FTP: Blues @ Tampa Bay 02/07/2019

I get more FTP-work to do. That’s a good sign!

Btw: The are some good quotes about Binnington in this FTP-thread.

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Go !!!

Love the Cally quote.

According to Martel the 3rds are debuting tonight.
... Annnnnnnnnnnnd of course I will be on a plane.

I'd prefer the practice jerseys to the gradient monstrosities likely coming tonight.

Have you seen them?

So based on that quote, was Callahan told he'd be the 13th forward from now on instead of being in the rotation?

Nah. Just assuming the "œleak" from earlier this season hasn't been touched. Hopefully it has been.

Yup. He gave an interview with Joe Smith from the Athletic that stated he was told after the break that he would no longer be in the regular rotation.

It's just the rotation. Dont get too pissed.

Let's go Bolts!

We Gon' Lose.
Something something taxes.
What's this about Cally?

Martel clearly being punished for posting that photo earlier.

Let's go !!!

emm hold that thought
cooper said cally will get into some games in future

I was planning to watch the game but then I found out that I have to get up early. Hopefully I'll wake up to some good news tomorrow though.

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Eh I probably shouldn't have had that final absinthe shot, I'll see whether I can watcj the game or not.

I'm pretty sure Binnington will make his 10th NHL start in the net for the Note, tonight, instead of Snake.....not that it's likely to matter all that much.

Cernak manages the puck like its a grenade with the pin pulled, though. I love his play as a whole but he needs a big boost of confidence with handling that thing. I think thats why Serg gets the nod in those situations.
Also, while i've also been critical of him as of late, his peripherals actually look decent this year. More D zone responsibility, better play but not great, still chases in his own zone though.

go Bolts

Lightning is moving to Quebec?

I bet anything they won't even practice in the new jersey and make us wait til puck drop

Definitely apparent through his first 5 games, but haven't noticed that at all recently

Wow..... This better be the best jersey we've ever made. They're seriously closing shops over it?

They just want to debut them on the ice not in a team store.

Hi everyone!
I hope to win tonight!!
Let's go Bolts!

Okay, now that I've seen the new jerseys, I want one. Or two. Or three.

I think it's not a "Please take my money" jersey...but it's a quite nice one

Meh might just get it

Annnnnd they absolutely suck ass. Why does this team hate it's history

Horrible and those socks might be the worst part.

If they weren't gradient I think they'd be pretty solid.

They're pretty boring imo.

Wish we got some throwbacks though

All that time to NOT make a crappy gradient after the leak and they still did it.

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At least the gradient is only on the sleeves and the socks thank goodness!
Not sure if nice or suckage...
Let's go !!!
Please don't suck!

Let's see how they look in action before passing final judgement.

So we waited like 6 months for these.

If the win 7-0 it may change my mind in them.

It's basically the leak. They're making bad jerseys on purpose so it doesn't displace the Maple Wings

Let's hope Stammer scores for his birthday!

How is this the best 3rd we've had?

my birthday present 9 days am 50 yep doms new mask added cause love that too liked the cancer one more for sentimental reasons but it rocksssssssssssss


vasy new mask

i told him we need a hatty lol

I like it. Then again, 1/2 my wardrobe is black.

I dunno why you're all hating on the alternates. I think they look alright, just not worth the hype behind it all lol

Love Vasy and Dom's new masks!! Withholding opinion on new thirds until seen in action tonight. Though I do love the boys in black, the gradient is...questionable atm. But if they win in them I'll be in line on Saturday to get one.

Actually not as bad as a full uniform.

I like them. I prefer the patch logo over the primary one so that would've been cool, but I can't complain. I missed the black.

thats what i think crabby didnt like top alone but as a uniform full with the hate I love this set up the legs are cool with bigger lightning bolt it jumps out at me

Yeah, the full black kit is nice. Just not sure about the gradient yet. lol

Just ordered my Kucherov alternate. I love it.

Idk how I feel about these 3rd jerseys...

Happy birthday Steven Stamkos! Goes from 28 to 29 years old. Let's hope he follows the same pattern in goals.

