FTP: Blues @ Ducks 01/23/2019

Something to read for you during a boring All-Star weekend.

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I really wish we'd play CJ (and more games prior). Miller could be back after the break and I'd rather see CJ rack up some value so we could get a pick for him instead of potentially losing him to waivers

Holy ****, has Gibson really played in all but 8 games so far?

So we won't scratch Gibbons when everyone's healthy and we have a lot better players available but we'll scratch him today so we can get both Adam Cracknell and Sam Carrick in the lineup?

They're getting rewarded

Getting that big league money too.

Ritchie-Henrique-Rakell is interesting

My first thouggt was showcase some players.
Carrick, Welinski could get something maybe.


Albert Pujols wanted to be here, but Getzlaf has an agreement that he must be the baldest athlete at any Honda Center event

One of the linesman is Ryan Gibbons. We just can't get Gibbons off the ice can we?

Geeez. Gibby!

Would have been cool to see him there. Getzlaf, you selfish man

Out shot 7-0 in less than 5 minutes. Good start!

Outshot 8-0.
"Got the Ducks a little bottled up.".
Yep, got it Ahlers.

Well he was originally supposed to be here, but I guess we got Shohei instead. Talk about an upgrade

have we won that trade yet?


This mother****er can shoot.

Lol, of course. We play horribly and then we score.

Haha 1 shot, 1 goal

Sponger! The guy that takes shots actually scores! Who wudda thunk that works??????

Are the blues the anti-us?

Such a good trade still

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What the f Montour?

this is the worst 1-0 lead we've ever had

Pens fans will down play thay goal too

Terry nice tip

Damn we suck.. We is carrick in again?

It's going to be one of those outshot-40-15-but-still-win-3-2 games isn't it?


Hah. Gross.

Hi guys, there's this area called the slot, defend it please.

Fowler always on the ice

They left Gibby out to dry. Again.

So pitiful

Nice pirouette, Fowler.

Defecation is Ducks hockey.

The Blues are very nice for clearing the puck for the Ducks since the Ducks couldn't do it for themselves.

Annnndddd another defensive zone turnover.

Well clearly, the "DZ" in MDZ doesn't stand for "defensive zone".

This team is pure garbage.. The GM didn't want to fire the coach, Threw the players under the bus, and not the players dont even give a ****.. Their play on the ice speaks for itself. lol

I feel like we have a large number of players that are trying very hard to get promoted to the San Diego Gulls.

Parros just suspended himself 5 games for an illegal stick check to the washing machine.

What's wrong with the Ducks defense? I thought the coach was a defensive genius?

The players have checked out, They are only there to collect a paycheck.. This coach has no idea what hes doings

blues are pounding the ducks in more ways than 1.


This team just can never get any kind of sustained pressure going in the offensive zone. I don't know what our possession stats are exactly but they've got to be near the worst in the league.
Also, you'd think for a team that spends nearly the entire game playing defense that they'd be a bit better at it by now.

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Jones has a quick first step

3 shots on goals in a period. we are so bad

So lucky. They don't deserve that.
The second period has to be better, right?

System failure, continued.


If this team doesn't finish with a top-8 pick, Gibson should win the Hart for having to carry these lifeless sacks of **** all year

This would be 4-1 blues without puck luck and a god-tier goalie

I really don't understand how a team can be this incompetent in all three zones.
Defensive zone: Absolute mess
Neutral zone: Major struggle to get the puck through
Offensive zone: Can't maintain puck possession
Whatever. It's going to suck for now. But in a few years when we have a good roster and better management, we'll be thankful that we have a goaltender that had to stop 20 high quality scoring chances per game at one point. This style of play does nothing for the rest of the team, but it sure is helping Gibson evolve quickly.

That depends on whether you voted for team tank or team squeak into the playoffs.

Completely checked out. They're somehow getting worse

I think only one was an actual scoring chance too, which was the goal obviously.

Looking around...

This team used to be electric to watch under BB.

How can Murray watch this s*** and still sleep at night?

Hampus needs to get his eyes checked. He keeps getting the visiting team's white sweaters mixed up with open ice. He's done this all season long.

Yea, hasn't impressed me at all this year. Can't tell if he's regressed or the team is just ****

If he doesn't burn out or get a serious injury first.

