FTP: Blues @ Panthers 02/05/2019

Next Blues win!

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Binnington has been awesome. Does Reimer stay over 900?

Keep riding reimer

Surprisingly, we're still kind of in this thing. Don't worry guys, 7 game win-streak incoming. Just to get our hopes up again, to inevitably crush them.

Brass gonna score a hattrick.

We've been beating better teams. St. Louis is only a point better than us. Need to win this one.
Dads with two goals.

We're really not. Season was over a while ago.

Yep. Our chances were meh all year but that seven game losing streak killed us.
We'd need a miracle run + other teams sucking to make it.

I won a Costco giftcard

Should be a good test. Interesting to see how Hoffman does against this team if they can shut him down.
Blues are surging maybe?

We're not getting a top pick and we're not making the playoffs, so time to just watch and enjoy some hockey.

We're not, not even close

23-5-4 gets us 100 pts

We'd need to win at least 21 of our remaining 32 games, and get 4 or 5 OT losses in the games we lose.
So, in typical Panthers fashion, I'm expecting us to win the next two games and then lose the next 6 afterward.

It's wild how St. Louis has almost the same record as us and they are 3 points out of the wild card with games in hand, to boot.


Just go by the tragic number. Panthers can lose 16 more points this year

Wonder if Reim will crap the bed since we are now 'counting' on him.

Emptiest crowd I've seen in a while

Is this not on fox sports florida

Crazy pace with no whistles so far!

How the hell that not go in?

How did that not go in???

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Lol how did we not score

I had to watch it on Blues feed. They had Orlando Magic feed up until 7pm and then it cut to Blues feed for me

What the **** did Dadonov d0 to get bit by a snake that large?

It is on my cable company

could be 2-0

WTF, find the back of the net. Can't keep missing these chances

Dadonov right now.

Gotta listen to the panger lol

Oi brassard.

Bench Brassard for that. Not even joking

I'd take him over Goldie

100% Blues score 1st lol

What's our record for amount of mins without a shot against?

Can't Score. Need Help

Reim is okay. He tends to over embellish.

Nice save

Scieviors days seem numbered

Coming awfully close but can't quite finish

How many chances do we need.

Never understood the extra extension. Wish we could clone another Hawryluk. Plus we have Tippett and Noel coming soon. Noel and Hawk as future bottom 6 RW's sounds good to me.

Reimer looking solid so far. Gotta score though

Absolutely classic that of all the stuff that has been let go by the officials the blues have somehow earned the first pp of the night. What a ****ing joke

Here we go, need a big PK here.
Hate it when we dominate a game and then fall behind so how about a shortie?

He's been irrelvant all year and had brought nothing. Doesn't even chip in offensively anymore

I work very hard to afford season tickets and unfortunately I have to miss 1/3 of games that start on week nights because of 7pm starts.
It is simply not fair to fans who commute to the stadium from outside suburban broward

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Dadonov needs to hire a ****ing witch to break this curse.

Place is a ghost town

Our pk has been fantastic lately

Thee Artist!

Good bounce there for
The goal. Barkov struggling with entries making terrible reads and just not moving his feet like most of the year

Tuesday night against a weak west team.


That smile confirms Borgy lost teeth last game lol

Ekblad slowly racking up the points, nearing his normal 35+ pt pace! Vatrano, what else can you say? The kid has been great!

Fantastic dominant period. Reimer had little work but made two big saves. Good to watch a game again.

For you guys that go to the games, what are the fans doing after the goal? Are they saying something specific, or they just cheering/wooing?

The announcer says "Panthers" and the crowd yells "Goal", then gives the scorer and assists. Then the Woos start.

"Free Falling" Lmao. What a fitting song

I need to move my ass to Florida. 28 degrees everyday in Hawaii. Get home and
It's -32 -42 with wind chill. Over 60 degree difference. Absolute joke this
Country is


Move to Florida you will need to learn Farenheit temps instead of Celsius!

But seriously, isn't it easier just to start at 0? I'll never understand Farenheit.

Don't get me started on kilometers instead of MPH

Nice stick by Barkov on Bozak there


I know the Panthers Goal, I was a season ticket holder for 10 years, I just didnt know what ruckus was afterwards.

Global warming needs to come back
-Donald Trump

Ya the games start at 2 pm there so no way I was staying inside to watch lol

Hate to admit it.....But Barkov is having a down year on the defensive side of the ice. Probably has something to do with having a down year possession wise too.

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Just the woooos.
It's been mentioned before, there's a guy who has a similar look to a younger Rick Flair. Hence the wooos. He sits in the corner where the Zamboni comes out.

