his career, that suspension for the Polak hit scared him off. It's too bad, if he could consistently be physical and getting under the other teams skin he would be a much more effective player. I think it's safe to assume all of his injury issues play into it too though

Holy ****ing **** Demko what a save

Demko holy mother of god what a save

Demmy boy Demmerson

Demko amazing

Great save, Demko!

Nice ****in save.

If we lose do we get 8th for sure or are you hoping for results from the later games too?

Spooner is a super soft player. I'd rather Holdy was out there

Wow what patience by Demko! Hes turning me into a Believer!!

Marky and Demko going to be a great 1-2 punch next season..

Page number: 16

8th if they lose in regulation, otherwise 9th, later games will have no effect.

8th for sure. Ducks dont play again got the same amount a points but win the tie braker for some reason

Demko keeping this one close

I thought he was sloppy early in the game and like that electrician said hes still a 23 year old rookie. And the more he plays the more hes getting better. Cant wait for next year to see Demko get more games
Im liking this

he won't or can't fight so he does not get into the mix. i am guessing the shoulder injuries.

Damn, Demko played that Perron chance really nicely.

Demko looks better and better every game he plays.

if they pick up where they left off we should be a playoff team.

Ok , Blues lets do this. We got Hughes at 7th and we could get another great player at 8th.

Stecher end 2 end then reverse hit that Blues clown

Nice rush Tony

Maybe I missed it, but I saw Schenn come on and go after the Nlue's guy who was after EP. Jake didn't get involved until after Schenn arrived. It was like Jake' first instinct was to watch. That's why I want Jske to break out of his comfort zone and take some gloves to the nose.

Stech got starched in the corner there..

from the way the crew is handling things i think edler is gone.

Stan DARSH....

And if he wants more than 2 years and a NMC I agree with you

Nice shot by Hughes there

Just remembered the stupid draft lotto , that means we'll pick at 10th or 11th. Gary Bettman the phoney hockey god.

The future owning that shift

Yeah he's looking like an Nhler, sell high on markstrom and sign a cheap vet backup.

Boeser has the puck on a string on that shift wow

Top line out there, that means the Granlund group of crap to start this PP
Ugh it really is gonna be a Granlund from Eriksson goal to SOLIDIFY 9th pick

Hughes is unreal.
Keeps the play alive about five times in the same shift

Scripted Markus Granlund tying goal, let's go!

Petey has to score here or Binnington wins the Calder, IMO

Page number: 17

My buddy brought up an interesting idea and I wonder if he just plans on retiring. Has never been a guy who's super devoted to the game and has had a day job approach to it through his career. Cares more about his family. Could have gotten a big reality check with that scary injury

hey now

There ya go

Oh well

Pettersson scores yay.
9th overall boo

There ya go...Calder confirmed I guess...



not likely. he's got $15 million of income at least left in his career.


Elias Pettersson has just won the Calder

EP beats Binnington lol!

Huge goal!!! wow! greeat job!

9th OA ..thanks Pete..lol

you know there's a lottery right?


I guess at this point go for the win, might as well hope for Hughes 1st goal

I hate this team so much sometimes

The future of this team looks bright but I'm still sad we are drafting 9th or 10th


****!!! ****ing ********er referees ignore an obvious Canuck penalty and have to go and whistle one on St Louis just for ****s and giggles eh.

Pettersson wins Calder at least lol

Lmao, Pettersson just scored on binnington, securibg calder most likely.

I'm almost not mad about that because EP is my ****ing LIFE

Page number: 18

What a dumb comment.
You know its better to pick higher than not right?

Pat Maroon needs a mammoth beat down.

Pettersson = boss

im glad petey is so good but im also unhappy that we are tied. i am a mix of emotions

Math is hard

Petey! Wow what a beautiful shot

Hilarious resilience.

at least it was pettersson and not granlund

Hughes for the winner?

13.3 seconds to confirm 9th place

Benning doesn't believe in math.

Imagine if we win the lottery from 9th. Petey would be an even bigger legend than he is now.

may as well win now.

Literally zero benefit to winning this game.

That glove save by Demko a few minutes ago was amazingly important.

