FTP: Blues @ Avalanche 02/16/2019

Next win, next FTP!

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How many goals and points will ROR get today?


This has the potential to be a really good hockey game. Avs and Blues have been two of the best teams in the league from an advanced state perspective in 2019. If Varly really has turned the corner and found his game again this could be some awesome hockey.

Avs 4. Blues 2. LFG AVS

Those better not be the lines. Jost at 2C and Soderberg on the 3rd line is disgraceful.

I just took the ones from the last GDT which are most likely from Daily Faceoff, so no, assume nothing changes.

Let's bring the extreme negativity again. Worked against the Jets.
I think MacKinnon doesn't want to be in Colorado anymore.

I heard he's already packing his bags, headed to Montreal to be back on the east coast with his bff.

Hopefully Zadorov flings him into the stands and starts beating him to death with a shoe, while McNab cheers on the good old days.

??? That's the lineup that beat the Jets.

Didn't his agent say it might be best to move on?
Or was that the agent of some Finnish guy? I guess we're losing Rantanen not MacGinnon.

And Jost looked atrocious once again the entire game.

Yup! It's both actually. Even Makar, IIRC according to a guy in Calgary, who has connections to Cales uncle, he wants to be closer to Alberta so it's likely that he stays the full 4 years and signs in Calgary/Edmonton. I could see Vancouver or Seattle taking a run at him too.

Either the Avs will win or the Blues will win this game.
Let's do this!

Streaking their way to being buyers!!!

OTT is last in the league by 5 points.

The best statistic I will see today.

Hopefully he takes Zadorov with him. That guy sucks.

I'm sorry, were we reverse jinxing guys or just saying things that are true?

A loss today pretty much guarantees we only have a shot at a wildcard spot. I know it's extremely unlikely we make the playoffs, let alone finish top 3 in the conference, but a loss today will cement that fact.
I hope the guys have fun out there.

Gonna say today is the day the big line finally wakes up in a big way.
5-2 Avs win, Top line combines for 11 points including a Hatty from Mack and 5 points from Rantanen.

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Seems reasonable.

Ehhhhhhh I have zero expectations for today. STL mostly has the Avs' number, and they addressed their one glaring weakness (Jake Allen) so now, surprise, they're winning.

Too soon for "must win"?

Maybe the most important game so far this season. A win here could rejuvenate the team, while a loss might make them believe the last win was just an anomaly.

We must believe in the heart of the cards so a win can be drawn.

Must win started 2 weeks ago

Avs will do the most predictable thing and instead of using the momentum of the last game to propel them to victory will somehow get beaten like a redheaded stepchild
7-2 Blues

We are trash at home for some reason. Complete opposite of last year

it's worse because they give you hope. Like oh is this the squad? nope. Mega nope.

The Avs either show up and smoke the blues, or don't show up. Hopefully they show up, because our playoffs hopes are in big trouble if they don't

Tank commander! Unicorns do exist!

Going to be a tough game. Blues are really good and even when Varlamov is playing well Tank seems to have his number.
I know people look at the standings and think this is a must win but in all honesty the Blues aren't a team we need to worry about. They're making the playoffs regardless so their success in a game like this isn't relevant. Minnesota is the team we're chasing.
This isn't a 4 point game, it's a 2 point game. Hope we win, but if we don't it's not the end of the world. Obviously we have to start stringing some wins together if we want any chance at the playoffs anyway but this simply isn't a game I expect to win.

Looks like no Steen for the Blues, Fabbri in, and Allen in net.

Defense pairing suggestion...

Worth a shot for a bit. Especially at home where you can match lines. You can strategically shelter from an ozone/dzone perspective too.

Tarasenko and ROR are gonna torch us. 7-3 STL.

Allen in net. 6-5 game.

Blues have sucky goaltending. Easy win

My first thought on this.. Other than using that pair completely based on the situation. I'd rather Girard not have to be the DFD lol. It is bad enough EJ is all over the place lately.
Also Bednar does use them together when chasing at times, but it is fairly sheltered for good reason. Which has an effect on those numbers.

Would be a top 4 i'm fine with for now.

Sitting here at the game, watching warmups.
What's with the rainbow colored tape on the players' stick blades?

Nate's got zero hockey IQ.
Mikko is an overrated bum who can't skate.
Landy is a (handsome) overachieving, dirty, third line grinder at best.

We most likely shouldn't worry about the blues, or trying to catch them, but losing to them today, would eliminate any reasonable chance at 3rd in the West.
That eliminates 1/3 spots available, and hurts our chances, no matter how unlikely they are.

We're not getting 3rd in the West regardless. That is the Blues spot and they will have it without any push back.

As Eddie said the team we're chasing is Minnesota, and possibly Dallas as I'm not totally convinced they're playoff bound yet either.

Every game is important so I want the win. I'm just saying if they lose this game I'll be upset over not getting two points, but I'm not going to work myself up over the Blues being the team to get those two points.

