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I am betting we see #19 back on the ice sooner than we think. Some fans are so god damn desperate to be apart of this...predicting retirement before they know anything, and then giving their approval. They are nothing but a bunch of... By "apart of this," do you mean desperate to be away from it? I...


Glad to hear J-BO is feeling better and is not in dire straits. One can only assume he had a previously undetected heart condition, but I guess time (and a zillion tests) will tell on that one. I'd be surprised if his NHL days aren't over.


I'm not sure if this makes me an asshole, but all the people on twitter who are like "I'm an [insert team thats not the Blues here] fan and I'm praying for Bouwmeester" are driving me insane. Why does anyone feel that it somehow makes them look better about hoping someone doesn't die if they're a f...

Re: News and Games around the NHL

He may not be able to afford TH coffee when Bettman's done with him. Torts is a whiny mother fucker. Compare how Chief handled the SJ goal last playoffs to how Torts handled this. Torts shtick has got to get tiring. I dont see it that way, he stands up for his players. That team would drag their ba...

Re: All-Star game rosters

Perron deserves to be an all star. I'd have no problem pushing any of the other three Blues off the roster to make room for 57. That's not to say 27, 50 and 90 are not deserving, but this may very well be Perron's only chance at this honor, and his effort has been outstanding this year. It would be ...

Re: GDT: St Louis Blues at Buffalo - 6:30 12/10 -TV:NBCSN Radio:101.1

BluesSK wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:07 am
UMSLBlues12 wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:06 am
BluesSK wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:02 am
Are there any forward scratches that aren't injured?
Oh yeah. Thank you.

Maybe he is on a walkabout.
He was spotted yesterday evening roasting wallaby over a campfire around 10k from Uluru. Crikey!

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