FTP: Blues @ Ducks 01/31/2021

Next win against the Ducks. Their fans had hope… until the halfway mark of the game…

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Have mercy
teams body language looked awful just watch everyone after every goal... team is done honestly no reason to not be shipping people out.
BM is awful and is just extending this shit show of a roster for the last 3 years and it's going to be a few years until we stabilize.... pending a huge FA signing

If it means anything to you all, the Blues have been absolutely TERRIBLE on the second game of the two game mini series against other teams thus far this season. It's like the opponents make an obvious adjustment after that first game and the Blues haven't been able to readjust and that second game has been very suspect.

Drafted Kyrou in my dynasty pool two years ago and ended up dropping him at this year's cut downs, so this has been fun.

we appreciate you trying to make us feel better, but we all know this game is just gonna be repeat of last night.

If true, good. Dude needs a wake up call or to be traded

They should scratch Shattenkirk. He's been worse IMO.

Love it. Do Shattenkirk next.

Just put curran in over shattenkirk and see what happens. Might get the same shitty defense, but at least we will get some offensive aggression.

Drysdale couldn't be any worse, could he?
Yes I know he needs AHL time

I hope Henrique being scratched is true, I'm tired of him waiting at the red line for a pass. I've never seen a center fail to come back into his zone to support a breakout as much as he has this season.

Got a feeling we come up with two points in this one. Curious who starts as Miller isn't really rested.

Agozzino has been added to the Ducks roster and CapFriendly says Sam Carrick was put on the taxi squad yesterday. Gulls will be pretty shorthanded today.

Theres either some lag or something else is yet to come. Website lists 16 forwards not counting Milano and 6 defensemen not counting Manson. With two goalies thats one too many.
Edit-The lag is Lettieri still being listed even though he wasn't on the roster last night. Capfriendly also still lists Mahura and he was indeed a scratch last night so there's still one too many.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Gibson. Seeing as Miller pretty much played the whole game last night

about time
too bad they won't scratch shattenkirk

Per the Ducks social media. Terry with Getz and Jones

Yikes that lineup. Agozzino- Backes as bottom 6 centers...

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Getz with Terry? Welp, no one is shooting on that line.

i like terry with getzlaf. at least there's a chance getzlaf will set him up for some scoring chances, unlike when he plays on the "kid line"

Was going to get mad at no lundestrum, but remembered it would be three games in three days.

Yeah, no reason for him to have to do that.

Never heard of this goalie. Hope we don't make him a great story.

If we don't smoke this goalie out of his pads, I...
Well, I'll still be here next game, but I'll be VERY displeased.

That's not icing...

Did backes choose 21 because he's half the player he used to be? Seems like a healthy adult.

Well, already seeing an improvement in that we're not already down 3 goals.

They are skating better and passing better than they have been. Good to see.
If nothing else I would trade a loss for a terry goal and confidence. We need that kid to succeed.


Getzlaf just always makes the right decision with the puck.

Silf!!!! Much better start. Lol.

Now put 5 more in.

Rakell, great job. Him in the crease is also a good sign.

Silf has such a good shot.

Right as I was typing to comment on a 5% power play.

Looked like a high stick there.

ANA to pp

IMO Backes has looked fine. Not a blazing fast guy, but I like that bit of physicality he brings.

Key to Ducks PP... win faceoff and score on first possession. Never have to enter zone.

Why did they blow that dead??

SEVEN percent now!

Good PP again

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Great PP. Steel was very good.

California reffing

Much better PP.

Slappers from the point? Fighting for the pucks? What is this?

the kids look good on the PP.

Shattenkirk did a thing!

Shatty made a defensive play. About time. Lol.

If we won, does henrique stay out? Probably not.

Good shift. This has been one of their best periods of the year.

Probably depends on how Lundestrom and Agozzino play. Hard to bench them if they have multipoint games, easy if goose eggs.

Lundestrum is out tonight, don't want him playing three in three.

We could try Henrique on the wing.

Damn. Backes is having a good period, maybe he should stay in.

Looking better!

Wow Rakell. Damn.

The ease with which Hakanpaa is handling the puck now vs when he was with Larsson is almost inconceivable to me.

He was good last game too, I'm liking him on that 4th line

So, this is why I had an issue with the coaching. We have less talent on the ice than the last few games but look twice as good because they are playing hard. What is the issue preventing them from playing hard every night?
If it's the players, those guys have to be cut loose.

The difference in compete level between yesterday and today is staggering. That's a leadership problem, IMO.

Confidence is annoyingly powerful.

They had a clip on the radio of Eakins saying he was a training/practice kind of coach but that he had to practice what he preached about being game ready and realizing that too much practice might be wearing the team down with this schedule. I was impressed with the accountability.

Silf! How did you miss that?

Smart play from heinen following behind the net there.

Silf and Rakell are playing with fire tonight.