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It's the blues spot, and they will have it without any pushback?
With 25 games left, and tied in points with Dallas?

Just finished my 2nd season in NHL 19 franchise mode with the Avs. finished 2nd in the central with a record of 48-30-4. first round I have the Blues lol.

Grubauer officially the worst goalie in the league.

February is when they have the Hockey Is for Everyone thing.

Yes, exactly. You know they've won 7 straight right? And have been the best team in the league by a large margin for almost 2 months now right?

I wouldn't even rule them out for 2nd in the division yet.

Doubles down lol I like it

Allen in net? I like those odds.

Yah, but they were also trash for the first 40 games and nothing is stopping them from going back to that. No consistency.
Anyways my point is that they are tied, and aren't running away with it.

But they are. 20 games ago they were 10+ points back of that spot. They've finally gotten some legit goaltending now and the guys who were struggling earlier this year(Tank and Pietran) have finally gotten going.

You watch, they'll be 3rd in the division by 8-10 points when the season is over, if not 2nd in the division.

Huge game! Let's go, boys!

Did Moser get punched out?

Allen in net gives us a chance. But also hurts my fantasy hockey league and its push for playoffs not getting Binnington an easy shutout

Hope I'm wrong but I predict a bad game in the penalty box from Greer.

Jake Allen a career .923sv% against the Avalanche. The highest against any team he's played more than 10 times

We are flying around to start

Ouch, Petrangelo.

EJ sniping Blues early.

Pietro off and down the tunnel

Ok I take this back. I was not accounting for a Pietrangelo injury.

MFing Kerfoot, that's a goal if I've ever seen one.

Kerfoot the shootist.

Kerfoot is the new Sven. Can't hit the net ever

Really good start.

Bortuzzo what a dummy. Play gone back the other way and he still let Greer get to him. He just ruined an opportunity for his team. I'll take it! Plus, a bonus point on my books for Greer.

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Well, that was anticlimactic.

Wtf refs????

Bortuzzo. You think that's embarrassing for Dunn?

Hats off to Bortuzzo. Him and Greer both 0 to 60 right there, damn.

I'd love to see Greer become a pest for us. We need some sandpaper.

MacK out for blood today.

ROR played that really well for a Forward.

Avs playing with the fury of 10000 suns

Peeps that have watched more of greer, is he a good fighter?

Barrie getting flashbacks of Parayko almost killing him in a hotel room at the Worlds a few years ago.

Mack is flying today

Mack flying so far. Needs to capitalize while he's feeling it.

Good news is that would've gone in a week ago.

Great D by Girard

Girard did a great job getting back and disrupted Tank from getting anything truly quality off.

Not really. More guts than technique.

Barrie got DDT'd through a glass table.

ZadorovDown count - 1

What a terrible terrible shift by Zadorov right here.

Thanks. Still nice to have someone whose willing to drop the gloves. Hes certainly gonna piss off a ton of people

Can't believe they survived that long...

Hoo boy.

Shocked we didn't get scored on that shift. Nobody held a position. Much needed tv timeout.

I'm all for Girard shooting more and still think he should keep doing it but that's happening more and more recently. It's not working when he walks the blueline like that and lets a weak wrister go into traffic while being the last man back there. That two breakaways teams have gotten off it in the last three games and he had another one easily blocked against the Jets as well. Great recovery to get back and disrupt the scoring chance though.

Some of the worst defense I've seen in a while there.

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Yeah that was a bad shift, all started on a Zadorov turnover.

That 2nd line is truly bad both ends of the ice, yikes.

Nice to see Mack driving the net.

Landeskog is playing like a friggin idiot again

Oh, Z...

Damn this game is crazy intense

Ah, dang. That would have been awesome by Z.

"Nemeth couldn't control"
Story of his life.

Ghetto thinks he's Forsberg LOL

Avs have a fourth line

Ghetto just did everything and nothing at the same time. Fun to watch though.
Good shift for Greer.

Good fourth line shift.

Ok sven.

Good 4th line shift again, credit where it's due it all started on a good forecheck from Greer to steal the puck.

Who could have ever guessed having a 4th line with an average height above 5'9 would be more effective.

Typical Sven really

Geez.... how bout a little finish!

Rantanen forgot how to play hockey suddenly

Dammit Mikko.

Kardashian's slumping hard.

Guys its Allen in the net.... Stop missing the net and you'll score goals idiots

Roof it into the netting from point blank. Great idea Rantanen

Greer is effective as hell right now.
Missing all these chances usually comes back to bite us in the ass

That kind of stretch for Rantanen recently. He's really moving his feet so far today.

Looks like Mikko went for the field goal

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That must have rolled on him at the last second. That fluttered pretty good.


Mnhgy Rants! Where's you're finnish gone?

What is Rantanen doing? Fieldgoal-attempt?