Or doesn't tire of bailing out these bums and demands a trade to an actual team a la Patrick Roy

the shot clock said 3... are we so bad that the league is taking away shots from us now?

This is truly hard to watch. BM's blind loyalty to RC is mind numbingly bizzarre. How can anyone who knows anything about hockey watch this team and think things are going well.
This game should be 1-4 if not for Gibby. I feel so sorry for him.

How bad was the first? How were the kids?


Sprong can't be doing that

It's still 2

Where the hell was Del Zotto?

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What was that defense?

Well, Spronger giveth and taketh away. Just shoot them already.

Two shots in 22 minutes?? That's bad even for Carlyle's standards

I'm not sure who played worse on that goal. A lot of candidates

That whole line was out to lunch. But Sprong ugh.

LMFAO what a soft play man, you serious?

The Carlyle Zone Trap

you know. i'm honestly optimistic for the future. the fact that we are scoring 2-3 goals a game even while only have 15-20 shots on net and getting heavily out played means we have the talent. if we have a good system i'm actually quite optimistic that we'll be a good team. just hope we get a good coach next season

A puck towards the net. No shot haha.

I hope that Murray remembers that it took Boudreau a couple of months to get familiar with his new team. Don't schedule the same for the start of next season.

Ah the ol' "pink slip prevent".

Randy thinks playing the trap is letting the opposing team trap the Ducks in the defensive zone.

even when no one was paying attention or knew where the puck was, we still can't score

"Oh, I guess I should shoot this." - Rakell

Rakell needed to shoot that ****ing thing

Rakell is just having a miserable season. One of many on this roster, including Fowler, Lindholm, and others

We have 3!

The bottom six is SOOOOO much more wntertaining that our top 6.

Even Getz. I don't remember calling him Sexlaf even one time this season

Grantzlaf y u no score?

That kid line still continues to shine.

Other than Gibson and Ritchie, is there a player on the roster that is performing better than expectations? I really don't think so

it's like the top 6 have mentally checked out this season while the bottom 6 are playing for their jobs/pride.

It looks like we're just mindlessly throwing the puck at St. Louis bodies near their net and hoping it somehow finds its way into the goal.

Kase was a little bit, before he caught a case of the Eaves.

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True. I guess you could also say Sprong, although the sample size is still small

Rowney, maybe. Only because people seemed to have unrealistically low expectations.

Sorry Freddie, NOT having a good time.

Does Gibson's groin count as a player?

If this was a Video game, Id turn off Line Changes and keep Terry Jones and Grant on at all times. Haha

Well, that puck going past Hayward and Pang was the best action I've seen all game.

I wonder if if we can get free chicken sandwiches if we get 5 shots.
Ritchie has to score that. Then the rest of the team has to play defense.

Great play by Patty

Wow Del Zotto is bad. Fits in perfectly with the rest of the team.

Welinski has to do SOMETHING there...

I saw the Oilers rant by Roenick last night. Can we get one of those for the Ducks?
Also, MDZ - Welinski off to a smashing start.

tuned in just in time to see Gibson getting no god damned help out there

lolz welinski

4 shots on goal, at home. 4

man, **** Maroon

Boy, when I said mentally checked out...
How high must I get to watch these games?

I feel bad for Gibson

Thought the same thing. Would not be offended at all

Were still up 4-3.
Our shots on goal vs Their actual goals.

Gibson has stopped caring this game. He will do his job but he is fed up

Fowler looks like a bottom pairing dman most nights lately. Jesus H Christ

Poor Gibson. Everyone else is already on break.

I feel bad for my dad, who I know went to this game on his birthday...

If the Blues have more goals than the Ducks have shots, how many years do you think they'll extend RC's contract?

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no idea, but I got plenty of weed to share if anyone else wants some

No way dude, that stuff is addicting

Gibson body language is the best.... He knows this is a **** show

For the hundredth time this season Manson tries to softly use the glass to clear the puck. It doesn't work for the hundredth time. What is the definition of insanity?

You really have to hope that these guys rebound from this poor coaching quickly next season. This is bad. You've got your best players looking like 4th liners/3rd pairing dmen.
I sure hope there's no carry over

This is probably the worst they've looked all year and that is saying something

The early 90s Senators were this bad. I guess we're lucky Don Beaupre is retired.

More goals than Ducks shots?

