Great Olympic Gold medal game - Russia vs. Germany

I just got around to seeing this on my DVR & it was a great game especially from the 3rd period on. Germany had NEVER played in a gold medal game before so this was historic!

Then Germany REALLY blew it because they just scored & everyone thought they just made history because there was only around 2 minutes left & they were up 3-2 PLUS they were awarded a power play!! So all they had to do was kill a little more than 2 minutes off the clock WITH the man advantage to win GOLD!

Yet they collapsed & Russia tied up the game on a pretty weak goal with the goalie pulled which only have them even strength because they were shorthanded! Must have been a HUGE letdown for Germany because that gold medal was THEIRS if they could've just killed off a couple minutes WITH an extra man!

Overall the pace of the action was better than the NHL at least until the playoffs start.