FTP: Red Wings @ Blues 03/21/2019

Always nice to get two points against the Red Wings! But not much to read in this FTP

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Finally, Rasmussen playing with different line mates.
That D looks, well, different.

New streaming by NHL.com......let's hope it going to be better !

When was the last time we had 10 and under 25 players in one game?
Coulda been 11 but Libor Sulak had to turn 25 a couple weeks ago.

I turned the Canucks game last night and it was streaming in 4k through Sportsnet. It was dope.

6-5 L, Larkin hatty and 2 goal game for AA.

Blues feel like a big time sleeper for me right now

Nashville and Winnipeg are definitely beatable. I'd personally pick them over Nashville and pretty even with Winnipeg.

Still can't believe Lashoff and Witkowski are playing over Cholowski.

Something has to be said for having something that resembles consistency in his first year. When he was sent down, they probably told him that it was a move they were making for the full season and wanted him to commit to GR and working on a few parts of his game. No need to force him to pack up and move back and forth living in hotel rooms.

This Hirose kid is good.

Atta boy Hirose

Hirose! This kids a player

Hirose means Gretzky in Japanese

That was quick. I hope we're not going on a winning streak.

That was a nice setup from the kid.

AA's faceoffs have improved at least by the eye test

I actually low key like this line up. There's not really a line I don't look forward to seeing on the ice right now.

It's the part of the season when guys like Vanek and Helm start racking up those meaningless goals.

Was actually just thinking the same thing lol.


Nice shot

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Can't wait until Ericsson comes back into the lineup!

Yep and it's great opportunity for guys like Witkowski and lashoff to get more ice as there development is vital to our future success lol

The exact thing they told and did with Hronek. Worked for him, should work for Cholo.

Lol. Post. Then next play they get the goal. They basically coulda scored 2 in a row. We're so bad.

Nielsen in on the tank

Oh Nielsen.
How much longer do we have on his contract? Is he in trade territory yet?

Jesus Christ Ras...

Kronwall needs to retire

whats Bernier complaining about?

Ras gets dumped. What's good having a big body if you don't know how to use it? He needs more work. Needs to be back down next year. Does he have to go back to junior or will he skate in GR if we do?

He wont be a UFA until 2022/23.
Edit: He also has a modified NTC.

4 turnovers by Athanasiou on a single pp shift lololol

Hirose just oozes smarts.
Also Ken Daniels saying "œthe future is the present" reminds me of the wise old saying "œthe ceiling is the roof"

Taro doing more work

Pretty obvious we have something in Hirose! Hockey iq is off the charts

Taro is really making use of his minutes. He's noticeable every time he's on the ice.

Hi rose don't look out of place at all,, great signing. Hopefully he'll add some good depth scoring

Hirose making things happen again shift after shift

Hirose and AA made an opportunity out of absolutely nothing right there. This is why I hate the outdated skill-skill-grinder thing that Babshill is stuck on. If Helm was either one of those players that puck is turned over

Ya I agree would love to see Hirose go up with Larkin and mantha for the 3rd

It looks like Hirose is 5th in ice time so far among Red Wings forwards tonight with 10:37. So, he's getting a good opportunity to play.
That's what they need, another guy who goes out there and kills it every shift like Larkin and Bert. He's been real noticeable on the offensive end.

Anyone know will Hirose go to the AHL after wings are done?

Can't imagine he is eligible

Damn would have been nice for Calder cup run

I'm not a CBA genius though. I'm just speculating based on him being signed and assigned to Detroit. If they have to make a paper transaction to assign Hronek and Zadina to GR at the deadline to make them AHL playoff eligible, I'd think the same applies to college free agents?

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Such a weird low shot total for both teams. What's up with that?

Mantha? More like Mehntha.

Gotta love Bert face down in the net on that goal.

You can't push the guy into your own goalie. Lol

How big is Hirose? He ain't that big is he?

Good job being hard in front my god

Yeah that was pathetic but Witter's stick was being held.

Helm let's a guy who's on his stomach strip him of the puck. Get this useless plug out of here, take Abby, E, witkowski, lashoff, Nielsen with ya It's pathetic. The sad thing is most of those guys are paid like top level players

5' 10" and 160.
I knew he was under 6', but 160 lbs? players just keep getting smaller.

Ok 1 more goal please. AA would be nice to get closer to 30.

Well if Johnny Gaudreau can do it why not him?

Wow the exaggeration.
No, they're not. They are overpaid though.

Hirose has really impressed me again tonight. Doesn't look out of place at all.

Yeah, he's got some nifty little passes and he gets some good shots on net.

Love what I see from Hirose I think he can be a major player in our rebuild. He should be a full timer possibly in the top 6 next year

Another pointless game for Larkin
Might not top last seasons total at this rate

Hirose is getting those old men on his line some goals. I guess all they needed was a playmaker like him.

Agreed. Reminds me a lot of someone, just can't put my finger on it. Maybe Hudler if he were able to actually move his feet.

Bowey... seems like kind of a mixed bag at this point to me.

Solid loss. I find it funny they keep losing to the teams I despise but beat the teams I dont care about.

Which is really unfortunate.
This injury has him really struggling I believe.

I think they need to put Hiroshi and Athanasia on the same line.

Maybe I should clarify, no the stars but they are paid like middle 6 offensive players and they don't provide that

Fun to watch skate, though. the guy moves really well and the way the league is played now it's far more friendly to these smaller guys than it used to be.

Yes. I was just thinking that seeing what a smaller guy like Hirose can do might give the Red Wings more confidence to draft the small skilled guys going forward.

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I like him, though. In the third he closed on a guy behind the net, put a body on him, put a stick on his hip, and forced him hard into the boards separating the guy from the puck. It's type of physical play we don't see from a lot of our guys, regardless of their size. And for a point of comparison, I think the difference between him and between a guy like Witter/Lashoff is noticeable.

He's above the level of Witkowski and Lashoff in some respects for sure. He could be a replacement for either if he keeps it up.
Besides the physical play, he's also not afraid to shoot and can find openings.

Ya I think he will keep developing and get better and better. He has a lot of tools. He also hasn't played a lot of hockey. I think he will make some big steps next season.

No with Larkin and Mantha

Some turnovers, but yeah, could be a defender on this team in some capacity. The only problem with that of course is some of our defenders are kind of bad. But an upgrade is an upgrade, and he might improve.

There's two guys here I'm pretty much over: DeKeyser and Mantha.
I'd rather have Lashoff in as a defensive guy than DeKeyser; he made two decent plays tonight, otherwise hot garbage, and has been for the majority of the last two seasons.
Mantha, boy... the Franzen comparisons aren't fair. To Franzen. There are guys with much less talent playing their collective Winged asses off making a difference, and Mantha looks like he simply couldn't care less. This is the time of year to show you give a ****, not loaf about and let some college free agents make you look expendable.
****'s sake.

A lot more "watchable" game than vs. the Rangers. Really good pace. I hope the last 8 games the guys continue to skate their asses off.
To the criticism of Mantha: He is what he is. The only reason there's such scrutiny is because he was a 1st round pick, expectations were overblown. The analysis of the armchair sports psychologists gets a little tiring. He's a 2nd-3rd liner, not a 30 goal player like we dreamed, oh well. It'd be nice to strike gold like we did with Larkin but you never know.