I appreciate that the officials aren't calling anything whatsoever. Clearly they don't want to watch this **** show any more than the rest of us.

Getting tripled up in shots against a team that isn't in a playoff spot. They keep up these efforts and Dach becomes a possibility

Yeah, that's what I meant.

Remember when Kevin bieksa was the only thing we could complain about. He was holding us together the whole time

Fowler got crosschecked there. Out for 4-6 weeks with hurt feelings.

Worst passing team I've ever seen. Passes are 50 feet off the mark.

Poor Gibby.

Jay Bouwmeester still doing it...wow

The score is just the reduced fraction of the shots on goal

21 to 7 hahaha keep losing, get good pick

Montour on board with the tank

RC should be forced to play goalie once Gibson inevitably gets hurt since he's not earning his paycheck coaching.

Someone start a "Fire Randy" chant

'Member the RPG line? They maintained more offensive zone time in one shift than this team does in a while game.

Someone light what's left of Randy's hair on fire.

This Blues team will easily finish with more points than us. So that's good

Ffs crack head washed up penner with Getzlaf and Perry had more zone time

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+ worst puck handling team + worst puck recovery team + worst shooting team = worst puck possession team.

Selanne is here.
Most excitement in here in the last two months.

oh fowler might be hurt again

Fowler hurt

Sorry, but even rally Teemu can't help this team.

Fowler right to the locker room

Bye bye Fowler. **** this team.

What happened to Fowler?

good thing we picked up Del Zotto!

Cool, so now Fowler has a broken hand

I was just thinking about the days when this team could cycle you into the ground.

Fowler broke his wrist probably

Meanwhile, RC chuckles as another injury is another excuse to keep playing like dogs balls.

Blocked a shot square off his hand. If it's not broken, I'll be surprised

Gibson has told the D how he wants them to defend a 2-1 and look at what's happened. He's stopped the shoy every time

Kind of ridiculous that at this point in the season, the lowest-seeded team in the western conference still has a decent shot at the playoffs.

glad we get to sit on this one for the next 9 days.... i honestly cant believe how bad this team is

did Gibson do some black magic so his groin could be safe at the expense of his teammates?

Look, I know that the kids are kids (Jones and Terry) but is there even a defineable system in place? It looks like they're just playing pond hockey, go for a skate and do something with it

The Blues are only four points behind the Ducks right now.

Bob M....hey Randy, we have to do something about getting outshot 2-1 every night
Randy C...nomproblem Bob, watch the St Louis game

come on rakell...

Wide open net and they can't get a single shot near the goal.

wtf is going on with this defense it's dog****. It could be 7-1 at least at this point if not for Gibson.

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single digit shots on net through 2 periods...un-freaking-real

It's time for people to stand up and be counted. Enough is enough.

and they counted that "shot" by rakell from below the goal line as a SOG

Theoretically it should still be 8 shots. That Rakell shot was from behind the goal line. Yes it hit the goaltender but if it doesn't, it's not going in the net. So it really shouldn't be counted as a shot on goal.

Sorry but the person who needs to stand up and be counted is not going to count the most important person, which is himself

The organist is playing "œif I only had a brain" from the wizard of oz.
It's like walk up music for management and coaching.

Organist playing "œif I only had a brain"

You guys have been looking worse every day.....tonight you're playing like it's next week

Whoever is at the game... Just boo the **** out of this team.

Well coached

Yah our gm coming out and blaming the players was the nail in the coffin for our season i think.. Thats when the players officially stopped giving a ****..

Dog ****.

I have no idea why anyone would want to go to the game I barely want to watch on tv.

Sooooo, that second periods was not better than the first after all. (Except for the tank).

Working on a different version of no trade clause....if I'm hurt they can't trade me

No choice. Already have the tickets and can't give them away let alone sell them.

It's Julie the Cat!

I refuse to show more effort than the team

i wouldn't blame them. if the owner of my work blamed all the problems on me and my coworkers while it's the manager screwing things up constantly and that manager has no accountability while also being promised a cushy job no matter what happens; I would stop giving a **** too.

Which players are getting thrown under the bus tonight?
Completely unrelated but I also love how Bob keeps changing the assistants, indicating he thinks it is in fact a coaching problem. But definitely definitely not the head coach. Nope nope not him.