Oooohhhh you were vacationing lol.

I just got home in time to turn on the game in the midst of our PK and the ensuing PP where Borgstrom scored ! I think he gets better every game and the way he is able to protect the puck is sick

Man hawryluks motor is
Ridiculous. Feet are
Constantly moving. Barkov needs to take notes

It's not a coincidence that every time Hawk is on the ice, the Panthers get offensive zone time. When you get to the puck first more than everyone else on the ice combined, it just works out that way.

Reimer standin on head

Another game, another great sandbag by the officiating crew.

watching this game I can't understand why we aren't more actively pursuing defense...hopefully they are just doing it on the down low

Kid plays 8 minutes a game. He better be constantly moving.

Score here! Drive the net and score a dirty goal

That was a sexy play by Brassard to get a chance.

I didn't see a penalty there, to be honest.

Trocheck is due for a PP goal

Brassard sucks

Gotta get out of this period

play is dying on Dadonov's stick. Move Hoff back up there? Frankie?

Jesus how many plays is Dadonov going to **** up.

RIP Dads

Jaybo with an aweful stupid penalty

Bad missed offside leads to a PP on fresh ice. Put them away.

Need to get one on this powerplay. Need a little cushion

Atta boy Barky!


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At least Barky is picking up the slack for Dads.


Huge goal

You wanted it.

Feel like you've already pre-ordered your breadman jersey.

Borgstrom is getting so strong on the puck!

Did Reim save that?

Not gonna lie both teams look like they could care less about the outcome of this game lmao

Man that's a nice goal parayko

Wait those faces are bread people? I wasn't sure wtf they were

I think we're watching different games? I see both teams hustling and giving up their bodies to try to keep plays alive.

St Louis playing desperate hockey.
Panthers need to tilt the ice for a while

Blues pushing hard now. Need a response.
Someone has to change momentum

It was Ek with the save.

Oh myyyy.......that would have been so sweet

Just a real lackluster back and forth type of game so far, empty barn probably isn't helping. Even Potvin is sober.

That would have been sick!

Another post. Wow. That was a great setup

Seemed like it was just a matter of time

Oh for **** sakes reimer. U can't let that in

Your on your knees with a paddle down how does it go thru your five hole? That's just aweful goaltending

Panthers hockey.

Nope, didn't see any interference

Heaven forbid somebody on this team knock somebody on their ass in that situation.

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What kind of challenge is this ?

This seems to be a regular move by Booger.

C'mon, we can't waste a challenge just cause.

Also barkov doing nothing like most of the year. He better pick it up next year

Good timeout though they are getting dummied.

Not sure, that looks like a holding the stick call on Reims.


Reimers been good but both goals r questionable.

Yikes haha.
On a serious note Boughner is pretty ass, I get he got dealt a bad hand by management coming in, but he's definitely not getting the best out of what we put on the ice. Tired of these late game collapses, no fire or fight in these guys.

Cant wait for the Bjugbeast hatter on Thursday

Yeah all those points don't count I guess.

His swim technique would have actually worked on that 2nd goal. Haha

What's funny? He standing there being unengaged while oreilly outbattles him. Always unengaged this year. How a player can thru 5 full seasons without pissing someone off is unheard of. I'm souring on him big time this year

What the heck kind of game plan did they have going into the 3rd? They get a goal to pad the lead and the go into fire drill mode? This is on coaching, there's no strategy, no leadership, no composure. Blues are taking it to them.

He's no Bjugstad

Nope. Bjugstad will at least get in a scrum. If he played with half the tenacity or emotion bjugstad did it wouldn't be an issue

Oh.. Michaellllll...


God dammit.


Too bad he has 80x the skill.

Woof matheson reimer special

Trade Matheson already...

Another softie by reimer

Reimer has looked very good except on the three goals against, sigh

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Is Matheson the single worst player in the league?

Matheson is so bad at defense...just floating out there. Boughner is a defensive expert? LOL

That's what happens when you go into a defensive shell and let the other team take control

He really has lol

Yup won't argue that.

Outcoached. Boughner had no response. Blues started tilting play and no push back at all.

Matheson coming through clutch. Wrong team but still

That should get Matheson scratched.
But it will likely get Brown scratched instead.

Consistently inconsistent. The Florida Panthers 2018-19 Season.

How was he outcoached? We can't sustain offensive pressure at all and as usual Matheson is good for costing us a goal against a game.

Matheson has been very consistent

Pens just got shutout. They'll be feastin' on Thursday.