I'd rather have Pettersson score and quite the naysayers than a one spot difference in the draft. He's got the Calder locked now. Wok with Elias......and Yen.

**** sakes


Pull the goalie in OT.

**** it all.

i need a cheeky quinn hughes goal

Well, might as well win now....we can also now all conclude that Anahiem, picking with lottery odds in the 8th spot, will win the lottery.

Time for another shootout W..lol

We might as well cheer for the win knowing we have already secured a top 10 pick pending something catastrophic

Yes, but our young guys sure look good, don't they?

Page number: 19

petey not on team tank

Lets hope we get a big Granlund shootout winner boys!

Well back to cheering. Go Nucks!

all tankers must cheer now. no more tanking possible.

hoping for a win at this point

Is the difference between 8th and 9th worth seeing more Pettersson-Boeser-Hughes in OT? Maybe

Pull the goalie and make this 4 on 3. If Blues score oh well. Nobody wants another stupid shootout.

We certainly owe a huge debt of gratitude to Troy Stetcher for last games own goal. Without it we would probably be drafting 11th

This is the most invested I've felt in an outcome in a long time.

We are all Canucks....now.

hope pettersson snipes in binnington

This was a really important loss for the tank but I can't be mad when it's Pettersson scoring.

Depends on if one of them wins the lottery. If Anaheim does, then no chance in hell.

Hughes just ****ing score please


What a pathetic bunch of posters on here with their reaction on a rocket of a goal from EP to tie the game.

Hughes is just insane


stay on the ice **** what a joke

No, don't understand the context of the situation at all.

Just leave them out there the whole OT.

Hughes is going to be a very good offensive dman for a long time

Hughes is legit

Another future reader

I'll take another EP goal, or Hughes with his first

Page number: 20

Hughes is custom made for 3x3

Spooner out there in OT lol

Habs fan, watching the game at work. Hughes is the guy I wanted at the draft and he's proving me right. He is going to be a special player for a long time for you guys.

are you new here?

Great to see the Canucks compete to the very end! I agree, what a pathetic bunch of posters here who would cheer against ANY canucks goal. Shameful indeed. GO PETTERSSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious fans are mad that the Canucks didn't finish near last while bellyaching all year about not winning enough. Interesting dichotomy.

Our Future is insane
Hughes, petterssson, Boeser , Demko
Holy ****


These three in overtime are just absurd

Yeah a loss would have been way better than this...

Well this makes me hopeful for next year

What a monster shift! Wow.

Oh look, you came out of your hole to **** on people who want whats best for the long term state of the team! Congrats on your complete ignorance!

3 on 3 is just a better game...

A Horvat goal would be great too

Can they just make the league 3 on 3?

But no cant have Quinn out there with Brock and Petey for the man advantage right?

That was fun to watch.
Takes some sting out.

Lol what? Glad you're enjoying the 5 minutes of entertainment!!!

hopefully we can be this much fun 5on5 soon.

Quinn hughes game winner

i don't see the blues doing anything in the playoffs. tarasenko is the only guy really going.

Weak call

If you can't understand the difference between winning earlier in the year and now I don't know what else to say.

And if only we could watch Hughes, Pettersson and Boeser on 3 on 3 more often.

dumb way to end the season

Page number: 21

Man, Hughes is special

Just put Pettersson, Boeser and Hughes on the PK.

Granlund shorty coming!

Seems odd they called that after letting everything go before that

Yes , we do. It's called splitting hairs.

The low IQ ones like to come and boast because they rarely have anything to boast about in their real lives. Just ignore them.

Get it to a SO. I don't want my last memory of this season to be Granlund and Eriksson killing penalties.

At this point just put them out on the PK

Holy. Blues arena music is horrendous.

Very happy to see Granlund out there!! Excited to see what he brings in meaningful games next year

Let me guess, you know what's right for the long term state of this team? LOL. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First time I've listened to a game on the radio this year as much as this one, is Hirsch always this much of a shill? He's been just brutal to listen to, it's been painful.

are you guys embracing granlund's final 30 seconds on ice for the canucks as much as i am

Okay, I understand it's a penalty kill, but it's OT... Fans don't want to watch ****Ing Markus Granlund for the last minute of hockey for 5 months.