Ducks are playing well. Some of the confidence comes from Husso and not Binnington.
That impacts us and the Blues.

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Found heinen's dad.

I feel for Backes much in the way I felt for Kesler at the end of his stint. You know they're smart enough to know where to be but the body just doesn't want to cooperate

What a pass on the backhand by Larsson

Backes looks like he's just on full defense, but he looks faster than in previous games.

Much Better period but they should be getting at least 10-12 SOG a period.

Great period.

Really solid period. Hope it's not a typical Ducks second period.

Feel like we should've been up by more.

So did anyone have Larson as our top passing d this year

Henrique got scratched?

He actually hasn't played all season.
Yeah, scratched.

Hank is such a weird story. Really cool

Shouldn't be a huge surprise be might take a while to get his legs. Just his 8th game in over a year and his 24th since game 4 of the 2019 final. He's done a lot of sitting.

I've actually been somewhat happy with larsson this year.... I know people were ready to give up on him but he's been pretty solid in this train wreck.

Still would like to see mahura get more of a look
I hope guhle is moved

St. Louis does a good job disrupting chances at the exact moment of max danger.

Gotta take the stick there. That was a good play

Uh oh. Is this team capable of scoring 2?

Lindholm needs to tie up that stick

Jones does a terrible job at tying up the stick there.

Hampus had the guy right next to Gibson, it was Jones who didn't tie his guy up.

That shot needs to be low. Lots of bodies going to the net.

He looked slooooow in Boston. Maybe enough time has passed to actually be healthy.

A lot of people saw their opportunity last year to pile on but Faulk is still pretty good and I'm not at all shocked he bounced back.

Jones' guy got the tip. Lindholm has the dude next to Gibby.

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I like Deslauriers but he had pretty severe tunnel vision on that rush.

This is exactly the part of the game where the lack of offense kills you.

Yep and the other teams will simply defend against the pass knowing neither of those two will shoot lol and when Jones finally gets the pass then they'll be expecting him to shoot.
Best case scenario Jones/Getzlaf/Terry play keep away and just possess the puck the whole time and not shoot.

Nice pass by Terry, someone really needs to convert one of those for him

Oh I don't think he'll ever be fast again, but maybe enough to be serviceable. Its too bad the cap situation is what it is this year, otherwise I think he might've been of interest to some contending teams.

Fowler really having a great game.

Terry showing Terry stuff tonight.

I kind of wonder how much of them playing harder is for eakins, for their own job, or for not getting their ass kicked by gibson in the locker room.

Gotta get that up, son.

That was another bullshit icing.

Oof so close

Maybe Gibson should be goalie and coach

Comtois looks so much better with different linemates, he and Rakell gotta stay together IMO.


Ok, things seem normal now.

Way too scrambly in the d zone.

We need like 1 sniper...

He's Deslauriers!

We could hire the guy that snipes Lindholm every game.

I heard laine was asking for a trad-

Does Ali broadcast from the team store? I feel like it would be creepy to be in there.

Not too bummed because they are playing hard. This score is just indicative of the talent difference. Also I got the vaccine today and am glad that was the most dangerous substance I've consumed in the last few hours. Was worried.

Steel's getting scoring chances but they're all on his backhand.

Totally agree with this (especially the last point haha, congrats).
I have extremely low expectations for this season. I am enjoying the hockey today. It's enough.

All I'm going to say is that if they could play every game with this effort level, they would definitely compete for that fourth playoff spot.

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The f*** just happened?

Probably a wrap.

This game is over

Rocket by Larsson. Our 3rd pair guys look pretty good.

Hahahaha, and blow out coming

The ducks have yet to score more than two goals a game this season, except for one game where the third was an empty netter

They still look like a team that's playing to try to win

I said WRAP.

Just got done playing hockey.. is this game worth watching or should I just skip

They are playing a lot better than yesterday, I might even call the first two periods entertaining.

This was a better game defensively but 18 shots is not gonna get it done

Seems to work just fine for the Blues.

Husso ever shall be found, without the soul for getting down

Steel is by far the most impressive of the three kids this season.

You know what? I am totally OK with Backes.
You can tell how hard he is trying.

Eh the team is just built badly.... I'd like to give Eakins the benefit but idk I wonder how this roster looks under BB... I assume still bad but prob a bit more fun to watch... might score more than 2 goals

Good god we just suck

Steel again dangerous. Creates two good chances in one shift.

Nice vision from Steel

Gotta agree. Not like we're super speedy without him anyway.

Stop after the first if you want to be happy. The second if you want to watch good hockey. Third if you need an excuse to drink.

I believe you. I haven't really noticed him all night, but I guess that just means he's not looking out of place.

I still would like to see Rakell steel silf line again... I think comtois should be with getzlaf
And terry with Henrique(tonight's Henrique)

I wonder what Ol Barstool is thinking? This team is horrible. Possibly the worst in the NHL and he put it together.