If only these darn players would listen to their coach.

I've been sarcastically cheering for the blues

at one point this season i used to smoke a bowl every time we scored but lately that hasn't been getting me anywhere, perhaps i should do it after the other team scores

I just have a pot cookie before every game and I'm good to go.

"Could be worse" was the quote from the broadcast crew during intermission... that's what we've become lol.

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You know it's bad when Kent is interviewing a Blues player during intermission.

If you aren't going to fire Randy then please sell off some veterans this team has no chance of winning

The only way this game could get unequivocally worse is a career-ending injury to Gibson or Getz.

Props to flower for coming back out to this **** show

How the hell is Fowler ok? It's a miracle.

Yes. Going through another year like this is worse than having to go through a rebuild. At least with a rebuild, there is a purpose and hope for the future.
Fowler is back.

Hey double digit shots! Yay.

Watching these idiots loop back into their own zone 5 times in a row is infuriating.


Devin Snore

This could be good.

Terry is ****in slick

I think our half ass GDT is too much ass for the team still. Less ass next time.

fowler did something exciting

More of that Fowler.

11 shots? Wow.

Getzlaf got the kids with him and looked more energized than I have seen him in 6 weeks. Positive vibes

jones-getz-terry didn't look too bad...

Ahahahahahahahaahaha.... hahahaa.... hah..... ha....

Max Jones just dropped a 30 year old man

Poor gibby

that was just funny


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That goal is exactly what this coach deserves. Gibson should riot



I'd sigh, but I expected this.

This team looks like they don't even belong in the league. lol
Such horrible hockey.
..... LMAO 5-1. Fire Carlyle already. Christ.

I feel for Gibson but the rest of the team deserves this

i feel like neither team or the refs want to be there right now. they all just want to get to their break

Wow. This is pathetic.

And that's why. If Gibby is done, I'm done

Napalming the morale.

Wooo. Feel bad for Gibby

Fowler lol

Randy is the worst.

No play and no fire coach makes me go something something.


Gibson needs to do a post game interview where he lights into the entire team

Go crazy?


Oh look. Blues have a lead and are still attempting to control the puck in the offensive zone. What is this sorcery?

lol....this team is such a joke, if they dont make a major move before there next game im done

The 2011-2012 Ducks would slaughter this team

DOG. ****.

Strange times we live in. Strange times...

He needs to do one where he throws BM under bus. They ain't gonna trade him. This org has no one close to replacing him

I just watch for the comedy factor at this point.

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Isn't there a trade freeze during the All Star break?

I don't understand, we give up numerous odd man rushes, but our forecheck is nonexistent. If we have no forecheck, shouldn't that mean that at least one forward is back to support?

Part of me is hoping Johnson had to go in because Gibby just skated off the ice, said **** this, and went into the locker room.

It's what Giguere would have done in a situation like this. A guy who never talks, telling his team and the media that his team is a bunch of no-effort bums.

The refs are feeling sorry for the Ducks. But really they should just put them (and us) out of their misery and get this game over as soon as possible.

I'd say the same thing but I'd be lying to myself. I'll be eager to watch more of this **** after the break

Gibson has left the building lol

feel so bad for gibson

Oh good, a failed PP to add to this mockery

rakell sucks

Lmao almost outshot 3 to 1. What a joke.

Just an issue of personnel, people. Gotta trade more players to get em going.

lol fans booing the hell out of the team. Good.

Fire Carlyle chant. Haha.

Are they really trying to ship no penalties as a moral victory?

A drinking game would make this game more tolerable and amusing.

I don't see how you dont fire RC after this. 10 day break.

Come on guys, we have to wait and see what Randy does with a healthy roster before we can make a proper evaluation!

I wonder what getzlaf said to gibson...

Every Ducks game is a drinking game for me. There aren't really any rules. I just drink.

I'm assuming at the next whistle we are taking you out of this **** show

Probably something in the lines of.. Relax dude your still getting paid!! lmaoo

"we'll be golfing in Newport Beach in a couple months, hang in there"


Can't wait to see how trading Gibbons for an Ahler motivates the team.

i think he asked him if he wants to come out

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hahaha lookks like there is about 1000 people at this game

D to D passes are too advanced for this team.

I blame the marketing department for this travesty. Judging by the 25th anniversary logo there's no accountability there so how can you expect anyone else to do their job?

