The Pegula family values

If you were wondering what's going on with the Sabres and Bills......well now you know. Basically Kim Pegula told the employees of Pegula Sports Entertainment that maintaining her family's extravagant lifestyle is more important than the employees!

“What that told me,” a PSE employee said, “is I’m getting laid off before they cancel that family trip to Tahiti.” :shock: ... 25880.html
St. Louis Blues 2019 Stanley Cup Champs!

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Re: The Pegula family values

Wow, thanks Tim that was a great read. This was the most insane part to me:
Kim Pegula serves as president of PSE, and by extension is president of both the Bills and Sabres, as well as the four minor league sports teams they own.

The root of most of PSE’s problems can likely come back to this: It’s an impossible undertaking. Being president of an NFL team is a full-time job and then some; same for being president of an NHL team. Being president of a multi-organization conglomerate is a full-time job.
That, and that the Sabres have been losing around $50 million each of the last few years. Kind of makes the Sabres lack of success a little more understandable. It's amazing the Bills were good last year in hindsight.
...but whatever, the Blues won the Cup!!!!!