Yup, he's terrible. Not a thing about him is good.

How is it splitting hairs? Context is obviously everything.
It's the last game of the season and they have been eliminated for weeks. Winning now directly effects their draft position and chance at the lottery. Winning early in the season improves their chances of making the playoffs.
Pretty simple stuff.

Yeah I guess it is better to want my team to lose....much more enjoyable...

To state it simply...**** YES

Both Hirsch and Auld are shilling for a job with the team and its really painful

nah don't need someone that matters getting hurt going into the summer with nothing on the line.

LOL WE MISSED THE PLAYOFFS BY A WIDE MARGIN! Lololol you are so right missing the playoffs the last for years is best for realzzzzzzz love this team GO CANUCKS GO, who cares about draft picks when you do SO MUCH WINNING!

nice pk there

Used to be 6 on 6. Then 5 on 5. You;s probably have to do 4 on 4 first but I'd love to eventually get to 3 0n 3. Too many skaters out there plugging things up now.

I will take a shootout win

Another fake hockey game

Page number: 22

More than you ever will

Nice. Hughes, Pettersson, or Boeser with the SO winner please.

I heard you are not a real fan if you think that. Go Canucks go for no reason am I right?

I hope thats the line time I ever see Granlund wear a Canucks jersey

if we didn't go on a massive losing streak to end 2017, we wouldn't have elias pettersson right now.

Eriksson Granlund and Spooner please

4 on 4 would be good. 2 d and 2 forwards.

go canucks go

Should just extend the OT by 5 minutes and get rid of the SO and the loser point. Problem solved.

If it's not EP Boeser Hughes for the shootout, Green is a beyond all hope.

Dude if you are a REAL FAN you wouldn't point stuff like that out. GO CANUCKS GO

Pearson has been playing like a legitimate top 6 player. We might've found a winger for Horvat.

Demko missed it. 1-0

That move was dangerously close to skating back away from the net

Ryan O'Rielly. Oz lives.


i wanted to talk about that fire billy ray verse in the gdt but i never really got a chance to

Dang Peetey missed it

Pete got binned

Wow, Pettersson didn't score there but its okay cause we are Stanley Cup champs this year boys #winning #GO CANUCKS GO

does binnington iwn the calder now?

Buffalo traded Ryan O'reilly

Binnington wins the calder

2-0 Yikes

See you guys in the draft thread.

Page number: 23

He hated the losing, now he's going to the playoffs.

OMG that WINNING we are doing tonight holy moly like I can't handle the winning boys theres so much of it


End of the season


Good season boys

Wow what a WIN TONIGHT BOYS! Its okay because loses are actually wins if you are a true CANUCKS FAN

got the big loser point boys, nice

Thank god this **** show of a season is over.

Same players in the shootout, same order...why not change it up once in a while?

81 points to finish the year.
See you guys in October.

The last memory of this season was the Scripted Skills Competition

O well, we won the season series with the Blues outscored them something like 14-4 lol

What a complete joke. Thats a high IQ to you? Watching and posting/arguing indignantly with people on a forum about the importance of drafting 8th or 9th without even contemplating the depth of this years draft. The top dozen will get a very good player. Some people actually enjoy hockey not just the entry draft.

Yup..and the Canucks are doomed because they dropped one draft position....oh god the humanity...

who needs pettersson when you can have moral victories

What's the Blue's victory song? Some EMF - Unbelievable?
Brutal music play list there.

Yes! We didn't break .500.

Yes, clearly Anahiem, in the 8th spot, will win the lottery now.

great season. way more entertaining than i expected. sorry so many of you guys suffered watching a great story unfold.
looking forward to next season.

Fun game..Feel pretty optimistic for next season..
EP,Hughes and Boeser are going to win a lot of games 3x3

Great end to the season. Meaningless wins in garbage time with goals from AHLers resulting in the 9th pick which puts them into "œproject prospect".
Atta boy Jim. Take a bow

Overtime needs to be 10 minutes
or just scrap the shootouts

well, chicago is the true home of the blues.