Or 28 to 31.

If the back numbers were actually white and followed some level of consistency along with a readable shoulder patch it would not be as bad

I see what you did there

Why even have the shoulder logo, can't even see any of the detail.

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Gonna order a Point one to commemorate the day Leaf fans realized their GM is **** compared to the Yzergod/JBB tag team.

It's the gift of uncertainty. Drink it in man

The gradient sleeves seem so unnecessary lol

You can barely read the numbers.

Play some freakin defense!


Did they forgo the victory stripes again? I swear to God they don't listen if they don't have the stripes

Erne with an awful backhand pass to the Blues

At least now I can test how well I know my Bolts because I don't have any idea about the numbers.

Lets go PP!

I give it 3 years at the most before we see a new third.

I decided I hate them.

All part of the plan to keep the refs guessing who took the penalty.

Damn. Coburn and Sergachev still look like bovine excrement.

Hate the jerseys and they look like slop.

I can't see a goddamn thing for numbers. Banish these forever.

Yeah, can't read the numbers from far away.


Is Kuch just actively trying to not score goals at this point?

I'm all for black but jeesh all I see are black blobs.

Not true. You can tell when Sergechev gives up the puck. I don't know what got into his head, but this is definitely a Cernak game, not a Serge one.

I concur.
(In about 10 more beers)

Espo is gonna DESTROY whoever thought of these things. If I can barely read them he probably can't either high in the booth

Waaaaayyy too much work for Vasy again. Sigh.

This showing is leaving quite a bit to be desired right now

I laughed because it's true.

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The sad part about the new jerseys is that it makes Killorn even more invisible than he's been in the last 15 games.

Another bad decision by Sergachev to pass between his legs...right to a Blues player.

We're in a funk

holy **** Vasy

Vasy hiding our warts. Team is playing poorly

LoL Vasy hypnotized the shooter on the last one!

It's gonna be a long February

It's too bad our team (minus Vasy) has forgotten how to hockey.

What a save

I think it's safe to say the long break disengaged us

They just need to add a white outline around the numbers.

Now Sergy looks like an exclamation mark on the ice after each screw up!! Hate this black crap, # s need to be visible!!

Lmao Jesus Christ Vasy.

Can we swap Joseph for Killorn. This is not fair to our third line to have a brick out there.

OMG Vasy!!!

At the risk of sounding like an arrogant Lightning fan, I gotta say...that Vasilevskiy young man.... he is pretty good, no?

Vasy is good at the hockey.

. Brick = Stonehands!! LoL

I missed the pre-game....can anyone tell me why the Bolts are wearing those black/charcoal grey jerseys?
I thought they were the 3rds, but those aren't the thirds I thought they were sporting.

Yea, I kinda thought that.
He looks like he might even be starter material.
Was just making sure.

These are the new thirds. Just revealed tonight. Not too bad except that the numbers are pretty much unable to be deciphered from any distance.

We suck.

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Don't know about giving him the starter position. Dom is on a 9 game win streak. He is #1 until Vasi can put a streak together.

Serge, you suck. Just play 12/5 the rest of the night Coop. He's f'd up.

The ONLY reason we are in this game. Everyone else sucks.

Too many dam passes!! Nobody wants to be first to score in these Darth Vader outfits!!

Ahhh, ok thanks.
Found it strange I had not seen those before...wondered if I missed anything from my Stanley Cup contenders!!
I agree on the names and numbers...a bit TOO subdued in coloration.
But hell, we don't look like the stinkin Leafs that way at least...hehe

Sooooooooo sloppy

Not true, I say, not true.
If the offense stalls, Killorn is on the ice.
If it looks like a black traffic cone, Girardi is on the ice.
And if there is a turnover, Sergechev is on the ice.
Everyone else but Vasy is just the black blob tonight.

Vasy is a god. Passing is crap.

Paq trying to piss off Maroon.

Joseph is so fast. The puck cant keep up.

Why are we fumbling the puck so much?? Not just this game either. This is getting absurd.