Credit to Bednar for not looking down Lauren's unzipped cleavage

If I'm Bednar I'm limiting the college line's ice time and giving it to the 3rd and 4th line. I don't know if there's a player I've hated more during this stretch than Kerfoot. just an absolutely useless hockey player at this level.

As they kept rotating the camera:

Good hit from Nemeth, probably the first positive thing I have ever said about him

Nice try there.

This is intense

zero ****in finish for this team. Holy hell

Allen's somehow looking competent.

Man Nieto has been fantastic so far tonight.

How come our D always have a hard time getting the puck out of the zone whenever any single forward is forechecking?

He always does vs Avs. It's like us playing Greiss.

Gotta get a goal before they get F'd in the A.

5 feet wide

MacKinnon is so strong

Kamensky is/was so underrated.

Line's killing us...

Barrie is shooting a tonne this game

Compher ffs

This line has been brutal

Nemeth penalty, what?!

Who was that who simply skated by the puck on what should have been a simple clear of the zone 3 seconds before Nemeth took a penalty? Jost?

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"Nemeth has played really well for the Avalanche"

Fake news

That song sounds so much like a Cream song.

How good would maroon look next to Soda

OMG how we survive that

Monster dump from EJ

Yeah it's a mix between Cream and QOTSA.

Heart attack city. Thank you ej

Soda + Maroon? We'd have to call them Dr. Pepper.

Commentators, both ours and away teams, are always raving about Nemeth. It's strange.

Don't ice that... Z can hardly stand.

Zadorov looks absolutely abysmal tonight. Legit looks hungover. Gassed every single shift and slower than I've ever witnessed.

Soda does all the little things so well

Really, JT?

Big Ol Blues grinding the puny Avs into Oblivion

Red Wings were down 5-1, tied it with 7 seconds remaining.

Zads is a freaking ECHL level Defender tonight. Bench him if we want to win.

Omfg jtc wtf was that?? Zads with probably the worst game this year

Varly coming up huge tonight

That looked like one of the end-of-period daggers we've become used to.

I hope nobody is scouting Z tonight

Varly saved this period.

Don't worry, Sakic will be trading him for Hayes soon.

That was a scary PK.
Varly had a great period. Zadorov had an awful period.

Excellent. Getting a lot of luck right now with that Ottawa pick

Unbelievable how good (Avs) goaltending makes these games so much more exciting to watch.

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Varly saving our bottoms out there. Good to see that he seems to have his mojo back.

Seriously though, how many of you have ever played hockey severely hungover? Like I'm talking full on Sunday Scaries. It feels exactly like how Zadorov looks today.

I wanna keep him. So I hope everyone is scouting him today.

Ghetto Forsberg played his way into Landy's spot in one shift?
Meanwhile Landy's doing his annual third line grinder act.

That was an ok period, minus the kids line and Zadorov who were truly garbage.

Blues had the best shifts by far and had a dangerous PP but we had our chances. Need to get better in the 2nd and Zadorov needs to stay in the locker room.

Z looks god awful again today. Really wanted Nathan to take that puck right to Allen. He had a step and if he was worried about the defender he could have shielded the puck with his left leg. Nate had a really good period there. Everyone could use a touch of finish around the net. Pucks are there.

Many times and Z looks even worse than hungover he legit looks like hes on some strong sizzurp right now. Man was he bad that period.

Yeah, I'd much prefer him going to the net or a low percentage shot on Allen than what he ended up doing. Good period overall though.

Has anyone seen Kronke be interviewed for the Avs?

What a game... so much fun the Avs are fun again. Also, we need more Greer.

Have you seen his girl? Maybe he was up all night lol

Ok but Ghetto is starring at Lauren's goods. Who could blame him?

Just looked them up. John Paul Jones on bass aswell. Going to have to give that album a listen.

Yeah, it's pretty decent.

Unfair my stream had Finnish commercials instead hehe.

God dammit these Blues are good.

I have no proof but I'm fairly certain Varlamov stole Rantanen's mojo.

Blues fan in peace. Is AJ Greer on the trade block? I know he's not well loved here but I'm hopeful he get a chance somewhere.

Tyson Jost really isn't even that close to being an NHL quality player.

First period was too hard to watch, gonna quit and watch one of the 7PM games instead today. GG to anyone who sees the rest, afternoon hockey truly sucks when your team is bad.

He has played two good game so Avs fans will ask for Tarasenko retained.

A true fan i see.

Not that we are aware of but wouldn't surprise anyone if he were traded.
Personally I'd like to keep him as we are quite a small team.

He was actually starting to score with the Eagles if they had just left him down.

Blues are playing a very compact defensive style.

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I bet they really want EJ.

Jost is terrible haha

They can't afford that contract.

It's not that funny.