Mdz is trash

That's why I like the move.

Everyone has a quote!

Can people who have access to post-game coverage make sure to post any juicy stuff please?

That's what's left. There actually was a good crowd, even until the fifth goal. That's when there was a mass exodus.

Funny every time I watch a game like Toronto/Caps
Or Vegas/preds
It looks like a different league from the Ducks.
So much faster and better

LOL that schedule
It's going to get really ugly if they don't fire RC now

We were commenting on how there was actually a good crowd as bad as we have been.

I don't think MDZ has been that bad. No worse than Fowler or Montour have looked

So they've lost 14 out of 16. And now the schedule gets even tougher

RC the first guy running to the locker room.
This franchise is a joke.

Yeah I remember him doing it a couple times. I feel like Gibson has earned the credibility to speak out

Thank God there's booing at least.

7 straight home losses

3 Stars
1- Zach Sanford
2 - ROR
3 - Sprong

Funny stat:
When the Ducks are no longer the top penalized team they freaking suck at hockey
When the RedWings are no longer the least penalized team they freaking suck at hockey


We are finally breaking a Gibby
He looks so frustrated.
Wonder if I could come with some words that rhyme with Ducks
To explain this team

cant believe that the ducks/RC still dont get it...you cant make multiple passes in your d-zone and spend all this time trying to move the puck out of your own zone....all it does is allow the other team to reset and be in a better position to not only get the puck back but go on the attack...its painful to watch, and see that this team is doing NOTHING about it

I'm stunned the Samueli's have let things get this bad. It's not the end of the world, but very disappointing


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Can't imagine the resentment and passive aggressiveness and behind the back sh*t talking and other dark stuff is festering between the players at this point

They should issue refunds for anyone who paid for that.

Not to go all Dirk, but at least in the old days, when this team got frustrated, they used to rough it up. They don't even do that anymore

Start researching the draft prospects now, it's more entertaining.

The Anaheim Schmucks !

One thing I can say,
Our announcers can ride all the excuses

It will probably come to a point where Murray has to fire Carlyle to save his own ass.

Stupid poll...thats why we don't trust polls anymore.
Our captain is one of the problems with this team. He needs to speak up, get some fire into these guys. He is a problem, not the solution.

Since RC is going to be an advisor when he no longer is coach, what in the heck is he going to be advising about? How to completely lose a locker room?

Now it's the break that's the magic fix...

So, with any luck, we can get Perry, Eaves, and Silfv back
Lose Fowler and Kase (assuming Fowler is damaged again haha)
So we can at least get older and slower

Post-game is all about the injuries. Hilarious.

Randy will be in charge of cliche production

I counted two good Hits
When Schwartz hit Gibson, no response. IDC if it's accidental it's a chance to send a message
This team has been turned soft. Not even Manson hits anymore

I'm sure that would have happened during the losing streak. Murray is either hoping that Samueli continues to back him no matter what or will go down with Carlyle

Well, Bob promised we'd see a different team this year.
Now we have losers,
Low IQ mistakes
And no compete level
Yup, it's a different era now

keep proving that point to the players bob....you are a joke and i think a lot of ducks fans have lost most/all respect for you

Lose for Hughes

Stop talking about the playoffs this team is 2 points from 15th
Even the Oilers...THE OILERS!!! are more proactive

lol we're interviewing derek grant.. lmfao how far we've fallen

He's not responsible for the suck Everyone else is probably hiding

I'm not convinced this is a live interview. He's smiling and talking about the team being talented. This clip has to be from last year.

Sacrificial Duck

best organiztion to be a part of....no one ask you hard questions, if you suck no one will call you out for it, and most importantly if you lose 11 games in a row no one is questioning your ability to do your job.

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So, change our name to the Anaheim Weathermen?

Oh boy, Randy Carlyle when we return. I'm all ears, hit me with positives Randy.

i like it....DONE!!!

Carlyle all smiles. Piss off.

Please provide a summary

**** Carlyle

The other team was quicker. Thanks for that hard hitting analysis, Randy.

"I don't want to say anything that will get me in trouble." Don't worry, Randy, Bob's got your back.

Said that the Blues came in and outworked us and that the emotions are running high currently and he will not be saying anything because he might say something that will get him in trouble. Basically nothing worth of noting.