Man those three goals. Wouldn't even be big saves. He's made about 3 or 4 big saves that were tougher than those 3 goals. This is a game where a good goalie lets in one and an elite goalie likely doesn't let one in. But they have spent zero time in blues end. See if they can salvage a pint

I'm not looking at one guy anymore. It's not that easy to fix.

That's gotta be the 10th time Matheson has directly lost a game with a stupid turnover. The guy sucks, he can't help it. It's the coach's fault that he's on the ice at all

Another post. Unreal. Puck luck is a thing

Mike Matheson reminds me of Brett Hedican. Great skater with dung for brains.

it's not complicated. Matheson sucks, is always making goal costing mistakes and our goaltenders let in too many soft goals.

Why can't reimer make a routine save?

Unreal luck

Awful, why is he on the ice over Kis ?

yup. he's been garbage and his contract is a disaster

If your hockey team is failing because of two guys why hasn't it been fixed? I'll help you with this one. It's more that a two player problem.

You do realize that there is a universe where both Matheson and Reimer suck at the same time right ?

I can't see another keep in by us here.

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Two posts for Hoffman and one for Trochek

Bad turnover by Matheson but that goal is on reimer. Wasn't an odd man rush it was a one on one and a shot from distance. Terrible goaltending on a nothing play

What a bunch of losers

Didn't Kis go back to Russia? Or did he report to Springfield?

Come on man, what were seeing is all on coaching. Boughners lost in the sauce, and has been from the start. Good guy but dont think he's cut out to be an NHL head coach. This looks no different than the Tom Rowe Panthers.

I will ask it once again...
How does Mike Matheson still have an NHL job?!?!

Well at least Reimer isnt making you question a buyout

Sure but that turnover didn't lead to a dangerous chance. Matheson hasn't been good this year. But a turnover
Leading to a one on one isn't aweful

Mike Matheson isn't a coach and Reimer isn't a coach. Do you expect Boughner to coach routine saves? Does he tell his goalies to let these low % shots in? Do you watch the games and see the soft goals against?

Yeah, just try to get a 2nd for Brass and call it a season.

Why did we stand around all 3rd period. If I had a dollar every time over the years I've seen a game like this I'd be a wealthy man

I thought I was watching the live game and it turns out that I was about 25 mins behind the live feed via the DVR... and I just realized that we lost and I was in the middle of getting mad about the two quick goals against that tied the game. What happened on the 3rd one?

We didn't stand around, St. Louis has done a really good job of shutting down offense in their zone, we are not the only team in the last ten+ games they've been doing this too.

Saveable shot went in

2 goal lead early in the 3rd and we immediately go into a shell. It's happened all season, which makes no sense because our record last year with a lead going into the 3rd was ridiculously good.

You don't blow 2-0 leads with 19 minutes left with as much regularity as we do.

Pretty bad loss. Barkov irrelevant again. Too many posts and missed chances. Reimer lets in 2 softies and another questionable. Not good enough 5 on 5. Oh well playing good lately need to bounce back next game

Because you can't get move Matheson on his contract and our goaltending has been ****. Did you notice that St. Louis and Philly both were struggling and then their new goalies started playing really well.

Nevermind, I just checked it on my DVR and it was a pathetic attempt at defense by Ekblad/Matheson from what I just saw and Reimer with his same old self. Isnt this how the ****ty Blues beat us last time? All the goals in the 3rd period to embarrass us?

I dislike cheering against my favourite team, but we need to lose as many as possible at this point.

Reimer let in a wrister from a distance. On a one on one rush

Good call Booger! Going with that "hot hand"!
Dumba ss
And 3 goals of support spanning the last two games? Great way to show up after the all-star break, forwards.

Barkov scored.

You can't hold leads when your goalie gives up soft goals that should never go in.

You can't hold leads when your goalie gives up soft goals that should never go in.

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I think our record has been decent with a
Lead after 2 this year

Reimer has been really good lately but tonight he reverted back to his old play

3 months till Reimer is gone

We will revisit this conversation next season with bobrovsky In net. The entire team needs to be held accountable.

You seem to have an excuse for everybody in a failing organization. Bro, they are a bad hockey team. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. They have more problems than two guys dragging them down.
I'm not going to argue this anymore. You can lead a horse to water...

We've lost games because of goaltending a bunch of times this season, this wasn't one of them.
We got a 2 goal lead then allowed 19 shots. Should never happen.
Can't blame that on one or two guys, sorry. Every player had the wrong mindset. Whether that's because of coaching direction or a lack of leadership is the question.

Ya an empty netter anyone would have scored. He created nothing and shut nothing down. He's having a bad year. You can't play in the nhl in engaged with no assertiveness or
Emotion. It doesn't work. Not sure what the deal is but if this is because of the c he needs to be stripped

With a non terrible goaltending performance we win tonight like we would have many other games this season

Rotating goalies does not work. Goaltending is all about building confidence through rhythm. Booger should be fired for that alone.