I ****ing hate Tyson Jost. Like I hate him so much. Offside is my most hated play in hockey. You have possession on a zone entry but instead it's a faceoff outside the blue line.
Yeah Mikko made an extra move there but you gotta be sure if you enter the zone. Jost has gone offside so many times this year.

Yah im about done with Jost

Jost almost with an NHL level play.

I wish Jost would play like he sims in NHL 19.


Jost = NHL star

Could be for Barrie.

Isn't that Jost that cost us a game/tie this season because of an offside He hasn't learned anything I guess.

But they can't offer Bozak anymore

If this is bad, you must have not watched hockey since November

Jost needed a full year in the AHL.

Let's hope these missed finishes on these scoring chances don't come back to bite them. They should have a goal or two by now on Allen.

When has that ever stopped a determined GM? Look at Tampa. Somehow, there is always a way to make it work.

Whoever said we were getting Parise or Toews lite when we drafted Jost should apologize.

You know it will

Oh my god they're trading Zadorov for all the different expendable Maple Leafs, probably!!!

I seen her. I never recalled Mike Fisher looking sluggish when he played in Nashville.

Just tuned in. Hopefully Avs score

If anyone is curious he turns into Alex Tanguay in NHL 19

Call the hold there, ref...

Connor Brown lol.

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No call for that obvious hold on rants lol

What a disappointing 2nd half for Rantanen. Really quite a shame.

Calvert loses his stick a ton lol

Avs top line has no star power for calls it seems

What is the refs deal with Rants??? Call the ******* hold!

So he's an offside machine in video games too?

Well obviously. We need someone who can drive the second line.

Varly is playing outstanding. Just 3 weeks ago this would have been a 4-0 STL game.

Why not take that puck out regroup and try to use the man advantage with possession JTC? I know its nitpicking but still cmon

PP is our strenght, right ?!?

MacK needs to find the shot he had last season again.

Rants is a ***** today

wtf rants

I'm starting to dislike Mikko.

Wtf is wrong with Rants? Pathetic pp

If you saw that Avs player gift crate ad, Rantanen's crate has an Arsenal jersey. Good thing Kroenke owns them too. Zadorov's has Russian liquor.

Rantanen has been a hot mess since the break. Also, please stop passing to Jost.

Ranatanen's lost his mojo badly.
Jost is where plays go to die.

2nd PP unit with Jost and Kerfoot on it lol

Tyson Jost getting some well deserved PP time lol.
I just don't understand it. It's like when you're playing minor hockey and the coaches kid sucks but he keeps playing him.
Maybe Bednar is Jost's dad?

O'Reilly can be battling with three Avs and still come out with the puck

We need a Ghettoblaster

Ok you have to score here because the Blues are getting close to scoringon Varly


Bad trade...

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Let's get one here. Bad trade there.

At least Rants ability to fall helped us

Z needs to introduce himself to Bortuzzo.

Zadorov can redeem his play tonight by destroying Bortuzzo later.

Kerfoot is the next Bret Hull.

Ugly looking PP.

Anyone but Kerfoot and its in

Okay stop throwing tantrums, Robert.

Pathetic powerplay

The shooting is ****...

It amazes me that our PP is still top 10 in the league. It's been trash for so long now

Tyson Jost is worse at hockey than he was 6 minutes ago if you can believe that.

That was embarassingly bad. All of them. ****in embarassing. Stop passing to Jost he cant accept a pass on his back hand at all.

I cannot wait until we don't have to rely on Kerfoot and Jost as our secondary scoring. Every opportunity is wasted

Because hes really good at that thing.

So many pucks rolling off sticks in prime scoring areas.

Jost has become my least favourite player on the team. Even more than Kerfoot and nemeth. Every single time the puck goes to him he loses it. It's infuriating to watch

It's getting sad to watch him struggle.

Really feels like one of those games where we deserve a point and get nothing because of our inability to finish great chances.

Too expensive. That extra million we saved was put to good use. Kroenke bought his 20th condo

Soda is quietly the best AV today.

Another one of those. Sundqvist dog **** tired. Varly catches it holds on instead of moving it letting the blues off the hook

Mikko is so bad right now. Guy play hockey.

it's pretty clear barrie is the most important dman on the team i cant imagine girard being on the top pp.

Rantanen looking like his afternoon nap is a pretty vital part of his game prep.

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I think it's safe to say an ugly/lucky goal is going to win this game.

Varly bails out Greer there

Blues getting the better chances.

Feels like a Playoff game atm. First team to score wins.

Not good Greer

Trade Jost for Puljujarvi maybe a change of scenery is needed

Edmonton probably declines.

We are not good

Gah. Total bad luck penalty.

Great PK to end the period. Should be an exciting 3rd i assume.

Still can't believe that St. Louis got ROR for a 1st and some magic beans...

VArly has been good.

We are playing the hottest team in the league right now. Cut them some slack.

