Re: GDT: GM 2 St Louis Blues @ Colorado - 8:30 5/19 - TNT

The Blues played a LOT better 1st Period tonight than they did Tuesday. Clearly, they're at least somewhat better adjusted to the high altitude and lower oxygen. As to how adjusted they are, we'll find out late in this game, if they are still able to expend a lot of energy, or not. At least The Blues are able to play their game some. Unfortunately, given that they expended so much energy in The 1st Period, they have nothing on the scoreboard to show for it. Thomas' hesitation on that 2 on 1 may have not only cost them a goal, but also the momentum. Scoring a goal late would have really helped a lot. I hope they can keep this up and get into The Avs' heads, so they'll start playing a little desperately, and then The Blues can jump on errors and score off the rush, as they do son well.