Basically all he said was, "It's unacceptable to get outworked like that at home and it won't be tolerated". Then he mumbled something about not wanting to say something that will get him in trouble.

Ya jerk!

Interesting. Why would he mention that comment about not getting in trohnle

Also, Kent French, Frenchy as his friends and colleagues tend to call him, threw the injured players bone to the Randy, which he, to my surprise, didn't take. Emotions are running too high apparently.

probably wants to name individual players and throw em under the bus but doesn't want to put anymore spotlight or drama on this mess.
Nothing he says would get him in trouble with Murray

I will confess to being curious as to what he would have to say to actually get in trouble.

They actually could end up with the 6th pick potentially if Philly keeps winning.

Injuries, break will refresh them. Rinse, repeat.

The team that I watched tonight showed no emotion at all on the ice or on the bench so I dont get that statement. The locker room must be a pressure cooker for that to be true because the on ice product is devoid of emotion. guys just look like they are skating to get their shifts over with

So the post game show is like Bagdad Bob in Iraq saying the Americans aren't there yet ?

Is trouble code for winning?

Josh Brewster basically did the same thing on radio. Don't worry guys, we just have to work in the new personnel and the players coming back. Pfft.

Probably something crazy like we can make a deep run in the playoffs

By my count, six forwards, two defensemen, and a goalie played in this game tonight that weren't on our opening night roster. Plus Terry, who was with the team out of the gate but not for long. That's half the skaters on this team tonight that have been with the team for only a limited time.
Obviously coaching is a problem but the roster turnover has been crippling this year too.

that guy is such a homer...he is clueless about the game

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All criticism of Carlyle, Murray, and the players is fair but this team is on track to be literally the most injured team of all time.
I know the Ducks' strength and conditioning coach left for Boston University in 2015 which always struck me as odd. The replacement had some interview with the Athletic where he basically said he doesn't really tailor his workout plans to individual players because it's a waste of time. He kind of came off as an idiot to be honest. I know how pathetic it is to scapegoat a strength and conditioning coach but losing Kase has made this season seem so bleak.

Goal differential now third worst in the league.

It's been that way all season

Gibson's the difference between 29th and 31st!

Compete hard around our net.......
Worried about Gibby
Has Gibson finally lost it on this team?

surprised gibson hasn't demanded a trade yet

What is there to relax from if you're not competing on a daily basis?

Just got home from the game, probably the worst game I've ever witnessed live. Not sure if it was mentioned at all on the board here, but after the 5th Blues goal, Gibson was just staring at our bench. When he got pulled, he said some not-so-nice words; wasn't sure if they were directed at Carlyle, the team, or both. Can't blame the guy, he is hung out to dry on a daily basis.

What he's really thinking, "God damnit VAN/COL/DAL/STL/EDM win some stinking games. We're sucking as much as we possibly can. Throw us a bone (and a coach)."

Del Zotto is worse than last I saw him in Vancouver. that's saying something. Our whole team defensively was an absolute mess.
I want that two and a half hours of my life back.

Also can't leave him in for all those goals when the team clearly doesn't give a damn. That's how you get your Patrick Roy moment.
That'll be great, won't it Bob?

So, who's gonna bust out the paper bags next home game?

We need Ericnut.

My buddy and me at the game tonight we're discussing it. Haha.
Edit: the last time he and I did it, Carlyle got fired that night.

You need to do it again

13 SOG lol
Do you guys think it's really players fault for most of part? Or Randy?
I'm pretty sure it's more Randy than players but I haven't seen too many games this year

It's Randy. But we also have some guys that are supposed to be in their primes that are playing unacceptably bad, no matter who the coach is. Better change next year or they really do need to just blow it all up

And you haven't done it yet??
This could all be your fault!

Teams are hitting 40 shots in games with increasing regularity in the new NHL, with the way the game is evolving.
In the last 3 games COMBINED, the Ducks have a total of 46. That's an utter embarrassment

12... shots i imagine ovies done that alone in a game

This is worst team in league and we def goin to bein lottery running

RC said he doesn't care about shots..... maybe he meant both shots against AND shots taken????

It's coaching. Four top 4 dmen in their mid twenties don't all magically regress for no reason in the same year. Everybody raves about our D on paper but it's a train wreck on the ice, they're all completely lost.