His confidence is so shot atm. He needs a season or two in AHL badly or a change of scenery trade. Hes playing like he's in his head which just makes things snowball.

He's playing like he has the mumps.

Tied 0-0 in a game against the best team in the league right now and not being outplayed. Seems like "We are not good" is the logical conclusion to make...

The NHL official in the opposition penalty box has a fantastic moustache.

Team's playing decent hockey, but Varly's playing great.

Liking Landeskog, Zadorov, Barrie, Soderberg, and obviously Varlamov so far.
Something scrappy and ugly is going to get the win here.
Perfect situation for Big Ol' Carl to get a Saturday afternoon winner.

Lmao, Zadorov not about to give Varly a compliment.

He probably didn't want to jinx him by using the s-word.

Little does he know McNab is using that word in every conversation he has with every person he sees today

Damn, Varly!


Huge save!!!

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Every time our smurf line is on the ice they get hammered in their own zone. Every ****ing time.

Too many good looks...

Couldn't keep counting on miracles.

Blues completely took over the 3rd period

Just 4 minutes into the period and Tarasenko has been left alone in that very spot 3 times already. Of course he's going to score eventually.

How many times were they going to leave Tarasenko wide open this game.

You just can't give Tarasenko this many chances to score.

Welp. 3rd time is the charme i guess.

How the heck there is always wide open man on the weak side?

Yah shutout Allen

Can't catch a pass anymore


There goes the season.

And we're back...

Hahahahaha meltdown

Great work Barrie. You don't need to prevent anything. Holy ****


Oh, fiddlesticks.


The floodgates have opened

Here comes the collapse

They did this to themselves by not finishing on any of the golden chances they had.

2 shifts for Barrie 2 goals....

That's the season for me.

Page number: 14

Game over lol

Absolutely putrid by Barrie there. Just let's his man do whatever he wanted there

Good thing we don't have Zadorov out there in the top 4 embarrassing us defensively.

Graves kind of sucks in the d zone.


Missed opportunity one way and back of our net shortly after

It's idiotic to blame Barrie for this being 2-0

Landeskog was covering air on the Tank goal. The most dangerous guy on the ice you might wanna cover him no?


Oh no, now we have to sell at the deadline again.

All he had to do was follow Sanford to the net there. Simple basic defense.

You can't win games when you don't score though. Where is our top line

Jost has a chance to back hand that towards the goalie in the slot. opts to pass to a Blues skater

When Tyson Jost touches the puck it's almost as if it's a 6 on 4 for the opposition since he always just gives it to them.

BArrie again lol. Leafs you want this guy?

**** you, Barrie. Get the **** out...

Comical 3rd period from Barrie hahahaha

Trade Barrie right now

Quality penalty there.

How have we ended up pinned in our own end for a minute+ at a time so often in this game? It's beyond pathetic.

Man jost just looks like he's 3 steps behind everyone else while thinking the game.


I get why some ppl hate Barrie.

One goal in February is the entire 82 game season?

Tyson Barrie -2 and takes a stupid penalty.

I blame the zero finish around the net. Absolutely no excuse for missing some of these chances.

Page number: 15

Barrie has been AHL-level defensively for 90% of this season. What the hell is he doing?

Yikes Barrie.

Seriously how does Barrie lose his man so much? Graves shouldnt have gave his man so much time and space but jesus Barrie cant let that guy breeze passed him like that.

Mistake after mistake after mistake....
And Barrie takes the dumbest penalty at the worst possible time....

Slow, small and dumb. He needs to go.

So much for momentum from the Winnipeg game. Same old Avs...yet again. So, so tired of this loser team!

Great shift from Calvert.

Perfect example of the pick or playoff thread. Definitely pick because no matter how hard this team plays, they just don't have much up front when the 1st line isnt scoring. Some players might chip in here and there but this isnt even a question pick or playoffs. Without picks there wont be playoffs. Get more talent on this team

I'm getting drunk tonight.

Landeskog goes form having an amazing game in Winnipeg to looking like he has no skills again. WTF guy.

Ghetto has looked really good today go figure

Curious. Why doesnt anyone ever stop at the net to look for rebounds?

Area is too spooky for smurf team

Even when some of our bottom 6 guys look good, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Barrie has cost us more games than he's won this season

Power kill time

We need one here.

3 interference calls wow lol. Finally getting that call is nice

0 for 23 on the PP ??? That is just WOOOOW.

More like 90% of his career. I can't wait to move on from him.

Stephane Yelle. Thats a guy the Avs need. Very good player.

Sick powerkill so far 0-23 lmao

Why does every god damn PP look the same???

dumb passes and getting outworked on the PP thats the reason for this 0 for stretch

Page number: 16

Please tell me, why is it strange?

Maddening. When the goaltending is solid, the offense dries up. When the offense is going, the goaltending goes to crap.

This pp is soooo bad.

Rantanen is embarrassing himself out there

That's garbage, Rants...