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"The clock is becoming an ally to the Blues with every tick." Ok Ahlers.......that's pretty much true at the beginning of EVERY game for whatever team the Ducks are playing.

After like 17 years of being a fan, I can't remember a time where it's been so depressing I don't even want to watch the games anymore. I think I'm there now

Ahlers just mentions McDavid now has 21 points on the year. That's more than four times the amount of our top scorer.

Probably just get through the expansion, though I have no idea why.

It's also significantly more than the entire team has scored all season.

I'm willing to bet it's more than our top 6 combined

The entire team combined had 38 prior to this game.

You'd have to identify who the top 6 actually are first

McDavid and Draisaitl have 5 points tonight through half a game, Getzlaf leads our team with 5 points this season.

Wow, we suck!

Hmmm fair point m, I'd guess choose any 6 forwards and it prob works

2000 or 2001 is the only comparable time to this shit for me

Pretty disastrous weekend.

I think Murray has to get assets, this team is going nowhere obviously.
I don't even know who is worth anything or what, but we have to re-stock.

They can't figure out what to do once they lose a lead, or never have a lead.
At times they play from the middle of the ice, but when things get tight they play from the boards.
If a coach can't get a team to play a certain way, why have him.

Possibly. I remember those teams being at least goonish lol. My memory could be wrong thought. This is probably the most bored I have ever been watching hockey.

As sad as this is, tonight was a step in the right direction. Very curious how they sort out the personnel.

Hm I don't really like his chances to be honest

Also, shout out to max jones. He isn't going to be what we hoped on draft night, but he leaves everything on the ice.

I think he will be good when we get some line drivers

He's had a good few games here, hopefully it's him feeling healthy and getting comfortable and not something more fleeting.

Fire sale please.

Man, this team is going to set a record for fewest goals scored.

Luckily we will be saved by this being an abbreviated season. Asterisks don't count!

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BM ran this franchise into the ground.

2000 wasn't bad. 01 and 02 were pretty awful though
the last couple seasons have felt like those years

In terms of pure talent, those teams were actually superior I'd say. Goaltending aside.

Giguere was actually awesome in 2001 as well, our offense was just terrible. 175 goals.

on offense they were for sure. 01 you still had kariya-selanne for most of the season with tverdovsky putting up 53 pts. and in 02 guys like cullen, friesen, and leclerc were over 40 pts
this is the worst ducks team offensively i've ever seen

Yeah but I'd still take 01-02 Kariya, Leclerc, Cullen, and Pahlsson over almost every forward on this team. And I'd find room for Tverdovsky and Salei, and not on the bottom pair.

Id take kariya over anyone on this team

Is this supposed to be a hot take?

His best game of the season so far.

He really is wasted without legit skill players. He can't carry a line, but he can put players who can n very advantageous positions. Otherwise he's a pointless passenger.

Nope, it is the quite normal downtime after a decade of being among the better teams. This is a quite normal cycle.

Kariya was among the best players in the league back then. So yeah, I'd take him. Cullen was not better than our current players and Pahlsson was more or less what Grant is for uns now.
Tverdovsky wasn't so special and I was a fan of his. I'd take Lindholm over all D this franchise had not named Nieds or Pronger. Even over Beauch and Vish.

What I've learned over the time. Having the heart on the right place will eventually lead to a break out some time.

Not proud of it, but that was the first game this season that I just stopped watching after the 4th Blues goal. It wasn't as bad as the previous game though, this team just doesn't have any offense.

Teams have ups and downs. Can't stay competitive every season. Getzlaf has grown old, Perry grew old and almost useless, Kesler's injuries harmed him greatly, Eaves who was great fit unfortunately had health issues as well. None of those are Murray's fault. He is not perfect and I think that his time as a GM should be coming to an end because some of his methods have become old.

You always need two sides for a trade. BM made big trades - Kesler was a key piece for the 2nd cup. Did not work out. That happens.
Pahlsson was a Selke caliber player for how long? 2 seasons, maybe 3. He was a offensive dark hole.

Well, you're the one who brought up Pahlsson, so it makes sense to compare them while he was in his prime. Between 2003-2007, Pahlsson was one of the best third line centers in the league. He didn't need to score more than he did, because he stopped the opposition from scoring.

3-5-2 on the worst offense in the league, playing 6 out of the first 10 games against the top teams of the west (the actual western conference and not this debacle sorry excuse of a season with these horrible divisions) with 2 of those teams who they struggle against had to play 4 times already.
I mean really can't be shocked with the results in standings. What I'm surprised with is how bad the scoring has become. Didn't think it would be worse.

We also got power play goals in 2 of the last 3 games after getting none before that, and somehow our overall offense got even worse.

Just realized we got out scored 10-2 by a team missing their best scorer
The blues will be going on another deep run if they can get Tarasenko healthy and playing well