I think Springfield no idea, but didn't we sign him for this year ? why not use him. I liked his play.

Reimer was garbage the ENTIRE 3rd period and negated ALL of the decent saves he finally made this year. But, the sad thing is this Blues team is just as garbage if not worse than we are with a rookie goalie in net and we get blown out in 18 minutes or so.. pathetic. Just my opinion but, I think the coach has a lot to do with this becoming a dumpster fire. When you have a product this good (on paper) why would you let an unknown lead the team? Why not invest in the coaching staff as well? Look at the Isles this year, they got Trotz and are in 1st after trading their franchise player. Coaches and systems can change the entire game. And our coach/system leaves a lot to be desired. From what Ive seen this season, losing in the 3rd period IS PART OF BOOGS SYSTEM

How were the goals that went in not a factor? Good or even decent goaltending stops those shots and we hold onto the lead. The GWG wasn't even a high quality scoring chance. It was as about low as it can get.

Terrible goaltending and terrible coaching aren't mutually exclusive.

anyone look outstanding in the draft this year ? Keep in mind we have killer guys we drafted not too long ago that are still developing...... so even if we did draft someone amazing we wont do anything with it.

I would not even put that game on Reimer. Agree with out coached...

You never give any concrete examples of terrible coaching.
If we didn't have terrible goaltending we'd be winning and you wouldn't be complaining about coaching.

FFS can we just not suck for one year

Barkov doesn't play or talk like a captain. Strip the C and give it to someone who gives a ****


Yeah, outcoached because St. Louis' coach told their goalie not to let in three soft goals, but Boughner didn't coach Reimer to do that lmao

Of course they are a factor, but when you allow them to come at you in waves and fend off chance after chance after chance, what do you think is going to happen?

Could not agree more

Moller is laying it out perfectly why they lost in the third.
Drop the Mic!

I think good goalies hold down the fort and you make the saves that should be made plus some. It's not like they had a bunch of high quality chances in the third. There was pressure but that is normal from the team that is coming from behind. The third goal for instance had nothing to do with pressure and should 100% be stopped.

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The way Reimer played the wraparound goal was comical
I'm not an expert, but usually I see goalies slide over to the other side and seal it off with their leg. Or maybe I'm wrong and the proper technique is to flop on your belly and wave your paddle at the puck. Any goalies here that can weigh in?

And firing their coaches. Haha
Seriously, I think the Blues might have started playing good after they beat us the first time. Weren't team mates fighting with each other then?

I would have given it to Yandle, but unfortunately I don't call the shots

Would like to see the stats on high danger/scoring chances in the 3rd because I feel like they had quite a few.
We were also outshot 29-13 from the second period onward...Reimer made more than enough quality saves tonight. Don't sit back and make him have to stand on his head and this won't happen.

For sure and tonight was a well deserved regulation loss. The issue is Reimer lets in 2 goals like that every single game, many of which the Panthers deserved better

Yandle, Ekblad, Trocheck, even Huberdeau would have all been much better choices.

We sure know how to make a bad team look good. Just don't know how to make OUR bad team look good.

Jimmy Buyout

If they get Panarin and Bob and leave Matheson in the top 4 they will still miss the playoffs

The puck didn't even go in far side is the worst part. It went in on the side reimer was on and went under him. The second and third goal
We're absolutely comical tho. He's on his knees with paddle down when the scramble is taking place and the puck goes in five hole. That's almost impossible. And the third goal is somehow worse.

I remember these type of games very well with a prime loungo in net who at the time was a top 3 goalie in the world.

No they just need to add a legit
Partner for him. Pysyk is absolutely garbage and brings absolutely nothing. He can't move the puck whatsoever and isn't physical. Leaving Matheson as the only one who can do anything. Teams know this and cut down on his side. He's still one of our better puck movers and has been playing better the last 7 or 8 games. The last turnover isn't even bad and he recovered and didn't get beat.

Pysyk has nothing to do with Matheson's individual mistakes. Pysyk has been fine. MP is a -6, MM is a -22... MM is an individual unforced error machine. His decision making is horrendous.

Let's not excuse Matheson though.
His mental lapses are ridiculous. Has has awesome wheels. Too bad he is a blockhead.

Yes, The wrap around goal made me want to break my television. That shouldn't have been able to go in. Just a pathetic goal IMO. I think Reimer actually HELPED it go in w/his stick. And that 3rd goal was the icing on the pathetic cake. I actually decided to stay out of the forum and not comment for a while in the hopes that it might change the outcome for use but, I was mistaken. We suck regardless of whether or not Im venting my frustrations or not....

