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Re: Don Cherry

The world is what it is. It is 2019. If Cherry wanted to keep his job he should have found a better way to get his point across. HR tells me if I grab the secretary's ass one more time I'm fired. So... Maybe Cherry wanted out? And chose this way to go out in a blaze of glory? Whatever, never liked t...

Re: Troy Brouwer is back

This is then end result when you consistently draft midgets in the first round and you want to play a big game. What midgets are you referring to? Scott Perunovich specifically! Just Kidding Tim. I'm talking about Fabbri and Kyrou. A little Thomas. Thomas is making it work. Fabbri and Kyrou don't h...

Re: Blues trade Fabbri

NHLTIM wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:23 am
I’d say this is a win trade for Stevie Y and I think Army knows it. It was best for Fabbri to get a new start.
I think that's a little early. Fabbri wasn't going to crackthe top 6 here.

DLR might be a nice addition to the 4th line.

Which moves Sunny D up the in the lines.

I like it.

Re: Blues trade Fabbri

On March 19, 2019, de la Rose was sent to hospital with an accelerated heart beat. It was the second time during the season that he’d suffered such an episode. The previous event occurred during the 2018-19 NHL preseason while he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens. He was shut down for the rema...

Re: Blues trade Fabbri

Big guy. 6.3 215 shoots left. can play center. Skates really well from what I see in this video. (turn the sound off) I'll take this trade. Fabs wasn't getting any playing time with us and De La Rose looks like he could play our style better than Fabs.

Re: GDT: St Louis Blues at The Oil - 7:30pm 11/6 - TV: FSMW Radio: 101.1ESPN

I'm plesantly surprised at how well we played. I am worried about the 2nd period and the long change. Short shifts. Chip and chase. David Perron again showing lots of confidence again. Might be time to put somebody with him and ROR who's not just a body. Schenn? What are you trying to say?I don't g...

Re: GDT: St Louis Blues at Vancouver - 9:00pm - 11/5 - TV:FSMW Radio:101.1ESPN

I am looking to see how our Blues handle this goal scoring kid Petterson. Lots of fancy skill on this Nucks team. Will our system keep them to the outside and off the scoreboard?

Not so bold prediction, Robert Thomas will almost score TWICE in the first five minutes.

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