At least his friend won't have had to work in the front office a few months earlier than scheduled.

Page number: 16

And then there is the regular influx of forward talent that never seems to make a difference. I'd point my finger at the pro scouts, but the eye test looks like they were mostly good to great trades.

Also, I wouldn't call moving Carlyle into the front office a country club move. I would call keeping him on the bench that.

I think Kariya took 12 in one game for us before.

13 shots, amazing .
Just another embarrassment, that makes it 2-10-4 in our last 16 now and means we'll be over 2 months without a home win by the time we next play at home. Quite amazing how an apparent 'top NHL' GM like BM continues to let this go on.

We got to compete guys....
need more compete, if people don't start competing they will be sent away just like Aberg was when he didn't compete.

Well damn, that was refreshing.
Getz clearly wants Carlyle gone... again

Literally every bad coach and gm has been fired... but were just chillin with RC like... get us that lottery pick

Good thing he asked for him back...
I still think that is total bull, they never wanted him back.

13 shots and Randy's not going anywhere. I thought being swept last year was our low point.

It's not even fun watching these games any more. I feel like every game, the other team is playing actual hockey while we're playing sledge hockey.

what part of this interview makes it sound like he wants RC gone? if anything I got from it that he's also saying its on the players

Imagine if Carlyle got pulled over by a Cop thats a big Ducks fan......throws the book at him.....

Thoroughly laughable. ****ing Edmonton even made some moves. We made some minor trades and then stand with our coach.
What's the definition of insanity?
This franchise needs change. Bob Murray and Carlyle are all the way from the Burke era...

they always get killed on angels night. last year the sharks shut them out 5-0 and this year they lose 5-1
time for angels night to go

Totally. The injuries started piling up more when they started that too.

Glad I skipped the 3rd and went to read. This is the first season in about 15 that I've starting not giving a crap if I miss a few periods/games. The NHL in general is getting more boring, but this team takes that factor to the extreme. I really love hockey, but these are trying times staying interested.

Whenever its a Friday game & i have the choice between watching the lovely Jaimie Alexander on Blindspot on NBC or watching Carlyle commanding the Tank, i go with watching Jaimie Alexander.
Heck with the physical shape Jaimie is in She could probably play better than Kesler, She was a wrestler in her high schools team back in 2001 or so.

I seriously wonder how many "casual" fans we have lost due to Carlyle.

I turn on games off and on, but usually move on after a little while.
I do find myself watching more of the nhl games when they're on. It's fun to watch really good hockey

Man, only watching the highlights got me seriously depressed. Usually losses don't feel like much with only highlights, but this time it was just soul crushing seeing Blues have triple the shots around midway of the game. And even the highlights made it clear that the players were just completely mailing it in. Disgusting.

I will never join Team Tank, but sometimes you don't have to try and it happens naturally.

i respect that. Basicly that is just letting Carlyle stay until the season is over, let the kids stay in San Diego to play with a winning culture, let Gibson get some rest a little more often so he doesn't catch Talbot syndrome or Hiller-PTSD

Yeah, I don't believe that at all either. Perry was supposedly one of the players that wanted him gone the first time, so I can't imagine he was exactly thrilled when Carlyle was re-hired. With Getzlaf, who knows, but as the captain, if the team is tuning out the coach, it's possible that he wasn't exactly on the Carlyle bandwagon.

I don't even care if we have an exciting team losing every game... this team is just boring as **** to watch.

Page number: 17

I think this team is worse than the very late 90s-00s teams (before 2002-03). Those teams were pretty bad and even Kariya and Selanne were starting to loose some of their mojo, and I thought the dark point in the Ducks history was when Gauthier traded Teemu to San Jose. Those teams weren't great, but at least you couldn't question whether or not they were trying to compete. This team is mailing it in every night.

At this point, seems like you have to remove Randy if only to change the attitude of the team. BM can be old school and blame the players all he wants, but that's not going to change anything. As a lot of people have said, it's one thing to be bad. But it's entirely another to be bad and boring (painful) to watch.
No one is saying they have to go out and hire Quenneville or McClellan or anything, or even Eakins. Just let an assistant take over as interim coach, or have Marchant do it or something until the end of the season. Randy can start working as a pro scout now just the same as he can in June.