Totally not all on Reim. He made some good saves for sure. But man, the ones he did let in are back breakers. The first one I'll let go because wrap arounds are easier this day in age with the small nets and that 9 foot tall guy had the puck & momentum already. But that 2nd goal cannot go in thru the 5 hole when you're already on your pads. And the 3rd one should have been routine.
I don't blame it all on Reim because this team gets so fragile at times.

I dont think Lu let in as bad a goal as that 3rd one his whole 1st tenure here. If (hopefully when) Bob comes you will remember what its like to have a goalie steal you points.

Yes and when u play in front of goaltending like this fragile is bound to happen. They battled thru it for a long time before getting this fragile and turtkinh

Let's get real though.
Last year was an aberration. Missing at 96 rarely happens and shouldn't be held against Boughner.

Something something goaltending....something something barkov too many minutes....something something vendetta


How can people watch those last two goals where there were no breakdowns or scoring chances and blame coaching or systems? We had multiple posts and the other goalie didn't let in anything remotely close to those two goals

Don't know which is worse watching Panthers play or Donny talking crab
at state of the Union

Are people STILL blaming goaltending? Lmao. Without the goaltending we got tonight, the score could've been like 8-2

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Who coached Reimer? Why is he always belly flopping?
Cant our goalie coach fix that? Guy is a whale in net.

Without the goaltending tonight, the score could have been 2-1.

With good goaltending it should have been 2-1 at worst possibly 2-0

I will completely understand if no high end free agents sign with us this summer. I'm not sure why anyone would want to commit to this ****show.

Does making good saves excuse 3 garbage goals?

Boughner isn't a good coach. Yes the goaltending and defense is bad but he is not a good coach at all.

At best, Boughner is a coach that'll get just by. I don't think he's incompetent, but he's definitely not maximizing what this team should be. Those late collapses or entire periods off are coaching issues, inconsistent or questionable lines combinations are on him, lack of consistency over a season is on him, and team character is on him. Player with systems issues are for the coaches to diagnose and resolve, yet we had months of excuses and frustrations.

Still have no idea what system Boughner uses. Anyone?

the rest of the NHL must be paying into a secret swiss matheson bank account.

dont you love how theyre trying to find matheson a partner and not a new home?

torn. he's got so much potential. and right now, you'd be selling low.
but to see the same mistakes, again and again and...

There's been few late collapses and most can be attributed to goaltending. Line combos are
Perfectly fine and they get juggled as much as any other team. The lack of consistency is for to goaltending. Team character is fine I have seen no issue with it whatsoever. Matheson is the lone d man struggling with this many turnovers.

What question is this? U keep asking it
But there is no answer. There is no such thing as saying what type of system any team has. It's geared towards outnumbering opposition when there's a chance at a puck retrieval and turning up ice in transition. Most systems are the same with emphasis on different things. This
Isn't football. There is no definitive type of system
For anyone.

Agree he's just not that good. We have the talent on the team they just cant seem to find chemistry for more than a 2 game span. No idea why.

He's been perfectly fine the last 7 games
Or so. He can be downright dominant at times. He is the line puck mover on his paring and has to handle the puck much more than he should facing much more pressure than he should. A new partner
Will do wonders with zone exits and turnovers imo. I'm not excusing his play but there are circumstances causing some

I wont matter if we got Bob and Panarin when you got Matheson out there. How many games has he alone cost us this season. It's unbelievable

How is a better partner going to make Matheson make the right decisions? He's the one who should move the puck, open up the play but he's by far our worst d at that

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What 3 garbage goals? Did you guys even watch the game?
.912 save percentage.
Team didn't bury chances and the D sucks. THAT'S why we lost.
Just trade for Bobrovsky so you guys can come up with some new material.

Plus, can't our goalie coach inform both of our goalies that their stick (or paddle) is suppose to be on the ice to cover up the five hole. I swear every game a goal goes between their legs.

I'd like to see a third pairing of Matheson and Brown have we tried that yet? It'll limit Matheson's minutes and put him with a stay at home guy.

The goaltending has been so pathetic that it is now acceptable for a goalie to make a few big saves only to implode and allow 3 trash goals in the third on plays that r routine for 99 percent of
The league. That's all the proof u need

Blow a 2-0 lead at home this team is pathetic. This is the worst team/organization in all of sports. They make the Knicks look like world beaters. This should show Tallon they are done. Trade everyone. LETs do another rebuild. Will be like the 5th complete tear down in history.