0/24 ....

The only unpredictable thing in our first PP unit is the zone entry

a rebound right in the slot not a single av around to get it.

Allen is playing well.

That's game

Never ever get to rebounds...like wtf is the issue there????

I hope Big Z beats the **** out of someone. Why not?

The Avs are so intimidated by the Blues, and they have been for years. Maybe if they had the balls to take the game to St. Louis for a change, and were committed to checking the hell out of them for 60 minutes it'd be different. But that ain't ever gonna happen. It's easier to play stupid, soft hockey and lose to them for like the 19th time out of 20 games...or whatever the hell it is. So lame!!!

On the brightside, rants next contract wont be as lucrative as previously thought

EJ is the best player for the Avs tonight.

Really? The slapper on the breakaway???????????

Allen with another big save.

Varly has been. EJ been good. Yah Allen getting a shutout

The Eurolanche boys looked thrilled with their holiday

Does anyone else find it infuriating how often Moser is just completely off with his calls? Feels like he's flat out wrong half the time.
I appreciate the difficulty of calling a game at speed but he continually puts his neck out there and is completely off more often than not.

Well if it isn't one thing with these guys it is another lol. Get secondary scoring? No goal-tending. Get goal-tending? No secondary scoring, well or any scoring.

I can't believe it.

This is just terrible. I'm so frustrated

Holy ****. Allen has himself a beauty.

Soderberg could have tied this game twice

Page number: 17

Allen even making saves when he doesn't know he is.

*Should have

Ahh the colorado avalanche, been making jake allen look like patrick roy since 2012

Soda gets a pass because at least he goes to the net.

He smoked too much grass right before the game.

Huge disappointment, I am surprised, they need to outwork all opponents from now on.
This is an extremely strange season for the Avs.

Empty net with 2:41 left. Let's go!

Before or during?

How is Patrik as a brother? Is he a cool guy?

We had our chances this game.

****in Mikko

Season over!

Hit the ****ing net

Barrie ahahaha omg guy just stop

Rants you gotta hit the net there....just terrible stuff from him all game

Varly's like: **** you, guys...

Z has mental issues, he is weak mentally, moody, we all know that, he has all the tools to become a NHL top 10 defenseman.
I really wish the Avs gives him an elite mental coach.
I love Z bit he is acting like a child sometimes, not firing on all cylinders or moody taking stupid penalties, lacking of winning instinct.

Why don't other teams let us set up on the 6v5??? We let everyone else set up. Not fair

I legit would take Rantanen off that line force him to play with Jost.

Barrie trying some b boy moves.

So many missed shots today it's frustrating

Well, they pushed pretty well in the final 10 minutes, but Allen wasn't having it. And the Blues did pretty good keeping the Avs from getting any good looks.

Sorry to say, but he'll never be a top 10 dman. Not even close.

Hes earned the right today. The guys were saying that to him for 3 mths

Barrie is pretty bad at playing defense.

Better for the AVS to get 2 top 10 picks. Hopfully 1ov.

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I love Z more than 99% here, but no. He has the physical tools to be an elite Dman, but not the brain.

These idiots aren't gonna outwork anybody. They'll win some games here and there if Varlamov is sharp, but beyond that, this is what the Avs are"”a sub .500, extremely mediocre team.

He hasnt been that good offensively either

Maroon is skating circles around us. Patrick ****en Maroon.

Let's go blues!!!!!nice chant going there

Lets go Blues chant. I hope you guys enjoy that. Such garbage that they couldnt finish at all with all the chances they were given.

I think we'll get 2 top 10 picks while still trying to win lol we aren't good enough to make it. Sure as hell not consistent enough.
It looks like the Sens pick will be a top 5, and we have a very real shot at a top 7-8

Let's go blues?!?!

Ghetto was our most dangerous forward today followed by Soderberg. Yah you aint winning in that case. Mikko and Landeskog were bad today especially Mikko complete garbage.

Unfortunate game. Varly played fantastic but it was even the whole way which is good concisderimg the Blues are the best team in the NHL right now.
Aside from a few really bad players tonight (Barrie and Zadorov in particular) this was a great game. Not burying our chances was the difference.

-63 is Barrie's overall plus minus record with Avs.
I hope the boys in burgundy enjoyed that let's go Blues chant in their own building.

Just wanted to say. If you spend him some brain cells, he could.

I do not get how this team almost never anticipates a rebound. Theres plenty of juicy rebounds and never a stick on the ice or even remotely close to it 90% of the time.

I legit thought you were responding to your own post haha

They wore Navy doe.

Varly was good but Allen was even better. Not that we tested him much. Lack of talent up front showed up again tonight, and that includes the first line which is ice cold since the All-Star break.

Well ;-)

God that second goals replay really pisses me off. What the **** is Barrie doing there!?!?

No one is interested in Barrie after today. Trade value is ****ed...