I hope it's not that the Samueli's just don't want to pay for a new coach. Randy's contract is up in a few months. Is it really that big of a deal that you pay his replacement for a few more months of work? Isn't there a benefit for his replacement to understand what's in play with the team that he's inheriting, and can provide his opinion about the team's needs when making moves this summer?

whether it's the owners or something in Carlyles contract,
There is some stupid ass reason for watching the train wreck unfold every night.
Funny to look at threads from the time prior to Randy getting fired by the Ducks the first time, and with Toronto,mand it's all the same as what we have now.
Same mistakes, giving up ridiculous shots against, can't clear zone,can't generate sustained pressure......
Are the Ducks run by California government now? Can't get fired no matter how stupidly bad things get

It'd be funny if Edmonton hires Burke & then in the offseason they hire Carlyle to replace Hitchcock.
Then we start to see Ducks & Oilers making trades.

I can't imagine the drama if Lowe is still there. Remember, Burke challenged Lowe to a 'barn fight' around ten years ago.

Oh yeah the ol Penner offer sheet thing. I wonder what IHOP Penner is working at these days.......

If the rumors are true, then I hope that Penner sought help after leaving the league.

not even this team is as bad as the 00-01 or 01-02 teams. those teams were on another level of terrible
this team, despite being terrible and extremely boring to watch, is somehow still in a position to make the playoffs

Gibson is in position to make playoffs, rest of team tryin to get early off season.
If we do make it the team wont show up like last year

RC isn't fired today ..
Probably no change coming

Hughes or Kakko makes it all worthwhile.

Could you just imagine Selanne announcing the Ducks pick Kakko.....he could mentor him to be the next great Ducks Finnish RW.
Given how many Finnish RWs grew up idolizing Selanne, it will be like drafting a Ducks fan.
Vatanen grew up a Ducks fan & Vats wasn't even a RW.

Can't see us ever winning a lottery with the NHL

Yep. Gibson is just going to be too good to get them there.

We can just play Johnson/Miller more.

Not as bad on paper and this group, definitely as a team, has more skill, but those teams made me think oh, well and a little depressed, but this team makes me angry and disgusted.

Agreed. If it didn't happen today I really doubt it will happen at all. Why waste all these days off only to fire the guy at the end of the break?

Kakko is the crown jewel of HC TPS junior academy, which is now run by former Duck Saku Koivu. Kakko has already had a tremendous amount of mentoring...

Miller is good enough to keep them out of there, too. Also, I don't think they're going to play Gibson less.

Getzlaf and Rakell can do better. They are showing nothing. Getzlaf hasn't brought any game changing play in a long time. He definitely wants the coach fired. Our other players are so bad and our poor goalie can't stop all these rebound chances.
Montour had a bad game. Fowler and Manson are bad now somehow. It makes no sense.

rakell has been pretty much invisible all season long

Getzlaf is clearly playing hurt. He's been awful at times and constantly looks scared to skate hard.
At his age with multiple years derailed by leg injuries, the scary question is if he will ever be healthy or if this is the new normal.

Agreed. They probably need to shut him down, but they aren't going to do that because they are still of the belief that playoffs are possiblse

I'm pretty sure they've mailed it in. There's no way an entire team of players have had bad years career wise

Page number: 18

Last year, Gallant coaxes career years out of ED built team.
Carlyle is the anti Gallant

The last week or so they have definitely mailed it in. What you saw against the Blues is as inexcusable of an effort as you'll see in an NHL game. There was no passion, no energy, no urgency from anyone. To be that thoroughly dominated skill wise and not even try to throw a hit or start a fight/scrum is something I've never seen in franchise history.
I'm one of the people who thinks the whole "compete level" thing is nonsense 95% of the time and completely overblown on these boards, but that was really obvious.
Doesn't really matter though, they're terrible no matter how hard they try.

I dont think it's the new normal beacause Getzlaf was awesome this year until we hit the losing skid when he started really struggling. He's always been pretty tough about playing through injuries for better or for worse.

Getzlaf is still great, but I do worry about the wear and tear catching up with him.

IDK if it's injury or attitude, but Getzlaf at his worst becomes a perimeter player and when under pressure just kicks pucks back to the points, which is all I see from him right now. His calling out the team for not playing hard in front of both nets falls a little flat when he's guilty of it too.