Girardi with his best Cernak impression

That was his "hit" for February. Next one up in March.

Coop needs to blow that 3rd line the **** out

For my liver's sake, I hope Cooper jumbles the lines. Because this lineup blows.

It's not fair to Gourde to have Brick Killorn out there. Put Joseph on that line.

Big hit by Girardi. Miller throwing the body around as well.

Very difficult first period!!!

Bout time to go to the Stammer/Kuch well again....

We need to switch the lines up. Palat is desperately missing his bro time with Johnson and Point will NOT shoot the puck

Kuch is passing way too much as of late. I think he has lost confidence in his shot. He is whiffing more than normal on one timers. Hopefully this ends soon.

5th game in a row the looks discombobulated. The break really messed us up.

I'm about there too but that is last resort. I don't think it's gotten that bad yet

This is such **** hockey. Losing EVERY board battle. They're getting forechecked to death. And no one seems able to control the puck, must be the ice?

Utter domination by the Blues. Except for Vassy.
Suddenly the 3rd period looks like garbage. Serge has lost his game it seems. I believe Serge is what makes the third pair go because he can skate. We don't want Coburn Girardi as a 3rd pair in the playoffs. But right now I don't trust Serge defensively and he's just not doing enough on on offense to justify the liability.
I wonder if Rudda can help? Or maybe there is a solution via trade.
Serge may be able to play his way out of it, we will see.

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Laying out Malkin must of been January's because it was a beaut!

the good
the bad
the ugly
anywho haha the good not too much but we got through TIED
the bad everything else except the scoreboard
the ugly 3rd jerseys without being able to see everything on them..... BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

I don't know. It's pretty bad.

Guys I just got here, and I know you already talked about it, but I wanna talk about the New Jersey's nooooowww

Only 6 more times these Black baby's!! Thank God!!

(They bad)

They tell Lightning gradient jersey jokes instead of yo mama jokes now

These lightning jerseys are real bad and this is coming from a dude that is buying a forsberg predators jersey

. You forgot the They Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the Seinfeld Black and white cookie bit on a jersey

Come on Men in Black!!


That's a bad call.

Nice try Celery

They haven't forgotten how to PK it seems just everything else

Great PK!!

Such a great kill. All three sets of forwards.

Bolts may be having some trouble getting themselves all on the same page, but their PK'ers are making an absolute MOCKERY of the St. Louis PP.
Wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Bolts come up with a shortie tonight at some point.

Maybe we should play with 4?

Spent more time in the offensive zone then the D zone on that kill.

Terrific PK!!

Black jerseys are getting a lot of love online. May not be great for watching, but people like them.

Kuch off the post, Kuch to the box

Everone loves a Thunder Storm!!!

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Coburn took an awful angle, but man that's another ticky tack call.


I realize the Bolts PK has been freakin AWESOME tonight, but errrr, they need to cut out this march to the box now.
Let's not push things, eh?

These calls are like nothing we've seen in the past few games. Did the league decide it's going to be the beginning of the season again?

Great kills

Freakin Bouwmeester....
Trying to bully the much smaller TyJo.
Tyler wasn't having any of it...good for him.
Worry about your PP work, ya slug, Bouw.

Great kills, but damn Mac, can you please not shoot wide with such a glorious chance? That's Hedman's schtick.

So Palat must have some blackmail on Coop to have stayed with Stamkos for so long.

Nobody wants to freaking shoot the puck.

**** just shoot at the ****ing net. What the ****.

Passes are off. Shots are off. Decisions are off.

Seriously. Make the rookie make a save.

Drink anytime they skate it in and do a circle around the faceoff circle. You'd be dead.

Anything but shoot the puck.....so help me Kucherov you're trying to outdo Point

Probably 10 times vs Vegas at least last game

Yea...I like that the Bolts generally play as a team and try to anticipate one another, but there ARE times when being selfish is warranted.
Our boys just need to put more pucks nets. Bottom line.
St. Louis has put good pressure on Vasy and the defense, but for all that work, it is still scoreless, and the Blues have looked far from airtight on their own defense.
TB just needs to loosen them up a bit more by firing some heat towards Binnington more often.

