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Larry Robinson

Has anybody heard anything about his thoughts on our players yet. I would love to hear what he says about walman, dunn, etc.

Re: Bill Armstrong

I love the direction bill armstrong has taken us. He may be the most important management position we have right now. As a fan, I believe he can lead us to a cup. World class scout.

Re: Final roster set

Thompson and dunn are very young so I am super excited to see them wed night. Those two will get their eyes opened up in Pittsburgh. Priceless experience.

Re: Jagr or Upshall???

Love upshall on the 4th line. He fills a roll there the kids can't. They just can't do that kind of heavy lifting. Let them play on the 3rd and 2cd. For 800k it's a no brainer.

Re: Larry Robinson

I love this hiring. Big time winner that knows what it takes. By Larry just taking a job here makes me feel better about the blues this year.

Re: Steen hurt

This may turn out to be a good thing. Steen and Bo having their season shortened by a month will help come spring. I have often wondered if good deep teams have done this on purpose before.

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