Pronman's Organizational Rankings

Corey Pronman is working through his annual rankings of young talent by organization. He did it a bit differently this year, basically scrapping the requirement that players that had played X number of games in the NHL were ineligible. Essentially this turns the rankings from a "prospect" ranking to a "young talent" ranking. I assume that has helped the Blues as Thomas, Kyrou etc. are eligible for this list. Essentially it includes any player who was draft eligible in 2016 through today. Not sure if there are more caveats. I'll be curious to see where the Blues check in after some of their prospects have departed or cooled off.

He's doing a reverse countdown, and has gotten up to 21.
21. Anaheim Ducks
22. Florida Panthers
23. Boston Bruins
24. Vegas Golden Knights
25. Tampa Bay Lightning
26. Edmonton Oilers
27. New York Islanders
28. San Jose Sharks
29. Nashville Predators
30. Pittsburgh Penguins
31. Washington Capitals
...but whatever, the Blues won the Cup!!!!!