It is February. So who cares. But man, we are OUT of sync. Move Palat down - he's worthless right now. But pretty much everyone else is equally ineffective. Kuch has to take that backhand on the 2 on 1. Remember the back hand snipe he had top shelf last year? Truly inexcusable not to take a shot on a 2 on 1. The killer instinct is lacking right now.
PS. Let's retire these horrendous jerseys.

If we're going with new unis let's put the real name of the team on them, the TB Vasilevskiys.

I know I'm in the minority of fans and most of you really don't care, but I just refuse to believe that there's no correlation between how they tend to play in the second half of seasons and how they end up missing in the playoffs.

Nice of the offense to dry up a little earlier this year and temper expectations.

Serge/Coburn has been awful again.

Eh, we didn't want the cursed President's Trophy anyway.

I mean, how many times does the hottest team in the second half seem to win the cup? Happens all the time.

More Serge IMO.

Nah Coburn has been **** too.

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There is no way a team that has been together for such a long time and with so much star power should look so out of sync.

Serge has been bad, but...you play him. You know? Who here thinks that cally doesn't start every playoff game?

The funk is real. Break up the lines Coop. I might even condone TKO. Point and Kucherov are getting bad right now. Gourde with Point will probably spark both. Stamkos would be fine on that line too

We were on a roll and then it was bye week/ASG time. We were badly out of sync to start the year too.

This could take a while

cirelli line is best line tonight smdh

Guorde Point TJ
Miller Stammer Kuch?
Palat to the third line

Covering for Serge.

I blame these cursed jerseys.

Not really? His penalty was 100% because he doesn't know how to take an angle and let O'Reilly get behind him. They're getting hemmed in because he hasn't been able to interrupt the cycle. Neither are playing the rush well.
I don't know if you just have a hard on for criticizing Serge, but saying Coburn has been anything but trash this game is stupid.

Honestly, if we're going to hit a funk it's a good time to do so.

Gourde Palat Joseph

Miller isn't much better than Palat. I would take my chances on him improving if paired with Johnson because the two have always played their best hockey when paired together.
You could even try Palat with Point and Gourde but whatever keeps Kucherov away from Stamkos for now

Coburn is just not cutting it. At least Girardi blocks shots and hits someone once a month.

Total garbage. Blow it up

I thought we all knew the funk would come after the allstar break like it always has? Year after year, they do this and it's always brutal to watch

Missed the first two periods but am locked in for the third... here we go, slump is over, we're about to net 3 in the third to win 3-0...

Only two games this year we've been scoreless through two periods. Both in the last 6 days.

As soon as we killed that 3rd penalty

They had best start scoring or I'm going to have to break the glass.

I told you guys already, Dan Girardi belongs in there...lol


Thank you Vasy

I'm sure that turnover by Coburn was really Serge's fault.

The refs seriously have it out for us. St Louis is getting away with the same **** we are being called for.

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Thankfully, someone activated "God Mode" for Vasy tonight...

That damned Coburn/Sergachev pairing has definitely ran its course...

Chew more gum

I liked the Stralman Serge pairing better.
In fact, I liked the Callahan-Coburn Press Box pairing even more.

Palat has become an astonishingly unremarkable player. I guarantee he is one of the guys Kucherov was pointing at when he was calling people out

I never knew St. Louis was the cleanest team in the NHL.

Someone needs to tickle Kuch's nostrils...

At least Stamkos has shown up...

Everybody shooting wide

Aww, Strålman hit the post.
However, he and McDonagh have had a pretty solid game so far.

I'm murderizing my liver for this????????? At least make it worth it on a work night boys. Sheesh.

Which part? I did a word salad.

The refs have nothing to do with the bad passes, shots and generally poor play.

Refs are calling NOTHING out there

Have you tried yelling at the TV yet? Let us know how it goes if you do

we suck

Stamkos and Cirelli have been our two best forwards. Stamkos has been really good.

I don't know what you're f**king problem is dude. I have an opinion that is different than yours, I expressed it. Keep the personal sh*t to yourself.

