Western Conference - Rank the top 8

Take away points/standings and rank your top 8.

1. Minnesota (Best team in the league since Feb. May not have made the top 8 3 months ago)
2. Chicago Blackhawks (Kane or no Kane does it matter?)
3. Anaheim (the most overlooked team in the conference despite having the best record most of the season)
4. St. Louis (Would be higher but they have a lot to prove)
5. Nashville (same as STL a lot to prove)
6. Los Angeles (Can they turn the switch at will?..I think they are the only team that can)
7. Vancouver (they are a team that can play with anyone. God the parity is outstanding!)
8. Winnipeg (a small part of me is rooting for them to make it in and with Maurice at the wheel, this team scares me)

9. Calgary (should be close but I don't see L.A. losing a playoff spot. If Winnipeg goes the way of the Buffalo then they will grab the wild card...I could easily swap the two)