Its getting there in the first place thats the problem. The midgets cant get there and the skilled players rather get a highlight reel goal.

You guys realise the Let's Go BLOOS thing was happening all game, right?
Why they thought it was a good idea to get Bernie's cowbell out halfway through the third down 2-0 to give them encouragement is anyone's guess

Nothing. All he had to do was skate and lift his mans stick. He instead opted to do the least constructive thing and skated along side Sanford. It was a 3 on 2 that became a 2 on 1 in a hurry thanks to Barrie. The first goal is thanks to Landeskog. Key players doing dumb things will cost you and it did today.

This is the type of game that will deflate the team and send them spiralling even further down the standings, I think.
Next two games against a Vegas team we ALWAYS struggle with, and a Winnipeg team that is going to want revenge.
Lol. Here comes another losing streak.

The difference between the Blues in our zone and us in their zone... I'll party so hard when Bednar leaves.

TDL"”Sell, sell, sell!!!

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I want jost shipped off immediately. Too slow, small, and stupid to do anything of value out there

Yeah it's a damn shame that Bednar couldn't make a few trades to bring in some competent personnel.

So.. Back on track for that high pick then. Ah well.

Barrie+ for Huberdeau please. I'm so sick of his lack of defensive abilities as a defenseman costing us games.

Avs didn't play bad at all and had their chances. Allen was great for the Blues today.
We got the full Barrie adventure. Good early on and created chances when jumping into the play. Then also horrific at times and playing a role in a goal and chances against.
Something needs to be done about the PP.

While that's not on him, I do believe the only strategic plan he has in the offensive zone is to get the puck in deep, battle for it, get it back to the point and get shots.
The Avs aren't a creative hockey team.

Don't even bother. For him Bednar is responsible for everything that is wrong with not only the Avs but the world.

How could you say that when they're shooting more from high danger areas than pretty much other team.

I agree with you, but thats what I dont understand. Thats gotta be the mindset in tight games like this. Put pucks to the net, anticipate a rebound and get a greasy one. Could be a coach thing but at this level I put that on the players.

Same ****, same results. Teams simply aren't going to let MacKinnon's line beat them. They focus everything they have into stopping that line.

They try to keep it simple because outside of the first line we do not really have forwards who can make a difference. Not enough skill - as pointed out many, many times before.

What can we sell? Nothing valuable.

You have to wanna be in that area. Not enough guys on this team want it that bad. Landeskog, Mackinnon, Soderberg, Calvert all go to that area. Not many other guys do on a regular basis on this team and in the case of Jost and Kerfoot its a death wish to be hangin around that area so thats why they hardly venture there.

Must've heard about Kakko's hatty and decided to go back into the tank

They miss a complete 2nd line and some tweaks.
I think this draft and offseason is the time to fix a lot of things.

Get a 2nd line, improve the goaltending somehow, get guys like Bourque and Calvert out of the lineup.
If those things happen then next season will be better.

Calverts money is a problem but he himself has been fine. I just defended Matt Calvert. Damn.

While i agree the problem with the Avs is that it's always "next season". This BS needed to stop - but it looks like it won't stop this season. But maybe "next season".

Thats why selling at the TDL is most likely what we should be doing. I rather we make the playoffs but damn if nothing changes between now and the TDL im gonna be pissed at Joe. Either add something to help us get in or shed yourself of the dead weight.

It was also painful to watch them continuously try to give the puck to Jost on the PP to set up. I think he fumbled it almost every single time.

Calvert is fine. He hasn't been signed to score 30 goals, he's been signed to be a pest. And that exactly what he is. And Bourque hasn't even been in the lineup for a while.
But i would be fine with getting rid of Ghetto/Kerfoot/Jost - just to name a few.

Especially with so many contracts ending. He needs to see what he can get for Nemeth / Varly / Kerfoot etc

I'm down for a Poolparty for Jost swap, I wouldn't even be mad if he became a PPG player on McDavid's wing.
This team needs a shake-up.

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Calvert has been fine, I can't really complain to much about what he has brought to the table.

Calvert isn't real skilled, but by God, he works his a** off every shift. If you could transplant Calvert's drive into the rest of the Avs players, this team would be rolling right now, instead of floundering around like they are.

Trading one ****-up for another ****-up is not really a "shake up", don't you think.
But Barrie for Hubi (which is not going to happen) - sure, sign me up.

Ghetto/Jost/Kerfoot/Nemeth/Barrie/Bourque/Varlamov"”-All need to be gone!

Andrighetto had his best game in 75 years.

I still want him shipped out of here. This time to Austria

Meh, I thought he held on to the puck way to much in most situations. He will make a nice play then immediately negate all of it by usually just skating into traffic. He's the hockey equivalent of a dog who chases cars, if they ever caught it, they wouldn't know what to do with it.

That's what's concerning about it being his best game.