The hottest of takes

Coop got it under control...

I just got home to start watching the game, but I can't see a THING NOW!!!!!!!! Those sweaters are absolutely HIDEOUS!!!!!!!! I loved the old Bolt's black,(complete with Espo's "victory stipes"), but this is beyond stupid.

Only on us. That's why we are barely playing aggressive D. Can't do anything without being called.

Ummm... k? It was a bad opinion - there was nothing personal in my response.
Killorn has missed like two chances right in the crease.

December offense
Has me a blast
December offense
Dried up so fast

Tell me more tell me more.

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Lmao. Which one of you dudes likes killorn this is important so that I laugh at the right person.

Vasilevskiy just seeing EVERYTHING tonight...and good thing too!
Bolts need to reward him by giving him a lead though.
Don't want this game end up being one of those where we say, "Man, Vasy deserved better"

::: sigh ::: Girardi vs Schenn is just not a good match up.
Fortunately Vasy has been stellar.

Here we go

Let's go...pp

I like his Uni degree. Does it count?

To the box, Maroon!
Ok, Bolts...here ya go.... PP time!

About time. It had to be the most obvious call.

Get this out of my god damn head.

. Hedman got caught up , G a step behind to start, No body was catching Schenn on that play!!

FINALLY!!!! Of course, it HAD to be something they couldn't avoid calling for them to call it

It's about fricking time!! PP Time!
P.S. some nice defensive/transitional work by Strålman last shift. Looks like he's finding his old form at last.

Too many passes. Shoot the puck

Miller back on the top PP. Much better hands than Palat. I tentatively like this move.
Kucherov needs to ****ing shoot.


These ****ing guys. Pass pass pass pass turn over pass pass pass. Why isn't this working?

You're probably right, it's just hard to see how slow Girardi is at times.

**** it. Joseph to the top 6. Palat to the bench.

Another rush and no shot. Pathetic.

Those jerseys have grown on me a lot. They're nice!

1 shot for 2 PP s, Too dam fancy!!

It's that time of the season where Kuch forgets how to shoot and pass the puck.

I just want them to start Brent Burnsing it... shoot from EVERYWHERE...all the time!!!

Every single player is in a funk. Unbelievable

Page number: 12

. Yes when your partner gets caught out of position, it even makes slow skaters look even slower, But definitely not our worse pairing tonite by no means!!

Very true. Coburn/Sergachev has definitely been the worst pairing. Our top two pairs have actually been pretty solid for the most part.

I'd be ok with a major trade to shake up the lineup. This is playoff hockey...not much room. Reminds me of a caps game/Trotz scheme.

Atta boy Johnson...
Bolts as a team need to do more of that...get a chance, just shoot it.

Johnson can't hit the net for the life of him tonight.

Outside of Vasy, the next best highlight of the game was those 2 hot chicks flipping Parayko off.

Meh...TyJo just needs to imagine the Blues goalie is Petr Mrazek.


He has played strong

Stamkos has been our best skater *by far* tonight.

Can't finish tonight


Out there owning that "C"!

Yeah, Stamkos has been rocking it tonight.

It would be nice if he could play with someone that has that extra level of talent.

Gourde is a great skater and a real nuisance, but I would not be opposed to trading him for someone that could finish.

I don't want to see them each passing up a grade A shot going back and forth. Right now Stamkos is making great decisions, and Kucherov isn't.

Please win

3rd period was the best one. we had some great chances, but somehow missed the net on every single dangerous shot.

I've also like what I've seen from Miller...

Ok Boyz , 1 pt in the bank, The second comes in OT!!

Overtime? Again?

1 point thank you vasy

I'd rather play him with other grinders. He doesn't fit with Stamkos - he needs to be on a line that's getting dirty.

Page number: 13

I meant more of a player that we dont currently have.
Killorn, Palat and Gourde are fine put they dont have that skill level.

Tonight...7 goals in 5 games

3 on 3.
Maybe with less bodies, the Blues won't be able to lane clog so much.
Could work in the Bolts favor.
Let's go boys!