Demko edges out Markstrom in save percentage...cue bass solo

Page number: 24

Blues win, Canucks manage to **** themselves in the lottery a bit, Tarasenko is clearly the best player on the game, Garrett gives him the second star. Gives two Canucks stars in a loss. See ya next year Cheech...

uh, pettersson and pearson scoredtoday, but ok.

That Pearson goal was hilarious.
Good for him, but how do you let the slowest skater on the team go coast-to-coast to bury one without even coming close to touching him?

Wow, BIG MORAL VICTORY! SO happy for these boys, what a team Benning has assembled. If you think about it they should just give us the cup now because of our MASSIVE PROSPECTS and Bennings SUPERIOR GM SKILLS

Be real. How are you optimistic going into next season and we haven't even seen what the offseason holds?

Optimistic about what? This team is so far away from having the pieces of a contender. Where do you expect to add all those pieces? Jimbo has had 5 years without any results.
Team isn't winning **** with only 4 or 5 good players.

Ah I am having fun. People don't tell you to just stop posting so I'd suggest you not do the same

It reminded me of Edler's coast to coast goal against Columbus years ago

Lets all cry a river then. Why did you waste time watching this game? To disparage your least favourite players and cursing them if they score. I don't get this tank garbage, absolutely no integrity and it stinks of a get rich quick scheme. Especially when we're talking about the 8th or 9th. Hilarious some posters get their panties in a bunch about it and attack the ones that would just like to enjoy the last game of the season.

did you not watch the part where our three guys 22 or younger controlled the ot again?

Low IQ is not understanding the context in cheering for a loss, which would be beneficial for the long term success of this team. This team is still a good 3-4 great young pieces away from even sniffing a playoff spot, much less turning into a contender. This useless SO loss cut our lottery chances in half, yet there are still people happy about it. Just mindboggling.
I don't want to watch Pettersson have to play with junk on his LW his entire career.

I'm team tank but this bit you're doing has run its course. I think we all got it m8

sorry to rain on your parade of raining on my parade.

This team is going to suck next year too.
Can't wait to see what awful decisions they make on July 1.

Yep, first thing I thought of as well.
Everyone just watching the entire thing unfold.

Derek Dorsett had a front-row seat

22-36 regulation time record

well you can always watch the titans.

Pettersson wasn't even ranked top ten , we might have got him, you don't know that. That was a work of drafting magic whether you like it or not.

You're excited about 3on3? Really?

I do it worse and definitely don't know when to stop. (course I don't even take myself seriously)

Uhhh... go check who's been scoring lately.. but ok

What I do with my time is of no concern to anyone so don't worry about it.
You said it's splitting hairs when it clearly isn't. Winning the last game when it is not only meaningless but actually damaging to the future of the team is obviously going to be aggravating to some people.

Page number: 25

And if you don't like it, go watch another team

I do, but I hope one day to watch a decent hockey team in Vancouver that I can truly get behind. Not one headed by a bumbling idiot and filled to the brim of overpaid crap dragging down the young players. It eats at you as a fan.

Does one point more really effect our chances in the lottery that much?

I'll watch what I want but thanks.

you know one of the first things to go when the old core faded was our 4 on 4 play. i do miss it. so yes i enjoy the fact we have very young players who dominate possession when they have room. call me crazy. enjoy your pity party.

Finally, it's over
This season has been fun until the ASG

Well clearly you weren't following my sarcastic ranting from earlier....

I can sense the tears coming . lol

Eh, I can always dream of new management.
...or decisions somehow working out, unlikely though that may be. Still the top 4-5 players on this team are actually valuable players... it's the 18 other players on the roster that just aren't good enough yet. If there's improvement then there's games to look forward to next season, over just looking to the next draft before the season even starts.
Kinda seems more enjoyable tbh?

Enjoy being disappointed again next year. I'm sure you'll be excited about the 20-21 season as well when the guy we draft this year plays 9 games down the stretch and the Canucks play well when they're not in the playoff race. Again.

but the caps lock really makes it. or something.

Based on today's results:
3% drop for a Top 3
1% drop for First Overall
Not terrible, not nothing. The point is we have dropped a needless spot in every round unless we luck out. Anyway, it is what it is. On to the draft thread.