I always read their posts as more of a loving, defensive mother-type. Definitely a relation of some sort though.

We got lucky with his production last year. Considering we traded that useless plug for him, it was a nice surprise. But that ship has sailed, and he shouldn't be on this roster.
You aren't taking a serious run at the playoffs with Andrighetto / Bourque / Nemeth in your line up

Yeah, I agree with all of that. Just saying he did better than lately.

He's been better, but not making much of a difference on the score sheet

I'm just about done with Barrie. He causes so many of our goal against right now. That second goal...oh man! That is basic defensive assignment right there...and nothing. He just let him slide right to the net...yeah slide not even skate. The problem with Barrie is that Bednar can't bench him because he needs his offense to try to tie it up.

Yeah, because the players on our first line are so terrible. It's funny how the Bednar crowd always finds excuses no matter what's happening on the ice.

Barrie -3 again. He is horrendous.
Get him off this team ASAP

Your shtick has gotten way old.

Barrie is a one trick pony whose time has come and gone in Denver.

In a 3-0 game, certainly not.

This kinda throws the whole prevailing narrative (which I also bought into) of If-they-only-had-league-average-goaltending-! into the dumper. Can't win if you don't score.
0-for-23 on the power play. That's inexcusable.
Bednar low-key (as he does everything) called out the Roomies line twice during his presser. Also doesn't appear pleased with Mikko.

What a stupid and frustrating game. Avs didn't look bad, but every single prime scoring chance the effin' player missed the net.

Makes sense. They were the Avs worst line and Rantanen got worse and worse as the game went on.

He had Greer and the 4th line out there in the closing minutes. If that wasn't a sign...
Don't have any idea what the organization's goal is with Jost. I don't care if Wilson's injured or sick or just plain sucks, they should've called up someone else, OR made a deal for a depth forward instead of calling him back up to do what he's done the whole season...nothing.

It's not my fault you cant see how he is costing us games.

Yeah, this isn't helping anyone. As I said earlier, watching him on the PP was especially rough. He kept bobbling the puck on what should've been simple plays. That's not a skating or strength issue, which is what makes the whole thing more concerning and frustrating. Even on the one good scoring chance he had he waited and waited until he ran out of room and it was broken up. He has zero confidence out there.

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You can say that a million times over, we either get...
- A grinder goal (Toninato, Soderberg, etc.)
- A cross ice one-timer (MacKinnon to Rantanen or vice-versa)
- A Landeskog tip
That's it.

If you want to trade him that's cool, I kinda get it, but next in line into the lineup right now is like Mark Alt.

Has nothing to do with whether or not he's costing us games, but at least contribute something other than "Barrie sucks trade him" every second day.

Honestly, the best for this team is probably to tank. Sell off a few players and get a better pick. Have a massive influx of young players come in next year, hopefully surrounded by a few good UFAs, to wash out the bad aftertaste of this season.

Could you imagine if Jost had done the smart thing and stayed for a 2nd NCAA year. Could've had a Makar esque season rounding out his game (strength and skating) while also gaining confidence.
Instead we have this...

Makar had those characteristics prior to NCAA though. Jost has been slower and weaker than many of his peers dating back to Junior A.
He definitely could have used another year in college but I still don't know how much that really would have done for him.

I like to imagine Sakic meant to say Charlie McAvoy, but somehow what came out was Tyson Jost instead.

Eh, I don't really buy it anymore. I used to be quite high on Jost, but I don't see how another year of college would've made him significantly faster.

This season depresses me. To be 'on top of the world' and then to come crashing down like a bag of wet potatoes... it sucks ass

I like to imagine I married a young Sharon Stone but.....well you know

Don't worry, we get to do it all over again next year!

Young Cameron Diaz FTW

The Avs have 1 more win than the Ducks, and the same number as the Kings. Let that sink in!

Jost has to play a cerebral game like Pavelski to be successfull imo. So giving him proper conditions to gain confidence and work on that area would have been beneficial imo.

Remember back in November when McGuire was gushing about the Avs on NBC about how we were potential cup contenders, how electric the building was again and how 'hockey is back in the state of Colorado' ? Good times.

Cameron Diaz in The Mask. Dayyyum

This team legit cannot take a compliment. Anytime someone compliments them it goes to their head and they end up losing. Anytime people doubt them THATS when they play their best. This team is incapable of playing well when expectations are placed on them.

Hottest girl ever put on film

It would have maintained his trade value at least.

I haven't completely given up on Jost, but I can't envision him ever being much more than a decent 3rd liner, or a very marginal 2nd liner. And to even reach that level, he'll probably need a year or two in the AHL. Odds aren't good that he ever pans out though.

I honestly don't think of Jost as a threat at all anymore. Like I don't look forward to his development.

I think it´s safe to say we traded the wrong person in O´Reilly. Should´ve been Duchene back then.
And Jost? Yikes....