Ya know, outside of a few scrambles, I don't think Vasi had many tough shots. They just throw a lot at the net, but there weren't too many grade As IMO.

You know, at some point, credit to the devil just has to be given...
Blues' Binnington has been f$##@ing fantastic tonight.

Guys, killorn is real bad. But I bet he could do your taxes and your kids homework so it's cool if some of you like him I guess

Yea, but on more than a few occasions Vasy has HAD to do his impression of Hasek.
Either way, Vasilevskiy has earned his paycheck tonight for sure.

Cmon now..we ALL KNOW Killorn sleepwalks through the regular season but wakes up for the playoffs.
We can set our alarms by that.

**** right off

These refs are smoking some seriously %$$#ed up Ganja...

Nice try Point, but that was def a dive lmao

oh my refs

Take and elbow in the face while cutting a corner. Embellishment my ass. These refs bias is hard.

That play sums the night perfect. Cirelli can send Hedman in alone and overshoots him on the pass.

Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of "Refs, you suck!" from Amalie!!

Good call on point. He dove


That's the right call. Point dove.

Time to pull the trigger. Gourde-Killorn and a minor for Panarin.


****ing refs cost us this game.

Good. Didn't deserve a win there. Embarassing effort through about 45 minutes of that game.

%$#^ you, St. Louis..
Enjoy it.
This was your playoffs.

Vasi should have come out for that one.

Page number: 14

well, 1 point it is.

I'm so pissed right now . . . just total CRAP.


No call on Vasy. That is bull****.

the refs blew that game fffffffffffffff that vasy was tripped gawd

Point dove. Y'all need to quit.

Thank you Cirelli for the awful f***ing pass to Hedman on a 2 on 0 breakaway. Unbelievable!

Horrible. Careless. Shut out again.
Team is in serious trouble.

I don't know why he didn't take a more aggressive angle there. No worry about a pass, no worry about him cutting across the net mouth. I thought he stayed too deep.

Lesson of the night: Shoot the ****ing puck

Ref bias is hard right now. Blatant trip on Vasy by Tarasenko and we get that embellishment call.

Well, who cares how bad they've been since the break, remember guys? Switch and all? They'll just mean it again in the playoffs.

What ev's but this slump needs to end like now!

We had 30+ shots before OT.

Well, that was a big steaming pile of bovine excrement.
Hope they find that damn switch before Saturday's game vs the Pens.

My opinion on this past week?

I mean - yeah it was a really bad play by Cirelli. He just didn't identify the situation.
Why don't we play Joseph 3 on 3.

and 1 shot on 2 PPs

**** way to lose despite the horrible game.

i feel like im gonna puke

Can't win when you can't score any goals

Sadly, I had to sell my tickets due to a family event that came up.
Happily, if this is how they are going to play, I sold my tickets.
Just WTF, again.

Tough loss.
Blues have been on fire as of late. Big game against the Penguins next time out

Guys should be embarrassed with the way they played

Eh... whatever, one of our lesser efforts and we still squeeze out a point. If we're making points when we play sh*tty... I am okay with that.

Team is so off they can't even finish 3v3.
Stammer needs some help, he's our best forward right now and Palat/Guorde can't keep up. It's too bad TJ and Stammer has never worked.

Burn the jerseys. Just like MM did to his Hedman one.

Page number: 15

Very questionable coaching decision that one.

**** those hideous sweaters. I hope to NEVER see them again.

The mods on this board must owe you big time.

Cernak playing with a live grenade. Very apparent early he wanted nothing to do with the puck

cause coop gonna coop he has cut his minutes late at times

The entire offense is slumping except Stamkos... Let that sink in

Cirelli did not belong out there. Looked completely out of his element his entire shift. **** that bull**** call on Point. And **** the non call on Vasy. Such horse ****. I hate blaming games on refs, but this one belongs to them. Good job, zebras.

Against a ****ty team, I expect at least 2 freaking goals.

nite my friends no we didnt deserve a win tonight but to have it stolen like this is sickening

Some people are overreacting big time, we're going through an offensive slump but are allowing like no goals against in regular play situations. I mean... some people have to watch more games then just this team

Really a bad game...It's better to start to think to next game...