I don't understand what people want. Would it have been better to suck all year and be the Senators? What did anyone expect from this season? They exceeded expectations and the young players looked great for the most part. Seriously, what would have made people happier?

Ha, sorry.
Hard to keep track sometimes. Not sure why this concept is so hard to follow for some posters.

No, just stop whining about something you have no control over. You think 20 posts in the GDT is going to affect the outcome LOL . that's some high IQ.

A complete change in management/philosophy of the way this team is being built.

thanks. i haved lived through this **** before. you are talking to a brian bradley fan who had high hopes for dan woodley. this **** cannot hurt me and we are also way the hell agead of last time. i enjoyed the hell out of the struggle last time and i am doing it again.
if all the bellyaching makes you happy i guess you should carry on.

That's a smart move actually. We don't get the single point if we do that and lose, right?

So you wanted the team to be worse?

I'm not even remotely upset as I've lived through the same era as you. I just want them to win before I die.

Well, it was the only thing on the line for us today. Literally.

ok well you seem really unhappy. my bad.

For this season -- absolutely.
Not because I don't want to see this team ultimately succeed, I just don't believe in a team led by Jim Benning...but I won't go there in this thread.

Page number: 26

You always know how to bring some quality Seinfeld material into a thread. Everything is better with more Seinfeld.

I'd have preferred to finesse a more favorable lottery position in the final weeks of the season, everything being equal.
Of course our luck is cursed in the damned lottery, but, still

The NY Rangers had the kind of finish, made the kind of trades I would have preferred. That's a management group that's wearing long pants right there.

I'd have absolutely liked to have been higher in the draft too, but it's not like the Canucks are going to go from being last to a cup contender in a season. People are going to have to learn that as the team gradually gets better, they're going to be moving up in the standings. Can't have everything (although it seems that there are a lot of people on these boards that do).

i'm honestly good if we are far enough back this year that trading up for hughes is not practical due to the quality of player required.
hughesx2 might not work. bure and mogilny didn't work.

It is weird how the Hamburgler didn't get any Calder votes but did get some Vezina votes.

He was too old for the Calder

The only way this could have been a more Canucks end to the season was if Granlund or Schaller scored the game tying goal.
Let's see...what's better for the team...garbage time loser point or higher draft pick...I know! GARBAGE TIME LOSER POINT!! Just so bloody typical.

calder sealing goal for pettersson is good for the team, no?

Getting mad at hypotheticals..?..Atta boy..

well we aren't as good as the group that built the best team in nhl history with a multiyear head start on us so we must obviously suck.
if only benning had drafted hedman and stamkos when he had the chance.

Could have started with Tkachuk and Nylander but lets just conveniently forget about that part.

you mean connoly and koekook?

Hah. Yeah, I'm sure that one goal "sealed the Calder." Pettersson is running away with the thing either way.

No Virtanen and Juolevi

I'm telling the truth based on 5 years of evidence. If you want to plug your ears and avoid reality go for it.
Enjoy the ****ty free agent contracts on July 1st. I'm sure you will try to find a way to justify them in your mind.

you weren't reading the theead i'm guessing.

getting kind of whooshy in here.
enjoy the off season folks. see you around lottery time.

the Islanders , Flames and Hurricanes didn't;t draft Nylander either , why is that?

Who cares, he's worlds better than virtanen

If you have higher odds you automatically get a top 3 pick? Goof

I'm great.

Page number: 27

Omg. Its not just about the damn lottery! 8 is better than 9. Why does this have to be explained.

Alex Auld on the 650 radio post game show commented on how impressed, and pleasantly surprised, he's been by Boeser's ability to hold the puck and make plays. We should sign Boeser to at least 6 years and 7 to 7.5 million. I think he's an excellent player.

Why pretend that math doesn't exist?

Why does it have to be explained that pro athletes are not going to try and lose games to increase the lottery odds?

or We all Can suck.....now.

Way to avoid the question lol. Have fun in your reality

As others have mentioned, these reviews are deeply appreciated, Orca. Especially for those of us unable to watch many of the games.

What question did I avoid? I've seen you clowns get all upset when the team wins or they score, as if pro athletes with contracts to play for are going to try to lose to get better draft odds