Dude - I love Point. I've been impregnated by him many times.
That was a dive. A solid 8/10 Callys.

Seriously this board overreacts to a loss like crazy. OMG WE'RE ONLY ON PACE FOR 124 POINTS NOW!

Stolen? We played terrible. Get outta here...stolen. weak...depending on the refs. Wait till the playoffs...you want calls? You won't get em. Weak sauce.

He blew a tire at the same time the guy hit him. You can see in the replay his skate wobbling then giving out.

And your point? They shot at the net and all St. Louis did was clog the middle and block shots. It's easy to do when the game plan hasn't change in 55 games.

Last 9 games we've scored 18 goals. HOWEVER, we've gotten 10 points out of a possible 18. We've gotten points in 5 of the last 6 games. Offense has fallen off, we're in a slump, but we're still piling up points.

2 losses in a row.
2nd time this season. Let's hope we have a similar response as last time.

Really though. This may be the worst point of our season, and we haven't let in more then two goals in the last four games. Huuuge overreaction

With our lineup, I expect at least 4 goals every night. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. We've got ample time to get this figured out and I am convinced it will get figured out.

Agreed game wasn't stolen from us. We had many chances to shut this game out. The Blues were game and came to play today. We got a point out of it and our next game is against the Penguins who are on a three game losing streak.

We're playing like dogsh*t for sure, but STL is not a bad team. Now that they have their goalie situation under control, they're odds on to at least take a PO spot in the Central.

You're expectations are unreasonable, we were averaging 4 goals a game for a while, meaning there were a lot of games we were under four. Get real ploxlord

I know they're unreasonable. But this lineup has the potential for that and has set my expectations as such. Easy with the name-calling.

I mean, we're going to have to get through the trapping and collapsing. We had our chances. One post, one cross bar. On top of that, a few pucks lying in the crease we couldn't get solid wood on.
On top of that, we didn't give up a ton of chances. First period was pretty bad, but after that there wasn't really a grade A (honestly, not even the game winner was a "grade A").

They were a bad team at the starting of the season but they have really turned their season around. Props to them

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Too many passengers right now. Miller and Killorn for starters and Kuch and Hedman have been train wrecks. When Kuch gets in that overly creative mode he's a liability.
Awful effort. A point salvaged by Vazy...again. Completely outclassed tonight.

Ummm... how was Hedman a train wreck?

I think Vasilevskiy got a piece of the GWG. It's all g though onto the next one.

Aren't you the same dude that damage controls and slurps Coop nonstop in the coaching discussion thread?

I don't know why so many people are giving Palat a pass right now. He's one of the worst players on the ice right now. He's absolutely awful.

Better to be on the uptick in the second half. O'Reilly is a beast. Whole team is big and physical. Not slow either. Forecheck like fiends. Be tough in the playoffs.

I don't see anyone giving him a pass, he's being ripped on a lot in here. Most people wanted him gone off of the first PP and he was replaced with Miller, so that's good.

Vasy is going to be pissed. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go end to end and take care of the whole thing himself next game.

No one cares how you played in nov dec jan. ...the team did this last year and frankly...I'm not very optimistic about our style of play translating to the playoffs.

You see any realistic moves to be made or do we play out this hand?

We'll play out our hand and you'll see coopers swan song. Q will be coach next season unless coop can unlock playoff magic. No more excuses.

You said it...like a playoff game. We're not ready...yet. time to retool but not looking good. Teams have clamped down and we have not responded.

That is a sad story.

Just got home and this seems like one to just delete off the DVR without watching

I'd like to see the line blender for pretty much all 4 lines. Now's the time to experiment and try and find some chemistry.

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Captain Stammer the only one showing up. And Joseph I guess.

Yeah, I suck

Here we go...the switch flip it. After last year, I am genuinely concerned.

This is awkward.

What an odd game. Binnington is the real deal, regardless of our shots not being great, he's a solid goalie.